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Litscher wins his second stage

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Annika Langvad leading the women's race

Annika Langvad leading the women's race (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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Women's podium with Annika Langvad on top

Women's podium with Annika Langvad on top (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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A group of four racers works together

A group of four racers works together (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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Cristi Alonso Lugo

Cristi Alonso Lugo (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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A rider during stage 2

A rider during stage 2 (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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Two racers climb

Two racers climb (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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There was more vegetation along this section.

There was more vegetation along this section. (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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One racer overtakes another

One racer overtakes another (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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There was a clear track to follow here.

There was a clear track to follow here. (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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Racers could see far in each direction

Racers could see far in each direction (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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A solo racer

A solo racer (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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Racers in stage 2

Racers in stage 2 (Image credit: Bob Foy)
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Men's podium with Thomas Litscher on top

Men's podium with Thomas Litscher on top (Image credit: Bob Foy)

Thomas Litscher repeated yesterday's win again during stage 2 of the Club la Santa MTB race while Annika Langvad took over as women's leader.

After the relatively easy first stage, racers faced a more demanding stage 2 with more than 60km over a variety of terrain. The day started with a rocky track followed by singletrack through the heart of the Timanfaya National Park. After that, a long climb would be the toughest section of the whole route. Pavement connected to another section of trails until a final 9km section of doubletrack.

The Felt X-Bionic riders Litscher and Karl Markt set a fast pace from the start, and soon the lead group was reduced to eight racers. At times, Litscher was alone off the front.

Entering Timanfaya, Ismael Ventura took the lead. Benjamin Justesen had an untimely fall off his bike just as he was riding strong.

Upon exiting the Timanfaya section, three riders were leading: Litscher, Luis Leao Pinto of Portugal and Ventura. The latter would drop off as the two others increased their rhythm, and at the end of the uphill, he was caught by Justesen and Markt.

Litscher and Pinto inceased their lead while behind them, Markt was slowing down the chasers' group for his teammate Litscher.

Close to the final stretch, Pinto punctured, which left Litscher alone to go for a second stage victory and consolidate his overall lead.

In the chasing group, Markt took the opportunity to attack and managed a second place in front of third placed Ventura, thus repeating top three of day 1.

Justesen performed well, and despite of his hard crash, came in fourth, and he is also in fourth overall.

In the women's race, marathon world champion Annika Langvad imposed her strong condition on her way to winning stage 2. She took over the overall race lead. Behind her, Sally Bigham won the sprint for second place, ahead of the winner of stage 1, German Adelheid Morath.

Stage 3 will consist of a demanding time trial on a 25km course climbing 800m. Wind could play a considerable role.

