Double day for Lopez in Vuelta a Burgos

Miguel Lopez (Astana) climbing

Miguel Lopez (Astana) climbing (Image credit: Tim de Waele/

Astana continued its stranglehold on the Vuelta a Burgos, with its Colombian climber Miguel Angel Lopez taking over the race lead from his teammate with a full on assault on the finale of stage 4. Lopez out-sprinted Daniel Moreno (Katusha) and Pierre-Roger Latour (AG2R La Mondiale) to win the stage.

Overnight leader Luis Leon Sanchez was distanced by an attack from teammate Michele Scarponi, and slipped down to fifth overall, but Astana still holds the top three spots, wtih Scarponi in second behind Lopez at four seconds, and Estonian Rein Taaramae in third, eight seconds back.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team4:11:17
2Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha0:00:01
3Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:00:04
4Michele Scarponi (Ita) Astana Pro TeamRow 3 - Cell 2
5Rein Taaramae (Est) Astana Pro Team0:00:08
6Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar TeamRow 5 - Cell 2
7Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:10
8Winner Anacona (Col) Movistar Team0:00:16
9Tiago Machado (Por) Team Katusha0:00:21
10Egor Silin (Rus) Team KatushaRow 9 - Cell 2
11Rodolfo Torres (Col) Colombia0:00:24
12Luis León Sánchez (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:00:32
13Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Movistar Team0:00:37
14Mauro Finetto (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:00:40
15Eduardo Sepulveda (Arg) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:00:43
16Miguel Angel Rubiano (Col) Colombia0:00:55
17Damiano Cunego (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:00:56
18Mikel Bizkarra (Spa) Murias Taldea0:01:10
19Marc Soler (Spa) Movistar Team0:01:16
20Carlos Quintero (Col) ColombiaRow 19 - Cell 2
21Giorgio Cecchinel (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:01:18
22Edward Diaz (Col) Colombia0:01:21
23Dayer Quintana (Col) Movistar TeamRow 22 - Cell 2
24Kevin Ledanois (Fra) Bretagne-Séché EnvironnementRow 23 - Cell 2
25David Belda (Spa) Burgos BH0:01:28
26Juan Pablo Valencia (Col) Colombia0:01:30
27Javier Moreno (Spa) Movistar TeamRow 26 - Cell 2
28Beñat Txoperena (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 27 - Cell 2
29Peio Bilbao (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:01:42
30Ángel Madrazo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGARow 29 - Cell 2
31Matteo Montaguti (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale0:01:52
32Florian Guillou (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:01:59
33Luis Mas (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGARow 32 - Cell 2
34Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:02:08
35Brayan Ramirez (Col) ColombiaRow 34 - Cell 2
36Luca Wackermann (Ita) Southeast Pro CyclingRow 35 - Cell 2
37Andrea Fedi (Ita) Southeast Pro CyclingRow 36 - Cell 2
38Fabio Duarte (Col) Colombia0:02:24
39Jhonatan Restrepo (Col) Team KatushaRow 38 - Cell 2
40Jesus Del Pino (Spa) Burgos BH0:02:30
41Romain Campistrous (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:02:42
42Aritz Bagües (Spa) Murias Taldea0:02:56
43Imanol Estevez (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 42 - Cell 2
44Yury Trofimov (Rus) Team KatushaRow 43 - Cell 2
45Angel Vicioso (Spa) Team KatushaRow 44 - Cell 2
46Alessandro Bisolti (Ita) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 45 - Cell 2
47Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 46 - Cell 2
48Christophe Laborie (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:03:03
49Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:03:20
50Iuri Filosi (Ita) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 49 - Cell 2
51Simone Ponzi (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:03:25
52Rafael Andriato (Bra) Southeast Pro CyclingRow 51 - Cell 2
53Amets Txurruka (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:03:41
54Omar Fraile (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGARow 53 - Cell 2
55David Arroyo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGARow 54 - Cell 2
56Adrian Gonzalez (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 55 - Cell 2
57Johan Van Summeren (Bel) AG2R La Mondiale0:03:43
58Matteo Busato (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:04:21
59Antonio Nibali (Ita) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 58 - Cell 2
