Ishay makes it three collegiate short track titles in a row

The 2012 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships continued Saturday at the Angel Fire Resort in Angel Fire, New Mexico, with the short track competitions.

In the short track, riders turned half-mile laps with minor elevation gain and loss for 20 minutes and three laps. The first gravity event of the competition, the downhill, spanned 1.5 miles and dropped riders 1,000 feet of elevation.

Division I men short track

It was readily apparent in the early stages of the Division I men's short track race that the winner would be a member of Fort Lewis College. The two-time defending national champion, Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College), and Howard Grotts (Fort Lewis College) quickly surfaced at the front after two laps.

Samuel Morrison (University of Colorado-Boulder) was a viable threat until the two Skyhawks drilled it with two laps remaining in the race to open a larger gap.

Ishay, who said this would be his last collegiate endurance race, left on top. He kicked in a higher gear and widened his advantage on Grotts to coast to the top spot of the podium for the third consecutive year.

"Last one! Three in a row," Ishay said. "That's my last endurance collegiate race. I was really motivated and really stressed. I haven't felt that for a collegiate race for a while. I've won a lot of stuff and I was not getting stressed for races, but this one was a big one for me, for sure."

Division I women short track

Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College) showed no signs of fatigue a day after sucessfully defending her cross country title, winning the short track race handily over the 47-rider field. Catlin crossed the line more than 30 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Deidre York (University of Colorado-Boulder). Catlin's teammate, Sofia Gomez Villafane (Fort Lewis College) placed third.

Catlin took over the lead from York on the third lap and maintained a comfortable lead throughout the rest of the race.

"I felt really good today," said Catlin. "Watching the (Fort Lewis) boys do so well earlier, I was like, I gotta perform now. I can't let them get all the credit."

Catlin had to dodge a crash at the start of the race that involved her teammate Sarah Sturm.

"I started in the third row and I think that actually saved me," Catlin said afterward. "I had enough time to see it. It was on my right, I went to the left and didn't get caught up in it. Last year, I was the one who got crashed out in the beginning so I know how it feels."

Division II men short track

The Division II men's short track race provided significant drama. Wesley Lamberson (Union College-Ky.) and his teammate Peter Haile (Union College-Ky.) surged to the front of the race after two laps.

Despite starting in the middle of the field, Cypress Gorry (Brevard College) surged and emerged among the leaders. As Haile began to fade, Lamberson and Gorry pushed the pace.

On the penultimate lap, Gorry attacked and Lamberson was unable to answer, allowing Gorry to wheel home with his second national title in two days. Michael Burleigh (University of Denver) passed Lamberson late in the race to sneak into second place, while Lamberson earned the bronze medal in third place.

"It was a tough race out there," Gorry said. "For about five laps, Wes was right in front of me. I could see him, but I couldn't quite get up to him. With three laps to go, I caught him on the climb and I got around him at the top. I had a clear course and I was able to get a little gap and I got it from there, I guess."

Division II women short track

Rebecca Gross (University of Denver) capitalized on starting in the front row to grab an early lead in the Division II women's short track race. Gross would not relinquish the lead as she built a gap of close to 40 seconds after just the first half-mile lap.

Gross knew that a talented field of women, including the winner of Friday's cross country race, Alexis Skarda (Colorado Mesa University), Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) and Essence Barton (California Lutheran University) would be chasing her down.

Gross, who pursuing a graduate degree in sports psychology, plied her future trade to keep her focused on the race.

"Alexis is so fast. I knew I had to do everything I could to stay in front of her and keep that gap big enough so she couldn't work it back up. There was a lot of self talk going on."

Gross' advice was sound as she won the race over Skarda by over a minute. Zaveta surged late in the race to finish third ahead of Barton.