Full Results

Men stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Litscher (Swi)2:15:17
2Karl Markt (Aut)0:01:40
3Ismael Sanchez Ventura (Spa)0:02:33
4Benjamin Justesen (Den)0:03:10
5Casper Saltoft (Den)0:04:44
6James Angus Ouchterlony (GBr)0:05:19
7Karl Platt (Ger)0:07:47
8Luis Leão Pinto (Por)0:07:48
9Roland Golderer (Ger)0:08:25
10Erik Knudsen (Den)0:09:32
11Jose Maria Sanchez Ruiz (Spa)0:09:35
12Johnni Junker Nielsen (Den)0:09:37
13Thomas Bundgaard (Den)0:09:40
14Michael Schuchardt (Ger)0:10:45
15Christian Kreuchler (Ger)0:10:46
16Victor Del Corral Morales (Spa)0:10:49
17Niels Rasmussen (Den)0:10:56
18Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa)0:12:45
19Manuel Rojo Nieto (Spa)0:14:28
20Simon Scheiber (Aut)
21Sylvain Garde (GBr)0:14:29
22Ruben Calvo Gomez (Spa)0:15:37
23Adriano Cordovés Dorta (Spa)0:18:14
24Oliver Medina Moreno (Spa)
25Louis Bendixen (Den)0:18:15
26Jacobo Reyes Mesa (Spa)
27Mads Bødker (Den)0:18:22
28Christian Schneidawind (Ger)0:18:25
29Marco Almeida (Por)0:19:35
30Neftali Ladislao Rodriguez Jimenez (Spa)0:19:55
31Jose Agustin Perez Morera (Spa)0:20:11
32Ashleim Jones (Den)0:21:21
33Kris De Nef (Bel)0:22:03
34Fabián Molina Delgado (Spa)0:23:18
35Barry Wilson (GBr)0:23:45
36Aitor Navarro Hita (Spa)0:24:12
37Steve Ferguson (GBr)0:24:14
38Thomas Nyvang Hansen (Den)0:24:37
39Rafael Jesus Sanchez Ruiz (Spa)0:24:48
40Jose Luis Agra Torres (Spa)0:24:49
41Jose Angel Lemes Clavijo (Spa)0:25:12
42Juan Jose Sosa Rodriguez (Spa)0:26:25
43Jakob Holm Lauritsen (Den)0:26:39
44Jaime Menendez de Luarca (Spa)0:27:34
45Paul Davies (GBr)0:27:37
46Benno Weber (Ger)0:28:04
47Sebastiaan Brouwer (Ned)0:28:29
48Fernando De Armas Hernandez (Spa)0:28:42
49Gerald Moser (Fra)0:29:05
50Frederik Mørkeberg Mikkelsen (Den)0:29:35
51Danny Files (Bel)0:30:13
52James Roe (GBr)0:30:14
53Aureliano Negrin (Spa)0:30:26
54Juaquin David Martin Hernandez (Spa)
55Bo Falck Hansen (Den)0:30:31
56Joan Cabrera Esplugas (Spa)0:30:41
57Antonio Maldonado Fernandez (Spa)0:31:08
58Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa)0:31:26
59Ricardo Santana Moreno (Spa)0:32:14
60Octavio Bonilla (Spa)0:32:20
61Saúl Ventura Carmona (Spa)0:33:11
62Wilson José Cruz Laguna (Cub)0:33:27
63Rico Busk (Den)0:33:33
64Jamie Jones Nielsen (Den)0:35:00
65Ayoze Hernandez (Spa)0:35:32
66Derek Waight (GBr)0:36:38
67Jose David Suarez Fernandez (Spa)
68Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa)0:36:58
69Javier Jesus Cabrera Arteaga (Spa)0:37:35
70Jose Maceira Rodriguez (Spa)0:37:55
71Henrik Helmer (Den)0:38:11
72Jeppe Hjort (Den)0:38:54
73Niels Bay Pedersen (Den)0:39:06
74Thomas Atkinson (GBr)0:39:10
75Daniel Casanova Expósito (Spa)0:40:10
76Eduardo Ramos Megolla (Spa)0:40:31
77Santiago Suarez Navarro (Spa)0:40:32
78Pedro Baltasar de la Paz (Spa)0:42:20
79Antonio Acosta Brito (Spa)0:42:43
80Domingo Morin Rodriguez (Spa)0:42:45
81Juan Francisco Betancourt Robayna (Spa)
82Richard Rodriguez de La Sierra (Spa)0:44:19
83Jose Maria Ferreiro (Spa)0:44:30
84Edmundo Esplugas Ramos (Spa)0:45:31
85Isidro manuel Martin Perez (Spa)0:45:45
