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Sneddon and Simms win BC Bike Race overall

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Women's Whistler stage winners. Kim Hurst finally got her top step.

Women's Whistler stage winners. Kim Hurst finally got her top step. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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If you can't hug your partner at the end of the seven days then you did not have a good week.

If you can't hug your partner at the end of the seven days then you did not have a good week. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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The initial climb out of Whistler Village was long and steep. Just another day in the BC Bike Race.

The initial climb out of Whistler Village was long and steep. Just another day in the BC Bike Race. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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Riders on stage

Riders on stage (Image credit: BC Bike)
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Enduro Champions of the 2013 BC Bike Race. The biggest shredders of the week.

Enduro Champions of the 2013 BC Bike Race. The biggest shredders of the week. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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Danielle Baker of racer relations hugging it out at an emotional finish line in Whistler.

Danielle Baker of racer relations hugging it out at an emotional finish line in Whistler. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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A whirly-bird's eye view.

A whirly-bird's eye view. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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There are no official teams of three but you might end up making it one if you jive right.

There are no official teams of three but you might end up making it one if you jive right. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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B.O.B aka Bear On Bike, the BCBR logo, leads the way for all riders.

B.O.B aka Bear On Bike, the BCBR logo, leads the way for all riders. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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Hugo Bardou (Xprezo) makes bikes and knows how to use them.

Hugo Bardou (Xprezo) makes bikes and knows how to use them. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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Sonke Wagner may not have his usual smile, but thats because he's about to get 8 stitches when he crosses the finish line from an ealier crash on Crank it Up.

Sonke Wagner may not have his usual smile, but thats because he's about to get 8 stitches when he crosses the finish line from an ealier crash on Crank it Up. (Image credit: BC Bike)
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One of many wooden structures in the Lost Lake Trails.

One of many wooden structures in the Lost Lake Trails. (Image credit: BC Bike)

The BC Bike Race caravan squeezed out of the Squamish bubble this morning and headed north on the Sea to Sky Highway for its final stop at Whistler. A week of camping in tents, eating communal meals, sharing trails, cleaning bikes, adjusting shifting, riding on BC Ferries, and asking for advice about the next stage was over. Riders, BCBR crew, and spectators took over the Whistler Olympic Plaza for the last day of the BC Bike Race under perfect skies and only an occasional cloud as the event helicopter buzzed overhead.

Solo men

The BC Bike Race has no prize money, yet it annually brings in some top professionals in the world dedicated to races that are on singletrack and challenging. This year's podiums were full of riders from other countries looking for the opportunity to test their trail riding abilities. 2013 was shaping up to be an epic battle for the winner Kris Sneddon (Kona) before last year's champion pulled out from a stomach bug. Sneddon showed poise in the face of the challenge, but when he was left facing an easy win with two days to go he immediately switched to supporting another member of his team, American Spencer Paxson.

Paxson won the stage, with Skovgaard in second and the overall champion in third a second back. Paxson finally got a stage win to add to his four third place finished and secured second overall.

"I'm thrilled, it feels so good to affirm that I can do this kind of riding now, and to add another discipline to the quiver," said Paxson.

When asked about the final sprint, he said he had scouted the finish thinking a sprint was highly possible. As predicted, the three came towards the final turn to the finish and Skovgaard got caught on the outside and overshot the turn into the finish line.

Solo women

The overall was taken by Wendy Simms (Kona) for the second year in a row, but her antagonist of the week New Zealander Kim Hurst (Mud Cycles) finally had the day she fought for in the previous stages while securing second place overall. Whistler provided a course that Hurst could create a gap on the climbs that couldn't be reeled back in by Simms.

"I just didn't have enough downhill real-estate to catch up. She took off really hard up the hill. I told her it was a really good day for her, but she earned every inch of it," said Simms.

Third overall went to Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat Racing), but she was second on the Whistler stage.

Duo men

Rocky Mountain Bicycle's Greg Day and Kevin Calhoun took home their first BCBR wins as a team after overcoming issues early in the week. Between Greg being sick for three days and Calhoun ripping off a derailleur it was work to bring it all back together. As locals they had a pretty good idea what they were getting themselves into. It was the first time at BCBR for the team from Craft Rocky Mountain who had to fly blind into every corner.

"The fourth day was probably the hardest with the steep climbs under the power lines, but that's what mountain biking is all about. You have to adapt to the conditions," said Christoff Listmann. For his teammate Michael Anthes, "The BC Bike Race is great because it has a taste of everything you can do on a mountain bike. Including the bike park today which was awesome."

Third place overall went to the Ska/Zia/Trek team of Nick Gould and Miles Venzara from the USA.

