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Ishay, Sturm bring Fort Lewis College two more wins in short track

The 2011 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships continued Saturday as the riders contested the short track and the downhill races.

The weather remained a factor in the races. The sections of the short track course that were muddy during Friday's cross country races, had frozen overnight, making the course easier to ride in the morning. As the ground thawed, the course became muddy in sections.

Division I

In the short track races, Fort Lewis College flexed its muscles, claiming the top two spots on the men's and women's podiums. In the men's race, Rotem Ishay and Howard Grotts left the field competing for third place. In the end, the silver medalist in Friday's cross country race, Ishay, outlasted the winner of yesterday's race, Grotts, to collect the fifth national title of his collegiate career.

"I started in the front row," said Ishay, who won the short track in 2010. "I figured if I'm in the front row, I want to get a gap in the first few laps. I got a small gap and Howard caught up to me. I figured, 'I'm going to stay in the front and not going to let him pass me,' so every time he tried to pass me, I just gunned it."

In the women's short track, Sarah Sturm (Fort Lewis College), who was disappointed with finishing sixth in Friday's cross country race, simply rode as hard as she could to the finish line to win by 48 seconds over the silver medalist.

"It feels really good. I've never won," Sturm said. "I got sixth yesterday, which was really disappointing because I really wanted to win. I knew I could pass the girl in front of me on the climb and the descent wasn't very technical."

The winner of Friday's cross country race, Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College), overcame a difficult start and some mechanical issues to finish second. Catlin and Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming) were dueling on the track until Catlin was able to overtake Behlen with two laps remaining in the race. Behlen held on to third place.

Division II

The University of Denver claimed the top spot in the men's and women's short track races. In the men's race, Matt Lyons won by 28 seconds to claim the first national title of his career. Lyons attacked the field early in the race and stayed away throughout the contest.

"I was thinking before the race what I would try to do," Lyons said. "I was thinking that I would sit in the pack, maybe on the third wheel, but decided on the second lap that it was time to go. Everybody had slowed down on the toughest part of the course, the steepest part, I thought that would be the time to attack, so I went. It's a mental struggle going into the last three laps. People were telling me that the gap was getting smaller, but having that Stars-and-Stripes in front of you really makes you dig hard and deep."

In the women's short track contest, the silver medalist in Friday's cross country race, Rebecca Gross (University of Denver), used her cyclo-cross background to overcome the loosening terrain and win by 28 seconds. Alexis Skarda (Colorado Mesa University), who won Friday's cross country race, earned the silver medal while Eva Wilson (Warren Wilson College) earned the bronze medal.

"I've been racing cyclo-cross a lot in the fall," Gross said. "I'm pretty decent at that. I just put it down at the start and hoped I could hold it. It seemed to work out pretty well."

