Solo escape nets Pujol the win

Ito maintains general classification lead

Defending team champions Azad University secured their first win of the 2012 Tour de Singkarak as Oscar Pujol Munoz raced to the win in stage three of the Indonesian race in Istano Basa.

Pujol finished the stage comfortably clear of Australia's Joel Pearson, becoming the Spaniard to win a stage at the race. He was the third different winner in as many stages and is just over a minute behind leader Masakazu Ito in the overall general classification.

Two steep climbs faced the climbers in the 102 km stage, making it the toughest stage of the race so far. Pujol pulled clear from a group of breakaway leaders at the midway point of the stage's second climb and consolidated his lead all the way to the finish line.

"The most important thing in the tour is to recover well after every stage and, of course, the team has to develop a good strategy to be in front of others," Munoz said after the finish. "I hope to maintain this good performance as the race continues."


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team2:37:40 
2Joel Pearson (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers0:00:08 
3Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
4Pierre Moncorge (Fra) Reine Blanche  
5Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
6Petrus Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling Team  
7Robin Manuliang (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya  
8Heksa Prasetya (Ina) Colossi Miche Team  
9Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan National Team  
10Jai Crawford (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers  
11Blake Hose (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers  
12Tedi Andrian Saputra (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
13Abdul Gani (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
14Patria Rastra (Ina) Colossi Miche Team  
15Endra Wijaya (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
16Mohammad Gharehbaghipouri (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
17Chelly Aristya (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung  
18Sea Keong Loh (Mas) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team  
19Julien Liponne (Fra) Reine Blanche  
20Takero Terasaki (Jpn) Japan National Team  
21Agung Ali Sahbana (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
22Kane Walker (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers  
23Genki Yamamoto (Jpn) Japan National Team  
24Warseno Warseno (Ina) WSP Management Jogja  
25Hari Fitrianto (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
26Hamed Pasban Khajeh (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
27Yuya Akimaru (Jpn) Japan National Team  
28Aiman Cahyadi (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
29Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
30Masakazu Ito (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team  
31Do Hyoung Kim (Kor) Terengganu Cycling Team  
32Alexander Clements (Aus) Australian National Team  
33Iman Suparman (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team  
34John Ebsen (Den) CCN Cycling Team  
35Dadi Suradi (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung  
36Vahid Ghafari (Iri) Azad University Cross Team  
37Edmund Hollands (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands  
38Tonton Susanto (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung  
39Phillip Mundy (Aus) Australian National Team  
40Nicolas Douglass (Aus) Australian National Team  
41Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (Aus) Australian National Team  
42Ryan Ariehaan Hilman (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
43Abbas Saeidi Tanha (Iri) Azad University Cross Team  
44Kaswanto Kaswanto (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice Gilass  
45Sean Smith (Usa) CCN Cycling Team  
46Samuel Davis (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers  
47M. Basrahil Hasan (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung0:00:41 
48Kurniawan Kurniawan (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team0:00:49 
49Kenichi Suzuki (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:00:58 
50Lex Nederlof (Ned) CCN Cycling Team0:02:51 
51Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
52Dani Lesmana (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
53Kobus Hereijgers (Ned) Global Cycling Team  
54Sam Smith (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands  
55Shihhsin Hsiao (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
56Trent Morey (Aus) Plan B Racing Team0:03:28 
57Wei Chieh Liu (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
58Mohammad Zangiabadi (Iri) MES Kerman  
59Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
60Ohko Shimizu (Jpn) Japan National Team  
61Saeidi Chehrzad (Iri) MES Kerman  
62Arin Iswana (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung  
63Samuel De Bernelagarde (Fra) Reine Blanche  
64Elan Riyadi Sulomo (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya  