Enduro women

Behind by 1:59 on the GC a with only one enduro stage in Whistler it was going to be virtually impossible for Jaclyn Schapel (Liv/Giant Austrailia) to secure an overall win today. Unfortunately the tighter racing created more of a traffic jam than in previous stages and she ended up crashing trying to pass a rider who went left when she called right.

Calling lines and passing cleanly in a race with all the international riders gets difficult when there are many different languages and accents. Schapel's first experience with the BCBR has had a strong effect on her. "It was amazing, it's been fantastic the whole week. It's a great thing to be part of. I've really enjoyed the enduro sections everyday. It's pretty much like a boot camp, there is no alcohol [you can get it, BCBR just doesn't provide it], you can't go to sleep late, and you work all day."

Simms ended up winning the day and the overall enduro by 2:21 after 13 stages. Schapel was only down by 22 seconds on the day despite being taken out by another racer and getting run over. She also secured second place overall, while Adrienne Miller (Team Adrienne) finished third on the week. Annika Bergman (Craft Rocky Mountain) was third today on the stage.

Enduro men

Kris Sneddon's attempts to drop Neil Kindree combined with his local knowledge on many of the trails early in the week resulted in him securing first place overall on the men's enduro podium. Second in the GC was Eric Goss (East Infection 2), who concentrated all week on the enduros and seemed to care less about the overall. On the third step overall was everyone's favorite bearded man from Denmark, Erik Skovgaard (Racing29er). Over the week Skovgaard, like many riders, found his "A" game in the singletrack and by the last two days, he was catching Paxson and Sneddon on the descents.

"We had gapped him on the climb and held him off on the first descent and up the second climb but he caught back up to us on the singletrack which is amazing, earlier in the week he wasn't riding as strong on the trails but now he has fully learned how to ride them," said Paxson.

Another rider who embraced the enduro stages as the week progressed included South African, Oliver Munnik (White Knuckle Pinners). With a stage win in Squamish, Munnik really had the heat turned on. Without a few misfortunes in a couple stages he might have finished closer to the overall.

Today's Whistler stage went to last year's enduro winner Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles). Skovgaard's hunt for the Kona boys boosted him to a second place finish seven seconds back of Hestler. Paxson took third while doing his own big game hunt for the top podium spot.

Full results not available for stage, but final GC is posted below.


