Schurter wins fifth elite cross-country world championship title

Swiss rider joins Julien Absalon among five-time winners

Nino Schurter (Switzerland) joined Julien Absalon (France) in a very special club on Sunday, when he matched Absalon with five Elite world titles at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. Schurter took the win in front of local favourite Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic), with Absalon coming in third.

Over 23,000 fans came out to watch the men's race bring the Championships to a conclusion, and they saw some exciting racing over the course of the week.

Kulhavy was very aggressive from the start of the race, opening a gap with Schurter and fellow Czech rider Ondrej Cink by the end of the start lap. Absalon, starting a little slower, gradually bridged up to the leaders, joining them on the third lap of the six lap race. Schurter decided a lap later that it was time turn up the heat and launched an attack on one of the steep climbs. Absalon and Kulhavy tried to follow, shedding Cink, but couldn't make the connection.

The two chasers stayed together until the last lap, when Kulhavy was able to get away on a climb, coming into the finish 17 seconds behind Schurter, with Absalon at 30 seconds.

"I'm super happy about this race, it was a nice win," said Schurter. "It was a nearly perfect race for me. Jaroslov went fast out from the start and I was able to go with him and draft quite nicely behind him. When Absalon joined us I thought well now it's better to attack and see if the others could respond. It is amazing, the crowd go wild when he [Kulhavy] comes by. That's really great atmosphere here. It is always nice to battle with Absalon, and the best feeling is to beat those two. I am really happy about this win."

Schurter now joins Absalon with five Elite titles, and each of them hold a total of eight individual titles, including Junior and Under-23 wins. However, as Schurter pointed out, "there is still the matter of the two Olympic gold medals that Julien has, so I have some catching up to do."


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nino Schurter (Switzerland)1:28:20 
2Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)0:00:17 
3Julien Absalon (France)0:00:30 
4Ondrej Cink (Czech Republic)0:02:25 
5Stéphane Tempier (France)0:02:30 
6Matthias Stirnemann (Switzerland)0:02:35 
7Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spain)0:03:01 
8David Valero (Spain)0:03:17 
9Maxime Marotte (France)0:03:22 
10Pablo Rodriguez Guede (Spain)0:03:45 
11José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spain)0:03:47 
12Lukas Flückiger (Switzerland)0:03:57 
13Jordan Sarrou (France)0:04:01 
14Mathias Flückiger (Switzerland)0:04:26 
15Christian Pfäffle (Germany)0:04:29 
16Rudi Van Houts (Netherlands)0:04:34 
17Manuel Fumic (Germany)0:04:44 
18Marco Aurelio Fontana (Italy)0:04:45 
19Alexander Gehbauer (Austria)0:04:55 
20Leandre Bouchard (Canada)0:05:04 
21Howard Grotts (United States of America)0:05:30 
22Henrique Avancini (Brazil)0:05:40 
23Florian Vogel (Switzerland)0:05:42 
24Moritz Milatz (Germany)0:05:44 
25Andrea Tiberi (Italy)0:05:56 
26Karl Markt (Austria)0:06:04 
27Reto Indergand (Switzerland)0:06:09 
28Lars Forster (Switzerland)0:06:12 
29David Joao Serralheiro Rosa (Portugal)  
30Jeff Luyten (Belgium)0:06:23 
31Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Italy)0:06:33 
32Jens Schuermans (Belgium)0:06:43 
33Derek Zandstra (Canada)0:06:45 
34Jan Nesvadba (Czech Republic)0:06:49 
35Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Germany)  
36Catriel Andres Soto (Argentina)0:06:54 
37Anton Sintsov (Russian Federation)0:06:55 
38Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands)0:06:57 
39Daniel McConnell (Australia)0:07:00 
40Shlomi Haimy (Israel)0:07:11 
41Kohei Yamamoto (Japan)0:07:22 
42Ruben Scheire (Belgium)0:07:39 
43Matous Ulman (Czech Republic)0:07:46 
44Jiri Novak (Czech Republic)0:07:54 
45Philip Buys (South Africa)0:07:59 
46Fabian Giger (Switzerland)0:08:38 
47James Reid (South Africa)0:08:45 
48Emil Lindgren (Sweden)0:08:56 
49Martin Loo (Estonia)0:09:00 
50Stephen Ettinger (United States of America)0:09:14 
51Andras Parti (Hungary)0:09:22 
52Bartlomiej Wawak (Poland)0:09:25 
53Andrew L'Esperance (Canada)  
54Raphael Gagne (Canada)  
55Luiz Cocuzzi (Brazil)0:09:39 
56Cameron Ivory (Australia)0:09:40 
57Dimitrios Antoniadis (Greece)0:09:52 
58Hans Becking (Netherlands)0:10:01 
59Gregor Raggl (Austria)  
60Luca Braidot (Italy)  
61Ivan Seledkov (Russian Federation)  
62Paolo Cesar Montoya Cantillo (Costa Rica)0:10:43 
63Spencer Paxson (United States of America)0:11:29 
64Jan Skarnitzl (Czech Republic)0:11:44 
65Matiss Preimanis (Latvia)0:12:16 
66Rotem Ishay (Israel)0:12:26 
67Daniele Braidot (Italy)  
68Geoff Kabush (Canada)  
69Mario Luis Miranda Costa (Portugal)  
70Sakari Lehtinen (Finland)  
71Andrey Fonseca (Costa Rica)  
72Jhonnatan Botero Villegas (Colombia)  
73Kirill Kazantsev (Kazakhstan)  
74Michele Casagrande (Italy)  
75Michal Lami (Slovakia)  
76Grant Ferguson (Great Britain)  
77Tymur Rusiia (Ukraine)  
78Tudor Oprea Ovidiu (Romania)  
79Chun Hing Chan (Hong Kong, China)  
80Zhen Wang (People's Republic of China)  
81Tomas Paprstka (Czech Republic)  
82Abdulkadir Kelleci (Turkey)  
83Dario Alejandro Gasco (Argentina)  
84Guy Diaz Groiller (Andorra)  
85Lucian Logigan (Romania)  
86Seiya Hirano (Japan)  
87Sergji Rysenko (Ukraine)  
88Yoshitaka Nakahara (Japan)  
89Christian Helmig (Luxembourg)  
90Rubens Donizete Valeriano (Brazil)  
91Daniel Federspiel (Austria)  
92Hilvar Yamid Malaver (Colombia)  
93Bostjan Hribovsek (Slovenia)  
94Gareth Mc Kee (Ireland)  
95Ingvar Omarsson (Iceland)  
96George-Bogdan Duca (Romania)  
97Artyom Golovaschenko (Kazakhstan)  
98Sipho Madolo (South Africa)  
99Cristian Correa (Chile)  
DNFCarlos Coloma Nicolas (Spain)  
DNFSebastian Alejandro Miranda Maldonado (Chile)  
DNFEvan McNeely (Canada)  
DNFDmytro Titarenko (Ukraine)  
DNFTiago Jorge Oliveira Ferreira (Portugal)  
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