Mohoric wins U23 men's road race world championship

Meintjes earns silver while Enger sprints to bronze medal

A year after he took silver and gold at Valkenburg in the junior men's time trial and road race world championships, Slovenian Matej Mohoric claimed gold again, but this time with a solo win in the U23 men's road race.

Due to turn pro with Cannondale next year, the 18-year-old Slovenian proved that he is more than ready for the step up into cycling's top league as he rode a near-faultless race at Florence.

Saving his energy through the first five of seven laps of the circuit, Mohoric bridged across to France's Tour de L'Avenir stage winner Julian Alaphilippe on the second last lap then dropped the Frenchman on the last ascent of the Fiesole climb for a solo challenge.

Riding to his considerable strengths as a descender, the lankily built Mohoric opened up the throttle on the technical, fast drop off the Fiesole back down into Florence, creating a gap of 28 seconds by the time the road flattened out.

Behind the chase, initially led by the Italians, spluttered and fizzled fitfully into some sort of life as Mohoric, often in view ahead on the longer straights, continued to plough onwards regardless, only for the pursuit to die away again as riders took their own chances here and there.

The only one that succeeded in actually going clear was South African Louis Meintjes, and on the second, shorter, punchier climb of the Via Salvati, Mohoric came painfully close to being caught by his nearest pursuer.

But the summit of the 600-metre ascent came too soon for Meintjes to close the gap definitively, and Mohoric's ultra-fast descending - clipping the corners perfectly and wrapped around the top tube - helped the gap widen again.

With 400 metres of the 172.3-kilometre course left to race, the penny dropped with Mohoric that barring divine intervention with a capital "D", the victory was in the bag, and he slowed slightly to allow himself to savour the moment. After raising his arm skywards one last time, the Slovenian crossed the line with three seconds on Meintjes, whilst Norway's Sonder Enger led in the tiny front bunch of 17 chasers 13 seconds later for bronze.

