Wells and Haywood win stage 3 of the Breck Epic

Spectators lined the sidewalks, chatting amongst themselves and taking pictures of the racer they were out to support while Larry Grossman made wisecracks on the microphone. Soon Grossman began counting down the seconds while cow bells rang along the street. With that, racers were off for their third day of the Breck Epic.

Day three circumnavigated Mt Guyot, dropping racers down to Park County, and then back up Georgia Pass, where they connected to the Colorado trail for singletrack that, according to McCormack, has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. At times it was buttery and smooth and then it punched you in the bread basket with East Coast-style rocks and roots.

True to form, Todd Wells (Specialized), Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale), and Ben Sonntag (American Interbanc/Cannondale) came out fast. At the bottom of the relentless Little French descent, Sonntag turned the corner first, but Grant and Wells were not far behind. Soon, Wells kicked it up a notch and Sonntag decided to forgo the attack to have an enjoyable stage, while Grant held on until the climb up Georgia Pass, where Wells created a 30-second gap. By the end, Wells had a two-minute gap on Grant, and a five-minute gap on Sonntag. Ever the optimist, Sonntag came across the line with a smile and a thank you to those supporting him.

Today, the women's race became a battle royale, according to Stan's NoTubes rider, Sue Haywood. Her teammate Amanda Carey came down Little French first, but Haywood was no more than a few seconds back, with Kate Aardal right on Haywood's wheel. Eventually, Haywood decided to push for the front, where she stayed for the remainder of the stage. Aardal finished just two and a half seconds back, with Carey coming in 57 seconds later. A tight stage for the women means that Carey now leads Aardal by only four minutes and 34 seconds, and Haywood by four minutes and 41 seconds.

The singlespeed men pushed each other hard-second through fifth place finished only six seconds apart. Dax Massey took a convincing win, 22 minutes up on the rest of the field. The top singlespeed woman, Andrea Wilson, kept increasing her lead as well, finishing an hour and half in front of second.

Day three concludes the mini-Epic, and Jake Wells won the overall in just nine hours and 41 minutes, an hour and 20 minutes up on the rest of the field. Duffy Danish took the women's overall, nine minutes ahead of her field. The three day men's 40+ saw the top two finishers (Peter Basler and Henry Fischer) two and a half minutes apart after 11 hours of racing.

Peter Forbare is going for the record number of flats in the race, with five flats in stage 3, yet he still finished third in Clydesdale. Breck local, Scott Reid continued dominating, leading Sante Fe Brewing/Pivot's Steve Thompson by an hour and twenty-seven minutes.

Stans NoTube's Shannon Gibson leads the 6-day women 40+, where she has an hour and 40 minute lead after three days of racing. Grossman joked that she could run to town to deliver newspapers during stage four and retain her lead.

The enduro segments of the Breck Epic are beginning to smooth out, both literally and figuratively, and after stage 2, Breck local Nick Truitt leads the enduro, with Grant and Sonntag on his heels. Look for more exciting racing from those three as well as Macky Franklin in the upcoming days.

Day 4 will be the longest day, but the rocks become smaller and the views continue to impress. Each day at the finish, racers comment how the trails get better every day and stage four will not disappoint.

