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Iljo Keisse and Gijs Van Hoecke move into Six Day London lead after Day 4

Gijs Van Hoecke of Belgium

Gijs Van Hoecke of Belgium (Image credit: Tim de Waele/

The Belgian duo of Iljo Keisse and Gijs Van Hoecke are the new Six Day London leaders after four days of racing at the Lee Valley VeloPark having deposed Chris Latham and Ollie Wood from top stop.

"It's always better to be in the lead rather than having to chase the other guys down," said Keisse. "But sometimes it's also not the best position with two days to go because then everyone is watching us, even more than they already do now. It will be harder racing tomorrow for us." 

Consistency was key on Wednesday night for Keisse and Van Hoecke with Keisse explaining aggressive tactics in the final race paid off.

"In the final chase we tried to surprise everybody with taking two laps immediately after each other, and then we were lucky that Latham and Wood were with us and together we could take the lap with, I don’t know, four or five to go."

Also held on Wednesday night was the women's Omnium event starring Dani King and Sarah Storey.

Full Results

Sprint 200m TT
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Denis Dmitriev (Rus)
2Matthew Rotherham (GBr)
3Kazunari Watanabe (Jpn)
4Eric Balzer (Ger)
5Tomas Babek (Cze)
6Thomas Rotherham (GBr)
7Sascha Hübner (Ger)
8Nate Koch (USA)

Individual Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Eric Balzer (Ger)
2Denis Dmitriev (Rus)
3Thomas Rotherham (GBr)
4Matthew Rotherham (GBr)
5Tomas Babek (Cze)
6Kazunari Watanabe (Jpn)
7Sascha Hübner (Ger)
8Nate Koch (USA)

#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Thomas Rotherham (GBr)
2Denis Dmitriev (Rus)
3Matthew Rotherham (GBr)
4Tomas Babek (Cze)
5Sascha Hübner (Ger)
6Nate Koch (USA)
7Eric Balzer (Ger)
8Kazunari Watanabe (Jpn)

Sprinters standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Balzer (Ger)
2Denis Dmitriev (Rus)25pts
3Tomas Babek (Cze)25
4Matthew Rotherham (GBr)26
5Sascha Hübner (Ger)33
6Kazunari Watanabe (Jpn)39
7Thomas Rotherham (GBr)40
8Nate Koch (USA)42

Women's points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Malgorzata Wojtyra (Pol)12pts
2Jarmila Machacova (Cze)8
3Alzbeta Pavlendova (Svk)7
4Charlotte Becker (Ger)5
5Anita Stenberg (Nor)5
6Dani King (GBr)4
7Stephanie Pohl (Ger)3
8Tela Crane (USA)
9Sophie Lankford (GBr)
10Lisa Küllmer (Ger)
11Laura Basso (Ita)
12Tatjana Paller (Ger)
13Romy Kasper (Ger)
14Julie Le (Den)
15Amalie Winther-Olsen (Den)
16Verena Eberhardt (Aut)
17Christine Robson (GBr)
18Sarah Storey (GBr)
19 (-2 laps)Janine Bubner (Ger)

Women's Omnium - Elimination Race
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Stephanie Pohl (Ger)
2Malgorzata Wojtyra (Pol)
3Alzbeta Pavlendova (Svk)
4Anita Stenberg (Nor)
5Charlotte Becker (Ger)
6Laura Basso (Ita)
7Lisa Küllmer (Ger)
8Romy Kasper (Ger)
9Julie Le (Den)
10Dani King (GBr)
11Jarmila Machacova (Cze)
12Sophie Lankford (GBr)
13Sarah Storey (GBr)
14Tela Crane (USA)
15Janine Bubner (Ger)
16Verena Eberhardt (Aut)
17Amalie Winther-Olsen (Den)
18Tatjana Paller (Ger)
19Christine Robson (GBr)

Women's scratch race
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Charlotte Becker (Ger)
2Malgorzata Wojtyra (Pol)
3Anita Stenberg (Nor)
4Laura Basso (Ita)
5Alzbeta Pavlendova (Svk)
6Tela Crane (USA)
7Stephanie Pohl (Ger)
8Tatjana Paller (Ger)
9Jarmila Machacova (Cze)
10Lisa Küllmer (Ger)
11Dani King (GBr)
12Romy Kasper (Ger)
13Julie Le (Den)
14Sophie Lankford (GBr)
15Amalie Winther-Olsen (Den)
16Sarah Storey (GBr)
17Verena Eberhardt (Aut)
18Christine Robson (GBr)
19Janine Bubner (Ger)

Women's Omnium Standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Malgorzata Wojtyra (Pol)5pts
2Charlotte Becker (Ger)10
3Alzbeta Pavlendova (Svk)11
4Anita Stenberg (Nor)12
5Stephanie Pohl (Ger)15
6Laura Basso (Ita)21
7Jarmila Machacova (Cze)22
8Lisa Küllmer (Ger)27
9Dani King (GBr)27
10Tela Crane (USA)28
11Romy Kasper (Ger)33
12Sophie Lankford (GBr)35
13Julie Le (Den)36
14Tatjana Paller (Ger)38
15Amalie Winther-Olsen (Den)47
16Sarah Storey (GBr)47
17Verena Eberhardt (Aut)49
18Janine Bubner (Ger)53
19Christine Robson (GBr)54

