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Corset takes third stage and general classification lead


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar-Hawk Racing)2:31:38
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)0:00:11
3Lisa Jacobs (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:00:44
4Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)0:02:13
5Katrin Garfoot (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:02:34
6Felicity Wardlaw (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)0:02:48
7Allison Rice (Suzuki - Trek)0:03:00
8Amy Bradley (Total Rush)0:03:14
9Madeleine Pape (SKCC Giant)0:03:35
10Lisa Keeling (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:03:50
11Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Women SA)0:04:43
12Zoe Watters (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:05:00
13Sarah Roy (Randwick Botany CC)0:05:07
14Sue Forsyth (Racing Kangaroos)0:05:12
15Nicole Moerig (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:05:41
16Chloe Mcintosh (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)0:06:01
17Emma Viotto (Suzuki-Trek)0:06:09
18Kristy Glover (Holden Cycling)0:06:43
19Davina Summers (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:07:11
20Susan Mcalister (Townsville CC)0:07:19
21Kate Finegan (Building Champions Squad)0:07:35
22Jane Walker (QSM Racing)0:07:53
23Ailie Mcdonald (Suzuki - Trek)0:08:05
24Ashlee Ankudinoff (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:08:16
25Vanessa Mcdonald (Racing Kangaroos
26Kimberley Wells (Specialized Women SA)0:08:43
27Clare Dallat (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)0:12:02
28Trudy Van Der Straaten (Specialized Women SA)0:12:33
29Lauretta Hanson (Building Champions Squad)0:12:36
30Nicola Hogan (Hunter Valley Vets CC)0:12:38
31Alexandria Nicholls (Vikings CC)0:13:26
32Claire Trembath (QSM Racing)0:13:55
33Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki - Trek)0:14:52
34Justyna Lubkowski (SKCC Giant)0:16:19
35Marlena Klaic (SKCC Giant)
36Brittany Lindores (Boss Construction)- nutrixxion)0:16:48
37Megan Bagworth (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:17:02
38Klara Sedlackova (Racing Kangaroos)0:17:36
39Carley Mckay (Holden Cycling)0:17:54
40Carla Franson (Specialized Women SA)0:18:34
41Maddison Vit (QSM Racing)0:23:48

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar-Hawk Racing)22pts
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)16
3Lisa Jacobs (Carnegie Caulfield CC)14
4Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)10
5Felicity Wardlaw (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)9
6Katrin Garfoot (Pensar-Hawk Racing)8
7Allison Rice (Suzuki - Trek)4
8Kimberley Wells (Specialized Women SA)3
9Amy Bradley (Total Rush)3
10Madeleine Pape (SKCC Giant)2
11Davina Summers (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)2
12Lisa Keeling (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)1
13Chloe Mcintosh (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)1

KOM 1 -
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar-Hawk Racing)17pts
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)7
3Lisa Jacobs (Carnegie Caulfield CC)7
4Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Women SA)5
5Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)2
6Katrin Garfoot (Pensar-Hawk Racing)1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar-Hawk Racing7:42:28
2Holden Cycling0:01:33
3Suzuki - Trek0:09:40
4Boss Construction - Nutrixxion0:11:43
5Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore0:13:17
6Specialized Women SA0:18:25
7Racing Kangaroos0:23:30
8SKCC Giant0:28:39
9QSM Racing0:38:02

General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar-Hawk Racing)3:10:33
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)0:00:33
3Lisa Jacobs (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:01:01
4Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)0:02:46
5Felicity Wardlaw (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)0:03:06
6Allison Rice (Suzuki - Trek)0:03:28
7Amy Bradley (Total Rush)0:03:55
8Katrin Garfoot (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:04:02
9Lisa Keeling (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:04:23
10Madeleine Pape (SKCC Giant)0:05:03
11Sarah Roy (Randwick Botany CC)0:05:20
12Zoe Watters (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:05:21
13Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Women SA)0:05:28
14Sue Forsyth (Racing Kangaroos)0:05:42
15Nicole Moerig (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:06:39
16Chloe Mcintosh (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)0:06:49
17Emma Viotto (Suzuki-Trek)0:06:53
18Davina Summers (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:07:29
19Kristy Glover (Holden Cycling)0:07:35
20Kate Finegan (Building Champions Squad)0:08:29
21Susan Mcalister (Townsville CC)0:08:31
22Ashlee Ankudinoff (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:08:33
23Ailie Mcdonald (Suzuki - Trek)0:08:34
24Jane Walker (QSM Racing)0:08:57
25Kimberley Wells (Specialized Women SA)0:09:08
26Vanessa Mcdonald (Racing Kangaroos0:09:11
27Clare Dallat (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)0:12:29
28Trudy Van Der Straaten (Specialized Women SA)0:13:10
29Lauretta Hanson (Building Champions Squad)0:13:23
30Nicola Hogan (Hunter Valley Vets CC)0:13:45
31Alexandria Nicholls (Vikings CC)0:14:09
32Claire Trembath (QSM Racing)0:14:46
33Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki - Trek)0:14:58
34Justyna Lubkowski (SKCC Giant)0:17:14
35Marlena Klaic (SKCC Giant)0:17:22
36Megan Bagworth (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)0:17:31
37Brittany Lindores (Boss Construction)- nutrixxion)0:17:34
38Carley Mckay (Holden Cycling)0:18:49
39Carla Franson (Specialized Women SA)0:19:20
40Maddison Vit (QSM Racing)0:24:54
41Klara Sedlackova (Racing Kangaroos)0:27:01

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar-Hawk Racing)41pts
2Davina Summers (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)22
3Kimberley Wells (Specialized Women SA)19
4Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)16
5Lisa Jacobs (Carnegie Caulfield CC)15
6Kristy Glover (Holden Cycling)11
7Felicity Wardlaw (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)10
8Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)10
9Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki - Trek)10
10Katrin Garfoot (Pensar-Hawk Racing)8
11Lisa Keeling (Boss Construction - nutrixxion)4
12Allison Rice (Suzuki - Trek)4
13Sue Forsyth (Racing Kangaroos)4
14Kate Finegan (Building Champions Squad)4
15Amy Bradley (Total Rush)3
16Madeleine Pape (SKCC Giant)2
17Vanessa Mcdonald (Racing Kangaroos2
18Trudy Van Der Straaten (Specialized Women SA)2
19Chloe Mcintosh (Team Torq - Bicycle Superstore)1

KOM classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar-Hawk Racing)17pts
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)7
3Lisa Jacobs (Carnegie Caulfield CC)7
4Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Women SA)5
5Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)2
6Katrin Garfoot (Pensar-Hawk Racing)1

Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar-Hawk Racing9:40:48
2Holden Cycling0:01:51
4Boss Construction/Nutrixxion0:11:22
5Team Torq/Bicycle Superstore0:13:15
6Specialized Women SA0:18:41
7SKCC Giant0:30:30
8Racing Kangaroos0:32:45
9QSM Racing

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