65Alexander Smyth (Aus) Plan B Racing Team  
66Jimmy Pranata (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
67Fito Bakdo Prilanji (Ina) CCN Cycling Team  
68Adrien Muffat (Fra) Reine Blanche  
69Muruli Fajar Mulia (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
70Wataru Mutsumine (Jpn) Japan National Team  
71Nunung Burhanudin (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung0:03:31 
72Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team0:04:55 
73Agus Sofyan Ziad (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
74Mohd Zamri Salleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:05:33 
75Celis Zabala Vidal (Esp) Azad University Cross Team  
76Alexander Edmondson (Aus) Australian National Team  
77Parno Parno (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya0:06:43 
78Taufiq Mohammad (Ina) WSP Management Jogja  
79Chia Chun Chen (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
80Agung Riyanto (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice Gilass  
81Gunawan Hartono (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
82Petrus Van Agtmaal (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:06:47 
83Clement Dornier (Fra) Reine Blanche0:09:40 
84Yasuharu Nakajima (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:10:32 
85Muhamad Nur Fathoni (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
86Alexander Malone (Aus) Plan B Racing Team0:11:01 
87Farshad Salehian (Iri) Azad University Cross Team  
88Sadegh Mozafari (Iri) MES Kerman  
89Chun Liang Pan (Tpe) Action Cycling Team  
90Budi Santoso (Ina) WSP Management Jogja  
91Faujiansyah Faujiansiah (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya0:13:14 
92Alvin Firlandi (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team0:13:50 
93Satrio Bayu (Ina) Colossi Miche Team  
94Dealton Nur Arif Prayogo (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice Gilass  
95Selamat Juangga (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:13:53 
96Peter Griffin (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands  
97Nugroho Kisnanto (Ina) WSP Management Jogja  
98Ahmad Haidar Bin Anuawar (Mas) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team  
99Suherman Heryadi (Ina) Tuah Sakato Cycling Team  
100Mohd Harrif Salleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
101Rhamadani Rhamadani (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
102Damien Fol (Fra) Reine Blanche  
103Andri Prawata (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team  
104Nozomu Kimori (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team  
105Amin Suryana (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
106Matnur Matnur (Ina) Colossi Miche Team  
107Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:14:02 
108Ferinanto Ferinanto (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:17:31 
109David Edwards (Aus) Australian National Team0:17:45 
110Wu Hsing Yang (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:19:14 
111Mahyar Karaminejadranjbar (Iri) MES Kerman0:23:36 
112Amin Eslampour (Iri) MES Kerman  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team15 pts
2Joel Pearson (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers12 
3Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team9 
4Pierre Moncorge (Fra) Reine Blanche7 
5Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team6 
6Petrus Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling Team5 
7Robin Manuliang (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya4 
8Heksa Prasetya (Ina) Colossi Miche Team3 
9Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan National Team2 
10Jai Crawford (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers1 
Sprint 1 - Batusangkar (47.5km)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team3 pts
2Lex Nederlof (Ned) CCN Cycling Team2 
3Sam Smith (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands1 
Climb 1 - Baso (22.5km) Cat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Farshad Salehian (Iri) Azad University Cross Team10 pts
2Vahid Ghafari (Iri) Azad University Cross Team7 
3Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team5 
4Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team4 
5Dadi Suradi (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung2 
6Julien Liponne (Fra) Reine Blanche1 
Climb 2 - Batipuh (87.2km) Cat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team10 pts
2Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team7 
3Vahid Ghafari (Iri) Azad University Cross Team5 
4Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team4 
5Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (Aus) Australian National Team2 
6Samuel Davis (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers1 
General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Masakazu Ito (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team7:37:38 
2Jai Crawford (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers0:00:06 
3Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:00:14 