Solo men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kris Sneddon (Canada) Kona15:40:16
2Spencer Paxson (United States) Kona Factory Team0:17:23
3Erik Skovgaard Knudsen (Denmark) Racing29Ers0:19:56
4Matt Hadley (Canada) Xprezo0:34:56
5Michael Robinson (Canada) Peak2Peak Racing1:31:04
6Guido Thaler (Austria) Craft Rocky Mountain1:34:54
7Vuille Jonas (Switzerland) Jonas Racing Team1:54:59
8Ian Longville (Australia) Team Ian1:55:12
9Anibal Sã¡Nchez (Mexico) Yakima Santacruz2:05:35
10Carter Hovey (Canada) Mbc/Orbea/Smp2:07:22
11Sönke Wegner (Germany) World Of Mtb2:09:05
12Paris Basson (Australia) Rocky Mountain/Magellan Gps2:14:23
13Eric Goodwin (Canada) Republic Bicycles2:23:08
14Aaron Wilson (United States) Team Crutch2:28:12
15Christopher Kelly (United States) Evergreen Cycling2:38:07
16Dave Vunic (Canada) Team Dave2:51:59
17Robb Parsons (United States) Outfitters / Wells Fargo3:10:18
18Alexandre Frappier (Canada) Opus Ogc3:30:54
19Jeff Blair (Canada) Ryders Eyewear / Louis Garneau / Continental Tires3:37:07
20Andreas Hestler (Canada) Rocky Mountain Bikes3:39:52
21Kevin Noiles (Canada) Sunday Best Racing3:41:26
22Hugo Bardou (Canada) Xprezo-Borsao3:43:39
23Simon Lamond (Canada) Team Simon3:59:07
24Erik Bakke (Canada) Deadgoat Racing4:01:59
25Nathan Spencer (Australia) On The Go Racing4:31:10
26Dominik Hug (Switzerland) Www.Bikeschule-Olten.Ch4:32:54
27Sam Whittingham (Canada) Naked Bicycles4:35:43
28Joe Schwartz (Canada) Kona Bikes4:47:16
29Jeff Jacobson (United States) Team Jeff5:13:58
30Justin Matthews (Australia) Team Justin5:29:39
31Colin Izzard (United States) Carmichael Training5:35:51
32Eric Goss (Canada) East Infection 26:08:25
33David Durette (Canada) Team David6:09:01
34Mark Liedtke (Germany) Harambee/Pedaliero6:10:32
35Andrew Janke (Australia) Team Andrew6:21:16
36Roland Benesocky (Canada) Sorca6:26:33
37Gustavo Astolphi (Brazil) Pedal Urbano - Green Machine6:30:25
38Gerardo Lopez Orendain (Mexico) Tarahumara6:32:24
39Martin Gisler (Switzerland) Bikefrog.Ch6:42:24
40Brendan Kealey (United States) Iowa City Cycling Club6:57:35
41Adam Walker (New Zealand) Team Adam7:02:12
42Marty Blades (Canada) Team Marty7:11:41
43Alejandro Carriedo (Mexico) Guadalupanos7:20:58
44Jason Swackhamer (Australia) Team Jason7:22:54
45Joshua Fonner (United States) Roam Life7:29:52
46Oscar Dorantes (Mexico) Tribu7:33:06
47Stefan Kendel (Canada) Bruce's Cycle Works7:36:06
48Walker Jackson (United States) Bicycle Tech/ Eleven Madison Park7:37:08
49Piers Buck (Hong Kong) Team Piers7:48:38
50Grant Williams (South Africa) Epic Sports Cycle Shop8:08:15
51Joel Tate (Australia) Freo De Janeiro8:12:35
52Paul Martin (Canada) Team Paul8:22:00
53Carl Chandler (Canada) 32 Whatever8:39:59
54Guillaume Seyer-Forget (Canada) Gearheads8:52:38
55Samir Salas (Mexico) Trink28:57:17
56Karl Guillotte (Canada) Team Karl9:13:40
57Lawrence Lee (Hong Kong) Cyclone Cycling Club9:20:38
58Hector Dorantes Oâ´Loughlin (Mexico) Tribu9:23:29
59David Cole (Canada) Team Dave9:33:22
60Jason Bryce (Australia) Team Jason9:37:57
61Jean-Francois Cantin (Canada) Team Jean-Francois9:46:54
62Clinton Halsey (South Africa) Wtf9:58:48
63Helmi Müller (South Africa) Bpc Bullet10:08:38
64Daniel Kibble (Australia) Crank D Cycles10:11:23
65Brendan Grundlingh (South Africa) Team Brendan10:12:11
66Patrick Burr (Canada) Just Me10:15:04
67Aaron Ufferman (United States) Team Aaron10:30:03
68Christopher Poulin (Canada) Team Christopher10:31:48
69Scott Mccallum (Canada) Team Scott10:32:15
70Graeme Street (United States) Cyclo-Core10:46:32
71Bevin Reith (Canada) Lapdogs Cycling Club10:50:02
72Trevor Greene (Canada) Team Trevor11:04:38
73Stefan Wright (Australia) Team Stefan11:10:30
74Chris Durand (Canada) Team Chris11:12:00
75Matt Bilbey (Canada) Ea Sports11:16:52
76Cory Krock (Canada) Bicisport11:30:41
77Dirk Funken (Netherlands) Team Dirk11:50:03
78Matt Oreilly (United States) Trailspring11:59:39
79Ben Otto (United States) Team Ben11:59:49
80Chris Wan (Hong Kong) Team Chris12:07:13
81Trevor Anderson (Canada) Bicisport12:08:06
82Daryl Ternowski (Canada) Team Daryl12:18:18
83Juan Pablo De Aguinaga A (Mexico) Trink212:22:24
84Martin Koran (United States) Sbrc12:27:23
85Guillermo De La Vega (Mexico) Team Guillermo12:39:35
86Colin Maynard (Canada) Team Colin12:46:15
87Johannes Mcdonald (Canada) Team Johannes12:52:08
88Eoin Nield (Australia) Pmb Club13:50:54
89Chad Vowles (Australia) Team Chad13:52:38
90Rohan Vowles (Australia) Team Rohan13:54:58
91Francisco Zermeno (Mexico) Francisco Zermeno13:57:56
92Thomas Walton (United States) Progressive Trail Design14:29:41
93Carlos Garcia (Mexico) Team Carlos14:45:41
94Nathan Woodruff (United States) Trailspring14:48:01
95Felix De Leon Ramirez (Mexico) Halcones14:48:34
96Jesus Vigil (Mexico) Halcones14:49:12
97Eduardo Pieck (Mexico) Venados Cb Gdl14:53:35
98Eduardo Morales (Mexico) Diamond Adventure14:54:47
99Rodrigo Galvez (Mexico) Venados Cb Gdl14:55:07
100Benito Canales (Mexico) Halcones14:56:01
101Archibaldo Dorantes Vazquez A (Mexico) Tiburones14:57:46
102Rotsen Villabon (Venezuela) Team Rotsen15:28:40
103Phil Mowatt (Canada) Ccn15:41:45
104Eduardo Gras (United States) Guadalupano15:43:18
105Charles Rowbotham (United Kingdom) Team Charles15:48:47
106Jose Jaime (Mexico) Team Jose15:50:05
107Robin Simpson (Australia) Team Robin15:53:10
108Bernardo Martinez-Negrete (Mexico) Team Bernardo15:54:20
109Augusto Alvarez (Mexico) Lobos Del Desierto16:24:30
110Werner Hattingh (South Africa) Team Werner16:30:15
111Luis Alarcon Yturbide (Mexico) Team Luis16:58:28
112Reto Schuetz (Switzerland) The Long And The Short17:02:23
113Juan Gonzalez (Mexico) Diamond Adventure17:06:00
114Marco Monsivais (Mexico) Titanes Cycling Team17:09:53
115Marco Cavicchioli (United States) Cometi17:12:10
116Santiago Mariscal (Mexico) Team Santiago17:22:45
117Scott Sissons (Canada) Team Scott17:31:42
118Jorge Parra (Mexico) Tiburones18:23:40
119Manuel Romo (Mexico) Team Manuel18:34:28
120Rodolfo Lopez Orendain (Mexico) Tarahumara18:47:53
121Marcel Borges (United States) Ccs18:53:49
122Jesus Michel (Mexico) Fr Team19:01:01
123Javier Soto (Mexico) Trink219:22:45
124Joaquin Lopez Orendain (Mexico) Tarahumara19:26:46
125Tom Cockerton (Australia) Team Tom19:29:02
126Chris Flood (Ireland) Team Floody19:51:47
127Josue Rodriguez (Mexico) Halcones20:07:20
128Luis Peralta (Mexico) Trink220:09:34
129Juan Carlos Gonzalez (Mexico) Tuiburones20:29:40
130Ken Leahy (Canada) Okanagan Spring20:52:06
131Shaun Leahy (Canada) Team Shaun
132Jean-Pierre Viljoen (Canada) Team Jean-Pierre20:52:16
133Grant Noble (South Africa) Visualedge21:11:01
134Gerardo Padilla Garza (Mexico) Halcones De Saltillo21:11:03
135Steven Benats (Belgium) Delhaize21:17:15
136Maximo Borges (United States) Ccs22:01:03
137Alejandro Maldonado (Mexico) Trink222:10:54
138Ernesto Ortiz (Mexico) Fr Team23:03:18
139Carlos Fernandez (United States) Team Carlos23:17:54
140Hernan Grosbard (United States) Team G23:26:17
141Guillermo Martínez (Venezuela) Team Guillermo23:52:14
142Fabian Lopez Narro (Mexico) Halcones25:04:29
143Jose Humberto Davila (Mexico) Halcones De Saltillo25:18:31
144Juan Ignacio Garcia Narro (Mexico) Halcones25:19:29

