Ben Hill wins Tour of Tasmania prologue

CharterMason with three riders in the top four

Brief Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Benjamin Hill (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)0:02:27.53 
2Brad Evans (Pat's Veg Cycling)0:02:32.82 
3Sam Crome (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)0:02:33.59 
4Joshua Taylor (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)0:02:33.95 
5Dylan Sunderland (AMR Renault Racing Team)0:02:34.15 
6Cameron Ivory (GPM Stulz)0:02:34.30 
7Patrick Lane (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:02:34.96 
8Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Racing Team)0:02:35.61 
9Pieter Bulling (Mobius Future Racing)0:02:36.14 
10Lucas Hamilton (Jayco/John West/VIS)0:02:36.58 
General classification after prologue
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1.Benjamin Hill (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)0:02:27 
2.Brad Evans (Pat's Veg Cycling)0:00:05 
3.Sam Crome (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)0:00:06 
4.Joshua Taylor (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)  
5.Dylan Sunderland (AMR Renault Racing Team)0:00:07 
6.Cameron Ivory (GPM Stulz)  
7.Patrick Lane (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)  
8.Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Racing Team)0:00:08 
9.Pieter Bulling (Mobius Future Racing)0:00:09 
10.Lucas Hamilton (Jayco/John West/VIS)  
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