Powers storms to second US 'cross championship

Trebon earns silver, Johnson bronze in Boulder

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) had spent days pre-riding the course, weeks getting acclimated to Boulder's altitude, and years perfecting his technique and fitness. On Sunday at the US Cyclocross National Championships in Colorado, all Powers had to do was deliver. And deliver he did, sprinting to the holeshot in the first corner and holding the lead for 60 minutes until he had another national title to his name.

"It was an excellent course for me. It dried out perfect," said Powers of the course that was hit with 10 inches of snow just days before. "It had a lot of off-cambers, a lot of tricky, fast, tight turns. It suited me perfect." With a headwind blasting straight down on the field through the opening straight, Powers blasted off the line, head down.

"[The plan was] to go off instinct, do as much as I could in the beginning, see what happened and never look back," Power said. "I had a perfect day." Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld's Ryan Trebon used his long legs and mountain bike finesse to track down Powers towards the end of the first lap, but he yo-yoed from being right on the wheel to being a bike length or two off until Powers finally snapped the elastic.

"That was hard!" a gassed but smiling Trebon said at the finish. "Jeremy was going fast from the start. He had a little more bass than I did the whole race. I was just hanging on. I felt good – good enough for second. Jeremy was just on it. He was riding really good, just smooth."
Held at the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, the course was split in two, with sharp elevation gains in the first half and a flatter, serpentine track in the second half. Powers ran up the 24 wooden steps of the tall 5280 staircase, his bike held ‘suitcase' style at his side.

The taller Trebon would throw his bike over his shoulder, galloping up behind. Course organizers built a vicious, off-camber, curving descent off the top of the course after the stairs. Dubbed "Pete's Plunge," the section tore more than a couple tubulars off their rims throughout the week of racing, and caused scores of riders to slip out earlier in the week after 10 inches of snow blanketed the course. On Sunday in dry conditions, Pete's Plunge still claimed a few victims, and even Powers and Trebon would often stick a leg out as they railed around the steep, tufted corner.

'Cross veteran Tim Johnson (Cannondale-Cyclocross) had a disastrous start, getting knocked out of his pedal a split second after the gun fired. While his competitors sprinted up the dirt road, Johnson stuttered, pawing at his pedal to get going again. "It was huge. A start like that, it is so important. My foot that was already in the pedal got knocked out by the front wheel of somebody next to me. So there I was, no gas, no power. It took me a full lap to get back up to where I was," Johnson said. "The gap was already there. Obviously those guys were riding so strong, putting time on me every lap, so it's not like I lost the race because of that. Jeremy and Ryan are definitely the worthy top two riders today."

Johnson is a rarity in North America as a professional cyclocross racer; all the other top 'cross names in the US race road or mountainprofessionally. Johnson did hail from road, however, spending time on American and European squads.

Defending national champion Jonathan Page (Fuji-Spy Optics) was in contention early — joining Johnson and Allen Krughoff (Raleigh-Clement) in a second-lap pursuit of Powers and Trebon — but he faded to eventually finish sixth, 2:51 behind Powers. "Tim Johnson slipped out of his pedal, came over on me, so I was behind at the beginning. I never recovered from that really," Page said at the finish. "I tried my best. That's all I could do today."

Krughoff's Raleigh-Clement teammate Jamey Driscoll linked up with him in the closing laps, and the paired team time trialed through the wind, which was gusting up to 35mph/56kph. "It was really about straight-up fitness today," Driscoll said. "I was hoping to be up with (Powers and Trebon), but I don't know how I could have done that based on how I rode and how fast those guys were going."

Krughoff, who was enjoying his best-ever nationals finish, was laughing at the finish about the chaotic start. "There were guys slipping pedals, guys coming into each other. There was a lot of tension in the first straight away, since guys know what happens once gaps are established," Krughoff said. "I felt like I was flying into the Death Star with stuff flying all around me."

For Powers, an East Coast rider, his preparation time invested in coming to Colorado early had paid dividends. "I had come here, and I had ran the stairs 1,000 times. I had hit that off-camber 20 times before we got out here," Powers said. "I know how much I can gain from being at altitude. Being here early was definitely key for me to win today. It was a bit of a sacrifice to be away from home for three weeks, but in the end it paid off." As with his compatriot Katie Compton, Powers will be taking his new stars-and-stripes skinsuit to the Worlds in Netherlands. 


