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Redlands: Stage win and lead for Tom Zirbel

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Team Jamis / Hagens Berman presented by Sutter Home sets up with a lake view.

Team Jamis / Hagens Berman presented by Sutter Home sets up with a lake view. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Chris Riekert (Team Mike’s Bikes p/b Equator Coffees)

Chris Riekert (Team Mike’s Bikes p/b Equator Coffees) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Luis-Lemus Davilla (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)

Luis-Lemus Davilla (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Joe Schmalz (Hincapie Sportswear Development Team)

Joe Schmalz (Hincapie Sportswear Development Team) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Dave Santos (KHS Maxxis p/b Jakroo)

Dave Santos (KHS Maxxis p/b Jakroo) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Gavin Mannion (5 HR Energy p/b Kenda)

Gavin Mannion (5 HR Energy p/b Kenda) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Tom Zirbel (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies) with another win in Big Bear.

Tom Zirbel (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies) with another win in Big Bear. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Kirk Carlson (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)

Kirk Carlson (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Ben Jaques Maynes (Team Jamis / Hagens Berman presented by Sutter Home)

Ben Jaques Maynes (Team Jamis / Hagens Berman presented by Sutter Home) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Travis McCabe (Smart Stop)

Travis McCabe (Smart Stop) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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A scenic ride.

A scenic ride. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Samuel Grove (Incycle-Predator Components) puts in a great effort to finish third.

Samuel Grove (Incycle-Predator Components) puts in a great effort to finish third. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Women Podium Stage Two Big Bear Time Trial.

Women Podium Stage Two Big Bear Time Trial. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Katie Hall (United Healthcare) warms up before her start.

Katie Hall (United Healthcare) warms up before her start. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Start of the small climb.

Start of the small climb. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Amber Pierce (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies)

Amber Pierce (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Athena Countouriotis (Sisterhood of Cycling)

Athena Countouriotis (Sisterhood of Cycling) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Amy Charity (Vanderkitten)

Amy Charity (Vanderkitten) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies)

Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Taylor Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon)

Taylor Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Olivia Dillon (Pinnacle Reactor)

Olivia Dillon (Pinnacle Reactor) (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Alison Powers (United Healthcare) on her way to yellow.

Alison Powers (United Healthcare) on her way to yellow. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)
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Men Podium Stage Two Big Bear Time Trial.

Men Podium Stage Two Big Bear Time Trial. (Image credit: Snowy Mountain Photography)

Defending Redlands Bicycle Classic women's champion Alison Powers (UnitedHealthcare) reacquainted herself with the race's yellow jersey Thursday after winning the Big Bear time trial by more than 30 seconds and grabbing the overall lead. Tom Zirbel climbed a step higher on the podium in Big Bear this year, taking the time trial win after narrowly losing out in 2013. Zirbel also now leads the men's race by one second over his Optum Pro Cycling teammate Will Routley.

Big Bear Lake, which sits at about 2,100 meters of altitude, dropped a little surprise on the 12.5 km time trial that took place along the namesake lake's north shore. Temperatures dropped to well below freezing overnight, and although blue skies prevailed and temperatures hit 50 Fahrenheit by the end of the race, snow still lingered along parts of the out-and-back course.

The chilly conditions appeared to have minimal affect on the performances, however, as some times were down and others were up from the previous year when organizers first introduced the Big Bear course. Powers covered the route 13 seconds slower than her winning time last year, while Zirbel was four seconds faster than his 2013 runner-up time. His former teammate, Chad Haga, won the stage last year in 14:53.

A long stay in the hot seat

A chilly day on the mountain may have been the perfect time to take an extended stay in the race's hot seat, and such was the case for Incycle-Predator Components rider Sam Snipe-Grove, who finished stage 1 in 164th place and started the time trial very early on a day of more than 200 riders.

Snipe-Grove's mark of 15:11 held for nearly an hour before Jelly Belly-Maxxis rider Serghei Tvetcov knocked him out of the lead with a new fastest mark of 15:02. The two-time Moldovan national time trial champion's mark looked solid until reigning US pro time trial champion Zirbel flew over the course in 14:56.

Zirbel had to wait for another 45 riders to finish before he was able to celebrate, but nobody was able to come close enough to make the big man sweat, and the times of both Snipe-Grove and Tvetcov held up for second and third as well. Jamis-Hagens Berman's Eloy Teruel rode his way to fourth place at 15:12, and Team SmartStop's Rob Britton grabbed fifth with a time of 15:15.

Although podium rides for the stage had already been made, the general classification continued to play out among the final riders on course. Routley fared best in the overall battle, moving up a spot into second after finishing sixth in the time trial, 19 seconds off his teammate's winning pace. SmartStop's Travis McCabe moved into third overall after finishing seventh on the stage. Teruel's effort moved him into fourth overall, while stage 1 winner Dion Smith (Hincape Sportswear) finished 15th in the time trial and dropped to fifth overall, eight seconds off Zirbel's time

The women began heading out of the start house at 11:30 a.m., just as the sun was starting to take a bite out of the morning cold. Cloud racing's Rebecca Balboni set an early time of 17:45 that held for more than 60 riders before Optum's Brianna Walle grabbed the hot seat with a time of 17:38.