Stage 3 Results

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6-Day Men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells3:08:08
2Alex Grant0:02:01
3Ben Sonntag0:05:33
4Macky Franklin0:11:18
5Takei Kyosuke0:15:37
6Franc Vanderven0:20:52
7Nick Truitt0:22:05
8Cary Smith0:28:02
9Drew Free0:29:29
10Peter Butt0:32:15
11James Meyer0:34:13
12Nick Gould0:35:09
13Ty Hansen0:35:47
14Scott Leonard0:43:11
15Brent Gorman0:43:32
16Jeff Ellis0:45:19
17Tim Berntson0:45:50
18Jason Hilimire0:47:16
19Charlie Rundell0:49:20
20Tim Lutz0:52:51
21Von Edwards1:06:40
22Luke Sagur1:16:49
23Ben Truitt1:18:00
24Christopher Farney1:54:46
25Joey Roa2:02:26
26Phillip Ball2:04:20
27Chris Castilian2:17:55
28Peter Weybright2:19:11
29Davis McNeil2:41:00
30Tim Kelton3:06:06
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6-Day Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Susan Haywood4:06:14
2Kate Aardal0:00:02
3Amanda Carey0:00:59
4Alice Pirard0:16:05
5Kristin Aamodt0:17:17
6Lydia Tanner0:44:42
7Sarka Ruzickova1:09:46
8Katherine Knight2:39:08
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6-Day Men singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dax Massey3:42:52
2Dan Durland0:22:06
3Kurt Gensheimer0:27:31
4Vince Anderson0:27:36
5Carlos Vulgamott0:27:37
6Robin Dutton0:40:43
7Rich Dillen0:41:14
8Tim Brezsnyak0:46:08
9David Benjes0:54:26
10Jody Elovitz0:57:47
11Kenny Jones0:59:55
12Hans Hjelde1:02:56
13John Odle1:12:24
14Tim Ahern1:21:40
15Christopher Latura1:53:47
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6-Day Women singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Wilson4:56:55
2Susan Sherman1:33:09
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6-Day Men 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Danish3:46:54
2Jafar Tabaian0:09:48
3Nesse ØYstein0:10:45
4Raf De Bakker0:17:33
5Brian Barrett0:18:02
6Jeremy Trask0:21:10
7Felipe Borja0:21:35
8Paul Carmichael0:22:19
9Dominik Hug0:29:59
10Garren Watkins0:34:27
11Jason Hilgers0:40:46
12Geir Ottar Kvernstuen0:43:13
13Daniel Miller0:47:49
14Cory Bolen0:53:46
15Mike Reardon0:54:28
16Thor Loechell1:03:52
17Michael Cosgrove1:06:38
18Robert Spies1:12:59
19James Prentice1:14:00
20Mark Freda1:19:57
21David Dansby1:21:48
22Glenn Harris1:22:35
23Ross McKegney1:31:02
24Aric Hartley1:31:18
25Benjamin Wiegand1:47:02
26Andrew Rizzi1:59:29
27Philip Thompson2:02:55
28Brett Merrington2:07:20
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6-Day Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Cospolich3:53:41
2Jonathan Davis0:03:12
3Curt Wilhelm0:03:46
4Jerry Long0:06:08
5Mike Naughton0:07:42
6Michael Piker0:07:46
7Chad Davis0:10:16
8Rob Shaver0:10:59
9Ray Warner0:13:06
10Shawn Lortie0:23:27
11Mike Driver0:29:25
12Trever Bushnell0:30:27
13Marc Peruzzi0:31:01
14Bob Saffell0:34:11
15Brian Sells0:36:19
16Sean Hassinger0:39:26
17Mike Riederer0:40:49
18Peter Knoop0:40:51
19Johnny Petrosky0:49:21
20Yuri Cook0:49:44
21Chris McKillican0:50:40
22Michael Berg0:50:57
23Rich Brown0:54:34
24Brad Newby0:55:39
25Carlyle Naylor0:55:46
26Jason Sumner0:57:08
27Paul Rapinz0:57:40
28Nate McHugh1:00:58
29Dean Etienne1:01:46
30Jason Potter1:03:37
31Marc Schwartz1:10:44
32Lennie Moon1:14:14
33Menno Jongsma1:14:59
34David Buchler1:27:10
35Roger Ivey1:27:15
36Matthew Sullivan1:27:41
37Lane Sanders1:28:02
38Brad Shield1:28:11
39Samuel Turney1:28:53
40Joel Roberts1:33:24
41Mark Bartley1:35:48
42Patrick Morton1:38:36
43Joel Doctor1:40:11
44Scott Liversedge1:41:07
45Paul Dellorco1:44:18
46Milan Skrecek1:48:52
47David Meban1:48:53
48Gary Hall1:49:54
49Sergio Correa1:52:15
50Bill Brazier1:53:55
51Leslie Handy1:55:19
52Nolan Farhy2:09:20
53Alex Tibwitta2:20:08
54Jeff Dotterweich2:24:26
55Richard Lane3:26:08
56Derek Chung3:28:51
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6-day Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charlie Hayes3:58:35
2Jeffery Frost0:12:01
3Chris Grove0:27:19
4Kevin English0:30:22
5Rob Piper0:57:08
6Tetsuo Shimoda0:59:52
7Ron Sanborn1:00:21
8Scott McCallum1:02:19
9Greg McKennis1:08:24
10Greg Schultejann1:10:23
11Denis Hall1:11:01
12David Kelnberger1:20:04
13Jim Pittacora1:20:37
