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2014 Commonwealth Games 2014

Date range:
July 24 - August 3

August 03, Elite Men Road Race:

Thomas wins gold for Wales in Commonwealth Games road race

Sadhbh O'Shea
August 03, 2014, 17:03 BST,
August 03, 2014, 23:15 BST

Bauer, Thwaites round out men's podium

Geraint Thomas (Wales) wins the gold medal

Geraint Thomas (Wales) wins the gold medal

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Geraint Thomas took a heart-stopping solo victory in the Commonwealth Games men’s road race, beating Jack Bauer (New Zealand) and Scott Thwaites (England). The Welshman attacked on the last ascent of St. Vincent Street, but suffered a puncture in the closing kilometres. He didn’t panic as he waited for a slow wheel change and powered home to win by more than a minute.

“It's unbelievable, I never expected it to be honest," Thomas said after the race. "Coming after the Tour [de France], I was tired at the end of that. I thought it would be a massive challenge to get results here. But the motivation was there, and to get bronze in the time trial was a massive boost for the confidence."

Behind Thomas, it was Bauer and Thwaites who battled it out for the remaining two medals. The two had been in the attack with Thomas, which went clear on lap eight, but neither had the legs to go with him when jumped in the finale. Thwaites led out the sprint for silver, but Bauer came around him to pip him to the line by the smallest of margins. What was left of the peloton was led over the line by Russell Downing (England), more than four minutes behind the winner.

The scene was set for what was going to be a gruelling race as the heavens opened over Glasgow moments before the 139 riders took to the start line. The large criterium-like circuit was already going to be tricky to master but with wet roads it was a whole other matter. The race had barely got going when Peter Kennaugh (Isle of Man) flew off the front.

Kennaugh’s attack scattered the race to the four winds, and riders began to get blown off the back as the peloton tried to chase down the lone Manxman. There were a few furtive looks over the shoulder, but it wasn’t long before Kennaugh knew he would have to do this one alone.

Three separate attacks tried to chase him down, the most serious of them was a three-man move consisting of Nathan Haas (Australia), Svein Tuft (Canada) and Peter Hawkins (Northern Ireland). None succeeded and all were quickly absorbed by the peloton. As the group behind settled into a rhythm, Kennaugh’s gap continued to grow to almost two minutes at the halfway point.

As in the women’s race, Australia were the dominant team on the front of the peloton. Thursday’s silver medallist in the time trial, Rohan Dennis was initially the rider doing most of the work. The rain had abated, but the roads were still slick, and the newly-announced BMC rider came a cropper on a cobbled corner. Dennis avoided any serious injuries, but decided to call it quits, suffering with cuts and bruises.

Tired of doing the chasing, as they had for almost the entire race, Australia tried a different tactic by sending Haas up the road and handing the chasing duties to New Zealand. The experiment didn’t work, however, Kennaugh only gained time.

After riding for well over 100 kilometres on his own, Kennaugh suddenly found himself in company when Jack Bauer saw his opportunity on St Vincent Street and began to solo across. He was soon joined by Thomas and Thwaites, and the trio connected with Kennaugh after he crested Gibson Street, two climbs later. After doing all the early work, Australia were noticeably missing from the lead group. It was the beginning of the end for Kennaugh, who was blown out the back of the lead group before the end of the lap.

The fight for the medals had been whittled down to just three men. Each one was guaranteed some reward, but the question was which colour would it be? Aware that his sprint wasn’t enough to match Thwaites, Thomas decided to have a dig near the top of St. Vincent Street. The Welshman was the strongest man on the climb and quickly built up a substantial lead.