86Marcel Martens (Ger)0:47:25
87Omar González Lorenzo (Spa)0:47:49
88Silverio Antonio Rodriguez Moreno (Spa)0:48:12
89Alexis Alvarez Curbelo (Spa)0:48:43
90Andre Van't Hof (Ned)0:50:41
91Aristeo Acosta Santana (Spa)0:50:45
92Miguel Acosta Reyes (Spa)0:51:01
93Elwin Van Groningen (Ned)0:51:10
94Francisco Jesus Perdomo Gonzalez (Spa)0:51:52
95Alexander Nontesino Negrin (Spa)0:54:06
96Javier Santiago Núñez Díez (Spa)0:54:08
97Antonio Acosta Hernandez (Spa)0:54:09
98Jaime Alexis Gonzalez Cabrera (Spa)0:54:34
99Jose Santana Dominguez (Spa)0:55:46
100Marc Ellwood (GBr)0:56:09
101Alan Hamshaw (UAE)0:56:26
102Hugo Cantineau (Bel)0:56:28
103Cristobal Angel Sanchez (Spa)0:57:12
104Jorge Espinel Cejas (Spa)
105Iván Rivero Fuentes (Spa)0:57:23
106Christian Birch (Den)0:57:49
107Fernando Mainar Val (Spa)0:57:55
108Benoit Sepulte (Bel)0:59:02
109Javier Guillen Romero (Spa)0:59:27
110Samuel Cabrera Ramirez (Spa)0:59:59
111Heribert Camejo Colmenates (Spa)1:00:10
112Francisco Carlos Ruiz Hernandez (Spa)1:00:41
113Christophe Meurice (Bel)1:01:09
114Mahy Febles Diaz (Spa)1:01:18
115Juan Francisco Martin Gonzalez (Spa)1:01:41
116Alexandre Asselberghs (Bel)1:01:43
117Andres Serrano Pascual (Spa)1:02:24
118Roberto Carlos Duarte Luzardo (Spa)1:02:26
119Francisco Javier Godoy Fernandez (Spa)1:02:35
120Juan Frolilan Betancor Rivero (Spa)1:02:41
121dave overton (GBr)1:03:14
122Fernando Chissotti (Spa)1:03:19
123Adrian Hernandez Corujo (Spa)1:04:50
124Israel Chinea Marrero (Spa)1:06:40
125Jes Steen (Den)1:07:04
126Ernesto García Rodríguez (Spa)1:07:37
127Yeray Rodrigo Lorenzo Hernandez (Spa)1:08:51
128Raimundo Fontes Fontes (Spa)
129Daniel Kafunek (Den)1:09:33
130Jean-Marie Colla (Bel)1:11:10
131Anders Primdahl Haubro (Den)1:11:59
132Lee Holdaway (GBr)1:15:04
133Gustavo Adolfo García Ramírez (Spa)1:15:11
134David Alvarez Martinez (Spa)1:17:22
135Raul Gonzalez Romero (Spa)1:18:36
136Rafael Rodriguez Rodriguez (Spa)1:26:06
137Daniel Taboada Margalejo (Spa)1:26:15
138Régis Vanoli (Fra)1:27:47
139Manuel Mesa García (Spa)1:28:55
140Matias Sebastien Reveron Afonso (Spa)1:29:34
141Jose Vicente Diaz Corujo (Spa)1:30:38
142Juan Carlos Luis Ravelo (Spa)
143Denis Detinne (Bel)1:30:39
144Angel Fernando Alvarez Ramos (Spa)1:32:06
145Yave Socas (Spa)1:32:20
146David Monzon Martin (Spa)1:38:47
147Luis González Hernández (Spa)1:41:52
148Juan Pablo Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa)
149Alejandro Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa)1:41:53
150Paul Cook (GBr)1:44:12
151Marcos Arufe Oviedo (Spa)1:44:37
152Nicolás Galván Roger (Spa)
153Ivan Curbelo Fernandez (Spa)1:44:46
154Marcelino Gonzalez Elvira (Spa)1:45:40
155Jacky Smets (Bel)1:46:37
156Kræn Jens Knude (Den)1:49:12
157Andrés Manuel Cabrera Cabrera (Spa)2:03:42
158Javier Santos Alocen (Spa)2:34:43
159Jorge Hernandez Sierra (Col)2:45:43
160Leonel Augusto Clavijo (Col)
161Gilberto Clavijo (Col)
162Leonel Clavijo Roman (Col)
DNFNicholas Peter Ward Muñoz (GBr)6:45:06
DNFKevin Parmentier (Bel)
DNFAlberto Bonilla Toledo (Spa)
DNFThomas Goosens (Bel)

