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Gateway Cup 2014

Date range:
August 29 - September 1

August 31, Giro della Montagna: St. Louis - St. Louis 70km

Hanson claims back-to-back wins at Giro della Montagna

Cycling News
August 31, 2014, 20:20 BST,
September 01, 2014, 15:36 BST

Rivera makes it three in a row in women's race

The National Criterium Calendar rolled into stage three of the Staenberg Group Gateway Cup for the 29th running of the Giro della Montagna and the finale of the 2014 USA Crits Series. Both the men and women's field battled the seemingly unstoppable dominance of the United HealthCare squad and the increasing challenge of each successive course of the Gateway Cup series.

The women's race was a near repeat of Saturday's Tour de Francis as Colavita, Fearless Femme and FCS|Zngine each took turns at the head of the field, attempting to get riders clear and keeping the pace high to break the tightly wrapped noose of the UHC team. Despite incessant attacking and aggressive riding, there was no stopping United HealthCare and Coryn Rivera as the team delivered a text book lead out to propel the many times over national champion to her third straight win in the series.

The men's field had a little more success in breaking up the race as the opening laps delivered relentless aggression as riders sought to ride clear. Ultimately, Bissell's Jonathan Jacob and Athlete Octane's Chad Hartley formed a two-rider alliance at the race's halfway point to carve out a slim advantage over the field. Hartley's presence in the break forced all of the chase work onto the United HealthCare squad and they led the field throughout the race. Gateway Harley Davidson's Cameron Rex spent several laps trying to bridge, ultimately unsuccessfully. The break could have used the extra set of legs, as the UHC led field would let little more than a 25 second gap to the opportunists. Heading into two laps to go, Hartley took out the final $100 prime as consolation for his ill-fated breakaway.

The final two laps of the men's race showed the same domination of the blue and white United HealthCare train that has characterized this year's Gateway Cup, again delivering Kenneth Hanson to a win with Luke Keough in second, forcing Athlete Octane's Daniel Holloway into third.

The final stage of the 2014 Staenberg Group Gateway Cup heads to the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis for the most technical circuit of the weekend. Time will tell if the demanding course can disrupt the rhythm of the UHC team, but if the first three days of the Gateway Cup are any indication, the rest of the field has a lot of work to do to catch United HealthCare.