Just when it looked like Thomas was certain of victory, a puncture would have had his heart beating a little faster. With no team car around, he was forced to take a neutral service wheel and endure an excruciatingly slow change. Mercifully, Thomas got going before the two chasers reached him but his advantage had been cut in half. “When I got that puncture, I thought to myself 'what am I going to do?', but luckily I had enough of a gap to hold on,” said Thomas, who won by a margin of 1:21 over the two chasers.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Geraint Thomas (Wales) 4:13:05  
2 Jack Bauer (New Zealand) 0:01:21  
3 Scott Thwaites (England)    
4 Russell Downing (England) 0:04:29  
5 Mark Renshaw (Australia)    
6 Luke Rowe (Wales) 0:04:32  
7 Greg Henderson (New Zealand) 0:05:15  
8 Peter Kennaugh (Isle of Man)    
9 Dan Craven (Namibia) 0:09:03  
10 Scott Davies (Wales) 0:10:10  
11 David Millar (Scotland) 0:10:21  
12 Caleb Ewan (Australia) 0:11:22  
DNF Sean Downey (Northern Ireland)    
DNF Simon Clarke (Australia)    
DNF Grant Ferguson (Scotland)    
DNF Thomas Moses (England)    
DNF Thomas Scully (New Zealand)    
DNF Owain Doull (Wales)    
DNF Shane Archbold (New Zealand)    
DNF Tobyn Horton (Guernsey)    
DNF Nathan Haas (Australia)    
DNF Michael Hepburn (Australia)    
DNF William Routley (Canada)    
DNF Jake Kelly (Isle of Man)    
DNF Connor McConvey (Northern Ireland)    
DNF Svein Tuft (Canada)    
DNF Paul Oldham (England)    
DNF James McLaughlin (Guernsey)    
DNF Roger Robert Aiken (Northern Ireland)    
DNF Till Drobisch (Namibia)    
DNF Jesse Segent (New Zealand)    
DNF Peter Hawkins (Northern Ireland)    
DNF Adrien Niyanshuti (Rwanda)    
DNF Nicholas Hamilton (Canada)    
DNF Suleiman Kangangi (Kenya)    
DNF Ed Veal (Canada)    
DNF Janvier Hadi (Rwanda)    
DNF Richard Loning'o Laizer (Tanzania)    
DNF Dominique Mayho (Bermuda)    
DNF Fraser Duncan (Northern Ireland)    
DNF Marios Athanasiadis (Cyprus)    
DNF Yannick Lincoln (Mauritius)    
DNF Christos Loizou (Cyprus)    
DNF Loh Sea Keong (Malaysia)    
DNF James McCallum (Scotland)    
DNF Michael Northey (New Zealand)    
DNF Samuel Harrison (Wales)    
DNF Matthew Osborn (Guernsey)    
DNF Geron Williams (Guyana)    
DNF Jamol Eastmond (Barbados)    
DNF Marlon Williams (Guyana)    
DNF Alanzo Greaves (Guyana)    
DNF Gerhard Mans (Namibia)    
DNF Heiko Redecker (Namibia)    
DNF Anim Samuel (Ghana)    
DNF Jeevan Jayasinghe (Sri Lanka)    
DNF Gasore Hategeka (Rwanda)    
DNF Agorir Ngasike (Kenya)    
DNF Jyme Bridges (Antigua and Barbuda)    
DNF John Muya (Kenya)    
DNF Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Malaysia)    
DNF Andrew Fenn (Scotland)    
DNF Mark Christian (Isle of Man)    
DNF Alex Dowsett (England)    
DNF Dennis Rohan (Australia)    
DNF Raynauth Jeffrey (Guyana)    
DNF David Njau (Kenya)    
DNF James Roe (Guernsey)    
DNF Jordan Lebon (Mauritius)    
DNF Teboho Khantsi (Lesotho)    
DNF Evan Oliphant (Scotland)    
DNF Jack Pullar (Scotland)    
DNF Andrew Roche (Isle of Man)    
DNF Elliot Baxter (Isle of Man)    
DNF Costa Seibib (Namibia)    
DNF Remi Pelletier (Canada)    
DNF Emmanuel Philimon Mollely (Tanzania)    
DNF Michael Serafin (Guernsey)    
DNF Aaron Bailey (Guernsey)    
DNF Robert Barnes (Jamaica)    
DNF Arvind Panwar (India)    
DNF Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (Rwanda)    
DNF Jean Bosco Nsengimana (Rwanda)    
DNF Valens Ndayisenga (Rwanda)    
DNF Jonathan Mould (Wales)    
DNF Morgan Rudd (Swaziland)    
DNF Ara Mondjem (Swaziland)    
DNF Orano Andrews (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)    
DNF Cameron Adams (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)    
DNF Buddihika Warnakula Sooriya (Sri Lanka)    
DNF Edward Pothin (Seychelles)    
DNF Chris Germain (Seychelles)    
DNF Antoine Arrisol (Seychelles)    
DNF Loto Petrus (Namibia)    
DNF Sebastien Tyack (Mauritius)    
DNF Mike Cong Chin (Mauritius)    
DNF Leonard Tsoyo (Malawi)    
DNF Missi Kathumba (Malawi)    
DNF Richard Tanguy (Jersey)    
DNF Amit Kumar (India)    
DNF Muhammad I'Maadi Abd Aziz (Brunei Darussalam)    
DNF Ron Vasquez (Belize)    
DNF Gregory Lovell (Belize)    
DNF Giovanni Lovell (Belize)    
DNF Joel Borland (Belize)    
DNF Jay Major (Bahamas)    
DNF Marvin Spencer (Antigua and Barbuda)    
DNF Anthony Colebrook (Bahamas)    
DNF Chad Albury (Bahamas)    
DNF Danny Laud (Anguilla)    
DNF Anthony Muite (Kenya)    
DNF Oneil Samuels (Jamaica)    
DNF Marloe Rodman (Jamaica)    
DNF Sombir (India)    
DNF Ian Stannard (England)    
DNF Michele Smith (Cayman Islands)    
DNF Zachary Bell (Canada)    
DNF Andre Simon (Antigua and Barbuda)    
DNF Phetetso Monese (Lesotho)    
DNF Manjeet Singh (India)    
DNF Moses Sesay (Sierra Leone)    
DNF Suresh Bishnoi (India)    
DNF Scott Savory (Guyana)    
DNF Deangelo Stirrup (Bahamas)    
DNF Roy Colebrook Jnr (Bahamas)    
DNF Sebastian Kigongo Semakula (Uganda)    
DNF Leon Matovu (Uganda)    
DNF Abdul Umar (Ghana)    
DNF Mohammed Osman (Ghana)    
DNF Anthony Boakye Dankwa (Ghana)    
DNF Kris Pradel (Anguilla)    
DNF Sherwin Osborne (Anguilla)    
DNF Joseph Kelly (Isle of Man)    
DNF Jesse Kelly (Isle of Man)    
DNF Shreedhar Savanur (India)    
DNF Christian Spence (Jersey)    
DNF Benjamin Philip (Anguilla)    
DNF Justin Hodge (Anguilla)    
DNF Philip Lavery (Northern Ireland)    
DNS Christopher Symonds (Ghana)