Women stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Langvad (Den)2:30:47
2Sally Bigham (GBr)0:03:08
3Adelheid Morath (Ger)0:03:10
4Rikke Kornvig (Den)0:34:08
5Sandra Santanyes Murillo (Spa)0:34:34
6Bettina Uhlig (Ger)0:35:14
7Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa)0:46:55
8Darrelle Parker (GBr)0:48:32
9Cristi Alonso Lugo (Spa)1:04:19
10Tove Andersen (Den)1:05:46
11María José Peláez Noé (Spa)1:17:35
12Elena Marrero (Spa)1:23:26
13Yaiza Rodríguez Aranda (Spa)1:37:24
DNSGunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor)
DNSValerie Heeren (Bel)
DNSBlaza Klemencic (Slo)

Men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Litscher (Swi)3:26:02
2Karl Markt (Aut)0:01:50
3Ismael Sanchez Ventura (Spa)0:02:44
4Benjamin Justesen (Den)0:03:25
5Casper Saltoft (Den)0:06:33
6James Angus Ouchterlony (GBr)0:08:46
7Luis Leão Pinto (Por)0:08:48
8Karl Platt (Ger)0:09:39
9Roland Golderer (Ger)0:10:33
10Erik Knudsen (Den)0:11:23
11Thomas Bundgaard (Den)0:14:43
12Victor Del Corral Morales (Spa)0:15:03
13Michael Schuchardt (Ger)0:15:20
14Johnni Junker Nielsen (Den)0:15:48
15Jose Maria Sanchez Ruiz (Spa)0:16:23
16Christian Kreuchler (Ger)0:16:25
17Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa)0:17:20
18Simon Scheiber (Aut)0:18:54
19Manuel Rojo Nieto (Spa)0:21:17
20Sylvain Garde (GBr)0:22:56
21Louis Bendixen (Den)0:24:03
22Ruben Calvo Gomez (Spa)0:24:53
23Jacobo Reyes Mesa (Spa)0:26:32
24Adriano Cordovés Dorta (Spa)0:27:22
25Christian Schneidawind (Ger)0:28:14
26Marco Almeida (Por)0:28:48
27Jose Agustin Perez Morera (Spa)0:30:23
28Ashleim Jones (Den)0:30:36
29Kris De Nef (Bel)0:31:11
30Oliver Medina Moreno (Spa)0:32:00
31Fabián Molina Delgado (Spa)0:32:04
32Neftali Ladislao Rodriguez Jimenez (Spa)0:32:18
33Mads Bødker (Den)0:33:43
34Niels Rasmussen (Den)0:34:13
35Rafael Jesus Sanchez Ruiz (Spa)0:34:16
36Aitor Navarro Hita (Spa)0:35:38
37Juan Jose Sosa Rodriguez (Spa)0:35:40
38Steve Ferguson (GBr)0:36:22
39Barry Wilson (GBr)0:36:54
40Jose Luis Agra Torres (Spa)0:37:18
41Jaime Menendez de Luarca (Spa)0:38:44
42Thomas Nyvang Hansen (Den)0:38:47
43Paul Davies (GBr)
44Jakob Holm Lauritsen (Den)0:39:03
45Jose Angel Lemes Clavijo (Spa)0:40:00
46Benno Weber (Ger)0:40:07
47Danny Files (Bel)0:40:43
48Gerald Moser (Fra)0:41:01
49Frederik Mørkeberg Mikkelsen (Den)0:41:59
50Fernando De Armas Hernandez (Spa)0:43:35
51Juaquin David Martin Hernandez (Spa)
52Aureliano Negrin (Spa)0:44:26
53Bo Falck Hansen (Den)0:44:50
54Joan Cabrera Esplugas (Spa)0:46:32
55Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa)0:46:49
56Jose Maceira Rodriguez (Spa)0:47:09
57James Roe (GBr)0:47:12
58Jose David Suarez Fernandez (Spa)0:48:28
59Ricardo Santana Moreno (Spa)0:48:43
60Saúl Ventura Carmona (Spa)0:50:10
61Niels Bay Pedersen (Den)0:51:08
62Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa)0:54:00
63Rico Busk (Den)0:54:17
64Javier Jesus Cabrera Arteaga (Spa)0:54:37
65Jamie Jones Nielsen (Den)0:55:34
66Santiago Suarez Navarro (Spa)0:55:55
67Thomas Atkinson (GBr)0:56:18
68Henrik Helmer (Den)0:58:11
69Daniel Casanova Expósito (Spa)0:59:17
70Antonio Acosta Brito (Spa)1:01:39
71Eduardo Ramos Megolla (Spa)1:02:41
72Richard Rodriguez de La (Spa)1:03:15
73Domingo Morin Rodriguez (Spa)1:03:38
74Edmundo Esplugas Ramos (Spa)1:05:34
75Moreno (Spa)1:06:25
76Pedro Baltasar de la Paz (Spa)1:06:59
77Isidro manuel Martin Perez (Spa)1:07:09
78Omar González Lorenzo (Spa)1:11:52
79Aristeo Acosta Santana (Spa)1:14:47
80Andre Van't Hof (Ned)1:16:12
81Jorge Espinel Cejas (Spa)1:18:05
82Jaime Alexis Gonzalez (Spa)1:18:49
83Miguel Acosta Reyes (Spa)1:19:28
84Elwin Van Groningen (Ned)1:19:38
85Jose Santana Dominguez (Spa)1:20:06
86Christian Birch (Den)1:20:10
87Alexander Nontesino Negrin (Spa)1:20:14
88Javier Santiago Núñez Díez (Spa)1:20:16
89Antonio Acosta Hernandez (Spa)1:20:46
90Fernandez (Spa)1:22:03
91Marc Ellwood (GBr)1:22:06
92Fernando Mainar Val (Spa)1:22:16
93Iván Rivero Fuentes (Spa)1:26:30
94Fernando Chissotti (Spa)1:27:57
95Samuel Cabrera Ramirez (Spa)1:28:26
96Heribert Camejo Colmenates (Spa)
97dave overton (GBr)1:29:17
98Javier Guillen Romero (Spa)1:29:26
99Hugo Cantineau (Bel)1:29:29
100Christophe Meurice (Bel)1:29:35
101Benoit Sepulte (Bel)1:29:45
102Hernandez (Spa)1:29:52
103Mahy Febles Diaz (Spa)1:30:47
104Ernesto García Rodríguez (Spa)1:33:07
105Anders Primdahl Haubro (Den)1:33:11
106Alan Hamshaw (UAE)1:33:59
107Roberto Carlos Duarte (Spa)1:34:21
108Gonzalez (Spa)1:34:48
109Alexandre Asselberghs (Bel)1:34:50
110Israel Chinea Marrero (Spa)1:37:17
111Jes Steen (Den)1:44:16
112Jean-Marie Colla (Bel)1:46:05
113Lee Holdaway (GBr)1:46:15
114Daniel Kafunek (Den)1:50:14
115Denis Detinne (Bel)1:52:36
116Matias Sebastien Reveron Afonso ESp
117Régis Vanoli (Fra)2:03:33
118Rafael Rodriguez Rodriguez (Spa)2:04:32
119Jose Vicente Diaz Corujo (Spa)2:05:36
120Angel Fernando Alvarez Ramos (Spa)
121David Monzon Martin (Spa)2:26:34
122Kræn Jens Knude (Den)2:30:28
123Juan Pablo Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa)2:40:04
124Alejandro Gonzalez Hernadez (Spa)
125Paul Cook (GBr)2:42:47
126Jorge Hernandez Sierra (Col)3:43:45

Women general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Langvad (Den)3:50:11
2Sally Bigham (GBr)0:03:09
3Adelheid Morath (Ger)
4Bettina Uhlig (Ger)0:48:07
5Sandra Santanyes Murillo (Spa)0:48:27
6Rikke Kornvig (Den)0:56:24
7Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa)1:10:22
8Darrelle Parker (GBr)1:11:03
9Cristi Alonso Lugo (Spa)1:31:42
10Tove Andersen (Den)1:42:11
11María José Peláez Noé (Spa)1:56:56
12Elena Marrero (Spa)2:04:09

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