From there the lead started turning over regularly, first to Rushlee Buchanan (UnitedHealthcare) at 17:32, then to Janel Holcomb (Optum) at 17:30. The 17:26 mark of Team Tibco's Amanda Miller held through much of the top 20, until Powers set the winning time with just four riders remaining out on the road.

Taylor Wiles was the first rider to finish after Powers, coming in at 17:04, good enough for third on the day but 24 seconds slower than her runner-up time from the year before. Kirchmann came in next and was the only rider other than Powers to crack 17 minutes, clocking in at 16:58 for second. Stage 1 runner-up Karol Ann Canuel (Specialized-lululemon) was 1:24 off the winning pace for 19th. Race leader Lauren Stephens' 17:15 was good enough for fourth on the day, but not quite good enough to hang onto yellow.

Powers now leads the overall by 34 seconds over Kirchmann and 41 seconds over Wiles. Stephens slipped to fourth overall, 42 seconds down, while Powers' teammate, Mara Abbott, is fifth, 1:07 behind.

The race continues Friday with the Beaumont Road Race on a 38.8 km circuit that cuts through several residential neighborhoods. A short climb through a county park on the northwest edge of the route provides an opportunity for the breakaway-minded to launch attacks, but the fast run back to the start/finish usually makes it tough to stay away. Luis Amaran took the win in Beaumont last year in a dominant show by Jamis-Hagens Berman, which put three riders in the top five. Powers took her second consecutive stage win last year in Beaumont from a bunch sprint.