Men's results
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kenneth Hanson (UnitedHealthcare) 1:09:01  
2 Luke Keough (UnitedHealthcare)    
3 Daniel Holloway (Athlete Octane Cycling)    
4 Unidentified 0:00:01  
5 Rafael A. Meran (CRCA/Foundation)    
6 Unidentified    
7 Adam Myerson (Team SmartStop p/b Moun)    
8 Mac Brennan (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)    
9 Benjamin Swedberg (Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefits) 0:00:02  
10 Tyler Coplea (Gateway Harley-Davidson)    
11 Brandon Feehery (Astellas Cycling Team)    
12 Ryan Dewald (Team Skyline)    
13 Brad Neagos (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)    
14 Zachary Kovalcik (Black Lodge Cycling)    
15 Colin Strickland (ELBOWZ Racing)    
16 Drew Christopher (Champion System - Stans) 0:00:03  
17 Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare)    
18 Thomas Brown (Astellas Cycling Team)    
19 David Guttenplan (SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching)    
20 Peter Olejniczak (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa)    
21 Stephen Alexander (CRCA/Foundation) 0:00:04  
22 Carson Lange (Gateway Harley-Davidson)    
23 Evan Murphy (Foundation)    
24 Andrew Dahlheim (Athlete Octane Cycling)    
25 Alexander Voitik (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes) 0:00:05  
26 Zachary Carlson (Matrix/RBM)    
27 Andrew Buntz (Credite Velo - Trek)    
28 Adam Koble (ELBOWZ Racing)    
29 Robert Hargrove (Musette Racing)    
30 Geron Williams (Champion System - Stans's NoTub)    
31 Unidentified 0:00:06  
32 Dennis Ramirez (Gateway Harley-Davidson)    
33 Aaron Beebe (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)    
34 Devin Clark (Athlete Octane Cycling)    
35 David Novak (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV) 0:00:07  
36 Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)    
37 Unidentified    
38 Unidentified    
39 Unidentified 0:00:08  
40 Glenn Ferreira (Team Metra / Cycles 54)    
41 David Cueli (The 706 Project) 0:00:09  
42 Simon Strobel (Team Novo Nordisk Development)    
43 Jesse Keough (Foundation)    
44 Unidentified    
45 Unidentified 0:00:10  
46 Unidentified    
47 Dustin Morici (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)    
48 Edward Kim (Gateway Harley-Davidson)    
49 Sven Gartner (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)    
50 Tim Savre (Mitsubishi Laser Grand Performa) 0:00:11  
51 Unidentified    
52 Jim Farasy (Mercy Kuat)    
53 Colton Barrett (Athlete Octane Cycling)    
54 Adam Alexander (CRCA/Foundation) 0:00:12  
55 Arthur Moran (Green Line Velo)    
56 Connor Brown (Team Winded Development) 0:00:13  
57 Fletcher Lydick (Team United Healthcare Georgia/) 0:00:15  
58 Bradley White (UnitedHealthcare)    
59 Levi Baker (Team Athlete Forward)    
60 Luis Galaviz (Team Athlete Forward)    
61 Michaelee Bowes (I AM Racing) 0:00:17  
62 Cole House (Intelligentsia Coffee) 0:00:19  
63 Daniel Lam (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)    
64 Matthew Zimmer (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa) 0:00:20  
65 Frank Travieso (Team United Healthcare Georgia/) 0:00:21  
66 Cole Archambault (Green Line Velo)    
67 Andrew Clemence (Team Cycleton) 0:00:22  
68 Andres Alzate Escobar (Champion System - Stans's NoTub) 0:00:23  
69 Sam Rosenholtz (Green Line Velo) 0:00:25  
70 Unidentified 0:00:26  
71 Unidentified 0:00:28  
72 Alder Martz (Hincapie Sportswear Dev) 0:00:29  
73 Josh Estes (Team Athlete Forward)    
74 Justin Stanley (ELBOWZ Racing) 0:00:31  
75 Unidentified    
76 Eric Hill (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)    
77 Erik Tomlinson 0:00:32  
78 Michael Pincus (Astellas Cycling Team)    
79 Justin Maciekowicz (Korte Hammer Down Racing) 0:00:34  
80 Charles (Joe) Eldridge (UCI PCT: Team Novo Nordisk) 0:00:36  
81 Evan Hartig (KS Energy Services / Team Wisco) 0:00:37  
82 Unidentified 0:00:40  
83 Ross White (Credite Velo - Trek) 0:00:49  
84 Joshua Johnson (Gateway Harley-Davidson) 0:00:57  
85 Cameron Rex (Gateway Harley-Davidson) 0:01:04  
86 Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare)    
87 Sean Metz (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes) 0:01:13  
88 Armando Cardenas (Green Bay Cycles) 0:01:14  
89 Chad Hartley (Athlete Octane Cycling) 0:01:50  
90 Jonathan Jacob (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT) 0:01:53  
91 Kip Spaude (nova/IScorp) 0:01:57  
92 Evan Bybee (DNA Racing)    
93 Michael Smith (Team Kaos/Alegent Creighton Hea)    
94 Unidentified    
95 Jacob White (ELBOWZ Racing)    
96 Unidentified    
DNF Joseph Hill (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Raci)    
DNF John Woods (Team Upland Brewing - Soma Coff)    
DNF Maxwell Anderson (LAPT CC)    
DNF Unidentified    
Women's Result
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Coryn Rivera UnitedHealthcare) 0:54:03  
2 Samantha Schneider (TIBCO/To the Top)    
3 Hannah Barnes (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Te)    
4 Tina Pic    
5 Erica Allar Colavita-Fine Cooking)    
6 Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers) 0:00:01  
7 Jennifer Purcell (Colavita-Fine Cooking) 0:00:02  
8 Tiffany Pezzulo (Vanderkitten) 0:00:05  
9 Skylar Schneider (Team TIBCO To the Top)    
10 Starla Teddergreen (Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery)    
11 Julie Kuliecza (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)    
12 Laura Jorgensen (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers)    
13 Sarah Fader (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)    
14 Kristen Lasasso (Mellow Mushroom Racing)    
15 Mary Elizabeth Maroon (TWENTY16 Pro Cycling) 0:00:08  
16 Ash Duban (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels Ra)    
17 Anna Sanders (FCS|Cycling: p/b Zngine + Mr. )    
18 Carrie Cash Wootten (Mellow Mushroom Racing)    
19 Monica Mendez (Green Bay Cycles)    
20 Solymar Rivera (PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS) 0:00:09  
21 Lenore Pipes (Colavita-Fine Cooking) 0:00:12  
22 Krista Doebel-Hickok (Team TIBCO To the Top) 0:00:14  
23 Kimberley Johnson (Naked Women's Racing) 0:00:17  
24 Lindsay Fox (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recover)    
25 Holly Mathews (Team TIBCO to the Top)    
26 Anne Perry (DNA Cycling p/b K4) 0:00:19  
27 Whitney Schultz (Colavita-Fine Cooking)    
28 Cari Higgins (UnitedHealthcare) 0:00:22  
29 Nicole Mertz (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF) 0:00:24  
30 Amy Phillips (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) 0:00:25  
31 Mia Loquai (FCS|Cycling: p/b Zngine + Mr. )    
32 Gwen Inglis (Groove Subaru Excel Sports) 0:00:27  
33 Tracey Cameron (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) 0:00:28  
34 Christy Keely (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club) 0:00:29  
35 Jeannie Kuhajek (Vanderkitten) 0:00:30  
36 Amber Brown (LiVe Well p/b Bountiful Bicycle) 0:00:47  
37 Sierra Siebenlist (Scarlet Fire presented by Matth) 0:01:05  
38 Lanier Allen 0:01:06  
39 Lauren Tamayo UnitedHealthcare)    
40 Britta Siegel    
41 Jennifer Wagner Team Cycleton)    
42 Amber Neben (FCS|Cycling: p/b Zngine + Mr. ) 0:01:07  
43 Christina Birch (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy )    
44 Morgan Brown (Team Novo Nordisk)    
45 Anina Blankenship (Balanced: Bike Fitting & Coachi) 0:01:11  
46 Anna Christiansen    
47 Rushlee Buchanan UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Te)    
48 Lindsay Bayer (Fearless Femme) 0:01:13  
49 Amy Cutler (FCS|Zngine p/b Mr. Restore) 0:01:23  
50 E Scotti Wilborne (UnitedHealthcare) 0:01:25  
51 Kathryne Carr (SKINourishment p/b Paceline Pro) 0:01:30  
52 Sara Yancovitz (Stan's NoTubes p/b enduranceWER) 0:01:46  
53 Rachel Byus (FCS|Zngine p/b Mr. Restore) 0:02:03  
54 Erin Wittwer (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy )    
55 Mary Zider (Colavita-Fine Cooking) 0:02:19  
56 Kaytie Scott (LiVe Well p/b Bountiful Bicycle)    
57 Unidentified    
58 Vera Divenyi Naked Women\'s Racing)    
59 Meredith Uhl (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling)    
60 Lauryn Humphrey (Balanced: Bike Fitting & Coachi) 0:02:20