English and Powers win time trial stage

Jacques-Maynes and Powers in overall lead

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nate English (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:17:19 
2Andy Jacques-Maynes (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:00:04 
3Matt Cooke (Team Exergy)0:00:05 
4Louis Meintjes (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:00:15 
5Morgan Schmitt (Team Exergy)0:00:18 
6Logan Loader (Team Exergy)0:00:21 
7Andres Diaz (Team Exergy)  
8Jonathan Teeter (Marc Pro - Strava)0:00:26 
9James Wingert (Team Mike's Bikes)0:00:31 
10Stephen Leece (California Giant-Specialized)0:00:38 
11Sam Johnson (Team Exergy)0:00:45 
12Christiaan Kriek (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:00:46 
13Roman Kilun (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:00:47 
14Menso De Jong (Jelly Belly)0:00:56 
15James Stemper (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)  
16Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly)0:00:57 
17Kris Lunning (Marc Pro - Strava)0:01:02 
18Yannick Eckmann (California Giant-Specialized)0:01:04 
19Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)0:01:05 
20Torey Phillip (California Giant-Specialized)0:01:08 
21Jesse Smith (Marc Pro - Strava)0:01:15 
22Chris Stastny (California Giant-Specialized)0:01:17 
23Jos Le Roux (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:01:19 
24Cory Greenberg (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:01:20 
25Kirk Carlsen (ProoFFCycling.com)0:01:27 
26Rudolph Napolitano (Stage 17 Racing)0:01:29 
27Tosh Clements (Stage 17 Racing)0:01:30 
28Sam Bassetti (California Giant-Specialized)0:01:32 
29Eric Losak (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:01:34 
30Taylor Bertrand-Barrett (Wonderful Pistachio's)0:01:35 
31Jake Wells (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:01:39 
32David Brockbank (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)  
33Keith Hillier (Marc Pro - Strava)0:01:40 
34Bryan Larsen (Stage 17 Racing)  
35Daniel Cassidy (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:01:41 
36Noe Gianetti (Team Exergy)  
37Lars Finanger (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:01:44 
38Christian Varley (Simple Green/Bike Religion)  
39Spencer Collom (Marc Pro - Strava)0:01:48 
40Tyler Riedesel (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:01:49 
41Mathieu Roy (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)  
42Connor Mccutcheon (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:01:50 
43Lucas Binder (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:01:52 
44Andrew Goessling (Team Mike's Bikes)  
45Max Korus (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:01:54 
46Taylor Clements (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:01:57 
47Shawn Rosenthal (Team Mike's Bikes)0:01:59 
48Julian Martinez (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)0:02:02 
49Nathan Freed (Marc Pro - Strava)  
50Joe Waters (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:02:04 
51Jordan Brochu (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:02:06 
52Eric Riggs (Team Mike's Bikes)0:02:12 
53Ian Moir (Optum Pro Cycling)0:02:22 
54Ben Bertiger (Stage 17 Racing)0:02:25 
55David Goodman (Athens Velo Club)0:02:26 
56Benjamin Swedberg (California Giant-Specialized)0:02:28 
57Adam Carr (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:02:29 
58Daniel Katz (Stage 17 Racing)0:02:30 
59Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:02:38 
60Thorlak Franck (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:02:39 
61Richard Visinski (Upton Bass Racing)0:02:46 
62Jason Peterson (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:02:48 
63Andrew Chocha (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:02:50 
64Ryan Mele (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:02:56 
65Collin Berry (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:02:57 
66Arthur Rand (Marc Pro - Strava)  
67Gustavo-Adolfo Mendez (Velo Club LaGrange)0:02:58 
68Garrett Mcallister (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:03:03 
69John Loehner (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:03:07 
70Tim Srenaski (GS Boulder/Trek Store)  
71Miles Lamon (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:03:08 
72Yannick Bedard (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:03:14 
73Norman Zellers (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)  
74Bryce Young (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:03:20 
75Matthew Abdalah (Webcor-Alto Velo)0:03:26 
76Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz (Stage 17 Racing)0:03:35 
77Joseph Whitman (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:03:39 
78Ben Barthel (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:04:30 
DNSBranton Curt (San Jose Bicycle Club)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Powers (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:18:56 
2Anne Samplonius (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:00:41 
3Jessica Cutler (Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen)0:00:58 
4Pascale Schnider (Exergy TWENTY12)0:01:00 
5Olivia Dillon (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:01:05 
6Emily Kachorek (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:01:08 
7Jacquelyn Crowell (Exergy TWENTY12)0:01:15 
8Devon Gorry (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:01:16 
9Robin Farina (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:01:18 