14Matt Hanrahan1:22:04
15Eric Lovins1:27:31
16Mark Halwa1:38:11
17Dirk Long1:38:33
18Steve Cole1:39:28
19Mark Leeper1:54:14
20David Lammerse2:02:03
21Ty Garber2:23:25
22Garry Mcculloch2:41:35
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6-Day Clydesdale
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Reid4:07:10
2Steven Thompson0:28:21
3Nathaniel Morton0:54:16
4Peter Fobare1:06:37
5Andrew Mclaren1:16:05
6Eric Dejong1:24:58
7Ron Hewitson2:08:15
8Moishe Lettvin2:34:38
9Alex McPherson2:43:23
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6-Day Women 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paige Witherington5:08:10
2Katie Carmichael0:21:18
3Cathy Graham0:28:02
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6-Day women 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shannon Gibson4:57:58
2Kristin Riley-Lazo0:16:46
3Heather Gilbert0:31:22
4Karen Holmes0:34:24
5Tricia Davis0:55:11
6Gill Smith1:24:01
7Lorinda Putter2:18:30
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6-day Women 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christiane Bouchard5:32:04
2Stephanie Landy0:06:52
3Lori Halwa0:51:32
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6-Day Men duo
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yuki Ikeda & Jeff Kerkove3:41:14
2Kurtis Averill0:40:14
3Paul Fronhofer & Dan Fronhofer0:43:47
4Jose Marie Eyzaguirre & Joaq Rodriguez1:38:35
5Jeroen De Mey & Alex Onderwater3:54:37
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6-Day Men duo 80+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Meier & Matt Woodruff4:05:03
2Kyle Boschen & Dean Cahow0:33:52
3Tom Geentjens & Wim Dehaes0:38:16
4Stuart Walsworth & Jeff Wu1:15:07
5Brian Deason & Rodne Hill1:28:57
6Jay Averill & Stefan Mundt1:33:00
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6-Day Men duo 100+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Davis4:43:33
2Rob Herceg & Rick Metzger0:47:47
3Ben Engelberts & John Englebert2:53:48
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6-Day women duo
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laureen Coffelt & Timari Pruis5:39:31
2Paula Burks & Shannon Greenhill0:11:38
3Star Affolter & Grace Ragland1:16:37
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6-Day Co-ed Duo
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natalie Raborn & Sean Raborn4:42:57
2Julie Kelly & Steven Kelly0:01:27
3Heather Rizzi & Kurt Mason0:46:33
4Phil Kelly & Gina Virzi-Kelly0:54:04
5Michele Bliss & John Bliss1:02:40
DNFRandy Charrette & Jennifer CharretesRow 5 - Cell 2
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6-Day Enduro open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lawrence Johnson4:40:44
2Derek Bissett0:34:12
3David Kuo2:35:45
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3-Day Open Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Wells3:28:31
2David Ross0:18:22
3Ben Welnak0:26:11
4John Pettit1:18:08
5Tim Mt Pleasant1:23:23
6Joel Budacki1:23:43
7DJ Singh2:09:10
8Mike Rice2:28:15
9Carl Russell2:49:37
10Jashua Lavietes3:01:35
11Matthew Buonanno3:06:08
12Robert Nolan3:12:34
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3-Day Open Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Duffy Danish5:35:07
2Debbie Preller0:16:08
3Annie Fox0:16:40
4Susan Lottridge0:27:36
5Donna Miller0:46:18
6Margaret Montfort1:02:28
7Minci Hoffmaster1:02:43
8Elizabeth Morse2:11:07
9Alison Jones2:27:19
9Margaret KelnbergerRow 9 - Cell 2
DNFFernanda GomezRow 10 - Cell 2
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3-Day Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Basler3:55:59
2Henry Fischer0:05:17
3Bill Frielingsdorf0:10:01
4Gareth Jones0:12:10
5Andy Leifer0:16:16
6Kyle Firestone1:02:21
7Tom Quinn1:10:10
8Christian Long1:23:36
9Don Dawson1:30:34
10Richard Fricke1:43:18
11Scott Sharp1:44:07
12Lonnie Kinkade1:46:12
13Jeffrey Sillik1:49:14
14Todd Kooy1:55:17
15Greg Hamilton1:58:25
16Alex Mlawsky2:01:29
17Paul Lottridge2:06:45
18Richard Flores2:19:20
19Steve Fannon2:40:20
20Thomas Gruver3:20:20
21Dave Walsh3:20:22
22Scott Bonvallet3:20:23
23Kevin Lewis3:20:24
24Mark Seaburg3:33:57