Madison 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Muntaner (Spa) / Albert Torres (Spa)
2 (-1 lap)Kenny De Ketele (Bel) / Moreno De Pauw (Bel)11pts
3Niki Terpstra (Ned) / Yoeri Havik (Ned)10
4Iljo Keisse (Bel) / Gijs van Hoecke (Bel)6
5Alex Rasmussen (Den) / Marc Hester (Den)5
6Stefan Schäfer (Ger) / Christian Grasman (Ger)5
7Michael Morkov (Den) / Jesper Morkov (Den)2
8Jasper Asselman (Ned) / Wesley Kreder (Ned)2
9Germain Burton (GBr) / Mark Stewart (GBr)1
10Andreas Müller (Aut) / Andreas Graf (Aut)1
11Jacob Duehring (USA) / Daniel Holloway (USA)1
12Chris Latham (GBr) / Ollie Wood (GBr)
13Glenn O'Shea (Aus) / Adam Blythe (GBr)
14Lasse-Norman Hansen (Den) / Pim Ligthart (Ned)
15Morgan Kneisky (Fra) / Lucas Liss (Ger)
16Sebastian Wotschke (Ger) / Achim Burkart (Ger)
17Ivan Kovalev (Rus) / Melvin van Zijl (Ned)
18Chris Lawless (GBr) / Denis Rugovac (Cze)

Derny Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Kenny De Ketele (Bel)
2Lasse-Norman Hansen (Den)
3Iljo Keisse (Bel)
4Yoeri Havik (Ned)
5Albert Torres (Spa)
6Denis Rugovac (Cze)
7Daniel Holloway (USA)
8Adam Blythe (GBr)
9Chris Latham (GBr)

Derny Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Jesper Morkov (Den)
2Mark Stewart (GBr)
3Wesley Kreder (Ned)
4Christian Grasman (Ger)
5Morgan Kneisky (Fra)
6Andreas Müller (Aut)
7Ivan Kovalev (Rus)
8Achim Burkart (Ger)
9Alex Rasmussen (Den)

Madison 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lasse-Norman Hansen (Den) / Pim Ligthart (Ned)4pts
2Germain Burton (GBr) / Mark Stewart (GBr)3
3Niki Terpstra (Ned) / Yoeri Havik (Ned)2
4Alex Rasmussen (Den) / Marc Hester (Den)2
5Iljo Keisse (Bel) / Gijs van Hoecke (Bel)1
6Chris Latham (GBr) / Ollie Wood (GBr)
7 (-1 lap)Jasper Asselman (Ned) / Wesley Kreder (Ned)5pts
8Kenny De Ketele (Bel) / Moreno De Pauw (Bel)
9David Muntaner (Spa) / Albert Torres (Spa)
10Morgan Kneisky (Fra) / Lucas Liss (Ger)
11Sebastian Wotschke (Ger) / Achim Burkart (Ger)
12Michael Morkov (Den) / Jesper Morkov (Den)
13Stefan Schäfer (Ger) / Christian Grasman (Ger)
14 (-2 laps)Andreas Müller (Aut) / Andreas Graf (Aut)
15Ivan Kovalev (Rus) / Melvin van Zijl (Ned)
16Jacob Duehring (USA) / Daniel Holloway (USA)
17 (-3 laps)Chris Lawless (GBr) / Denis Rugovac (Cze)5pts
18Glenn O'Shea (Aus) / Adam Blythe (GBr)

General classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Iljo Keisse (Bel) / Gijs van Hoecke (Bel)108pts
2 (-1 lap)Kenny De Ketele (Bel) / Moreno De Pauw (Bel)130
3Chris Latham (GBr) / Ollie Wood (GBr)118
4Niki Terpstra (Ned) / Yoeri Havik (Ned)86
5Lasse-Norman Hansen (Den) / Pim Ligthart (Ned)66
6David Muntaner (Spa) / Albert Torres (Spa)55
7 (-2 laps)Alex Rasmussen (Den) / Marc Hester (Den)92
8Germain Burton (GBr) / Mark Stewart (GBr)45
9 (-4 laps)Michael Morkov (Den) / Jesper Morkov (Den)66
10Morgan Kneisky (Fra) / Lucas Liss (Ger)56
11 (-5 laps_Stefan Schäfer (Ger) / Christian Grasman (Ger)18
12 (-6 laps)Jasper Asselman (Ned) / Wesley Kreder (Ned)22
13Andreas Müller (Aut) / Andreas Graf (Aut)4
14Sebastian Wotschke (Ger) / Achim Burkart (Ger)
15 (-7 laps)Jacob Duehring (USA) / Daniel Holloway (USA)4pts
16Ivan Kovalev (Rus) / Melvin van Zijl (Ned)
17 (-8 laps)Glenn O'Shea (Aus) / Adam Blythe (GBr)
18 (-14 laps)Chris Lawless (GBr) / Denis Rugovac (Cze)

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