10Heather Logan Sprenger (Exergy TWENTY12)0:01:34 
11Beth Newell (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:01:41 
12Kendall Ryan (Tibco to the Top)0:01:45 
13Alisha Welsh (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:01:51 
14Bridie O'donnell (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:03 
15Lindsay Myers (Tibco to the Top)0:02:04 
16Loren Rowney (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:05 
17Heather Van Sickle (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:02:07 
18Alison Tetrick (Exergy TWENTY12)0:02:08 
19Jennifer Weinbrecht (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)  
20Kathleen Giles (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:02:11 
21Rebecca Werner (SportVelo)0:02:13 
22Jacqueline Kurth (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:02:16 
23Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)0:02:20 
24Maura Kinsella (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:24 
25Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus)  
26Kristina Seley (Cynergy Cycles-Missing Link Coaching)0:02:40 
27Kasey Clark (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:02:46 
28Jasmin Huritino (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:59 
29Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten-Focus)  
30Alexis Ryan (Tibco to the Top)0:03:01 
31Nicole Justice0:03:06 
32Danielle Haulman (Tibco to the Top)0:03:08 
33Marley Smith (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:03:09 
34Fiona Strouts (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:03:23 
35Vanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:03:39 
36Peggy Legrand (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:03:44 
37Liza Rachetto (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:03:45 
38Gwen Inglis (Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder)0:03:47 
39Karlee Gendron (Specialized-Mazda-SGC)0:04:16 
40Lindsay Fox (Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen)0:04:18 
41Lauren Liscinski (Cynergy Cycles-Missing Link Coaching)0:04:20 
42Heather Lipana (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:04:28 
43Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:04:33 
44Sunshine Townsend (Tibco to the Top)0:04:48 
45Amy Chandos (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
46Marissa Axell (Touchstone Climbing)0:04:56 
47Courtney Dimpel (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:05:02 
48Nichole Wangsgard (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:05:08 
49Jenna Kowalski (Cynergy Cycles-Missing Link Coaching)0:05:24 
50Mary-Ellen Ash (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:05:53 
51Alicia Boland (Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen)0:06:57 
DNSKelly Crowley (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)  
Elite men general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Jacques-Maynes (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)4:20:51 
2Morgan Schmitt (Team Exergy)0:00:15 
3Matt Cooke (Team Exergy)0:01:32 
4Stephen Leece (California Giant-Specialized)0:02:16 
5Louis Meintjes (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:02:22 
6Nate English (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:02:43 
7Logan Loader (Team Exergy)0:02:53 
8James Wingert (Team Mike's Bikes)0:03:16 
9Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)0:03:40 
10Torey Phillip (California Giant-Specialized)0:03:48 
11Menso De Jong (Jelly Belly)0:03:55 
12Taylor Bertrand-Barrett (Wonderful Pistachio's)0:03:57 
13Kirk Carlsen (ProoFFCycling.com)0:03:58 
14Noe Gianetti (Team Exergy)0:04:07 
15Jos Le Roux (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:04:13 
16Yannick Eckmann (California Giant-Specialized)0:04:17 
17Christian Varley (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:04:20 
18Andres Diaz (Team Exergy)0:04:27 
19Rudolph Napolitano (Stage 17 Racing)0:04:30 
20Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly)0:04:35 
21Keith Hillier (Marc Pro - Strava)0:04:41 
22Andrew Goessling (Team Mike's Bikes)0:04:53 
23Sam Bassetti (California Giant-Specialized)0:05:03 
24Lucas Binder (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:05:09 
25Joe Waters (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:05:29 
26Christiaan Kriek (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:06:43 
27Connor Mccutcheon (Simple Green/Bike Religion)0:08:02 
28Jonathan Teeter (Marc Pro - Strava)0:08:09 
29Jesse Smith (Marc Pro - Strava)0:08:27 
30James Stemper (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:08:39 
31Daniel Cassidy (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:08:47 
32Eric Riggs (Team Mike's Bikes)0:10:02 
33Sam Johnson (Team Exergy)0:10:58 
34Arthur Rand (Marc Pro - Strava)0:11:59 
35Julian Martinez (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)0:12:15 
36Ben Bertiger (Stage 17 Racing)0:13:59 
37Lars Finanger (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:16:56 
38Spencer Collom (Marc Pro - Strava)0:17:00 
39Cory Greenberg (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:17:51 
40Andrew Chocha (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:18:14 
41Jake Wells (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:18:40 
42Tyler Riedesel (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:18:50 
43Jordan Brochu (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:19:07 
44Thorlak Franck (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:20:12 
45Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:20:29 
46Chris Stastny (California Giant-Specialized)0:20:32 
47Eric Losak (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:20:33 
48Max Korus (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)0:20:53 
49Nathan Freed (Marc Pro - Strava)0:21:17 
50Benjamin Swedberg (California Giant-Specialized)0:21:43 
51John Loehner (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:22:06 
52Mathieu Roy (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:22:42 
53Kris Lunning (Marc Pro - Strava)0:22:47 
54Adam Carr (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:23:58 
55David Goodman (Athens Velo Club)0:24:35 
56Norman Zellers (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:24:43 
57Collin Berry (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:25:11 
58Daniel Katz (Stage 17 Racing)0:25:32 
59Matthew Abdalah (Webcor-Alto Velo)0:25:45 
60Joseph Whitman (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:26:22 
61Taylor Clements (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:26:26 
62Ryan Mele (Stan's No Tubes/AXA Equitable)0:26:44 
63Miles Lamon (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:26:58 
64David Brockbank (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:27:02 
65Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz (Stage 17 Racing)0:28:08 
66Garrett Mcallister (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:28:51 
67Shawn Rosenthal (Team Mike's Bikes)0:30:21 
68Tim Srenaski (GS Boulder/Trek Store)0:32:34 
69Bryce Young (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycles)0:34:58 
70Ian Moir (Optum Pro Cycling)0:35:47 
71Richard Visinski (Upton Bass Racing)0:36:09 
72Jason Peterson (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:37:14 
73Bryan Larsen (Stage 17 Racing)0:45:57 
74Yannick Bedard (EKOI.com-Gaspesien)0:48:10 
75Tosh Clements (Stage 17 Racing)0:48:44 
76Ben Barthel (Get Crackin'-MS Society)0:48:55 
77Roman Kilun (Kenda/5-Hour Energy)1:00:10 
78Gustavo-Adolfo Mendez (Velo Club LaGrange)1:10:17 
Elite women general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Powers (NOW and Novartis for MS)3:23:52 
2Olivia Dillon (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:02:03 
3Jessica Cutler (Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen)0:02:18 
4Pascale Schnider (Exergy TWENTY12)0:02:40 
5Loren Rowney (Specialized-Lululemon)0:02:52 
6Anne Samplonius (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:03:08 
7Jacquelyn Crowell (Exergy TWENTY12)0:03:18 
8Beth Newell (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:03:40 
9Heather Logan Sprenger (Exergy TWENTY12)0:03:54 
10Lindsay Myers (Tibco to the Top)0:03:55 
11Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:04:01 
12Kathleen Giles (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:04:05 
13Rebecca Werner (SportVelo)0:04:14 
14Heather Van Sickle (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:04:29 
15Alisha Welsh (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:04:30 
16Kristina Seley (Cynergy Cycles-Missing Link Coaching)0:04:31 
17Alison Tetrick (Exergy TWENTY12)0:04:33 
18Maura Kinsella (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:05:14 
19Jasmin Huritino (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:05:15 
20Gwen Inglis (Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder)0:06:26 
21Devon Gorry (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:07:58 
22Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:08:10 
23Robin Farina (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:08:35 
24Kasey Clark (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:09:05 
25Peggy Legrand (US Military Cycling Team Fueled by FRS)0:09:07 
26Nicole Justice0:09:28 
27Emily Kachorek (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:11:52 
28Alexis Ryan (Tibco to the Top)0:12:15 
29Jennifer Weinbrecht (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:12:59 
30Jacqueline Kurth (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:13:00 
31Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)0:13:34 
32Fiona Strouts (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:14:00 
33Liza Rachetto (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:14:29 
34Danielle Haulman (Tibco to the Top)0:16:03 
35Kendall Ryan (Tibco to the Top)0:17:35 
36Marley Smith (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:18:01 
37Bridie O'donnell (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:18:14 
38Vanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:19:56 
39Jenna Kowalski (Cynergy Cycles-Missing Link Coaching)0:21:09 
40Lindsay Fox (Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen)0:21:21 
41Amy Chandos (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)0:21:36 
42Lauren Liscinski (Cynergy Cycles-Missing Link Coaching)0:25:59 
43Marissa Axell (Touchstone Climbing)0:29:34 
44Nichole Wangsgard (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)0:30:57 
45Karlee Gendron (Specialized-Mazda-SGC)0:31:00 
46Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:31:49 
47Heather Lipana (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)0:33:17 
48Sunshine Townsend (Tibco to the Top)0:34:34 
49Courtney Dimpel (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:43:30 
50Mary-Ellen Ash (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo)1:35:06 
51Alicia Boland (Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen)1:38:19 
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