4Sea Keong Loh (Mas) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team0:00:19 
5Dadi Suradi (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung0:00:20 
6Alexander Clements (Aus) Australian National Team0:00:22 
7Genki Yamamoto (Jpn) Japan National Team  
8Blake Hose (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers0:00:44 
9Phillip Mundy (Aus) Australian National Team0:00:46 
10Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team0:01:02 
11Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:01:27 
12Patria Rastra (Ina) Colossi Miche Team0:01:31 
13Julien Liponne (Fra) Reine Blanche  
14Yuya Akimaru (Jpn) Japan National Team  
15Vahid Ghafari (Iri) Azad University Cross Team  
16Tonton Susanto (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung  
17Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:01:32 
18Pierre Moncorge (Fra) Reine Blanche0:01:35 
19Takero Terasaki (Jpn) Japan National Team  
20Chelly Aristya (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung  
21Hari Fitrianto (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice  
22Aiman Cahyadi (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
23Nicolas Douglass (Aus) Australian National Team  
24Kaswanto Kaswanto (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice Gilass  
25John Ebsen (Den) CCN Cycling Team0:01:41 
26Warseno Warseno (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:01:48 
27Ryan Ariehaan Hilman (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel0:01:56 
28Sean Smith (Usa) CCN Cycling Team  
29Petrus Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:01:57 
30Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (Aus) Australian National Team0:01:58 
31Mohammad Gharehbaghipouri (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:02:00 
32Heksa Prasetya (Ina) Colossi Miche Team0:02:04 
33Tedi Andrian Saputra (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:02:08 
34Endra Wijaya (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
35Abdul Gani (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel  
36Agung Ali Sahbana (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:02:10 
37Edmund Hollands (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands0:02:29 
38Do Hyoung Kim (Kor) Terengganu Cycling Team0:02:43 
39Abbas Saeidi Tanha (Iri) Azad University Cross Team0:02:46 
40M. Basrahil Hasan (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung0:03:05 
41Iman Suparman (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team0:03:27 
42Hamed Pasban Khajeh (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:03:30 
43Kurniawan Kurniawan (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team0:04:08 
44Shihhsin Hsiao (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:04:41 
45Kenichi Suzuki (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:04:42 
46Lex Nederlof (Ned) CCN Cycling Team0:04:49 
47Sam Smith (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands0:04:50 
48Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:04:51 
49Adrien Muffat (Fra) Reine Blanche0:04:55 
50Jimmy Pranata (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:05:31 
51Kobus Hereijgers (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:05:52 
52Alexander Smyth (Aus) Plan B Racing Team0:06:03 
53Mohammad Zangiabadi (Iri) MES Kerman0:06:07 
54Muruli Fajar Mulia (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team  
55Joel Pearson (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers0:06:14 
56Trent Morey (Aus) Plan B Racing Team0:06:56 
57Nunung Burhanudin (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung0:07:00 
58Fito Bakdo Prilanji (Ina) CCN Cycling Team0:07:22 
59Alexander Edmondson (Aus) Australian National Team0:08:06 
60Saeidi Chehrzad (Iri) MES Kerman0:08:13 
61Dani Lesmana (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:08:14 
62Agung Riyanto (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice Gilass0:09:33 
63Samuel De Bernelagarde (Fra) Reine Blanche0:10:41 
64Alexander Malone (Aus) Plan B Racing Team0:11:13 
65Yasuharu Nakajima (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:11:16 
66Clement Dornier (Fra) Reine Blanche0:11:50 
67Farshad Salehian (Iri) Azad University Cross Team0:12:18 
68Robin Manuliang (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya0:12:49 
69Samuel Davis (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers0:12:53 
70Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan National Team0:13:26 
71Budi Santoso (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:13:40 
72Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice0:14:21 
73Kane Walker (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers0:14:54 
74Nozomu Kimori (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:16:03 
75Wei Chieh Liu (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:16:45 
76Arin Iswana (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung0:16:49 
77Wataru Mutsumine (Jpn) Japan National Team0:16:51 
78Peter Griffin (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands0:16:55 
79Mohd Zamri Salleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:17:03 
80Elan Riyadi Sulomo (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya0:18:11 
81David Edwards (Aus) Australian National Team0:18:21 
82Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team0:18:31 
83Agus Sofyan Ziad (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel0:18:40 
84Celis Zabala Vidal (Esp) Azad University Cross Team0:19:28 
85Parno Parno (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya0:20:01 
86Taufiq Mohammad (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:20:40 
87Chia Chun Chen (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:21:29 
88Petrus Van Agtmaal (Ned) Global Cycling Team0:24:21 
89Muhamad Nur Fathoni (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:24:29 
90Sadegh Mozafari (Iri) MES Kerman0:24:56 
91Chun Liang Pan (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:25:22 
92Rhamadani Rhamadani (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel0:27:12 
93Satrio Bayu (Ina) Colossi Miche Team0:27:47 
94Selamat Juangga (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:28:03 
95Faujiansyah Faujiansiah (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya0:28:26 
96Alvin Firlandi (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team0:29:03 
97Gunawan Hartono (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:30:01 
98Nugroho Kisnanto (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:30:40 
99Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:30:56 
100Ohko Shimizu (Jpn) Japan National Team0:31:39 
101Wu Hsing Yang (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:33:07 
102Damien Fol (Fra) Reine Blanche0:37:47 
103Mahyar Karaminejadranjbar (Iri) MES Kerman0:37:52 
104Dealton Nur Arif Prayogo (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice Gilass0:38:01 
105Amin Suryana (Ina) Binong Baru Club / BBC Pessel0:38:21 
106Mohd Harrif Salleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:38:53 
107Matnur Matnur (Ina) Colossi Miche Team  
108Ahmad Haidar Bin Anuawar (Mas) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team0:40:40 
109Ferinanto Ferinanto (Ina) WSP Management Jogja0:41:42 
110Andri Prawata (Ina) Cikeas Cycling Team0:44:16 
111Suherman Heryadi (Ina) Tuah Sakato Cycling Team0:44:31 
112Amin Eslampour (Iri) MES Kerman0:53:16 
Points classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team23 pts
2Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team16 
3Masakazu Ito (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team15 
4Shihhsin Hsiao (Tpe) Action Cycling Team15 
5Joel Pearson (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers15 
6Jai Crawford (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers13 
7Alexander Edmondson (Aus) Australian National Team12 
8Pierre Moncorge (Fra) Reine Blanche11 
9Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team9 
10Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team9 
11Alexander Smyth (Aus) Plan B Racing Team9 
12Petrus Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling Team8 
13Heksa Prasetya (Ina) Colossi Miche Team7 
14Mohd Zamri Salleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team7 
15Nunung Burhanudin (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung6 
16Herwin Jaya (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice6 
17Alexander Malone (Aus) Plan B Racing Team5 
18Yasuharu Nakajima (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team4 
19Sea Keong Loh (Mas) OCBC Singapore Cycling Team4 
20Dadi Suradi (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung4 
21Robin Manuliang (Ina) Wim Cycle - Araya4 
22Kenichi Suzuki (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team3 
23Alexander Clements (Aus) Australian National Team2 
24Lex Nederlof (Ned) CCN Cycling Team2 
25Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice2 
26Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan National Team2 
27Genki Yamamoto (Jpn) Japan National Team1 
28Sam Smith (Aus) Antangin Eddy Hollands1 
29Budi Santoso (Ina) WSP Management Jogja1 
Mountains classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team14 pts
2Vahid Ghafari (Iri) Azad University Cross Team12 
3Hamid Shirisisan (Iri) Uzbekistan Suren Team12 
4Julien Liponne (Fra) Reine Blanche11 
5Pujol Munoz Oscar (Esp) Azad University Cross Team10 
6Farshad Salehian (Iri) Azad University Cross Team10 
7Dani Lesmana (Ina) Polygon Sweet Nice7 
8Agung Ali Sahbana (Ina) Uzbekistan Suren Team5 
9Yasuharu Nakajima (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team4 
10Masakazu Ito (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team3 
11Jai Crawford (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers2 
12Dadi Suradi (Ina) Putra Perjuangan Bandung2 
13Blake Hose (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers2 
14Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (Aus) Australian National Team2 
15Alexander Clements (Aus) Australian National Team1 
16Samuel Davis (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers1 


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