Kennaugh beats Swift to British national road title

Simon Yates takes third

Peter Kennaugh (Team Sky) beat Ben Swift (Team Sky) to the win in the British national road race in a Sky dominated race in Wales. The pair settled the race with a close sprint with Kennaugh coming out on top. Simon Yates (Orica GreenEdge) finished third after being dropped before the final sprint.

"It's amazing. The last lap it was hard to race to race against such a good mate. I sat on for almost half the last lap and I thought that it was all over when I didn't drop him," Kennaugh said at the finish.

The pair were still alone as they made their way through a tight final 100 meters with Swift on the front. On paper Swift is the better sprinter and he duly opened up his sprint first. However he left the smallest of opening on his right hand side, just enough room for Kennaugh to exploit and win his first national road title at the elite level.

"I thought that maybe with the 200 meters I still had a chance. I gave it my best shot and I couldn't believe that I was coming around him. Today was my day."

"I think this almost tops everything. I have so many fantastic memories with the Tour de France last year and the Olympic Games but I've been close here so many times but this is special."

Over the 186-kilometre course in Monmouthshire, Team Sky were on the hunt for their fourth national title in fifth years and to reclaim the jersey they had relinquished to Mark Cavendish (Omega Pharma QuickStep) 12 months ago.

Cavendish was a non-starter due to illness, and Sky made their numbers and strength in depth count at several points in the race.

Luke Rowe infiltrated an early break and with just under 60 kilometres covered, the group swelled to Josh Edmondson, Kennaugh and Swift (all Team Sky), and Scott Davies (Madison Genesis), Mark Christian (Raleigh) and Adam and Simon Yates (Orica-GreenEdge).

This group would decide the race and over 10 laps of the circuit. A whittling down process began and went until only Swift and Kennaugh remained – Simon Yates the last rider to be dropped. Kennaugh tried several late attacks but the eventual outcome would be decided in a sprint.