Solo women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wendy Simms (Canada) Kona19:34:58
2Kim Hurst (New Zealand) Mud Cycles0:17:24
3Trish Grajczyk (Canada) Deadgoat Racing0:55:17
4Annika Bergman (Switzerland) Craft Rocky Mountain Team1:52:15
5Kari Bråtveit (Norway) Tvk2:08:10
6Sarah Olner (Canada) Team Sarah3:33:46
7Sarah Seads (Canada) Elm3:46:44
8Kelly Geisheimer (Canada) Team Kelly3:59:08
9Ana Paula Guerrero (Mexico) Tribu4:19:15
10Ashlie Angel (United States) Team Ashlie4:51:04
11Jaclyn Schapel (Australia) Liv/Giant Australia5:03:55
12Sierra Van Der Meer (Canada) Team Sierra6:08:22
13Adrienne Miller (Canada) Team Adrienne6:29:21
14Angela Sucich (United States) Sturdy Bitch Racing6:55:26
15Katie Jackson (United States) Sturdy Bitch Racing7:15:16
16Tara Geach (Canada) Team Tara7:30:06
17Kristie Fogarty (New Zealand) Coffee Culture8:10:36
18Charmaine Lightfoot (Canada) Bc Ferries8:59:31
19Adrienne Bee Lane (United States) Sturdy Bitch Racing12:46:01
20Anthea William (Australia) Team Anthea14:34:25
21Christine Perigen (United States) Roam Life15:08:06
22Elizabeth Frame (United States) Team Elizabeth19:33:12
23Tracy Kendrick (United States) Team Tracy27:35:30

