Petrov wins junior Pan Am Continental Cyclo-cross Championships

Hecht second and Brunner third

Spencer Petrov (Cyclocross Network Racing) won the junior title at the Pan Am Continental Cyclo-cross Championships held in Covington on Sunday. He made huge improvements to his fourth place last year, this time riding away from the field to win by a large margin. Last year's winner Gage Hecht (Alpha Bicycle Co) placed second and Eric Brunner (Boulder Cycle Sport) was third.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Spencer Petrov (USA)0:38:43 
2Gage Hecht (USA)0:01:03 
3Eric Brunner (USA)0:01:25 
4Cameron Beard (USA)0:01:58 
5Evan Clouse (USA)0:02:15 
6Denzel Stephenson (USA)0:02:38 
7Cade Bickmore (USA)0:03:16 
8Jack Tanner (USA)0:03:34 
9Michael Owens (USA)0:03:50 
10Caleb Swartz (USA)0:04:15 
11Brody Sanderson (Can)0:04:27 
12Ross Ellwood (USA)0:04:42 
13Scott McGill (USA)0:04:47 
14Nicholas Jenkins (USA)0:04:54 
15George Schulz (USA)0:05:19 
16Henry Coppolillo (USA)0:05:24 
17Tyler Orschel (Can)0:05:38 
18Cassidy Bailey (USA)0:05:58 
19Nicholas Beirne (USA)0:06:28 
20Joshua Anderson (USA)0:07:08 
21Drew Sotebeer (USA)  
22Tristan Greathouse (USA)  
23Malcolm Barton (Can)  
24Noah Simms (Can)  
25Graydon Staples (Can)  
26Garrett Smith (USA)  
27Edward Fritzinger (USA)  
28Alexander Christian (USA)  
29Jordan Lewis (USA)  
30Nicolas Padilla (USA)  
31Zachary Young (USA)  
32Thomas Carey (USA)  

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