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Holmgren doubles up in Sherbrooke

Gunnar Holmgren solos to the win

Gunnar Holmgren solos to the win (Image credit: Martin Labelle)


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gunnar Holmgren (Can)0:58:13
2Marc Andre Fortier (Can)0:01:35
3Sam Noel (USA)0:01:46
4Derrick St John (Can)0:02:12
5Craig Richey (Can)0:02:14
6Nicholas Diniz (Can)0:02:51
7Marc Andre Daigle (Can)0:03:02
8Raphael Auclair (Can)0:03:10
9Benjamin Gomez Villafane (USA)0:03:11
10Thierry Laliberte (Can)0:03:29
11Mathieu Belanger Barrette (Can)0:03:32
12Remi Fagnan (Can)0:03:44
13William Goodfellow (Can)0:03:50
14Andrew Borden (USA)0:04:28
15William Cote (Can)0:04:32
16Christian Sundquist (USA)0:04:33
17Eric Jeanotte (Can)0:05:08
18Travis Wold (USA)0:05:16
19Daniel Vaughn (USA)0:05:24
20Calvin Loney (Can)0:05:54
21Zachary Curtis (USA)0:05:58
22Matthew Owens (USA)0:06:13
23Lucas Lajoie (Can)0:06:52
24Erik Carlson (USA)0:07:53
25Robin Plamondon (Can)
26Stephen Kirby (Can)
27Trent Blackburn (USA)
28William Blackburn (Can)
29Maxime Keeney (Can)
30Sébastien Kern (Fra)
31Guillaume L. Walsh (Can)
32Christian Norvold (USA)
33Julien Cassou (Can)
34Mathieu Bouchard (Can)
DNFAlexis Gagne (Can)
DNFDavid Maltais (Can)
DNFScott Smith (USA)
DNFIan Gielar (USA)
DNFFrancis Juneau (Can)
DNFFrederic Cossette (Can)
DNSCameron Jette (Can)
DNSEdouard Tougas (Can)
DNSLeandre Bouchard (Can)
DNSDavid Boivin (Can)
DNSScott Fitzgerald (Irl)
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