60Davide Malacarne (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:05:00
61Igor Merino (Spa) Burgos BHRow 60 - Cell 2
62Sébastien Minard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:05:13
63Juan Carlos Riutort (Spa) Burgos BHRow 62 - Cell 2
64Leonardo Duque (Col) ColombiaRow 63 - Cell 2
65Alexis Gougeard (Fra) AG2R La MondialeRow 64 - Cell 2
66Benoit Jarrier (Fra) Bretagne-Séché EnvironnementRow 65 - Cell 2
67Blel Kadri (Fra) AG2R La MondialeRow 66 - Cell 2
68Egoitz García (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 67 - Cell 2
69Didier A Chaparro (Col) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 68 - Cell 2
70Matthieu Boulo (Fra) Bretagne-Séché EnvironnementRow 69 - Cell 2
71Dario Hernandez (Spa) Burgos BHRow 70 - Cell 2
72Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché EnvironnementRow 71 - Cell 2
73Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 72 - Cell 2
74Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:05:33
75Manuel Belletti (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:05:37
76Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:05:55
77Maxime Cam (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:06:24
78Rory Sutherland (Aus) Movistar Team0:06:25
79Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:08:16
80Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH0:09:15
81Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 80 - Cell 2
82Alessandro Vanotti (Ita) Astana Pro TeamRow 81 - Cell 2
83Arnau Sole (Spa) Burgos BHRow 82 - Cell 2
84Daniele Colli (Ita) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 83 - Cell 2
85Genki Yamamoto (Jpn) Nippo - Vini FantiniRow 84 - Cell 2
86Rudiger Selig (Ger) Team KatushaRow 85 - Cell 2
DNFVladimir Isaychev (Rus) Team KatushaRow 86 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team25pts
2Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha20Row 1 - Cell 3
3Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale16Row 2 - Cell 3
4Michele Scarponi (Ita) Astana Pro Team14Row 3 - Cell 3
5Rein Taaramae (Est) Astana Pro Team12Row 4 - Cell 3
6Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team10Row 5 - Cell 3
7Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Movistar Team9Row 6 - Cell 3
8Winner Anacona (Col) Movistar Team8Row 7 - Cell 3
9Tiago Machado (Por) Team Katusha7Row 8 - Cell 3
10Egor Silin (Rus) Team Katusha6Row 9 - Cell 3
11Rodolfo Torres (Col) Colombia5Row 10 - Cell 3
12Luis León Sánchez (Spa) Astana Pro Team4Row 11 - Cell 3
13Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Movistar Team3Row 12 - Cell 3
14Mauro Finetto (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling2Row 13 - Cell 3
15Eduardo Sepulveda (Arg) Bretagne-Séché Environnement1Row 14 - Cell 3
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Sprint 1 - Briviesca
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH3pts
2Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement2Row 1 - Cell 3
3Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale1Row 2 - Cell 3
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Sprint 2 - Los Barrios de Bureba
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH3pts
2Daniele Colli (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini2Row 1 - Cell 3
3Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement1Row 2 - Cell 3
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Sprint 3 - Poza de la Sal
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH3pts
2Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias Taldea2Row 1 - Cell 3
3Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement1Row 2 - Cell 3
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Mountain 1 - Altotero
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement6pts
2Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale4Row 1 - Cell 3
3Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH2Row 2 - Cell 3
4Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias Taldea1Row 3 - Cell 3
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Mountain 2 - Valle del Sol
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team6pts
2Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha4Row 1 - Cell 3
3Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale2Row 2 - Cell 3
4Michele Scarponi (Ita) Astana Pro Team1Row 3 - Cell 3
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Astana Pro Team12:34:03
2Movistar Team0:00:22
3Team Katusha0:00:31
5Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:03:51
6Southeast Pro Cycling0:03:54
