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Canadian Road Championships 2011

Date range:
June 23-26, 2011

June 23, Elite Men Time Trial: Toronto, Ontario - Toronto, Ontario 43km

Tuft repeats as Canadian time trial champion

Rob Jones
June 23, 2011, 20:28 BST,
June 24, 2011, 15:20 BST

Meier, Veilleux podium

SpiderTech took both the U23 and Elite titles through Hugo Houle and Svein Tuft.

SpiderTech took both the U23 and Elite titles through Hugo Houle and Svein Tuft.

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Experience proved to be the key factor at National Cycling Championships in the Elite Time Trial as Svein Tuft (SpiderTech) took his seventh men's title while Hugo Houle (SpiderTech) repeated as the Under-23 men's champion.

The rolling and windy 21.67 kilometre circuit proved to be more difficult than many riders expected, but Tuft was dominant. The course was different from many time trial circuits, in that it was a loop rather than an out-and-back. From the center of the village of Belfountain the riders almost immediately hit the main climb of the circuit. After that, they hit an almost continuous set of rolling climbs and the men had to contend with rolling thunder showers which periodically drenched the course.

Tuft was expected to face a significant challenge from David Veilleux, who has been competing on the European professional circuit this season with the pro continental Europcar squad. At the halfway point, Tuft was only 12 seconds ahead of Veilleux, with Christian Meier (United Healthcare) a further two second in arrears. However, the veteran rider stepped up the pace in the second half of the race while his rivals faded, to finish one minute in front of Meier, with Veilleux a further 13 seconds back.

"I wasn't too worried about the first half of the race," revealed Tuft. "A lot of guys go out too hard, and have nothing left for the second half. I took it a little easier at the start, and was able to really punch it for the last part of the race."


Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Svein Tuft (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:56:29  
2 Christian Meier (United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team) 0:00:57  
3 David Veilleux (Team Europcar) 0:01:13  
4 Zach Bell (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:01:26  
5 Hugo Houle (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:01:32  
6 Andrew Randell (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:01:54  
7 Rob Britton (Bissell Pro Cycling) 0:02:20  
8 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Equipe du Quebec) 0:02:43  
9 Matteo Dal-Cin (Jet Fuel/ La Bicicletta) 0:02:45  
10 Jesse Reams (Cycling BC) 0:02:50  
11 Ed Veal (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta) 0:03:11  
12 Nic Hamilton (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda) 0:03:22  
13 Owen Harrison (Team H&R Block) 0:03:23  
14 Stuart Wight (Atlantic Cycling Centre) 0:03:25  
15 Cameron Mackinnon (Team H&R Block) 0:03:27  
16 Cuylar Conly (Team Saskatchewan) 0:03:47  
17 Charly Vives (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:03:49  
18 David Boily (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:03:58  
19 Craig Logan (Team Ontario) 0:04:04  
20 Garrett McLeod (Team H&R Block) 0:04:12  
21 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Team Spidertech powered by C10) 0:04:24  
22 Adrian Huemmer (Kallisto/Wheels of Bloor) 0:04:31  
23 Zachery Garland (Team H&R Block) 0:04:38  
24 Trevor Connor (Team Rio Grande) 0:04:48  
25 Bailey Mcknight (Trek/Red Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 0:04:52  
26 Kristofer Dahl (Team H&R Block) 0:04:59  
27 Cody Campbell (Cycling BC) 0:05:04  
28 Matt Degiacomo (Team London) 0:05:11  
29 Antoine Duschesne (Equipe du Quebec) 0:05:12  
30 Luc Dionne (Jean-Coutu/CIBC Wood Gundy) 0:05:23  
31 William Blackburn (Gaspesien/Passion Velo/Mitsubishi Tr) 0:05:31  
32 Jamie Riggs (Team Ontario) 0:05:42  
33 Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall) 0:05:57  
34 Spencer Smitheman (Hagens Berman Domestic Elite) 0:06:05  
35 Osmond Bakker (Jetfuel/La Bicicletta) 0:06:06  
36 Arnaud Papillon (Equipe du Quebec) 0:06:10  
37 Darko Ficko (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta) 0:06:12  
38 Kyle Fry (Team Ontario) 0:06:18  
39 Mason Hanrahan (Ride With Rendall) 0:06:34  
40 Andrew Watson (Independent) 0:06:39  
41 Mike Rothengatter (Cycling BC) 0:06:40  
42 Evan Mundy (Team Ontario) 0:06:45  
43 Brandon Spencer (Kallisto - Wheels of Bloor) 0:07:23  
44 Kevin Massicotte (Nativo/Devinci) 0:07:26  
45 Charles Bryer (Team Ontario) 0:07:37  
46 Robert Nicolas Pratt (Seppshomecardio) 0:07:43  
47 Brian Trafford (Fresh Air Experience/Ottawa Bicycle Club) 0:07:44  
48 Isaac Smith (Darkhorse Flyers) 0:07:59  
49 Bradley Clifford (Team H&R Block) 0:08:00  
50 James Piccoli (Rockland MD presented by Medique) 0:08:29  
51 Joshua Hall (Cycling BC) 0:08:39  
52 Zachary Taylor (Cycling BC) 0:09:25  
53 Philippe Bergeron (Fresh Air Experience/Ottawa Bicycle Club)    
54 Kiernan Orange (Ride With Rendall) 0:10:12  
55 Brody Pasciullo (Thunder Bay Cycling Club) 0:10:40  
56 Clayton Meisner (Olympia Cycling Club) 0:11:17  
57 Gabriel Charlton (Black Tooth Grin Bike Club) 0:11:22  
58 Timothy Burton (Rideallday.Ca Cc p/b Real Deal Racing) 0:11:40  
59 Logan Cornel (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin) 0:13:33  
60 Kevin Intini ( - Gears) 0:17:06  
61 Jeff Dicks (Midweek Cycling Club) 0:21:22