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Stankovic takes sprint victory on penultimate day

Full Results
1Marko Stankovic (Srb) Serbia National Team1:52:27
2Santi Di Nizio (Ita) Emilia Romagna
3Artur Garcia (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela
4Honorio Machado (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela
5Alex Buttazzoni (Ita) Emilia Romagna
6Jose De Jesus Gomez (Mex) Tequila Afamado
7Antonio Miguel (Spa) Cataluña
8Jorge Castiblanco (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M
9Bernardo Colex (Mex) Tequila Afamado
10Aiberd Torres (Gua) Cafe Quetzal
11Leonardo Juarez (Mex) Tequila Afamado
12Josep Betalu (Spa) Cataluña
13Jordi Simon (Spa) Cataluña
13Jose Ramon Aguirre (Mex) Canels Turbo
15Michel Sandstod (Den) Danish National Team
16Sergi Escobar (Spa) Cataluña
17Fernando Barroso (Arg) Acme
18Angelo Ciccone (Ita) Emilia Romagna
19Ivan Andres Malpica (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America
20Rolando Gomez (Gua) Cafe Quetzal
21Dragan Spasic (Srb) Serbia National Team
22Stefan Linne Jorgensen (Den) Danish National Team
23Maky Roman (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
23Guadalupe Almonte (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team
25Luis Diaz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
26Guillermo Miconi (Arg) Acme
27John Kronborg (Den) Danish National Team
28Ivan Mauricio Casas (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America
29Luis Hernandez (Mex) Chiapas Team
30Pedro Gutierrez (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela
31Tomas Aurelio Gil Martinez (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela
32Mauricio Neisa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America
33Miguel Burgos (Chi) R2 Bianchi
34Adria Valls (Spa) Cataluña
35Airan Fernandez (Spa) Cataluña
36Francisco Matamoros (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team
37Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
38Fredyy Montana (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America
39Fabio Massoti (Ita) Emilia Romagna
40Javier Rodriguez (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team
41Epifanio Cortes (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team
42Vicente Muga (Chi) R2 Bianchi
43Jose Manuel Arellanes (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan
44Victor Garcia (Spa) Canels Turbo
45Alvaro Yamid Gomes (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M
46Yeisson Delgado (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
47Esad Hasanovic (Srb) Serbia National Team
48Jose Flober Peña (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M
49Florencio Ramos (Mex) Canels Turbo
50Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo
51Jimmi Briceño (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
52Jose Contreras (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela
53Ronald Gonzalez (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
54Edvin Becerra (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela
55Luis Marroquin (Gua) Cafe Quetzal
56Victor Niño (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M
57Luis Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America
58Carlos Coyote (Gua) Cafe Quetzal
59Jose Jimenez (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M
60Gregorio Ladino (Col) Canels Turbo
61Rodolfo Andres Torres (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:00:15
62Luis Santizo (Gua) Cafe Quetzal0:00:17
63Luis Pulido (Mex) Tequila Afamado0:01:38
64Joel Alamillo (Mex) Tequila Afamado0:04:39
65Jorge Flores (Mex) Tequila Afamado0:06:52
66Milos Stojanovic (Srb) Serbia National Team0:06:55
67Hipolito Martinez (Mex) Chiapas Team0:07:03
68Alvaro Duarte (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M0:07:37
69Roberto Ballinas (Mex) Chiapas Team0:10:39
70Kasper Kalhoj (Den) Danish National Team0:10:41
71Abundio Guerrero (Mex) Canels Turbo
72Luis Angel Cuevas (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan
73Miguel Hidalgo (Arg) R2 Bianchi
74Soren Petersen (Den) Danish National Team
75Mauro Fenocchio (Arg) Acme0:16:38
76Jesus Hernandez (Mex) Chiapas Team0:16:39
77Roger Ballinas (Mex) Chiapas Team
78Nikola Kozomara (Srb) Serbia National Team0:16:41
79Anuar Anubis Fuentes (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan
80Gilberto Martinez (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan
81Hugo Gabriel (Mex) Chiapas Team
82Romeo Gazzeta (Ita) Emilia Romagna

