Magner claims Clarendon Cup victory

Alzate, Aitcheson round out podium in Arlington

UnitedHealthCare’s Ty Magner won his first Air Force Association Cycling Classic competition at Clarendon Cup, with his teammate Carlos Alzate Escobar immediately behind him, securing second place. Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas) was third.

Magner leads the omnium heading in to the second and final day at Crystal Cup on Sunday.

This year’s race included several epic performances, including a stretch of brutal solo laps by Stephen Hall. For his many miles of tenacity and eventual perseverance, Hall was awarded the 2016 Lockheed Martin Most Heroic Rider Award.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ty Magner  
2Carlos Alzate Escobar  
3Rayn Aitcheson  
4Brad White  
5Jake Sitler  
6Bobby Lea  
7Orlando Garibay  
8Brandon Feehery  
9Andres Diaz Corrales  
10Winston David  
11Stephen Hall  
12Andrew Seitz  
13Kevin Gottlieb  
14Luke Keough  
15Donald Brew  
16Ben Frederick  
17Mike Stoop  
18Stefan Mastaller  
19Greg Wittwer  
20Ian Keough  
21Adam Myerson  
22Nicolae Tanovitchii  
23Eran Preble  
24Glenn Ferreira  
25Ryan DeWald  
26Andrew Giniat  
27Wes Kline  
28Zack Kratche  
29Patrick Raines  
30Thomas Humphreys  
31Sean Barrie  
32Mattison Brady  
33Pete Custer  
34Adrian Hegyvary  
35Peter Foerster  
36Quinten Kirby  
37Taylor Pearman  
38MattCorey McLoone  
39Will Davis  
40Jonah Cooper  
41Chris Mead-VanCort  
42Paul Jones  
43Rayn Mica  
44Jared McKinney  
45Greg Nieters  
46Stalin Capelle  
47Jason Quiterio Cuell  
48Mark Saltzman  
49Alexander Hyatt  
50Bill Voitik  
51Paul Mulligan  
52Trevor Lengermann  
53Samuel Rolette  
54Griffin Boardman  
55Erlin Easter  
56John Bergmann  
57Kip Spaude  
58Garrett Olsen  
59Lucas Livermon  
60Nick Frey  

Full results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Coryn Rivera  
2Kendall Ryan  
3Joanne Kiesanowski  
4Kimberley Wells  
5Lauren Hall  
6Laura Van Gilder  
7Julie Kuliecza  
8Jess Mundy  
9Nicole Mertz  
10Lindsay Bayer  
11Liza Rachetto  
12Tiffany Pezzulo  
13Lauretta Hanson  
14Brianna Walle  
15Lauren Tamayo  
16Debbie Milne  
17Ainhoa Perez-Diez  
18Diana Penuela  
19Whitney Allison  
20Arden Stelly  
21Kate Kirkpatrick  
22Mary Breed  
23Jessica Cutler  
24Madison Kelly  
25Vanessa Botero  
26Cynthia Frazier  
27Annie Foreman-Mackey  
28Shannon Malseed  
29Jamie Gilgen  
30Sara Tussey  
31Beth Hernandez  
32Dori Buckethal  
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