Full Results

U23 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Matej Mohoric (Slovenia) 4:20:18  
2 Louis Meintjes (South Africa) 0:00:03  
3 Sondre H Enger (Norway) 0:00:13  
4 Caleb Ewan (Australia)    
5 Toms Skujins (Latvia)    
6 Davide Villella (Italy)    
7 Dylan Van Baarle (Netherlands)    
8 Silvio Herklotz (Germany)    
9 Julian Alaphilippe (France)    
10 Patrick Konrad (Austria)    
11 Clement Chevrier (France)    
12 Jan Hirt (Czech Republic)    
13 Nathan Brown (United States Of America)    
14 Frederico Figueiredo (Portugal)    
15 Merhawi Kudus Ghebremedhin (Eritrea)    
16 Odd Christian Eiking (Norway)    
17 Simon Yates (Great Britain)    
18 Sebastian Henao Gomez (Colombia)    
19 Adam Yates (Great Britain)    
20 Ilia Koshevoy (Belarus) 0:00:16  
21 Flavien Dassonville (France) 0:00:45  
22 Ildar Arslanov (Russian Federation) 0:00:52  
23 Felix Grossschartner (Austria) 0:00:53  
24 Stefan Rabitsch (Austria)    
25 Jasper Stuyven (Belgium) 0:01:14  
26 Jasha Sutterlin (Germany) 0:01:25  
27 Stefan Kueng (Switzerland)    
28 Karel Hnik (Czech Republic)    
29 Adrien Chenaux (Switzerland)    
30 Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kazakhstan) 0:01:27  
31 Adam Phelan (Australia)    
32 Zico Waeytens (Belgium) 0:01:30  
33 Tanner Putt (United States Of America) 0:01:39  
34 Andrea Zordan (Italy) 0:01:45  
35 Daniel Alexander Jaramillo Diez (Colombia) 0:02:27  
36 Magnus Cort Nielsen (Denmark) 0:02:33  
37 Mike Teunissen (Netherlands)    
38 Sjors Roosen (Netherlands)    
39 Gregor Muhlberger (Austria)    
40 Emanuel Piaskowy (Poland)    
41 Daniil Fominykh (Kazakhstan)    
42 Louis Vervaeke (Belgium)    
43 Derk Abel Beckeringh (Netherlands)    
44 Frayre Moctezuma Eder (Mexico)    
45 Lukasz Wisniowski (Poland)    
46 Antoine Duchesne (Canada)    
47 Tilegen Maidos (Kazakhstan)    
48 Luis Enrique Davila (Mexico)    
49 Cristian Raileanu (Republic of Moldova)    
50 Damien Howson (Australia) 0:02:42  
51 Bjørn Tore Nilsen Hoem (Norway) 0:03:18  
52 James Oram (New Zealand) 0:04:14  
53 Fredrik S Galta (Norway)    
54 Tiesj Benoot (Belgium)    
55 Facundo Lezica (Argentina)    
56 Fredrik Ludvigsson (Sweden) 0:05:27  
57 Alexis Gougeard (France) 0:06:36  
58 Alberto Bettiol (Italy)    
59 Davide Formolo (Italy)    
60 Michael Valgren Andersen (Denmark)    
61 Roman Katyrin (Russian Federation) 0:06:52  
62 Juan Ernesto Chamorro Chitan (Colombia)    
63 Natnael Berhane (Eritrea)    
64 Johann Van Zyl (South Africa) 0:07:07  
65 Ruben Fernandez Andujar (Spain) 0:08:06  
66 Mikhail Akimov (Russian Federation) 0:08:40  
67 Gennady Tatarinov (Russian Federation)    
68 Emanuel Buchmann (Germany)    
69 Nicolae Tanovitchii (Republic of Moldova)    
70 Emiel Dolfsma (Netherlands) 0:10:49  
71 Simon Pellaud (Switzerland) 0:11:10  
72 Heiner Rodrigo Parra Bustamente (Colombia)    
73 Kristian Haugaard Jensen (Denmark)    
74 Patryk Stosz (Poland) 0:11:40  
75 Issak Tesfom Okubamariam (Eritrea) 0:14:45  
76 Rick Zabel (Germany) 0:15:24  
77 Dion Smith (New Zealand)    
78 Jaka Bostner (Slovenia)    
79 Emils Liepins (Latvia) 0:15:54  
80 Erik Baska (Slovakia) 0:16:08  
81 Marlen Zmorka (Ukraine)    
82 Ihar Mytsko (Belarus)    
83 Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spain) 0:16:10  
84 Mario Gonzalez Salas (Spain)    
DNF Roy Goldstein (Israel)    
DNF Yoav Bear (Israel)    
DNF Rene Corella (Mexico)    
DNF Henry Velasco (Ecuador)    
DNF Peeter Tarvis (Estonia)    
DNF Emil Vinjebo (Denmark)    
DNF Kolya Shumov (Belarus)    
DNF Ait El Abdia Anass (Morocco)    
DNF Maxat Ayazbayev (Kazakhstan)    
DNF Awet Ghebremedhin (Eritrea)    
DNF Meron Teshome Hagos (Eritrea)    
DNF Uladzislau Dubovski (Belarus)    
DNF Oskar Svendsen (Norway)    
DNF Olivier Le Gac (France)    
DNF Nick Van Der Lijke (Netherlands)    
DNF Julio Marcelo Paspuezan Carlozama (Ecuador)    
DNF Mikel Iturria Segurola (Spain)    
DNF Lawson Craddock (United States Of America)    
DNF Sven Erik Bystrøm (Norway)    
DNF Edward Theuns (Belgium)    
DNF Nathan Wilson (United States Of America)    
DNF Haritz Orbe Urrutia (Spain)    
DNF Alistair Slater (Great Britain)    
DNF Campbell Flakemore (Australia)    
DNF Bradley Linfield (Australia)    
DNF Zhandos Bizhigitov (Kazakhstan)    
DNF Ariel Sivori (Argentina)    
DNF Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay (Ethiopia)    
DNF Tim Mikelj (Slovenia)    
DNF Samuel Spokes (Australia)    
DNF Richard Carapaz (Ecuador)    
DNF Andzs Flaksis (Latvia)    
DNF Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier (France)    
DNF Joseph Perret (Great Britain)    
DNF Owain Doull (Great Britain)    
DNF Mark Dzamastagic (Slovenia)    
DNF Brayan Stiven Ramirez Chacon (Colombia)    
DNF Eduardo Sepulveda (Argentina)    
DNF Michele Scartezzini (Italy)    
DNF Jovan Zekavica (Serbia)    
DNF Milos Borisavljevic (Serbia)    
DNF Johannes Weber (Germany)    
DNF Eduard Michael Grosu (Romania)    
DNF Burr Ho (Hong Kong, China)    
DNF Pedro Rodriguez (Ecuador)    
DNF Feritcan Samli (Turkey)    
DNF Samir Jabrayilov (Azerbaijan)    
DNF Adil Barbari (Algeria)    
DNF Kim Magnusson (Sweden)    
DNF Maxim Rusnac (Republic of Moldova)    
DNF Marcus Faglum-Karlsson (Sweden)    
DNF Gavin Mannion (United States Of America)    
DNF Haddi Soufiane (Morocco)    
DNF Josef Cerny (Czech Republic)    
DNF Josef Hosek (Czech Republic)    
DNF Lukas Postlberger (Austria)    
DNF Dieter Bouvry (Belgium)    
DNF Mraouni Salah (Morocco)    
DNF Alexander Foliforov (Russian Federation)    
DNF Hichem Kab (Algeria)    
DNF Ben Einhorn (Israel)    
DNF Mekseb Debesay (Eritrea)    
DNF Zoltan Sipos (Romania)    
DNF David Dvorsky (Czech Republic)    
DNF Lubos Malovec (Slovakia)    
DNF Nassim Saidi (Algeria)    
DNF Carlos Eduardo Quisphe-Quishpe (Ecuador)    
DNF Ido Zilberstien (Israel)    
DNF Krists Neilands (Latvia)    
DNF Alex Frame (New Zealand)    
DNF Christopher Jennings (South Africa)    
DNF Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)    
DNF Michael Kolar (Slovakia)    
DNF Juraj Lajcha (Slovakia)    
DNF Asbjørn Kragh Andersen (Denmark)    
DNF Andris Vosekalns (Latvia)    
DNF Harrouch Tourki Youssef (Morocco)    
DNF Kristian Neemela (Estonia)    
DNF Mohd Adiq Husaini Othman (Malaysia)    
DNF Julio Cesar Benitez Rubio (Mexico)    
DNF Mihkel Raim (Estonia)    
DNF Abdallah Elar (Lebanon)    
DNF Andrei Voicu (Romania)    
DNF Marko Danilovic (Serbia)    
DNF Ilhan Celik (Turkey)    
DNF Luka Pibernik (Slovenia)    

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