Solo masters men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Knoop (United States) Motor Mile Racing18:49:40
2Ian Smith (Canada) Miva0:10:05
3Robin Bråtveit (Norway) Tvk0:20:34
4Stuart Horak (Canada) Team Stuart0:45:23
5Erik Keniston (United States) Single Track1:08:07
6Roger Foco (United States) Bicycle Tech Racing1:08:57
7Chann Mcrae (United States) 787 Racing1:28:03
8Huib De Roo (Canada) Team Huib1:52:41
9John Munger (United States) Loppet Nordic Racing1:57:46
10Davin Carlson (Canada) Alberni Valley Riders1:58:28
11Stephen Ball (Canada) Team Stephen2:15:00
12Chris Mckillican (Canada) Chrismckillican.Com2:24:40
13Peter Clayton (Australia) Cyclery Northside Specailized2:29:25
14Dave Crewe (Canada) Ei3 Inc.2:36:17
15Vanni Balboni (Italy) Green Devils Team2:39:42
16Bryan Baker (Canada) Team Baker2:51:43
17Derick Berry (Canada) Fernie Central Reservations2:55:25
18Richard Humphries (Canada) Maple Ridge Cycle3:26:00
19Brian Lahiffe (Canada) Team Brian3:30:23
20Marc Kazimirski (Canada) Kazlaw3:32:38
21David Harris (Australia) Regional Financial Solutions3:33:05
22Nicholas Martin (United States) Atlas Cycling Team3:44:46
23Thomas Sulentic (United States) Mercy Specialized3:53:10
24Charles Gauvin (Canada) Deadgoat3:56:35
25Trevor Warne (Canada) Team Trevor4:14:43
26Rene Damy (Mexico) Trink24:24:08
27Aj Power (New Zealand) Ems Power Cookies4:27:45
28Jeff Chan (Hong Kong) Team Jeff4:37:10
29Bill Dossett (United States) No Better4:37:29
30Arama Jillings (Canada) Team Arama4:45:29
31George Herriott (United States) Team George4:53:11
32Richard Usher-Jones (Canada) Team Richard4:56:53
33Carlos Villa (Mexico) Tribu5:07:26
34Luke Angel (United States) Team Luke5:09:55
35William Johnson (United States) Www.Tarrasheart.Com / Fresh Bikes5:17:06
36Alex Primucci (Mexico) Tribu5:36:01
37John Sagebiel (United States) Funk Cycles5:48:54
38Wayne Bernknopf (Canada) Skiis And Bikes6:07:23
39Warren Borlase (New Zealand) Team Warren6:07:53
40Eric Unrau (Canada) Team Eric6:24:39
41Scott Bratt (Canada) Team Scott6:29:43
42Jorge Alarcon (Mexico) Tiburones6:47:44
43Oscar Velazco (Mexico) Diamond Adventure7:02:01
44Alvaro Chavez (Mexico) Trink27:25:26
45Felipe Basich (Mexico) Tribu8:26:33
46Luis Carcoba (Mexico) Tribu8:27:11
47Gonzalo Reyes (United States) Concretti8:28:57
48Paul Young (United States) Team Paul8:33:32
49Jeremy Black (Canada) Team Jeremy8:48:25
50Jeff Smyth (Canada) Team Jeff8:51:23
51Gavin Rigby (United Kingdom) Team Gavin9:19:27
52Luis Miguel Urteaga (Mexico) Diamond Adventure9:37:46
53Joe Little (Canada) Marlboro Racing Team9:44:38
54Pedro Gonzalez (Mexico) Trink29:53:49
55Dan Hubbard (United States) Middle Age Bros10:23:52
56Rodrigo Gomez (Mexico) Bofin 110:32:57
57Andy Crane (United Kingdom) Team Andy10:41:20
58Mike Mccabe (Canada) Ea Sports11:00:27
59Jamie Mitchell (Canada) Team Jamie11:47:54
60Luis Siller (Mexico) Halcones De Saltillo11:49:52
61Dominic Pliszka (United Kingdom) Team Dominic11:53:17
62Jerry Raduy (Canada) Team Jerry12:02:16
63Mark Richards (United Kingdom) Team Mark12:16:51
64Rafael Gonzalez (Mexico) Diamond Adventure12:28:15
65Jorge Chapa (Mexico) Team Jorge12:30:45
66Shaun Ledgerwood (United Kingdom) Team Shaun12:37:56
67Andres Garza (Mexico) Halcones12:47:50
68John Kafrouni (United States) Rebound12:53:43
69Richard Proctor (South Africa) Sd613:21:16
70Colm Flood (Canada) Team Colm13:22:53
71Marco A Breceda (Mexico) La Primavera13:35:45
72Jose Robles (Mexico) Trink213:54:55
73Wai Ming Haston Liu (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Non Stop13:55:15
74Chris Redden (Canada) Pedal Magazine13:56:52
75Eddie Wong (Hong Kong) Team Eddie14:07:15
76Graham Girdwood (South Africa) Will I Am14:11:24
77Vernon Felton (United States) Team Sloth14:13:40
78Juan Luis Martinez Flores (Mexico) Chiapas Mexico14:27:22
79Eddie Keturakis (United States) Team Eddie14:46:49
80Bryan Mathisen (United States) Team Bryan14:52:49
81Cassio Roberto Schunck (Brazil) Team Cassio Roberto15:02:02
82Cesar Herrera (Mexico) Choco's Bike Club15:03:28
83David Ariano (Canada) Team David15:27:07
84Marcio Lima (Brazil) Goiabada Power15:35:29
85Todd Hedquist (Canada) Team Todd15:36:40
86Bill Ogier (New Zealand) Team Bill15:40:47
87Eugene Sepke (Canada) Fvmba/Kazlaw Award15:53:17
88Martin Diaz (United States) Ferrominio16:03:58
89Kevin Young (Australia) Team Kevin16:07:43
90Chad Hooper (Canada) Team Chad16:17:22
91Jose Luis Del Bosque (Mexico) Halcones Saltillo16:24:30
92Mark Owen (Canada) Team Mark16:27:25
93Tim Peper (Canada) Mark Owen
94Michael Mchugh (Canada) Taws Cycle And Sports17:42:50
95Erik Holmlund (Canada) Xea17:54:31
96Lorne Kraft (Canada) Auto Kraft17:56:44
97Jorge Miranda (Mexico) Trink218:50:51
98Ruben Ibarra (Mexico) Tribu19:10:54
99Diego Valenzuela (Mexico) Bofin 119:25:36
100Mike Morten (Canada) Team Mike20:23:45
101James Bentley (Canada) Team James21:02:10
103Craig Raynes (India) Bums On The Saddle5:04:31