"I’ve done so many training sprints with Swifty and he just leaves me, but today was my day obviously," Kennaugh said.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Kennaugh (Team Sky)4:25:01 
2Ben Swift (Team Sky)  
3Simon Yates (Orica GreenEdge)0:01:09 
4Luke Rowe (Team Sky)0:01:38 
5Joshua Edmondson (Team Sky)0:04:01 
6Adam Yates (Orica GreenEdge)0:04:39 
7Rob Partridge (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)0:05:43 
8Geraint Thomas (Team Sky)  
9Thomas Stewart (Madison Genesis )  
10James Mclaughlin  
11Liam Holohan (Madison Genesis )0:05:45 
12Steven Lampier (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)0:05:50 
13Edward Laverack (Rapha Condor JLT)0:05:53 
14Daniel Fleeman0:05:54 
15Mark Christian (Team Raleigh )0:06:07 
16Daniel Pearson0:08:46 
17Dante Carpenter0:08:47 
18Kristian House (Rapha Condor JLT)0:08:49 
19Richard Handley (Rapha Condor JLT)0:08:51 
DNFDavid Clarke  
DNFJake Kelly  
DNFAlistair Slater  
DNFDavid Millar (Garmin Sharp)  
DNFHamish Graham  
DNFHart Tao Geoghegan (Bissell Development Team)  
DNFAndrew Feather  
DNFAshley Martin  
DNFMatthew Sumption  
DNFNick Wilkinson  
DNFBen Hallworth  
DNFHenry Hunter  
DNFJames Gullen (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNFLawrence Carpenter  
DNFSamuel Harrison (NFTO )  
DNFThomas Moses (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNFRussel Falder  
DNFSebastian Baylis  
DNFJames Knox  
DNFJames Newey  
DNFCallum Fergusson  
DNFSam Boast  
DNFMatthew Clarke  
DNFJames Locker  
DNFJames Moss (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNFRichard Hepworth (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNFGeorge Harper (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNFJosh Teasdale  
DNFAndy Edwards  
DNFMatthew Pilkington  
DNFDillion Byrne  
DNFPerry Bowater  
DNFEvan Oliphant (Team Raleigh )  
DNFAndy Leigh  
DNFAdam Lewis  
DNFGeorge Atkins (Team Raleigh )  
DNFScott Thwaites (Team NetApp – Endura)  
DNFJonathan Mcevoy (Team NetApp – Endura)  
DNFErick Rowsell (Team NetApp – Endura)  
DNFGeorge Pym  
DNFMatthew Woods  
DNFDaniel Patten (Team 7 Eleven Road Bike Philippines)  
DNFJack Pullar  
DNFDavid Lines  
DNFWill Fox  
DNFJamie Caldwell  
DNFGeorge Wood  
DNFHarry Franklin  
DNFLuke Ryan  
DNFLloyd Chapman  
DNFAndrew Hastings  
DNFRhys Howells  
DNFOwen Lake  
DNFSimon Alexander  
DNFElliott Porter (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNFChristopher Opie (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNFLuke Grivell-mellor (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNFHarry Tanfield  
DNFJacob Tipper  
DNFMichael Mottram  
DNFAshley Dennis  
DNFJoseph Fox  
DNFBen Kellett  
DNFMichael Cuming (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNFBen Davis  
DNFOwen James  
DNFNick Noble  
DNFRyan Connor  
DNFAshley Proctor  
DNFColin Parry  
DNFAlex Royal  
DNFGeorge Fowler  
DNFBevan Humphries  
DNFAlastair Hepworth  
DNFDeclan Byrne  
DNFGlyndwr Griffiths  
DNFHugh Wilson (NFTO )  
DNFRussell Hampton  
DNFMark Mcnally (An Post - Chain Reaction)  
DNFOwain Doull (An Post - Chain Reaction)  
DNFChristopher Latham  
DNFGermain Burton  
DNFSamuel Lowe  
DNFOlivier Wood  
DNFHugh Carthy (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNFAlex Paton  
DNFFrancis Cade  
DNFGruffudd Lewis  
DNFRobert Moore  
DNFJoshua Hunt (NFTO )  
DNFJames Lewis (NFTO )  
DNFSamuel Williams (NFTO )  
DNFKieran Frend (An Post - Chain Reaction)  
DNFWilliams James Lowsley (NFTO )  
DNFJohn Russell  
DNFRussell Downing (NFTO )  
DNFDale Appleby (NFTO )  
DNFRobert Orr  
DNFAlex Dowsett (Movistar Team)  
DNFZach May  
DNFDexter Gardias  
DNFAlex Peters (Madison Genesis )  
DNFWilliam Bjergfelt  
DNFChris Snook (Madison Genesis )  
DNFTobyn Horton (Madison Genesis )  
DNFIan Bibby (Madison Genesis )  
DNFJacob Scott  
DNFThomas Bustard (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNFAdam Blythe (NFTO )  
DNFJon Mould (NFTO )  
DNFScott Davies (Madison Genesis )  
DNFDaniel Mclay  
DNFGary Hand  
DNFRobert Hassan  
DNFKit Gilham  
DNFAlex Coutts  
DNFJake Tanner (Christina Watches - Kuma)  
DNFJames King  
DNFJames Sampson  
DNFMatthew Holmes (Madison Genesis )  
DNFHarry Godding  
DNFHenry Latimer  
DNFPeter Williams  
DNFJames Walsby  
DNFJake Womersley  
DNSJack Adams  
DNSDouglas Dewey  
DNSJacob Ragan  
DNSAndrew Fenn (Omega Pharma - Quick-Step)  
DNSChristopher Lawless  
DNSMark Cavendish (Omega Pharma - Quick-Step)  
DNSAlexander Murisson  
DNSChristopher Lawless  
DNSJoe Kelly  
DNSAndrew Tennant (Madison Genesis )  
DNSAdam Martin  
DNSRhys Lloyd  
DNSChris Bartlett  
DNSMartin Jake  
DNSGraham Briggs (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNSJames McCallum (NFTO )  
DNSWilliam Stephenson (Rapha Condor JLT)  
DNSJoe Giggins  
DNSIan Wilkinson (Team Raleigh )  
DNSLiam Stones (Team Raleigh )  
DNSJoseph Perett (Team Raleigh )  
DNSYanto Barker (Team Raleigh )  
DNSChris Dredge  
DNSBradley Wiggins (Team Sky)  
DNSMathew Cronshaw (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNSNathan Edmondson (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNSBradley Morgan (Velosure - Giordana Racing Team)  
DNSAlex Bottomley  
DNSAdam Duggleby  
DNSSimon Wilson  
DNSJordan Hargreaves  
DNSMark Perry  
DNSScott Gurnett  
DNSIan Stannard (Team Sky)  

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