Ruby West takes double wins in Sherbrooke CX

Mill second and Legge third on Day 2

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruby West (Can)0:45:18 
2Magdeleine Vallieres Mill (Can)0:00:06 
3Regina Legge (USA)0:01:03 
4Kelly Lawson (Can)0:01:11 
5Dana Gilligan (Can)0:01:39 
6Corey Coogan Cisek (USA)0:01:42 
7Laurie Arseneault (Can)0:01:54 
8Sidney Mcgill (Can)0:02:07 
9Meghan Owens (USA)0:02:22 
10Natascha Piciga (Can)0:02:54 
11Clio Dinan (USA)0:03:15 
12Katelyn Walcroft (Can)0:03:36 
13Emily Curley (USA)0:03:58 
14Joanne Grogan (USA)0:04:22 
15Kaitlyn Shikaze (Can)0:05:16 
16Laurie Coulombe (Can)0:06:24 
17Emilie Hauss (Can)0:06:34 
18Marie Philip Simard (Can)0:06:35 
19Adele Desgagnes (Can)0:07:20 
20Aliza Tobias (USA)0:08:20 
21Mireille Larose Gingras (Can)0:08:46 
22Laurence Bourque (Can)  
DNFNatasha Elliott (Can)  
DNSBéatrice Le Sauteur (Can)  
DNSVickie Monahan (USA)  
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