Solo masters women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carey Mark (Canada) Steed Cycles21:16:30
2Jen Mcrae (United States) 787 Racing4:29:57
3Susan Prater (New Zealand) Team Susan12:03:27
4Kathy Malvern (United States) Fischer Plumbing Racing12:56:17
5Diana Munger (United States) Loppet Nordic Racing13:32:33
6Lai Han Dennex Lui (Hong Kong) Team Lai Han Dennex15:57:41
7Susan Clementson (United States) Sturdy Bitch Racing16:11:53
8Wendy Lorena Chan Landeros (Mexico) Sinaloa Bikes16:42:15

Solo veteran men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ted Russo (Canada) Openroad Auto Group18:30:41
2Jeff Odom (United States) Team Crutch2:50:45
3Ian Cartwright (United Kingdom) Liteoption4:21:47
4Ron Faithfull (United States) Pro Wheel Builders Las Vegas4:59:37
5John Skrypnyk (Canada) Team John5:36:57
6Van Council (United States) Michael Racers6:30:14
7Greg Irwin (Canada) Team Greg7:25:52
8Eduardo Llach (United States) Menlo Bike Club7:40:09
9Mario Quiroz (Mexico) Diamond Adventure7:58:03
10David Burke (United States) Team David8:20:43
11James Szarko (Canada) Team James8:49:02
12Bob Faulkner (Canada) Gypsy Van9:05:31
13Richard Dustan (Canada) Gypsy Wagon Racing9:05:38
14Jorge R Schiller Azcona (Mexico) Team Jorge R9:58:19
15Rick Vezzoli (Chile) Team Rick10:13:31
16Jez Scarratt (United Kingdom) One Legged & Ok11:07:58
17Jean-Charles Ouellet (Canada) Ind12:34:10
18Octavio Urrea (Mexico) Diamond Adventure12:34:39
19Eric Fourmentin (Belgium) Team Eric12:55:32
20Richard Keene (New Zealand) Team Richard12:59:29
21Ivan Tarriba (Mexico) Team Ivan15:26:39
22Ian Hogg (United Kingdom) Ian Hogg16:27:14
23Mark Rowbotham (United Kingdom) Team Mark17:31:01
24Miguel Angel Zamora (Mexico) Team Miguel Angel18:30:45
25Luis Espinoza (Mexico) Team Luis11:51:08