7AG2R La Mondiale0:04:26
8Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:05:11
9Murias Taldea0:05:24
10Nippo - Vini Fantini0:07:00
11Burgos BH0:08:46
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General classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team11:32:14
2Michele Scarponi (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:00:04
3Rein Taaramae (Est) Astana Pro Team0:00:08
4Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha0:00:30
5Luis León Sánchez (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:00:31
6Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:33
7Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:00:38
8Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Movistar TeamRow 7 - Cell 2
9Winner Anacona (Col) Movistar Team0:00:44
10Tiago Machado (Por) Team Katusha0:00:53
11Egor Silin (Rus) Team KatushaRow 10 - Cell 2
12Rodolfo Torres (Col) Colombia0:01:19
13Eduardo Sepulveda (Arg) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:01:25
14Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Movistar TeamRow 13 - Cell 2
15Carlos Quintero (Col) Colombia0:01:56
16David Belda (Spa) Burgos BH0:02:06
17Ángel Madrazo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:02:10
18Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:02:33
19Miguel Angel Rubiano (Col) Colombia0:02:50
20Luis Mas (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:03:07
21Kevin Ledanois (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:03:09
22Dayer Quintana (Col) Movistar Team0:03:18
23Jhonatan Restrepo (Col) Team Katusha0:03:36
24Brayan Ramirez (Col) Colombia0:04:18
25Rafael Andriato (Bra) Southeast Pro Cycling0:04:19
26Angel Vicioso (Spa) Team Katusha0:04:21
27Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:05:57
28Beñat Txoperena (Spa) Murias Taldea0:06:13
29Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:07:22
30Matteo Busato (Ita) Southeast Pro CyclingRow 29 - Cell 2
31Matteo Montaguti (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale0:07:27
32Benoit Jarrier (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:07:29
33Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Murias Taldea0:07:39
34Simone Ponzi (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:07:44
35Manuel Belletti (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:07:52
36Javier Moreno (Spa) Movistar Team0:07:54
37Luca Wackermann (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:07:55
38Juan Carlos Riutort (Spa) Burgos BH0:08:09
39Johan Van Summeren (Bel) AG2R La Mondiale0:08:12
40Andrea Fedi (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:08:23
41Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:08:50
42Juan Pablo Valencia (Col) Colombia0:08:55
43Aritz Bagües (Spa) Murias Taldea0:09:29
44Blel Kadri (Fra) AG2R La MondialeRow 43 - Cell 2
45Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:09:45
46Egoitz García (Spa) Murias Taldea0:10:05
47Peio Bilbao (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:10:36
48Marc Soler (Spa) Movistar Team0:10:37
49Maxime Cam (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:11:23
50Sébastien Minard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:11:52
51Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:12:37
52Mauro Finetto (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:13:32
53Rudiger Selig (Ger) Team Katusha0:13:56
54Omar Fraile (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:14:41
55Edward Diaz (Col) Colombia0:14:59
56Mikel Bizkarra (Spa) Murias TaldeaRow 55 - Cell 2
57Alexis Gougeard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:15:10
58Damiano Cunego (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:15:15
59Imanol Estevez (Spa) Murias Taldea0:16:01
60Alessandro Bisolti (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:16:07
61David Arroyo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:16:18
62Daniele Colli (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:16:45
63Florian Guillou (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:16:48
64Jesus Del Pino (Spa) Burgos BH0:17:25
65Iuri Filosi (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:17:39
66Fabio Duarte (Col) Colombia0:17:41
67Amets Txurruka (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:17:50
68Giorgio Cecchinel (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling0:18:09
69Christophe Laborie (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:18:19
70Igor Merino (Spa) Burgos BH0:18:27
