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2014 Commonwealth Games 2014

Date range:
July 24 - August 3

July 25, Track - Day 2:

Commonwealth Games: Rowsell, Bobridge win pursuits

Sadhbh O'Shea
July 25, 2014, 19:54 BST,
July 25, 2014, 22:30 BST

Webster upsets Kenny in sprint final

The men's individual pursuit podium: Alex Edmondson, Jack Bobridge and Marc Ryan

The men's individual pursuit podium: Alex Edmondson, Jack Bobridge and Marc Ryan

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Day two of the Commonwealth Games was a day of doubles, as Jack Bobridge (Australia) and Sam Webster (New Zealand) took their second gold medals in as many days.

Webster became New Zealand’s first gold medallist in the team sprint, since the inception of the games in 1930. The team sprint world champion did it alone this time, tacking on the might of Jason Kenny (England) over three rounds. The Kiwi proved too strong for Kenny in the first race, catching him off guard and winning by a clear margin. Kenny struck back in the second. However, Webster was too strong again in the final round, holding off a late charge to take the gold.

Race favourite Matthew Glaetzer (Australia) failed to make the medals, after he was beaten by Kenny in the quarter finals. It is the first event on the track that Australia has failed to get a rider in the medals with New Zealand’s Edward Dawkins taking the bronze.

Bobridge was the first of the track cyclists to double up as he took gold in the individual pursuit. The Australian set his stall out in the morning session, beating the rest of the starters by more than a second. His teammate and close friend Alex Edmondson to set up an all Australian final.

Edmondson came out of the traps quickly, possibly too quickly, going two tenths quicker than Bobridge over the first 1000 metres. Bobridge, the more experienced of the two, didn’t panic and brought that gap back and more at the half way mark. The efforts of the opening laps took their toll on Edmondson, who continued to bleed time to his teammate. Bobridge crossed the line in time of 4:19.650, just four tenths slower than he did in the warmer morning session.

Alex wasn’t the only Edmondson out on track. His sister Annette Edmondson also made it into the gold medal round of the women’s individual pursuit. She faced Joanna Rowsell in the final, after the English rider smashed the Commonwealth Games record in the qualifiers. Like her brother, Edmondson had a fast start. However, she was no match for Rowsell once she got into her stride.

The reigning world champion had close the time she had lost by the end of the fourth lap and set about homing in on her rival. She blamed the cooler the cooler air on her slower time, but still put almost four seconds into the Australian by the finish. Rowsell was all smiles as she spoke to the media after receiving her medal, saying that the Commonwealth Games was like the Olympics for the individual pursuit - after the event was taken out of the Olympic programme in 2008.

Home nation Scotland finally got their first medal on the track. Neil Fachie and Craig MacLean beat the Australian duo Kieran Modra and Jason Niblett in the men’s tandem time trial. It was a new event to the games, but attracted a strong field nonetheless. Fachie is the reigning Paralympic champion, while Maclean helped Anthony Kappes to win gold in London in the sprint. The duo were last to go in the event and the crowd erupted as they posted the fastest time of 1.02.098. The pair will be looking for gold again in the sprint event on Saturday.


Women's Individual Pursuit Qualifying
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joanna Rowsell (England) 0:03:29.038  
2 Annette Edmondson (Australia) 0:03:30.728  
3 Amy Cure (Australia) 0:03:31.543  
4 Katie Archibald (Scotland) 0:03:33.526  
5 Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand) 0:03:34.342  
6 Laura Trott (England) 0:03:35.213  
7 Elinor Barker (Wales) 0:03:36.803  
8 Dani King (England) 0:03:38.084  
9 Lauren Ellis (New Zealand) 0:03:39.716  
10 Laura Brown (Canada) 0:03:40.035  
11 Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 0:03:40.050  
12 Anna Turvey (Scotland) 0:03:42.525  
13 Amy Roberts (Wales) 0:03:42.623  
14 Stephanie Roorda (Canada) 0:03:42.924  
15 Ciara Horne (Wales) 0:03:45.119  
16 Georgia Williams (New Zealand) 0:03:45.334  
17 Sunita Yanglem (India) 0:04:07.614  
18 Tamiko Butler (Antigua and Barbuda) 0:04:08.979  
19 Bianca Hernould (Jamaica) 0:04:19.202  
DNS Rahila Bano (Pakistan)    
Women's Individual Pursuit Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joanna Rowsell (England) 0:03:31.615  
2 Annette Edmonson (Australia) 0:03:35.450  
3 Amy Cure (Australia) 0:03:35.384  
4 Katie Archibald (Scotland) 0:03:37.078  
Men's Individual Pursuit Qualifying
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jack Bobridge (Australia) 0:04:19.211  
2 Alex Edmondson (Australia) 0:04:20.853  
3 Owain Doull (Wales) 0:04:21.369  
4 Marc Ryan (New Zealand) 0:04:22.511  
5 Andy Tennant (England) 0:04:23.723  
6 Miles Scotson (Australia) 0:04:24.819  
7 Patrick Bevin (New Zealand) 0:04:26.909  
8 Dylan Kennett (New Zealand) 0:04:26.930  
9 Remi Pelletier (Canada) 0:04:28.525  
10 Steven Burke (England) 0:04:31.752  
11 Mark Stewart (Scotland) 0:04:32.279  
12 Ed Veal (Canada) 0:04:33.775  
13 Theuns Van der Bank (South Africa) 0:04:40.041  
14 Morne Van Niekerk (South Africa) 0:04:44.415  
15 Oupa Maluleke (South Africa) 0:04:48.368  
16 Manjeet Singh (India) 0:04:55.164  
17 Sombir (India) 0:04:57.202  
18 Amit Kumar (India) 0:04:58.444  
19 Muhammad Shakeel (Pakistan)    
Men's Individual Pursuit Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jack Bobridge (Australia) 0:04:19.650  
2 Alex Edmondson (Australia) 0:04:24.620  
3 Marc Ryan (New Zealand) 0:04:23.599  
4 Owain Doull (Wales) 0:04:25.664  
Men's B2 Tandem 1000km Time Trial Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Neil Fachie/ Craig MacLean (Scotland) 0:01:02.096  
2 Kieran Modra/ Jason Niblett (Australia) 0:01:02.244  
3 Matthew Ellis/ Ieuan Williams (Wales) 0:01:04.095  
4 Paul Kennedy/ Thomas Clarke (Australia) 0:01:05.261  
5 James Brown/ Dave Readle (Northern Ireland) 0:01:09.413  
Men's Sprint Quarterfinal Heat 1
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jason Kenny (England)    
2 Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)    
Men's Sprint Quarterfinal Heat 2
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)    
2 Matthew Crampton (England)    
Men's Sprint Quarterfinal Heat 3
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sam Webster (New Zealand)    
2 Mohd Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
Men's Sprint Quarterfinal Heat 4
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Peter Lewis (Australia)    
2 Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)    
Men's Sprint 5-8 Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)    
2 Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)    
3 Mohd Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
4 Matthew Crampton (England)    
Men's Sprint Semi-finals Heat 1
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jason Kenny (England)    
2 Peter Lewis (Australia)    
Men's Sprint Semi-finals Heat 2
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sam Webster (New Zealand)    
2 Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)    
Men's Sprint Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sam Webster (New Zealand)    
2 Jason Kenny (England)    
3 Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)    
4 Peter Lewis (Australia)