Duo men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Calhoun (Canada) and Greg Day (Canada) Rocky Mountain Factory17:48:21
2Christoph Listmann (Germany) and Michael Anthes (Germany) Bike Magazin0:49:03
3Nick Gould (United States) and Miles Venzara (United States) Ska/Zia/Trek2:05:30
4Paul Newnham (United Kingdom) and Oliver Young (United Kingdom) Clif Bar - Uk2:42:45
5Christoph Zimmermann (Germany) and Tobias Zaehringer (Germany) Craft - Rocky Mountain 13:20:26
6Felipe Guelfi (Uruguay) and Alexis Cuello (Uruguay) Uruguay3:37:37
7Carlos Zavarce (Canada) and Wade Simmons (Canada) Wayne And Carlucci4:14:42
8Barry Harris (Canada) and Andre Cordes (South Africa) Epic Sports Sa4:16:24
9Simon Raubenheimer (South Africa) and Gavin Wood (South Africa) Pure Planet4:22:02
10Craig Furlong (Canada) and Bas Van Lankvelt (Canada) Dutch Rudders4:24:41
11Ricardo Carriedo (Mexico) and Carlos Carriedo (Mexico) Guadalupanos4:37:58
12Graham Friesen (Canada) and Kevin Wolting (Canada) Los Burros Locos4:40:24
13Tim Dougherty (United States) and Rich Dillen (United States) Team Dicky5:07:10
14Mateus Merlo Zandona (Brazil) and Juliano Arce Nunes (Brazil) 3Z / Tche Bikers5:23:43
15Oliver Munnik (South Africa) and Simon Munnik (United States) White Knuckle Pinners5:59:45
16Angus Kilpatrick (Canada) and Dave Collins (Canada) Hungover6:18:30
17Trent Theriault (United States) and Bryan Rails (United States) Dirty Hippy6:44:26
18Pascal Knuchel (Switzerland) and Julien Knuchel (Switzerland) Obsolete6:50:30
19Brian Goldman (United States) and Jordan Foss (United States) Stmpwr7:03:03
20Danny Morin (Canada) and William Morin (Canada) Genetik Rechapage20007:48:42
21Christopher Salomone (United States) and Nicholas Mohn (United States) Toyota Forklifts Of Atlanta8:14:33
22Mathieu Tremblay (Canada) and Jeremy Silcox (Canada) Beans & Winners8:46:28
23Santiago Hernandez (Mexico) and Bernardo Gomez Talancon (Mexico) Lobos Del Desierto9:07:43
24Matthew Perry (Canada) and Steve Connor (Canada) Rolling With My Homey9:13:46
25Jeff Simard (Canada) and Kevin Robinson (Canada) Les Chantales10:06:40
26Colin Christie (Canada) and Trevor Mitzel (Canada) Tfh11:25:41
27Bryan Harrison (United States) and Gideon Spitzer-Williams (United States) Etbw11:43:36
28Russell Smith (United Kingdom) and Daniel Wood (United Kingdom) Tangfastics11:44:16
29Emile Bruneau (United States) and Robert Blunt (United States) Dirty Ruckers11:59:07
30Jiri Pavlinec (Czech Republic) and Jiri Rach (Czech Republic) Veskom Czech12:32:48
31David Currie (Australia) and Ryan Emberley (Canada) Winners And Beans 213:45:40
32Paul Such (Switzerland) and Loic Rousselot (Switzerland) Scrt14:54:37
33Michael Bebbington (United Kingdom) and Mark Spicer (United Kingdom) Nucleus Uk15:15:16
34Simon Barrow (United Kingdom) and Peter Sharpe (United Kingdom) People Like Us16:16:58
35Nathan Dovick (Canada) and Jeremy Sproule (Canada) Ground Disturbance16:59:04
36Liam Alexander (Canada) and David Swift (Canada) Leafs17:02:57
37Kirill Chizhov (Russian Federation) and Konstantin Stelmakh (Russian Federation) Feriders18:07:01

Duo women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicole Kuttruff (Germany) and Susanne Rathgeb (Germany) Craft - Rocky Mountain 225:14:57
2Claire Garcia-Webb (Australia) and Rhonda Gardner (New Zealand) Rcbc0:13:09
3Susan Rawley (United States) and Lajuan Kelley (United States) Absolute Exhale6:36:26
4Lauren Ziedonis (United States) and Valerie Vanderpool (United States) Team Nothin But Class9:03:03

Duo mixed final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anke Dannowski (Germany) and Felix Breske (Germany) Kivel:O)25:03:55
2Olivier Blain (Canada) and Sophie Poirier (Canada) Ours Prudent1:23:18
3Michelle Dignon (Canada) and John Dignon (Canada) Digdog Life3:29:57
4Paul Jones (New Zealand) and Vicky Robertson (New Zealand) Chocolate Slice Nz3:30:49
5Karen Rodgers (Canada) and Brad Rodgers (Canada) Bk Team3:50:02
6Alta Kuys (South Africa) and Christian Kuys (South Africa) Mister & Missus Kuys4:13:11
7Thomas Gujer (United States) and Julie Gujer (United States) Way Off Course5:12:31
8Daniel Ferraz (Brazil) and Anisse Chami (Brazil) O'ney7:29:40
9Sue Cox (Australia) and Kirk Pushie (Australia) Team Pivot9:20:53
10Jean-Sebastien Bilodeau (Canada) and Karine Vigneault (Canada) Panoramic Team11:20:44
11Miki Hayase (Japan) and Kiyoshi Nakazawa (Japan) Nakazawa Gym12:07:23
12Gary Fenton (United States) and Beth Weimer (United States) Midwest Off Road Cyclists13:28:17