71Yury Trofimov (Rus) Team Katusha0:18:42
72Didier A Chaparro (Col) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:18:44
73Matthieu Boulo (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:18:48
74Romain Campistrous (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:19:07
75Adrian Gonzalez (Spa) Murias Taldea0:19:11
76Leonardo Duque (Col) Colombia0:19:15
77Rory Sutherland (Aus) Movistar Team0:19:58
78Antonio Nibali (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:20:08
79Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:20:29
80Dario Hernandez (Spa) Burgos BH0:22:15
81Davide Malacarne (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:22:25
82Genki Yamamoto (Jpn) Nippo - Vini Fantini0:23:42
83Alessandro Vanotti (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:25:11
84Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH0:25:12
85Arnau Sole (Spa) Burgos BH0:25:26
86Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias Taldea0:26:41
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Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Luis León Sánchez (Spa) Astana Pro Team47pts
2Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team41Row 1 - Cell 3
3Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA41Row 2 - Cell 3
4Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha40Row 3 - Cell 3
5Rein Taaramae (Est) Astana Pro Team35Row 4 - Cell 3
6Michele Scarponi (Ita) Astana Pro Team28Row 5 - Cell 3
7Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team27Row 6 - Cell 3
8Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA25Row 7 - Cell 3
9Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Movistar Team22Row 8 - Cell 3
10Ángel Madrazo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA20Row 9 - Cell 3
11Matteo Busato (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling20Row 10 - Cell 3
12Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale16Row 11 - Cell 3
13Carlos Quintero (Col) Colombia14Row 12 - Cell 3
14David Belda (Spa) Burgos BH12Row 13 - Cell 3
15Miguel Angel Rubiano (Col) Colombia12Row 14 - Cell 3
16Rafael Andriato (Bra) Southeast Pro Cycling12Row 15 - Cell 3
17Winner Anacona (Col) Movistar Team11Row 16 - Cell 3
18Manuel Belletti (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling10Row 17 - Cell 3
19Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini10Row 18 - Cell 3
20Peio Bilbao (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA10Row 19 - Cell 3
21Luis Mas (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA8Row 20 - Cell 3
22Simone Ponzi (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling8Row 21 - Cell 3
23Tiago Machado (Por) Team Katusha7Row 22 - Cell 3
24Mauro Finetto (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling7Row 23 - Cell 3
25Rudiger Selig (Ger) Team Katusha7Row 24 - Cell 3
26Egor Silin (Rus) Team Katusha6Row 25 - Cell 3
27Benoit Jarrier (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement6Row 26 - Cell 3
28Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Astana Pro Team6Row 27 - Cell 3
29David Arroyo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA6Row 28 - Cell 3
30Rodolfo Torres (Col) Colombia5Row 29 - Cell 3
31Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Movistar Team5Row 30 - Cell 3
32Omar Fraile (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA5Row 31 - Cell 3
33Amets Txurruka (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA4Row 32 - Cell 3
34Angel Vicioso (Spa) Team Katusha3Row 33 - Cell 3
35Eduardo Sepulveda (Arg) Bretagne-Séché Environnement2Row 34 - Cell 3
36Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement2Row 35 - Cell 3
37Imanol Estevez (Spa) Murias Taldea2Row 36 - Cell 3
38Juan Carlos Riutort (Spa) Burgos BH1Row 37 - Cell 3
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Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Fabio Duarte (Col) Colombia18pts
2Luis Mas (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA12Row 1 - Cell 3
3Alexis Gougeard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale11Row 2 - Cell 3
4Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team6Row 3 - Cell 3
5Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement6Row 4 - Cell 3
6Juan Pablo Valencia (Col) Colombia6Row 5 - Cell 3
7Egoitz García (Spa) Murias Taldea6Row 6 - Cell 3
8Arnau Sole (Spa) Burgos BH6Row 7 - Cell 3
9Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha4Row 8 - Cell 3
10Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale4Row 9 - Cell 3
11Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale2Row 10 - Cell 3
12Alessandro Vanotti (Ita) Astana Pro Team2Row 11 - Cell 3
13Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH2Row 12 - Cell 3
14Michele Scarponi (Ita) Astana Pro Team1Row 13 - Cell 3
15Blel Kadri (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale1Row 14 - Cell 3
16Davide Malacarne (Ita) Astana Pro Team1Row 15 - Cell 3
17Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias Taldea1Row 16 - Cell 3
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Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Luis Mas (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA10pts
2Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH9Row 1 - Cell 3
3Arnau Sole (Spa) Burgos BH7Row 2 - Cell 3
4Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement4Row 3 - Cell 3
5Egoitz García (Spa) Murias Taldea4Row 4 - Cell 3
6Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA3Row 5 - Cell 3
7Carlos Quintero (Col) Colombia2Row 6 - Cell 3
8Matteo Busato (Ita) Southeast Pro Cycling2Row 7 - Cell 3
9Juan Pablo Valencia (Col) Colombia2Row 8 - Cell 3
10Imanol Estevez (Spa) Murias Taldea2Row 9 - Cell 3
11Daniele Colli (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini2Row 10 - Cell 3
12Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias Taldea2Row 11 - Cell 3
13Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale1Row 12 - Cell 3
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U23 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team11:32:14
2Pierre-Roger Latour (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:00:38
3Kevin Ledanois (Fra) Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:03:09
4Jhonatan Restrepo (Col) Team Katusha0:03:36
5Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:05:57
6Quentin Jauregui (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:08:50
7Marc Soler (Spa) Movistar Team0:10:37
8Edward Diaz (Col) Colombia0:14:59
9Alexis Gougeard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:15:10
10Imanol Estevez (Spa) Murias Taldea0:16:01
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Regional rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA11:34:47
2Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:03:24
3Adrian Gonzalez (Spa) Murias Taldea0:16:38
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Spanish rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha11:32:44
2Luis León Sánchez (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:00:01
3Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:03
4Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:08
5David Belda (Spa) Burgos BH0:01:36
6Ángel Madrazo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:01:40
7Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:02:03
8Luis Mas (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:02:37
9Angel Vicioso (Spa) Team Katusha0:03:51
10Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:05:27
11Beñat Txoperena (Spa) Murias Taldea0:05:43
12Garikoitz Bravo (Spa) Murias Taldea0:07:09
13Javier Moreno (Spa) Movistar Team0:07:24
14Juan Carlos Riutort (Spa) Burgos BH0:07:39
15Aritz Bagües (Spa) Murias Taldea0:08:59
16Egoitz García (Spa) Murias Taldea0:09:35
17Peio Bilbao (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:10:06
18Marc Soler (Spa) Movistar Team0:10:07
19Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:12:07
20Omar Fraile (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:14:11
21Mikel Bizkarra (Spa) Murias Taldea0:14:29
22Imanol Estevez (Spa) Murias Taldea0:15:31
23David Arroyo (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:15:48
24Jesus Del Pino (Spa) Burgos BH0:16:55
25Amets Txurruka (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:17:20
26Igor Merino (Spa) Burgos BH0:17:57
27Adrian Gonzalez (Spa) Murias Taldea0:18:41
28Dario Hernandez (Spa) Burgos BH0:21:45
29Ibai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH0:24:42
30Arnau Sole (Spa) Burgos BH0:24:56
31Jon Ander Insausti (Spa) Murias Taldea0:26:11
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Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Astana Pro Team34:36:53
2Movistar Team0:01:44
3Team Katusha0:01:50
5Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:06:18
6Southeast Pro Cycling0:06:58
7Bretagne-Séché Environnement0:07:08
8AG2R La Mondiale0:07:36
9Murias Taldea0:15:47
10Burgos BH0:24:25
11Nippo - Vini Fantini0:29:53

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