The men will race five laps for 194km. The women race three laps for 113km.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Zirbel (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:14:56
2Serghei Tvetcov (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:00:06
3Samuel Snipe- Grove (Incycle-Predator Components)0:00:15
4Eloy Teruel (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:16
5Rob Britton (Smart Stop)0:00:19
6William Routley (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:00:20
7Travis McCabe (Smart Stop)0:00:20
8Justin Rossi (Marc Pro-Strava)0:00:22
9Joseph Rosskopf (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:23
10Daniel Eaton (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:00:26
11Jim Peterman (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:00:27
12Ben Jaques Maynes (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:27
13Ryan Roth (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:00:29
14Zach Bell (Smart Stop)0:00:30
15Dion Smith (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:33
16Ty Magner (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:34
17Kirk Carlson (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:00:34
18Michael Friedman (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:00:35
19Andres Diaz (Incycle-Predator Components)0:00:36
20James Oram (Bissell Development Team)0:00:38
21Joe Lewis (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:39
22Michael Torkler (Smart Stop)0:00:39
23Mac Cassin (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:00:40
24Andrew Baker (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:40
25Colin Daw (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:00:41
26David Williams (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:00:41
27Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)0:00:41
28Clement Chevrier (Bissell Development Team)0:00:42
29Timothy Rugg (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:00:43
30Gregory Brenes (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:43
31Remi Pelletier-Roy (Garneay Quebecor)0:00:44
32Julian Kyer (Smart Stop)0:00:45
33Joshua Berry (Smart Stop)0:00:46
34Bobby Sweeting (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:00:47
35Tao Hart (Bissell Development Team)0:00:48
36Joe Schmalz (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:49
37Adam Farabaugh (Garneay Quebecor)0:00:51
38Roman Kilun (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:00:52
39Colb Wait Molyneux (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:00:53
40Flavio De Luna (Smart Stop)0:00:54
41Matt Cooke (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:55
42Bjorn Selander (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:00:55
43Max Korus (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:56
44Garrett McLeod (Team H&R Block)0:00:57
45Toms Skujins (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:58
46Kennett Peterson (Landis/Trek)0:00:58
47Chad Beyer (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:00:58
48Andrew Hemesath (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:00:59
49Adrien Costa (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:00:59
50Stefano Barberi (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:00
51Luis Amaran (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:01:00
52Alexander Ray (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:01:01
53Eric Marcotte (Smart Stop)0:01:02
54Oscar Clark (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:01:02
55Michael Dziedzic (Landis/Trek)0:01:02
56Ian Moore (BMW Development Team)0:01:02
57Daniel Jaramillo (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:01:03
58Sebastian Trillini (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:01:03
59Michael Olheiser (Incycle-Predator Components)0:01:03
60Chris Putt (Bissell Development Team)0:01:04
61Adam Koble (Elbowz Racing)0:01:05
62Fabrizi Von Nacher (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:01:07
63Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:08
64Fabio Calabria (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:01:09
65David Santo (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:01:09
66Tobin Ortenbald (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:09
67Max Jenkins (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:10
68Nicolai Brochner (Bissell Development Team)0:01:10
69Morgan Schmitt (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:10
70Freddie Rodriguez (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:10
71Jimmy Schurman (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:11
72Bobby Lea ( Shelly)0:01:11
73Keegan Swirbul (Bissell Development Team)0:01:11
74Stefan Rothe (Elbowz Racing)0:01:11
75Chris Winn (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:01:11
76Rene Corella (BMW Development Team)0:01:12
77Steven Perezluha (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:12
78Josh Yeaton (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:01:12
79Bryan Duke (BMW Development Team)0:01:13
80Coulton Hartrich (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:13
81Brecht Dhaene (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:14
82Luis-Lemus Davila (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:14
83Jake Rytlewski (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:15
84Gabriel Baca (Elbowz Racing)0:01:15
85Nicholas Hamilton (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:17
86Torey Philipp (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:17
87Cory Greenberg ( Shelly)0:01:20
88Ryan Anderson (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:01:20
89Chris Riekert (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:01:20
90Christo Prendergast (Team H&R Block)0:01:22
91William Buick (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:22
92Justin Stanley (Elbowz Racing)0:01:25
93Carter Jones (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:01:26
94Steven Fisher (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:27
95Gabriel Varela (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:27
96Robbie Squire (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:01:27
97Eder Frayre (Incycle-Predator Components)0:01:28
98Ryan Miller (BMW Development Team)0:01:28
99Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:29
