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Ryan Aitcheson wins Glencoe Grand Prix

The Astellas Cycling Team

The Astellas Cycling Team (Image credit: Tim de Waele/

Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cyling Team) took top honors at the 10th Annual Glencoe Grand Prix presented by the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, held outside of Chicago, Illinois. The Canadian’s second win at the TUFMED USA CRITS SERIES came out of a sprint after lapping the main field with Bryan Gomez (Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U25) and Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling), who finished second and third, respectively.

On the same course that was used for the 2010 U.S. Criterium Nationals, 72 riders set off on a challenging 10-corner, 2.2 km circuit that equated to around 80 km of racing.

Knapp was the first rider to take a crack off the front and stretch out a significant advantage of 30 seconds, 10 laps into the race.

After letting Knapp enjoy some solo time off the front, Ryan Aitcheson, who was sitting fourth overall in the Series at the start of the seventh race, decided the move turned dangerous and attacked out of the field. Gomez saw an opportunity to get into a break with this year’s winner of Athens Twilight and went along for the ride.

“Knapp is definitely someone to keep an eye out for,” Aitchenson said about the decision to bridge. “He’s been on the radar for a few years. We used to be teammates, so I know exactly how strong he is. I knew it was tempting to let him sit out there a little longer, but it was getting dangerous really quick.”

It took about 10 laps, but Aitcheson and Gomez finally made the connection as they came through the start/finish with 26 laps left in the race. The three worked well together, good enough, in fact, to eventually lap the field with six laps remaining.

“It ended up rolling,” Aitcheson said. “I was quite surprised. I was waiting for more guys to come up and help us, but we pulled pretty hard and we ended up lapping, which I surprised about.

With the original break safely in the field, it was down to their teammates to negotiate the top three through the bunch for final placings. First Internet Bank Cycling team set a fierce tempo for Knapp until inside two laps to go, when Astellas came to the front for Aitcheson.

Current BikeReg Best Young Rider Eamon Lucas was the last Astellas rider to lead Aitcheson through the final corner. Gomez was firmly stuck on his wheel, but failed to come around the Canadian.

Maxwell Ackermann (Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek U25) won the bunch sprint out of the lapped field to take home fourth place.

In the TUFMED USA CRITS standings, Thomas Gibbons (Unattached) maintained his lead with 1223 points. Aitcheson moved up into second with 1119, and his teammate Lucas is sitting in third with 1092 points.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Aitcheson (USA) Astellas Cycling Team1:53:08
2Bryan Gomez (Col) Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
3Ryan Knapp (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
4Maxwell Ackermann (USA) Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
5Eamon Lucas (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:00:01
6Benjamin Renkema (USA) Team Finish Strong0:00:02
7Grant Erhard (USA) Summit Wealth Strategies
8Ed Veal (USA) RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau0:00:03
9Thomas Gibbons (USA)
10Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart
11Trevor O'donnell (Can) RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau
12Paul Martin (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
13John Harris (USA) GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
14Dennis Ramirez (USA) Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek0:00:04
15Robert Sroka (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling0:00:05
16Eric Thompson (USA) Donkey Label Racing0:00:06
17Joshua Johnson (USA) Bissell ABG Giant
18Rudyard Peterson (USA) Credite' Velo TREK
19Matt Salpietro (USA) Texas Roadhouse Cycling
20Anton Varabei (USA) RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau
21Andrew Giniat (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes
22Parker Kyzer (USA) Team Finish Strong0:00:07
23Rahsaan Bahati (USA) Bahati-WTR0:00:08
24Maxwell Anderson (USA) LAPT - Wilde Subaru
25Brian Kaker (USA) LAPT - Wilde Subaru0:00:12
26Hogan Sills (USA) Bissell ABG Giant
27Jack Mccann (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling0:00:13
28Luke Momper (USA) Summit Wealth Strategies0:00:17
29Chris Arndt (USA) LAPT - Wilde Subaru
30Robert White (USA) Avant Cycling pb Precision Plus0:00:18
31Bill Mulligan (USA) GDVC
32Matthew Kelley (USA) Summit Wealth Strategies0:00:19
33Justin Meade (USA) Team Finish Strong
34Michael Keller (USA) Bissell ABG Giant0:00:21
35Levon Kalemkiarian (USA) Donkey Label Racing
36Tristin Bentzler (USA) Donkey Label Racing
37Andrew House (Can) To Wheels Epic Sports Performance BCC0:00:22
38Stephen Wagstaff (USA) LAPT - Wilde Subaru0:00:23
39Eric Hill (USA) LAPT - Wilde Subaru0:00:25
40Matt Moosa (USA) Team Finish Strong0:00:27
41Ian Keough (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:00:28
42Clay Murfet (USA) Astellas Cycling Team
43Kirk Albers (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
44John Woods (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling0:00:29
45John Becker (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling0:00:49
46Fletcher Lydick (USA) Team Finish Strong0:01:33
47Johnny Mitchell (USA) Team Finish Strong
48Travis Lyons (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator Co0:01:58
49Alexander Voitik (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes0:11:52
50Joshua Kush (USA) Clarksville Schwinn powered by
51Jarret Oldham (USA) Clarksville Schwinn powered by0:12:30
52Scott Ogilvie (USA) Dogfish Racing
53Kyle Selph (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes
54Tim Speciale (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes0:13:08
55Tim Burton (Can) RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau
56Sven Gartner (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes
57Adam Mcclurg (USA) LAPT - Wilde Subaru
58Ryan White (USA) Velo Cause
59Shane Feehery (USA) Summit Wealth Strategies
60Nathan Labecki (USA) Giant Racing pb Intelligentsia
DNFJohn Kuhfahl (USA) xXx Racing-Athletico
DNFAaron Beebe (USA) Bissell ABG Giant
DNFChad Hartley (USA) Giant Racing pb Intelligentsia
DNFKonrad Witt (USA) Athletes By Design
DNFTrevor Rolette (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes
DNFPeter Kelley (USA) Team Bicycle Heaven
DNFJoshua Carter (USA) EGO pb Sammy's Bikes
DNFJordan Diekema (USA) Bissell ABG Giant
DNFJohn Leach (USA) Bissell ABG Giant
DNFJeff Schiller (Can) To Wheels Epic Sports Performance BCC
DNFDaniel Gay (USA) Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
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