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremy Powers (Rapha Focus)0:59:16 
2Ryan Trebon (Cannondale pb Cyclocrossworld)0:00:43 
3Timothy Johnson (Cannondale pb Cyclocrossworld)0:01:36 
4James Driscoll (Raleigh Clement)0:02:32 
5Allen Krughoff (Raleigh Clement)  
6Jonathan Page (Fuji/Spyoptics)0:02:51 
7Daniel Summerhill (K-Edge/Felt)0:03:28 
8Justin Lindine (Team Redline)  
9Tristan Schouten (UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kell)0:03:53 
10Troy Wells (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:04:41 
11Kerry Werner (Mock Orange Bikes)0:04:49 
12Anthony Clark (JAM Fund/NCC)0:04:50 
13Jake Wells (Stans Notubes Elite Cyclocross)0:05:04 
14Barry Wicks (Kona)0:05:20 
15Russell Stevenson (Voler)0:05:32 
16Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC)0:05:33 
17Robert Marion (American Classic Pro CX Team)0:05:54 
18Jeremy Durrin (UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kell)0:05:57 
19Tim Allen (Feedback Sports Racing)0:06:10 
20Bryan Alders (Marin Bikes)0:06:30 
21Joseph Maloney (Team Wisconsin)0:07:03 
22Braden Kappius (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:08:11 
23Christopher Case (Boulder Cycle Sport)- 2 laps 
24William Iaia (Groove Subaru Excel Sports)  
25Steven Stefko (Fort Collins Cycling Team)  
26Daniel Chabanov (Connecticut Yankee BC)  
27Jake Sitler (SEAVS/Haymarket)  
28Joseph Clemenzi (Sports Garage Cycling)  
29Kevin Bradford-Parish (SET coaching/Specialized)  
30Erik Tonkin (Kona)  
31Spencer Powlison (Evol Elite Racing)  
32Dan Timmerman (Connecticut Yankee BC)  
33Taylor Carrington (Feedback Sports Racing)  
34Alex Ryan (Mock Orange Bikes)  
35Jared Nieters (SEAVS/Haymarket)  
36Mitchell Hoke (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg)  
37Jerome Townsend (BikeReg.com/Cannondale)  
38Corey Stelljes (Racers Against Childhood Cancer)  
39Walton Brush (MASH SF)  
40Greg Krause (Groove Subaru Excel Sports)  
41Michael Burleigh (Primal - Audi Denver)  
42Nicholas Lemke (Scalo Veloce)  
43Michael Wilk (3D Racing)  
44Innokenty Zavyalov (Minnesota Cycling Team)  
45Adam St Germain (ENGVT)  
46Eric Thompson (Mt. Borah Epic Team)  
47Ken Benesh (Evol Elite Racing)- 3 laps 
48Troy Heithecker (Roosters/Bikers Edge-UT)  
49Jason Sager (Angry Catfish)  
50Bryson Perry (DNA Cycling)  
51Alex Work (Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobst)  
52Scott Chapin (BicycleBlueBook/HRS/Rocklobster)  
53Mark Flis (The X-Men)  
54Andrew Reardon (Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross)  
55Josh Whitney (Evol Elite Racing)  
56Jay Strothman  
57John Klish (Feedback Sports Racing)  
58Nicholas Keough (Keough Cyclocross)  
59Evan Murphy (NYC Velo/The Cannibal)  
60Shawn Harshman (Boulder Cycle Sport)- 4 laps 
61Josh Bauer (Hollywood Cycles)  
62Russell Finsterwald (SRAM Factory)  
63Kacey Campbell 0  
64Paul Lugar (Boulder Running Company Cycling)  
65Grant Holicky (Evol Elite Racing)  
66Jp Brocket (Ethos Racing)  
67Robbie Jones (Hastle Free Sports)  
68Andrew Loaiza (Rocky Mountain Road Club)  
69Shadd Smith (KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team)  
70Brett Pirie (Groove Subaru Excel Sports)  
71Mike Friedberg (Yellow Belly)  
72Brad Neagos (Natural Grocers Cycling Team)  
73Brian Lehman (Simple Racing)  
74Nathan Brown (Bontrager Cycling Team)  
75Matt Davies (Boulder Cycle Sport)  
76Dylan Postier (Team Undiscovered)  
77Nick Schaffner (Marc Pro - Strava)  
78Tom Horrocks (The X-Men)- 5 laps 
79Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation)  
80Aaron Bouplon (Bicycle Racing Association of C)  
81Eric Lundgren (JBV Coaching)  
82Brian Hludzinski (Boulder Cycle Sport)  
83Adam Finck (Team Velocity Bike Shop)  
84Todd Cassan  
85Kelly Nowels (Ravenna Capital Management)  
86Marcus Bush (Synergy)  
87Kailin Waterman (Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobst)  
88Jonathan Delacey (Durango Wheel Club)  
89Chance Cooke (Great Northern Cycling Club)  
90Eric Nelson (Mudfoot)  
91Jw Miller (Erik's Bike Club/Eriks Bike Sho)  
92Michael Garrett (Massachusetts Institute of Tech)  
93Scott Arnold (Athlete Octane)  
94Michael James (Prima Tappa Cycling)  
95Jim Gentes (Buy-Cell.com)  
96Jordan Nguyen (Team Super Awesome)  
97Josh Weis (Colavita Racing Inc.)- 7 laps 
DNSBen Cross (Austinbikes/Revenant)  
DNSJustin Doll (The X-Men)  
DNSCraig Faulkner (Crossniacs)  
DNSBrian Finnerty (California Giant Cycling)  
DNSJohn Flack (CBC Racing)  
DNSJustin Healy (Ski Utah|Plan 7)  
DNSMichael Lackey (Birmingham Velo)  
DNSBrandon Melott (Team Soundpony)  
DNSAndre-Paul Michaud (Durango Wheel Club)  
DNSWiley Mosley (Team Super Awesome)  
DNSAdam Myerson (UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Moun)  
DNSColby Pearce  
DNSMichael Robson (Moots)  
DNSDavid Sheek (SDG Felt)  
DNSJason Siegle (SDG Felt)  
DNSChristopher Smith (The Fix Studio)  
DNSDavid Weber (Team Kappius)  
DNSTodd Wells (Specialized Factory Racing)  
DNFRobert Berghel (Village Volkswagon)  
DNFRonald Glowczynski (BikeFlights)  
DNFHunter Keating (Harmony Systems Pro Cycling)  
DNFQuinn Keogh (Harmony Systems Pro Cycling)  
DNFJeff Kluck (Queen City Cycling)  
DNFZach Mcdonald (Rapha-Focus)  
DNFShawn Milne (Keough Cyclocross)  
DNFPaul Rapinz (Boulder Running Company Cycling)  

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