100Sergio Hernandez (Incycle-Predator Components)0:01:29
101Jacob Arnold (Incycle-Predator Components)0:01:30
102Riley Fagan (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:30
103Travis Samuel (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:01:30
104Colin Strickland (Elbowz Racing)0:01:30
105Bailey McKnight (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:01:31
106Cortlan Brown (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:31
107Bruno Langlois (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:01:31
108Alex Candelario (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:01:32
109Erik Slack (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:33
110Sam Bassetti (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:01:33
111Logan Phippen (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:34
112Andrew Dahlheim (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:01:38
113Keith Wong (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:01:38
114Nick Bax (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:39
115Ch Harland-Dunaway (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:39
116Daniel Holloway (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:01:39
117Kyle Buckosky (Team H&R Block)0:01:40
118Gavin Mannion (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:01:40
119Daniel Parkman (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:01:40
120Jake Keough (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:01:44
121Jonathan Teeter (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:45
122Joshua Carling (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:46
123Jordan Cullen (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:01:47
124Lewis Elliot (Landis/Trek)0:01:47
125Matt Chatlaong (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:50
126Taylor Warren (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:51
127Brian McCulloch (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:01:51
128Soladay Tom (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:01:51
129Colin Berry (BMW Development Team)0:01:52
130Brett Peters (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:53
131Camilo Zambrano (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:53
132Adam De Vos (Team H&R Block)0:01:54
133Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:55
134Steven Davis (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:01:55
135Jared Kessler (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:56
136Bryan Larsen (BMW Development Team)0:01:56
137Drew Miller (Landis/Trek)0:01:57
138Zeke Mostov (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:01:57
139Juan Jose Haedo (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:01:57
140Kit Recca (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:01:58
141Luke Ockerby (Garneay Quebecor)0:01:59
142Jake Duehring (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:02:00
143Stephen Bassett (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:02:02
144Colton Barrett (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:03
145Jeffery Perrin (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:02:03
146Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:02:04
147Devin Clark (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:04
148Ansel Dickey (California Giant/Specialized)0:02:04
149Menso de Jong (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:02:04
150Craig Fellers (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:02:05
151Mitchell Peterson (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:02:07
152Tyler Brandt (BMW Development Team)0:02:08
153Chad Hartley (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:08
154Emerson Oronte (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:02:08
155Tim Aiken (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:09
156David Kessler (California Giant/Specialized)0:02:09
157Evan Stade ( Shelly)0:02:10
158Ty Tuttle (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:02:11
159Efren Ortega (Incycle-Predator Components)0:02:12
160Jacob White (Elbowz Racing)0:02:12
161Cole House (Landis/Trek)0:02:13
162Eddy Kwon (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:13
163Ryan Schneider ( Shelly)0:02:17
164Bryce Young (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:02:18
165Lucas Binder ( Shelly)0:02:19
166Jake Sitler (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:19
167Thomas Jondall (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:02:20
168Jacob Kauffmann (Garneay Quebecor)0:02:21
169Ryan MacDonald (Team H&R Block)0:02:21
170Anthony Canevari (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:24
171Jackson Long (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:02:27
172Robert Gutgesell (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:02:30
173Matt Green (Astellas Cycling Team)0:02:32
174Benjamin Chaddock (Garneay Quebecor)0:02:33
175Derek Wilkerson (Elbowz Racing)0:02:34
176Aidan Caves (Team H&R Block)0:02:35
177Yuri Hrycaj (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:02:35
178Mathew Merrington ( Shelly)0:02:38
179Tyler Coplea (Landis/Trek)0:02:39
180Arthur Rand (Marc Pro-Strava)0:02:39
181Simon-Pier Gauthier (Garneay Quebecor)0:02:39
182Cory Williams (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:02:42
183Benny Swedberg (California Giant/Specialized)0:02:42
184Michael Jasinski (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:44
185Eric Johnstone (Team H&R Block)0:02:46
186Michael Lalla (Elbowz Racing)0:02:49
187Blake Anton (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:02:53
188Kevin Massicotte (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:02:54
189David Benkoski (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:02:56
190Owen Gillott (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:02:58
191Mario Frayre ( Shelly)
OTLTim Carolan (Landis/Trek)0:03:14
OTLTyler Locke ( Shelly)0:03:26
OTLAgustin Font (Incycle-Predator Components)0:03:29
OTLPierrick Naud (Garneay Quebecor)0:03:35
OTLLucas Wardein (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:03:40
OTLGerardo Medina (BMW Development Team)0:03:54
OTLJared Gilyard (Landis/Trek)0:04:58
OTLJordan Cheyne (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:05:56
DNSJames Stemper (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)
DNSBrendan Rhim (California Giant/Specialized)

Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Zirbel (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)5pts
2Serghei Tvetcov (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)3
3Samuel Snipe- Grove (Incycle-Predator Components)2
4Eloy Teruel (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Optum p/b Kelly Benefits0:45:43
2Smart Stop0:00:14
3Team Jamis Hagens Berman0:00:31
4Hincapie Sportswear Devel0:00:35
5Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:53
6Incycle-Predator Componen0:00:58
7Bissell Development Team0:01:12
85 HR Energy/pb Kenda0:01:31
9Team Rio Grande Cycling0:01:52
10California Giant/Speciali0:01:55
11Astellas Cycling Team " "
12Team Mike's Bike p/b Equa0:01:58
13Hagens Berman U23 Cycling0:01:59
15Horizon Organic/Einstein " "
16Canyon Bicycles-Shimano0:02:08
17Marc Pro-Strava0:02:16
18BMW Development Team0:02:32
19Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bic0:02:35
20Elbowz Racing0:02:36
21Garneau Quebecor0:02:39
22Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coa0:02:41
24Team H&R Block0:03:04 Sh0:03:45
26Athlete Octane Cycling0:04:01

General classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Zirbel (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)2:28:54
2William Routley (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:00:01
3Travis McCabe (Smart Stop)0:00:05
4Eloy Teruel (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:07
5Dion Smith (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:08
6Rob Britton (Smart Stop)0:00:10
7Serghei Tvetcov (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:00:11
8Joseph Rosskopf (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:14
9James Oram (Bissell Development Team)0:00:17
10Daniel Eaton (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)
11Ben Jaques Maynes (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:18
12Kirk Carlson (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:00:19
13Ryan Roth (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:00:20
14Ty Magner (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:25
15Justin Rossi (Marc Pro-Strava)0:00:27
16Gregory Brenes (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:28
17Joe Lewis (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:00:30
18Jim Peterman (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:00:31
19Clement Chevrier (Bissell Development Team)0:00:33
20Timothy Rugg (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:00:34
21Andres Diaz (Incycle-Predator Components)0:00:35
22Julian Kyer (Smart Stop)0:00:36
23Joshua Berry (Smart Stop)0:00:37
24Tao Hart (Bissell Development Team)0:00:38
25Michael Torkler (Smart Stop)0:00:39
26Michael Friedman (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:00:40
27Mac Cassin (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:00:45
28Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)0:00:46
29Daniel Jaramillo (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:47
30Garrett McLeod (Team H&R Block)0:00:48
31Chad Beyer (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:00:49
32Remi Pelletier-Roy (Garneay Quebecor)
33Andrew Hemesath (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:00:50
34Luis Amaran (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:00:51
35Fabrizi Von Nacher (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:00:52
36Bobby Sweeting (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)
37Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:00:53
38Joe Schmalz (Hincapie Sportswear Development)
39Zach Bell (Smart Stop)0:00:55
40Nicolai Brochner (Bissell Development Team)
41Adam Farabaugh (Garneay Quebecor)0:00:56
42Roman Kilun (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:00:57
43Colb Wait Molyneux (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)
44Kennett Peterson (Landis/Trek)0:00:58
45Brecht Dhaene (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:59
46Flavio De Luna (Smart Stop)
47Matt Cooke (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:01:00
48Bjorn Selander (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)
49David Santo (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)
50Morgan Schmitt (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:01
51Max Korus (Astellas Cycling Team)
52Bobby Lea ( Shelly)0:01:02
53Colin Daw (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:01:03
54Toms Skujins (Hincapie Sportswear Development)
55Josh Yeaton (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)
56Adrien Costa (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:01:04
57Chris Putt (Bissell Development Team)
58Stefano Barberi (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:05
59David Williams (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:01:06
60Oscar Clark (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:01:07
61Max Jenkins (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:08
62Michael Olheiser (Incycle-Predator Components)
63Fabio Calabria (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)
64Chris Winn (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:01:11
65Luis-Lemus Davila (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:01:14
66Sergio Hernandez (Incycle-Predator Components)
67Andrew Baker (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:16
68Coulton Hartrich (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)
69Rene Corella (BMW Development Team)0:01:17
70Torey Philipp (California Giant/Specialized)
71Bryan Duke (BMW Development Team)0:01:18
72Jake Rytlewski (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:20
73Alexander Ray (Hincapie Sportswear Development)0:01:23
74Sebastian Trillini (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:01:25
75Chris Riekert (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)
76Christo Prendergast (Team H&R Block)0:01:27
77Eder Frayre (Incycle-Predator Components)0:01:28
78Adam Koble (Elbowz Racing)0:01:30
79Travis Samuel (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)
80Cortlan Brown (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:31
81Gabriel Varela (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:32
82Jacob Arnold (Incycle-Predator Components)0:01:35
83Colin Strickland (Elbowz Racing)
84Stefan Rothe (Elbowz Racing)0:01:36
85Andrew Dahlheim (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:01:37
86Erik Slack (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:01:38
