Mannion takes summit victory on Notre-Dame-du-Pré

Gavin Mannion joined rally UHC this year after two years with UnitedHealthcare
Gavin Mannion (Rally Cycling) (Image credit: Courtesy of Rally Cycling)
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Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gavin Mannion (USA) Rally Cycling 3:54:47
2Jefferson Cepeda (Ecu) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:00:08
3Pierre Rolland (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 0:00:12
4Maxim Van Gils (Bel) 0:00:15
5Sylvain Moniquet (Bel) Groupama - Fdj 0:00:17
6Alexis Guerin (Fra) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:01:03
7Henri Vandenabeele (Bel) 0:01:05
8Daniel Muñoz Giraldo (Col) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:01:10
9Adrià Moreno Sala (Spa) 0:01:18
10Yael Joalland (Fra) 0:01:35
11Alessandro Bisolti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:01:46
12Stuart Balfour (GBr) 0:01:56
13Antoine Debons (Swi) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:01:59
14Gabriel Reguero Corral (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy 0:02:03
15Alexandre Balmer (Swi) Groupama - Fdj 0:02:09
16Thomas Champion (Fra) 0:02:20
17Freddy Ovett (Aus) Israel Cycling Academy 0:02:24
18Viktor Verschaeve (Bel) 0:02:29
19Pierre Gouault (Fra) 0:02:40
20Thomas Salvatori (Fra) 0:02:57
21Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:03:00
22Aurélien Doleatto (Fra) 0:03:08
23Simone Ravanelli (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:03:27
24Thomas Devaux (Fra) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:03:46
25Xandres Vervloesen (Bel) 0:04:33
26Roland Thalmann (Swi) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:04:49
27Florent Castellarnau (Fra) 0:04:58
28Celestin Leyman (Bel) 0:05:25
29Emile Brenans (Fra) 0:05:31
30Matis Louvel (Fra) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:05:53
31Louis Richard (Fra) 0:05:56
32Sandy Dujardin (Fra)
33Damian Lüscher (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:06:21
34Maxime Richard (Fra) 0:07:03
35Jack Burke (Can) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:07:09
36Romain Hardy (Fra) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:07:35
37Franck Bonnamour (Fra) Team Arkea - Samsic
38Maxime Chevalier (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 0:07:53
39Hugo Page (Fra) Groupama - Fdj 0:08:23
40Luca Chirico (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:09:05
41Tao Quemere (Fra) 0:09:37
42Nicolas Prodhomme (Fra) Cofidis
43Eitan Levi (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy 0:10:01
44Benjamin Declercq (Bel) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:10:04
45Joab Schneiter (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy
46Emilien Viennet (Fra) 0:10:08
47Arnold Reifler (Fra) 0:10:14
48Clément Braz Afonso (Fra)
49Lukas Meiler (Ger) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:10:29
50Yannis Voisard (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:12:16
51Thibaut Gagnaire (Fra) 0:13:04
52Robin Froidevaux (Swi) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:13:08
53Matthias Reutimann (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy
54Colin Chris Stüssi (Swi) Team Vorarlberg Santic
55Nathan Brown (USA) Rally Cycling
56Jonathan Bögli (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:13:16
57Théo Nonnez (Fra) Groupama - Fdj 0:13:39
58Robin Plamondon (Can) Israel Cycling Academy 0:13:58
59Hannes Wilksch (Ger) Development Team Sunweb 0:14:54
60Nils Sinschek (Ned) Development Team Sunweb
61Léo Boileau (Fra)
62Leo Hayter (GBr) Development Team Sunweb 0:14:57
63Stéfan Bennett (Fra)
64Thibaud Saint Guilhem (Fra) 0:15:44
65Boris Orlhac (Fra) 0:17:17
66Eusebio Pascual Bonhome (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy 0:17:31
67Miguel Juan Castellano (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy
68Jocelyn Guillot (Fra) 0:17:45
69Marius Mayrhofer (Ger) Development Team Sunweb 0:18:07
70Enzo Leijnse (Ned) Development Team Sunweb
71Johan Le Bon (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 0:19:19
72Romain Campistrous (Fra) 0:20:26
73Rémi Capron (Fra) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:20:32
74Carson Miles (Can) Israel Cycling Academy 0:23:47
75Yuval Ben Moshe (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy
76Steven Pattyn (Bel)
77Thomas Joly (Fra) 0:24:12
78Mael Guegan (Fra) Rally Cycling 0:25:30
79Nickolas Zukowsky (Can) Rally Cycling
80Clément Carisey (Fra) 0:25:43
81Robin Meyer (Fra)
82Arnaud Courteille (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 0:25:45
83Gwen Leclainche (Fra) 0:26:35
84Adrien Maire (Fra) 0:26:45
85Lennert Van Eetvelt (Bel) 0:27:32
86Eric Valiente Bonafe (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy
87Johannes Schinnagel (Ger) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:27:50
88Leon Heinschke (Ger) Development Team Sunweb
89Thomas Chassagne (Fra) 0:29:46
90Maxime Urruty (Fra)
91Matteo Bellia (Ita) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:30:04
92Rémi Aubert (Fra) 0:37:32
DNFSergio Blasco Laliga (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy
DNFJonas Van Genechten (Bel) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm
DNFOmer Lahav (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy
DNFYakob Debesay (Eri) Groupama - Fdj
DNFAdrien Garel (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm
DNFClement Lalba (Fra)
DNFChristophe Noppe (Bel) Team Arkea - Samsic
DNFJacques Lebreton (Fra)
DNSLars Van Den Berg (Ned) Groupama - Fdj
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General classification after stage 3
Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pierre Rolland (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 11:02:55
2Maxim Van Gils (Bel) 0:01:20
3Alexis Guerin (Fra) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:02:02
4Adrià Moreno Sala (Spa) 0:02:46
5Sylvain Moniquet (Bel) Groupama - Fdj 0:03:16
6Daniel Muñoz Giraldo (Col) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:03:32
7Viktor Verschaeve (Bel) 0:03:38
8Thomas Champion (Fra) 0:03:47
9Stuart Balfour (GBr) 0:03:51
10Jefferson Cepeda (Ecu) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:05:16
11Alexandre Balmer (Swi) Groupama - Fdj 0:05:26
12Gavin Mannion (USA) Rally Cycling 0:05:32
13Roland Thalmann (Swi) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:05:39
14Aurélien Doleatto (Fra) 0:06:49
15Pierre Gouault (Fra) 0:08:31
16Franck Bonnamour (Fra) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:10:06
17Nicolas Prodhomme (Fra) Cofidis 0:10:59
18Gabriel Reguero Corral (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy 0:13:23
19Simone Ravanelli (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:14:44
20Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:15:11
21Maxime Chevalier (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 0:15:28
22Tao Quemere (Fra) 0:15:36
23Stéfan Bennett (Fra) 0:17:47
24Thomas Salvatori (Fra) 0:17:48
25Alessandro Bisolti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:18:28
26Matis Louvel (Fra) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:22:11
27Colin Chris Stüssi (Swi) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:22:27
28Nils Sinschek (Ned) Development Team Sunweb 0:23:04
29Emile Brenans (Fra) 0:23:27
30Joab Schneiter (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:24:04
31Henri Vandenabeele (Bel) 0:25:02
32Luca Chirico (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec 0:25:55
33Clément Braz Afonso (Fra) 0:26:24
34Eusebio Pascual Bonhome (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy 0:27:06
35Romain Hardy (Fra) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:27:37
36Arnold Reifler (Fra) 0:28:49
37Xandres Vervloesen (Bel) 0:29:01
38Emilien Viennet (Fra) 0:29:18
39Hugo Page (Fra) Groupama - Fdj 0:29:37
40Jonathan Bögli (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:30:26
41Boris Orlhac (Fra) 0:31:08
42Sandy Dujardin (Fra) 0:33:18
43Jack Burke (Can) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:34:04
44Maxime Richard (Fra) 0:34:17
45Antoine Debons (Swi) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:35:38
46Louis Richard (Fra) 0:36:55
47Thibaut Gagnaire (Fra) 0:37:04
48Damian Lüscher (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:39:11
49Benjamin Declercq (Bel) Team Arkea - Samsic 0:39:20
50Florent Castellarnau (Fra) 0:40:37
51Yael Joalland (Fra) 0:41:00
52Lukas Meiler (Ger) Team Vorarlberg Santic 0:41:08
53Freddy Ovett (Aus) Israel Cycling Academy 0:41:57
54Théo Nonnez (Fra) Groupama - Fdj 0:42:39
55Nathan Brown (USA) Rally Cycling 0:42:59
56Hannes Wilksch (Ger) Development Team Sunweb 0:44:37
57Matthias Reutimann (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:45:07
58Thibaud Saint Guilhem (Fra) 0:45:48
59Robin Meyer (Fra) 0:46:05
60Leo Hayter (GBr) Development Team Sunweb 0:46:16
61Jocelyn Guillot (Fra) 0:46:55
62Celestin Leyman (Bel)
63Thomas Devaux (Fra) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:47:23
64Clément Carisey (Fra) 0:47:24
65Eitan Levi (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy 0:47:32
66Thomas Joly (Fra) 0:48:07
67Léo Boileau (Fra) 0:48:19
68Yannis Voisard (Swi) Swiss Racing Academy 0:50:24
69Miguel Juan Castellano (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy 0:50:28
70Robin Plamondon (Can) Israel Cycling Academy 0:51:58
71Matteo Bellia (Ita) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:52:55
72Robin Froidevaux (Swi) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 0:53:04
73Marius Mayrhofer (Ger) Development Team Sunweb 0:54:23
74Mael Guegan (Fra) Rally Cycling 0:55:07
75Romain Campistrous (Fra) 0:58:55
76Gwen Leclainche (Fra) 1:00:03
77Steven Pattyn (Bel) 1:00:58
78Carson Miles (Can) Israel Cycling Academy 1:01:23
79Adrien Maire (Fra) 1:01:35
80Enzo Leijnse (Ned) Development Team Sunweb 1:01:38
81Rémi Capron (Fra) Akros - Excelsior - Thömus 1:01:55
82Nickolas Zukowsky (Can) Rally Cycling 1:02:15
83Arnaud Courteille (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 1:03:49
84Yuval Ben Moshe (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy 1:06:26
85Johan Le Bon (Fra) B&B Hotels - Vital Concept P / B Ktm 1:06:29
86Maxime Urruty (Fra) 1:06:30
87Thomas Chassagne (Fra) 1:11:03
88Johannes Schinnagel (Ger) Team Vorarlberg Santic 1:11:47
89Leon Heinschke (Ger) Development Team Sunweb 1:13:51
90Lennert Van Eetvelt (Bel) 1:15:35
91Eric Valiente Bonafe (Spa) Bahrain Cycling Academy 1:17:56
92Rémi Aubert (Fra) 1:22:51

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