Full Results

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Division 1 men short track
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College)
2Howard Grotts (Fort Lewis College)
3Samuel Morrison (University of Colorado-Boulder)
4Garrett Lundberg (Fort Lewis College)
5Payson McElveen (Fort Lewis College)
6Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College)
7Greg Krieger (Colorado State University)
8Victor Alber (University of Florida)
9Ryan Ellis (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-1lapDavid Timmons (Northern Arizona University)
-1lapAndrew Dillman (Marian University)
-1lapPaul Summers (Stanford University)
-1lapEzra Mullen (Lees-McRae College)
-1lapErick Carlson (Colorado State University)
-5lapsDavis Bentley (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsTaylor Ladd (Lindsey Wilson College)
-5lapsTyler Kjorstad (University of Wyoming)
-6lapsJoey Schusler (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-6lapsAdam Looney (University of Wyoming)
-6lapsJakub Valigura (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-6lapsErik Nelson (Northern Arizona University)
-7lapsKenneth Hall (Lindsey Wilson College)
-7lapsAdam OCamb (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-7lapsMatthew Fanfelle (University of Nevada-Reno)
-7lapsChristopher Brown (Virginia Polytechnic University)
-7lapsNathaniel Williams (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
-7lapsMichael Sheehan (Texas State University-San Marcos)
-7lapsBenjamin Stover (Lees-McRae College)
-7lapsChristopher (CJ) Brish (Lindenwood University)
-8lapsjeffrey millich (Georgia Southern University)
-8lapsDylan Jones (Colorado State University)
-8lapsBrian Funk (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-8lapsJoshua Johnson (Marian University)
-8lapsDaniel Gerow (Marian University)
-8lapsSam Gross (University of Arizona)
-8lapsMiles Hubbard (Appalachian State University)
-8lapsCasey Coffman (University of Nevada-Reno)
-8lapsKeith Wong (Stanford University)
-8lapsDouglas Torres (University of New Mexico)
-8lapsTaylor Smith (University of New Hampshire)
-8lapsAndrew Wentzel (Virginia Polytechnic University)
-8lapsZach Bodhane (Colorado State University)
-8lapsKodey Myers (Utah State University)
-8lapsJason Blodgett (Marian University)
-8lapsGregory Buker (Florida State University)
-8lapsTanner Hurst (Cumberland University)
-8lapsClinton Mitchell (Colorado State University)
-8lapsLogan Luker (Cumberland University)
-8lapsCarter Luck (Lees-McRae College)
-8lapsNathan Labecki (Marian University)
-8lapsTravis Monroe (Lindsey Wilson College)
-8lapsThomas Pofahl (North Carolina State University-Raleigh)
-8lapsLukas Grob (Georgia Institute of Technology)
-8lapsJoshua Longenecker (Georgia Institute of Technology)
-8lapsZak Hafner (Lindenwood University)
-8lapsAndrew Seifried (Stanford University)
-8lapsJason Brinsfield (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-8lapsTanner Haskins (University of Vermont)
-8lapsForrest Parsons (University of Vermont)
-9lapsNicholas Grigsby (Lindenwood University)
-9lapsMichael Smith (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
-9lapsLucas Robichaud (University of New Hampshire)
-9lapsJeremy Smith (University of Nevada-Reno)
-9lapsAndrew Kramer (Lindenwood University)
-9lapsSchuyler Burns (University of Arizona)
-9lapsDietrich Walker (University of Arizona)
-9lapsKurt Tweedy (Lindenwood University)
-9lapsDaniel Caluag (Lindsey Wilson College)
-9lapsGreg DiSanto (University of New Hampshire)
DNSPeter Hartwig (Texas A & M University)
DNSTrevor DeRuise (University of Nevada-Reno)
DNSCody Phillips (Lees-McRae College)
DNSBrandon Quam (University of New Mexico)
DNSWilliam Vazquez (Colorado State University)
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Division 1 women short track
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College)
2Deidre York (University of Colorado-Boulder)
3Sofia Gomez Villafane (Fort Lewis College)
4Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming)
5Sarah Sturm (Fort Lewis College)
6Linnea Dixson (University of Wyoming)
7Abigail Mickey (University of Colorado-Boulder)
8Kaila Hart (Fort Lewis College)
9Brittany Engleking (University of Colorado-Boulder)
10Lindsay Dye (Northern Arizona University)
11Katie Sodergren (University of Colorado-Boulder)
12Emily Paxson (University of Vermont)
-1lapHailey Sarausky (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsJoanna Bechtel (University of California-Berkeley)
-5lapsErin Donohue (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsJacquelyn Povilaitis (Northern Arizona University)
-5lapsRachel Byus (Lindenwood University)
-5lapsEva Wilson (Colorado State University)
-5lapssarah hill (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsJoan Meiners (Utah State University)
-5lapsMorganne Endicott (Cumberland University)
-5lapsErica Greif (University of Nevada-Reno)
-5lapsVirginia Solomon (University of Southern California)
-5lapsAshlee Wilson (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-5lapsEllie Atkins (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-5lapsMackenzie Filippi (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsSarah Dixson (University of Wyoming)
-5lapsLauren Presley (Colorado State University)
-5lapsKristy Peck (University of Nevada-Reno)
-5lapsvhasti schmidt (Lindsey Wilson College)
-5lapsAllie Dragoo (Marian University)
-6lapsCatherine Opalka (Clemson University)
-6lapsJacqueline Kabel (Colorado State University)
-6lapsEileen Mazzochette (Stanford University)
-6lapsSuzie Livingston (Colorado State University)
-6lapsEmily Elbers (Marian University)
-6lapsTiana Row (Lindenwood University)
-6lapsMadison Mills (Lindsey Wilson College)
-7lapsRiley Missel (Marian University)
-7lapsMegan Emerick (Texas State University-San Marcos)
-7lapsKyrstin Bluhm (Cumberland University)
-7lapsBrooke Crum (Lindsey Wilson College)
-7lapsTisa Djahangiri (Texas State University-San Marcos)
-7lapsCatherine Hollibaugh (Marian University)
DNSLindsey Prososki (Lindsey Wilson College)
DNSMeghan Kane (Fort Lewis College)
DNSBrittany Clawson (Fort Lewis College)
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Division 2 men short track
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Richard Cypress Gorry (Brevard College)
2Michael Burleigh (University of Denver)
3Wesley Lamberson (Union College-KY)
4Michael Michetti (University of Wisconsin-Platteville)
5Graham Ruhmann (Western State Colorado University)
6Lewis Gaffney (Brevard College)
7Casey Hildebrandt (Ripon College)
8Adam Miller (Colorado College)
9Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College)
10Taylor Schmidt (Colorado School of Mines)
11Sam Chovan (University of Denver)
12Karl Schroeder (US Air Force Academy)
13Bobby Zidek (California State University-Chico)
14Brae Patten (Western State Colorado University)
15Geoffrey Williams (Colorado Mesa University)
16Peter Haile (Union College-KY)
17Morgan Ryan (Colorado Mesa University)
18Steven Pearl (Humboldt State University)
19Ben Jackson (Western State Colorado University)
20Corey Davis (Mars Hill College)
21Austin Jones (Wake Forest University)
22Benjamin Senkerik (Ripon College)
23Nicolas Jimenez (Colorado School of Mines)
-1lapGeoffrey Bee (Colorado School of Mines)
-6lapsRyan Smith (Warren Wilson College)
-6lapsJustin Graves (Humboldt State University)
-6lapsChristopher Anten (Michigan Technological University)
-6lapsZebulon Hanley (US Air Force Academy)
-7lapsKeith Marek (Brevard College)
-7lapsCole Hanson (Colorado Mesa University)
-7lapsMarcus Reed-Thorsen (Ripon College)
-7lapsRobin Crandall (Warren Wilson College)
-8lapsJesse Palmer (Humboldt State University)
-8lapsQuint Berkemeier (Colorado Mesa University)
-8lapsMitchell Collins (Wake Forest University)
-8lapsChristian Kloser (Colorado Mesa University)
-8lapsTony Kaatz (Ripon College)
-8lapsKody Adams (Brevard College)
-8lapsLuke Plummer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
-8lapsTucker Brown (US Air Force Academy)
-8lapsJohn Siff (Warren Wilson College)
-8lapsIzzy Cohan (Warren Wilson College)
-8lapsTyler Hutchinson (Mars Hill College)
-8lapsSpencer Lowden (Brevard College)
-8lapsJames McCabe (Wake Forest University)
-8lapsStefan Swecker (East Tennessee State University)
-8lapsalex schultz (Michigan Technological University)
-8lapsmike baird (Union College-KY)
-8lapsMichael Flynn (Warren Wilson College)
-8lapsDaniel Ennis (Brevard College)
-8lapsMichael Eck (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
-8lapsSchyler Johnson (East Tennessee State University)
-8lapsRay Dangelmaier (Union College-KY)
-8lapsEvan Glowiak (US Air Force Academy)
-9lapsRobert Leeson (Warren Wilson College)
-9lapsJake Possinger (Mars Hill College)
-10lapsZach Heskett (Montana State University-Bozeman)
DNSEric Smith (Ripon College)
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Division 2 women short track
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Rebecca Gross (University of Denver)
2Alexis Skarda (Colorado Mesa University)
3Erica Zaveta (Brevard College)
4Essence Barton (California Lutheran University)
-1lapLaura Ralston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
-1lapElisa Otter (Union College-KY)
-1lapAlexis Kelley (Western State Colorado University)
-1lapMacKenzie Paul (US Air Force Academy)
-1lapBrooke Bosman (Colorado Mesa University)
-1lapAriana Dittmer (Colorado Mesa University)
-1lapStacy Norris (Colorado Mesa University)
-1lapAllison Jones (Warren Wilson College)
-1lapLillian Hacker (Warren Wilson College)
-2lapsKara Uhl (Union College-KY)
-5lapsNicole Miranda (Brevard College)
-6lapsSarah Godish (US Air Force Academy)
-6lapsRosette Reynolds (Ripon College)
-6lapsCatherine Harnden (Mars Hill College)
-6lapsLaura Rice (Mars Hill College)
-7lapsJenna Emerick (Saint Edward's University)
-7lapsAlessia Faverio (Warren Wilson College)
-7lapsElizabeth Lurz (Abilene Christian University)
-7lapsBrittany Boswell (Union College-KY)
-7lapsMary Martinez (Union College-KY)
DNSAngela Vitulli (Western State Colorado University)

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