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Canadian Road Championships 2011

Date range:
June 23-26, 2011

June 24, Elite Women Road Race: Toronto, Ontario - Toronto, Ontario 103km

Fortin wins Canadian nationals

Cycling News
June 25, 2011, 5:11 BST,
June 27, 2011, 23:27 BST

Quebec native adds to impressive multi-sport palmares

Fortin takes the win to become the new Canadian national champion.

Fortin takes the win to become the new Canadian national champion.

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Veronique Fortin gave local team P-K Express/HNZ a lot to cheer about when she became the women's national road cycling champion on Friday after breaking clear of an elite group of riders on the final climb of the 103 kilometre race. Fortin finished with a time of three hours, four minutes and nine seconds. Lex Albrecht (Juvederm-Specialized) finished 18 seconds behind to take the silver medal, and Erinne Willock (Team TIBCO/To the Top) won the bronze medal, a further two seconds in arrears.

The 12.9 kilometre circuit, on the outskirts of Burlington, Ontario, which the women covered eight times, was dominated by a steep finishing climb up the Niagara Escarpment. Albrecht's team mate Moriah MacGregor of Whitehorse, Yukon, attacked early in the race, building up a lead of over four minutes, before she was finally caught in the last five kilometres. Fortin, one of the best climbers in the race, upped the tempo on the final climb to the finish line, riding away from the rest of the field to win her first national title.

"We were concerned about [MacGregor]," agreed Fortin, "but my team mate Sue Palmer-Komar did a lot of work for me helping to bring her back, and when I got to the climb I was able to go hard. This course suited me, so I knew that I had a good chance here."

Full Results
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Veronique Fortin (Can) P-K Express/ HNZ Strategic.Com 3:04:09  
2 Lex Albrecht (Can) Juvéderm-Specialized 0:00:18  
3 Erinne Willock (Can) Team Tibco/To The Top 0:00:20  
4 Denise Ramsden (Can) Juvederm-Specialized    
5 Joelle Numainville (Can) Tibco-To The Top    
6 Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Vienne-Futuroscope 0:00:25  
7 Nik Vogler (Can) West Wood Cycle Cannondale P/ 0:00:34  
8 Leah Kirchmann (Can) Team Manitoba 0:00:36  
9 Rhae-Christie Shaw (Can) Independent    
10 Clara Hughes (Can) Equipe Du Quebec    
11 Julie Beveridge (Can) Vienne-Futuroscope    
12 Leah Guloien (Can) Missing Link Coaching Systems/ 0:00:43  
13 Susan Palmer-Komar (Can) P-K Express/ Hnz Strategic.Com 0:00:46  
14 Kristine Brynjolfson (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa    
15 Heather Sprenger (Can) Team Ontario 0:00:49  
16 Mandy Dreyer (Can) Independent    
17 Stephanie Skoreyko (Can) Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor 0:01:00  
18 Jasmin Glaesser (Can) Cycling Bc    
19 Anne Samplonius (Can) Now And Novaris For Ms 0:01:07  
20 Moriah Macgregor (Can) Juvederm-Specialized 0:02:04  
21 Tara Whitten (Can) Team Tibco/To The Top    
22 Myriam Gaudreault (Can) Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale 0:02:29  
23 Elisabeth Albert (Can) Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale 0:02:36  
24 Annie Foreman-Mackey (Can) Independent    
25 Suzie Brown (Can) P-K Express/ Hnz Strategic.Com 0:02:39  
26 Laura Bietola (Can) 3Rox Racing 0:02:53  
27 Jessica Hannah (Can) Cycling BC 0:03:03  
28 Pepper Harlton (Can) Juventus    
29 Veronique Labontè (Can) Juvederm-Specialized 0:04:46  
30 Laura Brown (Can) Cycling BC 0:04:52  
31 Cara Gillis (Can) Missing Link Coaching Systems/ 0:05:10  
32 Joanie Caron (Can) Juvederm-Specialized 0:06:01  
33 Shoshauna Laxson (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa 0:06:06  
34 Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Reform:Cyclpower    
35 Anne Guzman (Can) Juvederm-Specialized 0:06:09  
36 Veronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Can) Veronique Juvederm-Specialized 0:06:15  
37 Carrie Cartmill (Can) Independent    
38 Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Can) Florence Team Ontario    
39 Julie Bellerose (Can) Metromint Cycling    
40 Naomi Cooper (Can) Balance Point Racing 0:06:21  
41 Jenny Lehmann (Can) Cycling BC 0:06:25  
42 Katy Curtis (Can) Cyclemeisters CC 0:06:27  
43 Michelle Gauthier (Can) Re:Form/Cyclepower 0:06:29  
44 Marie-Noel Labrecque (Can) Equipe Du Quebec    
45 Cayley Brooks (Can) Trek Canada 0:06:45  
46 Stephanie Roorda (Can) Cycling BC 0:07:02  
DNF Merrill Collins (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta    
DNF Stephanie Bester (Can) Coachchris.Ca/Multisport-Zone    
DNF Julia Garnet (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa    
DNF Anne-Marie B. Morin (Can) Equipe Du Quebec    
DNF Arlene Marchildon (Can) Total Sports The Bike Shop    
DNF Karlee Gendron (Can) Team Manitoba    
DNF Laura Haapamaki (Can) P-K Express/ Hnz Strategic.Com    
DNF Virginie Gauthier (Can) Equipe Du Quebec    
DNF Allison Lampi (Can) Re:Form/Cyclepower    
DNF Sara Byers (Can) Juvederm-Specialized    
DNF Evelyne Gagnon (Can) Atrium Cc2R    
DNF Adriane Provost (Can) Equipe Du Quebec    
DNF Elodie Gillard (Can) Atrium-Cc2R    
DNF Kaitlin Kk Michener (Can) Team Ontario    
DNF Audrey Sarrazin (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur    
DNF Sarah Rasmussen (Can) Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor    
DNF Alexandria Wilson (Can) Re:Form/Cyclepower    
DNF Valina Sintal (Can) Lapdogs Cycling Club    
DNF Kristen Worley (Can) Cycle Solutions/ Angry Johnny    
DNF Krista Ruby (Can) Team Ontario    
DNS Valérie Crête (Can) Juvederm-Specialized    
DNS Andrea Elliott (Can) Port Hope Bicycle    
DNS Caroline Brunet (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton