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Charm City Cross 2013

Date range:
September 21-22, 2013

September 22, Sunday Men:

Hyde outsprints Page to win Charm City Cross day 2

Cycling News
September 23, 2013, 15:28 BST,
September 23, 2013, 16:58 BST

Breakthrough win for JAM Fund-NCC rider

Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund-NCC) outsprinted US champion Jonathan Page (Fuji-Spy-Competitive Cyclist) to win on the second day at Charm City Cross

Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund-NCC) outsprinted US champion Jonathan Page (Fuji-Spy-Competitive Cyclist) to win on the second day at Charm City Cross

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Full Results
1 Stephen Hyde (USA) JAM Fund-NCC 1:01:59  
2 Jonathan Page (USA) Fuji-Spy-Competitive Cyclist 0:00:01  
3 Mike Garrigan (Can) Van Dessel 0:00:23  
4 Travis Livermon (USA) Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis 0:00:26  
5 Cameron Dodge (USA) Team Skyline-Scott Bikes 0:00:29  
6 Lukas Winterberg (Swi) Muller Landscape-BH Bikes 0:00:37  
7 Christian Favata (USA) TRT Bicycles p/b Stan's NoTubes 0:00:47  
8 Anthony Clark (USA) JAM Fund-NCC 0:00:48  
9 Dan Timmerman (USA) House Industries-Richard Sachs-RGM 0:00:56  
10 Craig Richey (Can) 0:01:06  
11 Daniel Chabanov (USA) House Industries-Richard Sachs-RGM 0:01:18  
12 Ryan Knapp (USA) Pony Shop Cyclocross 0:01:37  
13 Nick Waite (USA) Pro Tested Gear 0:01:43  
14 Jacob Lasley (USA) Team Soundpony 0:02:16  
15 Greg Wittwer (USA) C3-Twenty20 Cycling 0:02:31  
16 Stephen Cummings (USA) C3-2020 Cycling 0:02:34  
17 Jacob Sitler (USA) SEAVS-Haymarket p/b Van Dessel    
18 Lewis Gaffney (USA) American Classic Pro CX Team 0:02:54  
19 Cole Oberman (USA) 0:03:10  
20 Alex Ryan (USA) Mock Orange Pro CX Team 0:03:17  
21 Bryan Fawley (USA) Dallas Bike Works 0:03:23  
22 Jordan Snyder (USA) Pro Bikes    
23 Michael Mihalik (USA) Freddie Fu Cycling Team 0:03:28  
24 Robert Marion (USA) American Classic Pro CX Team 0:03:34  
25 Ryan Fawley (USA) TRT Bicycles p/b Stan's NoTues-Giant 0:03:50  
26 Skyler Mackey (USA) Team Soundpony 0:04:29  
27 Tim Van Nuffel (Bel) DCM Ciclingteam 0:04:57  
28 Gerald Adasavage (USA) Bicycle Therapy-Melitta 0:05:12  
29 Patrick Blair (USA) Adventures For the Cure 0:05:25  
30 Matthew Means (USA) C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. 0:05:32  
31 Steven Ordons (USA) Philadelphia Ciclismo 0:05:33  
32 Michael Van Den Ham (Can) Cycle-Smart 0:06:07  
33 Greg Whitney (USA) Green Line Velo 0:06:28  
34 Maksym Shepitko (Ukr) Hudson Cyclocross 0:06:35  
35 Mike Festa (USA) Philadelphia Ciclismo    
36 Szymon Niemotko (USA) Central Jersey Cycling Team    
37 Ben Coleman (USA) Pro Tested Gear    
38 Eric Fischer (USA) Southern Gentlemen Racing p/b Voss Bike    
39 Willem Heydendael (USA) Bicycle Therapy-Melitta    
40 Cody LaCosta (USA) High Gear Cyclery-Cannondale    
41 Marten T Roberts Beels (USA) Lamprey Cycling    
42 Hal Batdorf (USA)    
43 Patrick Bradley (USA) Heart House-CADV-CC Evesham    
44 Evan Cooper (USA) Hudson Furniture Cyclocross    
45 Dan Wolf (USA) Old Line Velo    
46 Brendan McGrath (USA) Bicycle Therapy-Melitta    
47 Andrew Webster (USA) Wooden Wheels Racing    
48 Evan Murphy (USA) NYC Velo p/b The Cannibal    
49 Barret Fishner (USA)    
50 Joseph O'Brien-Applegate (USA) Bicycle Roots Bike Shop    
51 Ryan Dewald (USA) Team Skyline    
52 Andy Brooks (USA) Mason Dixon Velo-The Cycle Works    
53 Craig Lebair (USA) Philadelphia Ciclismo    
54 Timothy Rugg (USA) Pro Tested Gear