Duo veterans 80+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Rigel (United States) and Jeff Beltramini (United States) Mafia Racing Nw19:14:04
2Martin Roos (Canada) and Doug Richards (Canada) R&R0:51:51
3Joe Murray (United States) and Robert Woerne (United States) Team Joe Bob0:54:24
4Damon Williams (Canada) and Jay Menning (Canada) Horny Goats1:52:33
5Mike Brewster (Canada) and Brendan Mccracken (Canada) Mitocanada1:56:52
6Thomas Camp (United States) and Piotr Bednarski (United States) Loppet Nordic Racing2:07:13
7Rolf Helfenstein (Switzerland) and Stefan Helfenstein (Switzerland) Twin-Turbo2:28:50
8Niels Ammendrup (Denmark) and Dan Holm (Denmark) E Foqus3:18:57
9Stephen Gagnon (Canada) and Jamie Grimes (Canada) Team Synergy3:58:19
10Ernesto Rivas (Mexico) and Mario Mendoza (Mexico) Guadalupanos14:05:57
11Arlin Pachet (Canada) and Richard Yoshimura (Canada) Payo Racing4:20:04
12Patrick Mcmahon (United States) and Todd Branham (United States) Team North Carolina4:33:15
13Cobus Grobbelaar (Canada) and Werner Gerntholtz (Canada) Carmichael Training Systems/Secret Cycles5:14:12
14Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre (Norway) and George Visser (Canada) Vikings5:20:25
15Lieven Bauwens (Belgium) and Jan De Smet (Belgium) E-Crane5:56:22
16Hilton Guy (South Africa) and Stan Goetsch (South Africa) Team Biogen6:20:28
17John Kaminsky (Canada) and Fred Svicenec (Canada) Lonestars7:06:27
18Jim Rasmussen (United States) and Brian Valverde (United States) Shimano Pearl Izumi7:11:09
19Randy Monds (Canada) and Stacey St. Louis (Canada) Beer Me8:07:29
20Mauricio Martinez (Mexico) and Jose Manuel Munoz (Mexico) Los Guadalupanos8:53:14
21Jamin Davies (Canada) and Aaron Davies (Australia) Cuddles8:57:06
22Barry Murphy (South Africa) and Scott Biddinger (United States) The Outlaws9:07:05
23Rodrigo Pico (Chile) and Jose Gerstle (Chile) Gary Team Sportvillage 19:20:39
24Mauricio Miranda (Mexico) and Alejandro Ibarra (Mexico) Guadalupanos - Repartidores9:43:49
25Michael Kennedy (Canada) and Mark Wrightson (Canada) Mix Masters9:57:35
26Dag Sharman (Canada) and Kyle Stevens (Canada) Team Crotalus10:54:13
27William Deich (United States) and Aaron Deich (United States) The Flying Deichmen10:55:27
28William Magboo (United States) and Chris Dock (United States) Dock-Magboo11:36:06
29Leif Nelson (Brazil) and James Nunnery (United States) Weekend Crashers11:59:38
30Jacques Daigle (Canada) and Jim Hall (Canada) 99 And 3/413:33:33
31Gabriel Del Valle (Mexico) and Carlos Ponce (United States) Guadalupanos Ponce Y Gabo13:46:35
32Fernando Delorenzo (Chile) and Jorge Goldsmith (Chile) Gary Team Sportvillage 214:46:02
33Lai Thutt Foo (Singapore) and Yew Weng Lee (Singapore) 2Ccb21:54:11

Duo veterans 100+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Den Satake (United States) and Chris Urban (United States) Tam Bikes20:59:33
2John Vipiana (United States) and Doug Ott (United States) Happy 50Th1:02:17
3Dwayne Brown (Canada) and Eric Trouillot (Canada) Cento Uno1:03:42
4Darrell Jones (Canada) and Tom Ebbern (Canada) Liveoutthere.Com1:40:01
5Steve Beck (United States) and John Ramsden (Canada) Riding With Andy - Steed Cycles3:09:53
6Graeme Fitch (Canada) and Greg Mcdougall (Canada) Harbour Air6:00:08
7Martin Roy (Canada) and Francois Calletta (Canada) Penthatlon Des Neiges De Quã©Bec6:24:13
8Matthew Cheung (Hong Kong) and Vincent Yim (Hong Kong) Hk1016:39:45
9Bruce Pain (Australia) and Ken Mann (Australia) Regional Financial Solutions12:35:53

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