General classification after stage 3

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6-Day Men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells8:47:54
2Alex Grant0:03:47
3Ben Sonntag0:11:29
4Macky Franklin0:39:36
5Franc Vanderven0:54:59
6Cary Smith1:06:36
7Drew Free1:21:54
8Nick Gould1:23:00
9James Meyer1:29:50
10Nick Truitt1:30:42
11Brent Gorman1:32:57
12Peter Butt1:36:06
13Ty Hansen1:38:03
14Scott Leonard1:49:31
15Jeff Ellis1:58:19
16Takei Kyosuke1:59:30
17Jason Hilimire2:04:09
18Charlie Rundell2:05:09
19Tim Berntson2:10:45
20Tim Lutz2:30:33
21Luke Sagur2:58:00
22Von Edwards3:06:56
23Ben Truitt3:10:03
24Joey Roa5:06:52
25Christopher Farney5:11:25
26Phillip Ball5:21:33
27Chris Castilian5:33:26
28Peter Weybright6:01:04
29Davis McNeil6:07:29
30Tim Kelton7:00:38
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6-Day Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Carey11:28:49
2Kate Aardal0:04:34
3Susan Haywood0:04:42
4Alice Pirard0:27:05
5Kristin Aamodt0:52:03
6Lydia Tanner1:45:49
7Sarka Ruzickova2:47:21
8Katherine Knight6:03:27
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6-Day Men singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dax Massey10:28:58
2Dan Durland0:35:21
3Carlos Vulgamott0:45:35
4Jody Elovitz1:31:39
5Rich Dillen1:47:50
6Robin Dutton1:49:20
7Kurt Gensheimer1:52:14
8Vince Anderson2:01:01
9Kenny Jones2:06:50
10Tim Brezsnyak2:06:54
11David Benjes2:12:17
12Hans Hjelde2:48:39
13John Odle3:12:17
14Tim Ahern3:34:58
15Christopher Latura3:37:03
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6-Day Women singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Wilson13:28:01
2Susan Sherman3:26:42
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6-Day Men 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Raf De Bakker10:45:04
2Michael Danish0:09:25
3Jafar Tabaian0:10:01
4Nesse ØYstein0:18:16
5Brian Barrett0:28:14
6Geir Ottar Kvernstuen0:34:22
7Felipe Borja0:40:58
8Dominik Hug0:42:17
9Jeremy Trask0:57:54
10Jason Hilgers0:59:27
11Garren Watkins1:01:14
12Paul Carmichael1:19:10
13Daniel Miller1:40:09
14Cory Bolen1:51:56
15Michael Cosgrove2:22:13
16James Prentice2:40:46
17Mike Reardon2:44:26
18Mark Freda2:57:09
19Aric Hartley3:20:34
20David Dansby3:29:48
21Glenn Harris3:30:44
22Benjamin Wiegand3:34:08
23Ross McKegney4:15:58
24Brett Merrington4:33:52
25Philip Thompson5:01:58
26Thor Loechell5:13:00
27Andrew Rizzi5:22:53
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6-Day Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonathan Davis10:39:00
2Curt Wilhelm0:10:02
3Jeff Cospolich0:13:10
4Mike Naughton0:23:37
5Michael Piker0:25:19
6Jerry Long0:26:39
7Chad Davis0:34:59
8Rob Shaver0:41:07
9Ray Warner0:51:25
10Shawn Lortie1:13:09
11Mike Driver1:19:50
12Bob Saffell1:31:26
13Trever Bushnell1:31:30
14Brian Sells1:36:19
15Sean Hassinger1:36:27
16Peter Knoop1:37:31
17Paul Rapinz1:41:45
18Yuri Cook1:54:54
19Marc Peruzzi1:59:22
20Brad Newby2:09:32
21Jason Sumner2:20:21
22Johnny Petrosky2:20:39
23Mike Riederer2:20:56
24Chris McKillican2:21:57
25Michael Berg2:22:24
26Dean Etienne2:29:49
27Rich Brown2:31:06
28Carlyle Naylor2:37:03
29Lane Sanders2:42:14
30Jason Potter2:52:51
31Nate McHugh2:58:04
32David Buchler3:14:31
33Marc Schwartz3:17:56
34Lennie Moon3:18:02
35Samuel Turney3:19:02
36Matthew Sullivan3:33:08
37Menno Jongsma3:33:42
38Brad Shield3:55:20
39Joel Doctor4:01:57
40Roger Ivey4:12:12
41Scott Liversedge4:18:12
42Paul Dellorco4:19:16
43Bill Brazier4:27:51
44Joel Roberts4:28:32
45Mark Bartley4:34:47
46Gary Hall4:40:09
47Patrick Morton4:41:38
48Leslie Handy4:48:18
49David Meban5:02:26
50Milan Skrecek5:09:34
51Sergio Correa5:18:50
52Nolan Farhy5:43:59
53Jeff Dotterweich5:54:04
54Alex Tibwitta6:29:38
55Derek Chung9:45:53
56Richard Lane9:50:08
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6-Day Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charlie Hayes10:51:28
2Jeffery Frost0:29:18
3Chris Grove1:27:00
4Kevin English1:38:38
5Ron Sanborn2:31:47
6Tetsuo Shimoda2:43:37
7Rob Piper2:52:01
8Greg McKennis3:00:43
9Denis Hall3:05:23
10Scott McCallum3:06:27
11Matt Hanrahan3:16:22