General classification after stage 5
1Ivan Mauricio Casas (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America15:34:58
2Vicente Muga (Chi) R2 Bianchi0:00:16
3Jimmi Briceño (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:01:31
4Yeisson Delgado (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:01:38
5Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo0:01:53
6Victor Niño (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M0:05:54
7Gregorio Ladino (Col) Canels Turbo0:06:53
8Fredyy Montana (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:07:15
9Mauricio Neisa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:07:29
10Jose Jimenez (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M0:08:57
11Jose Flober Peña (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M0:09:23
12Jorge Castiblanco (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M0:11:46
13Maky Roman (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
13Sergi Escobar (Spa) Cataluña0:11:55
15Florencio Ramos (Mex) Canels Turbo0:13:15
16Luis Diaz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:14:03
17John Kronborg (Den) Danish National Team0:17:24
18Victor Garcia (Spa) Canels Turbo0:17:54
19Luis Marroquin (Gua) Cafe Quetzal0:19:02
20Aiberd Torres (Gua) Cafe Quetzal0:22:02
21Epifanio Cortes (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team0:22:14
22Luis Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:25:29
23Esad Hasanovic (Srb) Serbia National Team0:26:57
23Rolando Gomez (Gua) Cafe Quetzal0:27:18
25Ronald Gonzalez (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:27:32
26Ivan Andres Malpica (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:27:34
27Josep Betalu (Spa) Cataluña0:27:43
28Leonardo Juarez (Mex) Tequila Afamado0:29:36
29Alvaro Yamid Gomes (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M0:29:48
30Jose Ramon Aguirre (Mex) Canels Turbo0:31:29
31Luis Santizo (Gua) Cafe Quetzal0:34:07
32Javier Rodriguez (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team0:34:41
33Rodolfo Andres Torres (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:36:55
34Edvin Becerra (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela0:37:29
35Tomas Aurelio Gil Martinez (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela0:38:50
36Jose Contreras (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela0:39:05
37Pedro Gutierrez (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela0:39:45
38Artur Garcia (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela0:43:57
39Bernardo Colex (Mex) Tequila Afamado0:44:28
40Francisco Matamoros (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team0:45:44
41Antonio Miguel (Spa) Cataluña0:46:20
42Luis Pulido (Mex) Tequila Afamado0:48:14
43Carlos Coyote (Gua) Cafe Quetzal0:48:50
44Jordi Simon (Spa) Cataluña0:54:16
45Luis Hernandez (Mex) Chiapas Team0:56:06
46Honorio Machado (Ven) FVC Seleccion Venezuela0:58:04
47Jose Manuel Arellanes (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan0:59:51
48Michel Sandstod (Den) Danish National Team1:00:50
49Joel Alamillo (Mex) Tequila Afamado1:05:58
50Marko Stankovic (Srb) Serbia National Team1:10:46
51Miguel Burgos (Chi) R2 Bianchi1:14:01
52Guadalupe Almonte (Mex) Arenas Tlax Mex Cycling Team1:14:16
53Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
54Jose De Jesus Gomez (Mex) Tequila Afamado
55Guillermo Miconi (Arg) Acme1:14:28
56Jorge Flores (Mex) Tequila Afamado1:16:07
57Santi Di Nizio (Ita) Emilia Romagna1:21:42
58Adria Valls (Spa) Cataluña
59Fernando Barroso (Arg) Acme
60Stefan Linne Jorgensen (Den) Danish National Team
61Alvaro Duarte (Col) Colombia Indeportes C M1:21:58
62Fabio Massoti (Ita) Emilia Romagna1:22:11
63Roberto Ballinas (Mex) Chiapas Team1:22:14
64Hipolito Martinez (Mex) Chiapas Team1:23:35
65Dragan Spasic (Srb) Serbia National Team1:23:39
66Alex Buttazzoni (Ita) Emilia Romagna1:24:07
67Miguel Hidalgo (Arg) R2 Bianchi1:24:57
68Milos Stojanovic (Srb) Serbia National Team1:25:34
69Kasper Kalhoj (Den) Danish National Team1:26:12
70Angelo Ciccone (Ita) Emilia Romagna1:27:25
71Airan Fernandez (Spa) Cataluña1:29:29
72Abundio Guerrero (Mex) Canels Turbo1:29:37
73Soren Petersen (Den) Danish National Team1:32:51
74Anuar Anubis Fuentes (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan1:36:04
75Gilberto Martinez (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan1:37:01
76Mauro Fenocchio (Arg) Acme1:37:26
77Luis Angel Cuevas (Mex) Transtur - Yucatan1:37:31
78Nikola Kozomara (Srb) Serbia National Team1:38:21
79Romeo Gazzeta (Ita) Emilia Romagna1:41:54
80Jesus Hernandez (Mex) Chiapas Team1:43:29
81Hugo Gabriel (Mex) Chiapas Team1:52:34
82Roger Ballinas (Mex) Chiapas Team2:02:45

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