87Gavin Mannion (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:01:40
88William Buick (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:01:42
89Robbie Squire (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:01:46
90Brian McCulloch (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:01:56
91Bruno Langlois (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)
92Eric Marcotte (Smart Stop)0:01:57
93Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)0:02:00
94Gabriel Baca (Elbowz Racing)
95Stephen Bassett (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:02:02
96Keith Wong (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:02:03
97Kit Recca (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)
98Nick Bax (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:02:04
99Ch Harland-Dunaway (Marc Pro-Strava)
100Luke Ockerby (Garneay Quebecor)
101Kyle Buckosky (Team H&R Block)0:02:05
102Ryan Anderson (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:02:07
103Steven Fisher (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)
104Cory Greenberg ( Shelly)0:02:09
105Tim Aiken (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:13
106Tobin Ortenbald (California Giant/Specialized)0:02:15
107Taylor Warren (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:02:16
108Steven Perezluha (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:18
109Daniel Holloway (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:19
110Adam De Vos (Team H&R Block)
111Zeke Mostov (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:02:22
112Nicholas Hamilton (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)
113Jacob Kauffmann (Garneay Quebecor)0:02:26
114Jeffery Perrin (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:02:28
115Ansel Dickey (California Giant/Specialized)0:02:29
116Craig Fellers (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)
117Steven Davis (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:02:31
118Mitchell Peterson (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:02:32
119Tyler Brandt (BMW Development Team)0:02:33
120Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:02:35
121Efren Ortega (Incycle-Predator Components)0:02:36
122Matt Green (Astellas Cycling Team)0:02:37
123Alex Candelario (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:02:38
124Sam Bassetti (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:02:39
125Freddie Rodriguez (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)0:02:40
126Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:02:43
127Lewis Elliot (Landis/Trek)0:02:44
128Daniel Parkman (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:02:46
129Camilo Zambrano (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:02:50
130Ty Tuttle (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:02:51
131Jonathan Teeter (Marc Pro-Strava)
132Joshua Carling (Marc Pro-Strava)0:02:52
133Drew Miller (Landis/Trek)0:02:54
134Benjamin Chaddock (Garneay Quebecor)0:02:55
135Cole House (Landis/Trek)0:03:00
136David Kessler (California Giant/Specialized)0:03:01
137Arthur Rand (Marc Pro-Strava)0:03:04
138Simon-Pier Gauthier (Garneay Quebecor)
139Colton Barrett (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:03:09
140Eddy Kwon (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:03:10
141Yuri Hrycaj (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:03:15
142Lucas Binder ( Shelly)0:03:16
143Justin Stanley (Elbowz Racing)0:03:18
144Devin Clark (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:03:23
145Tyler Coplea (Landis/Trek)0:03:25
146Ryan MacDonald (Team H&R Block)0:03:27
147Anthony Canevari (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:03:30
148Jackson Long (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:03:33
149Robert Gutgesell (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:03:34
150Logan Phippen (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:03:35
151Thomas Jondall (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:03:42
152Mathew Merrington ( Shelly)
153Blake Anton (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:03:50
154Samuel Snipe- Grove (Incycle-Predator Components)0:03:52
155Juan Jose Haedo (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)0:03:58
156Kevin Massicotte (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:04:00
157Chad Hartley (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:04:09
158Jake Sitler (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:04:20
159Soladay Tom (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:04:43
160Jared Gilyard (Landis/Trek)0:05:37
161Jordan Cheyne (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:06:01
162Jake Keough (5 HR Energy/pb Kenda)0:06:06
163Menso de Jong (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:06:16
164Bailey McKnight (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)0:06:27
165Jared Kessler (Marc Pro-Strava)0:06:31
166Benny Swedberg (California Giant/Specialized)0:06:54
167Riley Fagan (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:07:39
168Jake Duehring (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:08:12
169Bryce Young (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)0:08:36
170David Benkoski (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)0:09:08
171Derek Wilkerson (Elbowz Racing)0:09:21
172Carter Jones (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)0:09:32
173Bryan Larsen (BMW Development Team)0:09:33
174Michael Dziedzic (Landis/Trek)0:09:42
175Matt Chatlaong (Marc Pro-Strava)0:09:56
176Brett Peters (Team Rio Grande Cycling)0:10:33
177Aidan Caves (Team H&R Block)0:10:41
178Eric Johnstone (Team H&R Block)0:10:51
179Michael Lalla (Elbowz Racing)0:10:55
180Mario Frayre ( Shelly)0:11:04
181Owen Gillott (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:11:38
182Ian Moore (BMW Development Team)0:11:56
183Emerson Oronte (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros.)0:12:10
184Ryan Miller (BMW Development Team)0:12:22
185Jordan Cullen (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)0:12:41
186Cory Williams (KHS-Maxxis-Jackroo)0:12:44
187Colin Berry (BMW Development Team)0:12:45
188Michael Jasinski (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:12:46
189Jimmy Schurman (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:13:05
190Keegan Swirbul (Bissell Development Team)
191Ryan Schneider ( Shelly)0:14:11
192Evan Stade ( Shelly)0:15:17
193Jacob White (Elbowz Racing)0:18:39

Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Zirbel (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)5pts
2Serghei Tvetcov (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)3
3Samuel Snipe- Grove (Incycle-Predator Components)2
4Eloy Teruel (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)1

Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bailey McKnight (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycles)11pts
2Colin Daw (Team Mike's Bike p/b Equator)10
3Coulton Hartrich (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)10
4Jake Sitler (Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coaching)9
5Dion Smith (Hincapie Sportswear Development)7
6Eric Marcotte (Smart Stop)7
7James Oram (Bissell Development Team)5
8Flavio De Luna (Smart Stop)5
9William Routley (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)4
10Gabriel Varela (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)4
11Sergio Hernandez (Incycle-Predator Components)3
12Robbie Squire (Team Jamis Hagens Berman)3
13Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)2
14Adrien Costa (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)2
15Zeke Mostov (Hagens Berman U23 Cycling Team)2

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Smart Stop7:27:18
2Optum p/b Kelly Benefits0:00:09
3Team Jamis Hagens Berman0:00:11
4Hincapie Sportswear Devel0:00:21
5Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:42
6Bissell Development Team0:00:52
7Incycle-Predator Componen0:01:02
85 HR Energy/pb Kenda0:01:46
10Astellas Cycling Team0:02:04
11Canyon Bicycles-Shimano0:02:14
12Horizon Organic/Einstein " "
13California Giant/Speciali0:02:24
14Team Rio Grande Cycling0:02:27
15Hagens Berman U23 Cycling0:02:28
16Team Mike's Bike p/b Equa0:02:52
17Marc Pro-Strava0:03:03
18BMW Development Team0:03:06
19Garneau Quebecor0:03:13
20Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bic0:03:25
21Team H&R Block0:03:44
22Elbowz Racing0:03:50
23Sea Sucker/Guttenplan Coa0:04:07
25Athlete Octane Cycling0:05:05 Sh0:05:42

Women Stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Powers (United Healthcare)0:16:23
2Leah Kirchmann (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:00:35
3Tayler Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon)0:00:42
4Lauren Stephens (Team Tibco)0:00:53
5Amanda Miller (Team Tibco)0:01:04
6Mara Abbott (United Healthcare)0:01:05
7Kristin McGrath (Twenty 16)0:01:09
8Janel Holcomb (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:01:09
9Rushlee Buchanan (United Healthcare)0:01:10
10Jasmin Glasser (Team Tibco)0:01:13
11Jessica Cutler (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:01:14
12Alison Tetrick (Twenty 16)0:01:15
13Brianna Walle (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:01:16
14Olivia Dillon (Pinnacle Reator)0:01:16
15Joanne Kiesanowski (Team Tibco)0:01:22
16Rebecca Balboni (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:01:23
17Amy Thornquist (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:01:23
18Scotti Wilborne (Team Tibco)0:01:24
19Karol Ann Canuel (Specialized-Lululemon)0:01:24
20Abby Mickey (Twenty 16)0:01:27
21Amber Gaffney (Twenty 16)0:01:28
22Alizee Brien (Team Tibco)0:01:28
23Anne Perry (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:01:29
24Jessica Cerra (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:01:30
25Amber Neben (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:01:31
26Katie Hall (United Healthcare)0:01:32
27Andrea Dvorack (Team Tibco)0:01:33
28Jade Wilcoxson (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)
29Sharon Laws (United Healthcare)0:01:33
30Joanna Dahl (Metromint Cycling)0:01:34
31Allie Dragoo (Twenty 16)0:01:34
32Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:01:35
33Anna Sanders (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:01:38
34Lauren Tamayo (United Healthcare)0:01:39
35Amber Pierce (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:01:40
36Katlin Antonneau (Twenty 16)0:01:41
37Sara Headley (Team Tibco)0:01:41
38Loren Rowney (Specialized-Lululemon)0:01:42
39Ally Stacher (Specialized-Lululemon)0:01:43
40Kathryn Bertine (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:01:50
41Hannah Barnes (United Healthcare)0:01:50
42Cari Higgins (United Healthcare)0:01:52
43Lina Martensson (Metromint Cycling)0:01:54
44Flavia Oliveira (Monster Media)0:01:55
45Sarah Barber (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:01:56
46Jane Despas (Pinnacle Reator)0:01:56
47Breanne Nalder (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:01:56
48Athe Countouriotis (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:01:57
49Miranda Griffiths (Vanderkitten)0:01:59
50Robin Farina (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:02
51Mary Maroon (Twenty 16)0:02:05
52Eileen Mazzochette (Metromint Cycling)0:02:05
53Amy Charity (Vanderkitten)0:02:06
54Justine Clift (Metromint Cycling)0:02:10
55Lauren DeCrescenzo (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:02:11
56Teresa Casas Bouill (Jet Cycling)0:02:14
57Irena Ossola (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:02:14
58Tina Hughes (Pinnacle Reator)0:02:14
59Mandy Heintz (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:02:14
60Joy McCullough (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:15
61I Drexel Clauthier (Jet Cycling)0:02:15
62Erika Varela (Jet Cycling)0:02:16
63Tina Pic (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:02:18
64Laura Jorgensen (Pinnacle Reator)0:02:18
65Anna G Christensen (Pinnacle Reator)0:02:18
66Joelle Numainville (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:02:26
67Kemill Garvin-King (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:02:26
68Tracy Tilton (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:02:29
69Jennifer App (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:02:30
70Fiona Strouts (Vanderkitten)0:02:31
71Amanda Seigle (Metromint Cycling)0:02:32
72Jennifer Whalen (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:02:32
73Melanie Wong (Pinnacle Reator)0:02:33
74Hannah Swan (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:02:35
75Meg Hendricks (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:02:41
76Julie Bellerose (Metromint Cycling)0:02:43
77Alexis Zink (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:02:45
78Erica Zaveta (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:02:45
79Korina Huizar (Vanderkitten)0:02:48
80Maria Santiago (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:02:49
81Genevieve Krahn (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:02:49
82Liza Rachetto (Vanderkitten)0:02:54
83Heather Fischer (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:02:54
84Kinley Gibson (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:02:55
85Mia Loquai (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:02:58
86Joanie Celso (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:02:58
87Nicole Mitchell (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:02:59
88Amy Benner (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:03:01
89Leah Gubien (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:03:05
90Sarah Coney (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:03:05
91Caitlin LaRoche (Monster Media)0:03:08
92Emily Matheu (Pinnacle Reator)0:03:11
93Shoshawna Laxson (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:03:11
94Allison Atkinson (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:03:17
95Annie Toth (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:03:17
96Kimberly Johnson (Metromint Cycling)0:03:22
97Anne Donley (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:03:22
98Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten)0:03:26
99Brenda Villarreal (Jet Cycling)0:03:29
100Amity Elliot (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:03:30
101Sarah Lough (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:03:36
102Rachel Byus (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:03:36
103Ash Duban (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:03:36
104Lenore Pipes (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:03:37
105Emily Georgenson (Monster Media)0:03:37
106Tessa Pinckston (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:03:41
107Starla Teddergreen (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:03:48
108Karla Lopez (Jet Cycling)0:04:03
109Alexa Perez (Jet Cycling)0:04:04
110Shelby Reynolds (Monster Media)0:04:14
111Andrea Villarreal (Jet Cycling)0:04:21
112Priscilla Calderon (Monster Media)0:04:44
113Ivie Crawford (Jet Cycling)0:05:45
DNSJeannie Kuhajek (Vanderkitten)
DNSAmy Cutler (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)
DNSSamantha Heinrich (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)

Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Powers (United Healthcare)5pts
2Leah Kirchmann (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)3
3Tayler Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon)2
4Lauren Stephens (Team Tibco)1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1United Healthcare0:51:21
2Optum p/b Kelly Benefits0:00:47
3Team Tibco0:00:55
6FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restor0:02:08
7DNA Cycling p/b K40:02:33
8Cloud Racing p/b Ride0:03:12
9Pinnacle-Reactor p/b JL V " "
10Metromint Cycling0:03:18
11SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI0:04:17
13Jet Cycling0:04:30
14Sisterhood of Cycling0:05:07
15Guru Cycles p/b Haute Whe0:05:58
16Monster Media0:06:26
17Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic0:06:51

Women General classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Powers (United Healthcare)1:59:26
2Leah Kirchmann (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:00:34
3Tayler Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon)0:00:41
4Lauren Stephens (Team Tibco)0:00:42
5Mara Abbott (United Healthcare)0:01:07
6Karol Ann Canuel (Specialized-Lululemon)0:01:18
7Kristin McGrath (Twenty 16)0:01:22
8Amanda Miller (Team Tibco)
9Scotti Wilborne (Team Tibco)0:01:26
10Jasmin Glasser (Team Tibco)0:01:31
11Jessica Cutler (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:01:32
12Jessica Cerra (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)
13Janel Holcomb (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:01:33
14Alison Tetrick (Twenty 16)
15Amber Neben (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)
16Olivia Dillon (Pinnacle Reator)0:01:34
17Andrea Dvorack (Team Tibco)0:01:35
18Sharon Laws (United Healthcare)
19Joanne Kiesanowski (Team Tibco)0:01:40
20Amber Gaffney (Twenty 16)0:01:41
21Rushlee Buchanan (United Healthcare)0:01:42
22Abby Mickey (Twenty 16)0:01:45
23Amy Thornquist (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:01:46
24Anne Perry (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:01:47
25Katie Hall (United Healthcare)0:01:50
26Flavia Oliveira (Monster Media)0:01:57
27Katlin Antonneau (Twenty 16)0:01:59
28Anna Sanders (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:02:01
29Hannah Barnes (United Healthcare)0:02:03
30Brianna Walle (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:02:05
31Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:02:07
32Athe Countouriotis (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:02:10
33Miranda Griffiths (Vanderkitten)0:02:12
34Sara Headley (Team Tibco)0:02:13
35Loren Rowney (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:14
36Ally Stacher (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:15
37Amy Charity (Vanderkitten)0:02:19
38Jade Wilcoxson (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:02:22
39Joanna Dahl (Metromint Cycling)0:02:23
40Erika Varela (Jet Cycling)0:02:29
41Robin Farina (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:34
42Laura Jorgensen (Pinnacle Reator)0:02:36
43Mandy Heintz (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:02:45
44I Drexel Clauthier (Jet Cycling)0:02:47
45Tracy Tilton (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:03:02
46Tina Pic (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:03:04
47Anna G Christensen (Pinnacle Reator)0:03:13
48Joanie Celso (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:03:41
49Amber Pierce (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:03:44
50Alizee Brien (Team Tibco)0:04:05
51Leah Gubien (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:04:10
52Teresa Casas Bouill (Jet Cycling)0:04:15
53Jane Despas (Pinnacle Reator)0:04:26
54Lauren Tamayo (United Healthcare)0:04:31
55Joy McCullough (Specialized-Lululemon)0:04:57
56Breanne Nalder (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:04:59
57Heather Fischer (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:05:09
58Genevieve Krahn (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:05:19
59Shoshawna Laxson (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:05:21
60Irena Ossola (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:05:45
61Caitlin LaRoche (Monster Media)0:05:46
62Cari Higgins (United Healthcare)0:06:57
63Fiona Strouts (Vanderkitten)0:07:47
64Melanie Wong (Pinnacle Reator)0:07:49
65Alexis Zink (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:08:01
66Liza Rachetto (Vanderkitten)0:08:10
67Amy Benner (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:08:17
68Meg Hendricks (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:08:25
69Emily Matheu (Pinnacle Reator)0:08:27
70Kimberly Johnson (Metromint Cycling)0:08:38
71Lenore Pipes (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:08:49
72Allie Dragoo (Twenty 16)0:08:57
73Sarah Lough (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)
74Kathryn Bertine (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:09:12
75Mary Maroon (Twenty 16)0:09:27
76Justine Clift (Metromint Cycling)0:09:33
77Lauren DeCrescenzo (DNA Cycling p/b K4)
78Amanda Seigle (Metromint Cycling)0:09:54
79Hannah Swan (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:09:58
80Erica Zaveta (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:10:07
81Korina Huizar (Vanderkitten)0:10:10
82Mia Loquai (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)0:10:20
83Annie Toth (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:10:39
84Anne Donley (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:10:44
85Emily Georgenson (Monster Media)0:10:59
86Eileen Mazzochette (Metromint Cycling)0:16:49
87Tina Hughes (Pinnacle Reator)0:16:59
88Kemill Garvin-King (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:17:10
89Kinley Gibson (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:17:39
90Amity Elliot (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:18:15
91Starla Teddergreen (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:18:32
92Lina Martensson (Metromint Cycling)0:24:00
93Joelle Numainville (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)0:24:32
94Jennifer Whalen (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:24:38
95Julie Bellerose (Metromint Cycling)0:24:50
96Sarah Coney (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:25:12
97Sarah Barber (DNA Cycling p/b K4)0:31:24
98Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten)0:32:54
99Ash Duban (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)0:33:04
100Tessa Pinckston (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home)0:33:10
101Alexa Perez (Jet Cycling)0:33:32
102Priscilla Calderon (Monster Media)0:34:13
103Maria Santiago (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)0:40:35
104Jennifer App (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)0:46:42
105Nicole Mitchell (Sisterhood of Cycling)0:47:11
106Brenda Villarreal (Jet Cycling)0:47:41
107Rebecca Balboni (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recove)1:09:57
108Allison Atkinson (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels)1:11:51
109Rachel Byus (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)1:12:10
110Shelby Reynolds (Monster Media)1:12:49
111Andrea Villarreal (Jet Cycling)1:12:55
112Ivie Crawford (Jet Cycling)1:14:19
113Karla Lopez (Jet Cycling)1:26:29

Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Powers (United Healthcare)5pts
2Leah Kirchmann (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)3
3Tayler Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon)2
4Lauren Stephens (Team Tibco)1

Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Dvorack (Team Tibco)12pts
2Sharon Laws (United Healthcare)11
3Lauren Stephens (Team Tibco)9
4Janel Holcomb (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)9
5Karol Ann Canuel (Specialized-Lululemon)5
6Leah Kirchmann (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strat)4
7Mara Abbott (United Healthcare)3
8Jasmin Glasser (Team Tibco)3
9Jessica Cerra (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI)3
10Tayler Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon)2
11Amber Neben (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)2

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1United Healthcare6:00:39
2Team Tibco0:00:53
3Optum p/b Kelly Benefits0:01:38
6FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restor0:02:45
7DNA Cycling p/b K40:03:54
8Pinnacle-Reactor p/b JL V0:04:36
9SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI0:05:27
10Jet Cycling0:07:10
12Sisterhood of Cycling0:13:00
13Monster Media0:16:21
14Metromint Cycling0:16:39
15Cloud Racing p/b Ride0:17:10
16Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic0:24:43
17Guru Cycles p/b Haute Whe0:41:34
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Pat Malach

Growing up in Missoula, Montana, Pat competed in his first bike race in 1985 at Flathead Lake. He studied English and journalism at the University of Oregon and has covered North American cycling extensively since 2009, as well as racing and teams in Europe and South America. Pat currently lives in the US outside of Portland, Oregon, with his imaginary dog Rusty.

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