Full Results

Division I men short track
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College)0:28:37
2Howard Grotts (Fort Lewis College)0:00:01
3Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College)0:02:00
4Samuel Morrison (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:03:18
-1lapBradford Perley (Lees-McRae College)
-1lapClayton Barrows (Pennsylvania State University)
-1lapGregory Carpenter (Fort Lewis College)
-1lapMatthew Fox (Colorado State University)
-1lapVictor Alber (University of Florida)
-1lapPeter O'Donnell (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-1lapKeith Wong (Stanford University)
-1lapTodd Latocha (West Virginia University)
-2lapsAdam Looney (University of Wyoming)
-2lapsCody Goettl (Lindenwood University)
-2lapsKendal Johnson (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-3lapsKevin Kane (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-4lapsColton Andersen (Fort Lewis College)
-4lapsDavis Bentley (Lees-McRae College)
-4lapsTaylor Ladd (Lindsey Wilson College)
-4lapsEzra Mullen (Lees-McRae College)
-4lapsCole Kirkpatrick (University of North Texas)
-5lapsJoseph Yoham (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-5lapsTrevor MacLean (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsDerek Harnden (University of Vermont)
-5lapsJordan Kestler (University of California-Berkeley)
-5lapsClayton Omer (Appalachian State University)
-5lapsDylan Stucki (Fort Lewis College)
-5lapsJohn Giles (Northern Arizona University)
-5lapsTodd Whitescarver (Appalachian State University)
-5lapsJoshua Johnson (Marian University)
-5lapsNitish Nag (University of California-Berkeley)
-5lapsJoseph Welsh (Lees-McRae College)
-5lapsChristopher Convis (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-5lapsJames Wittwer (Appalachian State University)
-5lapsMatthew Dooley (Lindsey Wilson College)
-5lapsKyle Johnson (University of Texas-Austin)
-5lapsCody Kukulski (Northern Arizona University)
-5lapsJacob Andersson (Virginia Polytechnic University)
-5lapsBrad Berger (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-5lapsChristopher Haga (Texas A & M University)
-5lapsJames Brown (Lindsey Wilson College)
-5lapsAlder Martz (Marian University)
-5lapsGreg DiSanto (University of New Hampshire)
-5lapsNathan Petter (Colorado State University)
-5lapsAndrew DeVierScott (Appalachian State University)
-5lapsDaniel Gerow (Marian University)
-5lapsWilliam Vazquez (Colorado State University)
-5lapsJoseph maloney (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
-5lapsBenjamin Silva (Texas A & M University)
-5lapsNeal Forbes (Marian University)
-5lapsEric Hartsuyker (University of California-Santa Barbara)
-5lapsNathaniel Williams (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
-5lapsTaylor Smith (University of New Hampshire)
-6lapsBenjamin Cargill (University of New Hampshire)
-6lapsKevin Bonney (University of Missouri-Columbia)
-6lapsBrian Funk (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-6lapsBenjamin Moody (University of Vermont)
-6lapsDouglas Torres (University of New Mexico)
-6lapsAlexander Meyer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
-6lapsChristian Probst (Virginia Polytechnic University)
-6lapsScott Pendleton (University of Southern California)
-6lapsJohn Heine (University of New Mexico)
-6lapsOwen Belton (Lindenwood University)
-6lapsNicholas Heine (University of New Mexico)
-6lapsShawn Small (Texas A & M University)
-6lapsNicholas Chevalley (Lindenwood University)
-6lapsLevi Grabow (University of Nevada-Reno)
-6lapsBrandon Quam (University of New Mexico)
-6lapsWill Canup (University of Virginia)
-6lapsBryce Mihalevich (University of Missouri-Columbia)
-6lapsPeter Deucher (Marian University)
DNSTrevor DeRuise (University of Nevada-Reno)
DNSZeb King (Appalachian State University)

Division I women short track
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Sturm (Fort Lewis College)0:29:14
2Lauren Catlin (Fort Lewis College)0:00:48
3Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming)0:01:04
4Claire Bensard (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:01:12
5Katharine Hall (University of California-Berkeley)0:01:18
6Katie Sodergren (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:01:38
7Deidre York (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:02:08
8Abigail Mickey (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:02:23
9Erica Zaveta (Lees-McRae College)0:02:47
-1lapAshley James (Appalachian State University)
-2lapsVictoria Yoham (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-3lapsSofia Hamilton (University of California-Berkeley)
-3lapsLindsay Dye (Northern Arizona University)
-4lapsLinnea Dixson (University of Wyoming)
-4lapsMarie Kenney (University of Vermont)
-4lapsvhasti schmidt (Lindsey Wilson College)
-4lapsAshlee Wilson (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-4lapsLisha Herold (Marian University)
-4lapsBrittany Clawson (Fort Lewis College)
-4lapsJoanna Bechtel (University of California-Berkeley)
-4lapsRachel Byus (Lindenwood University)
-5lapsSarah Lukas (Lindenwood University)
-5lapsAnne Cheeney (Fort Lewis College)
-5lapsSarah Dixson (University of Wyoming)
-5lapsCinthia Lehner (Lees-McRae College)
-6lapsKathryn Hicks (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)
-6lapsIsabella Oleksy (University of New Hampshire)
-6lapsVirginia Solomon (University of Southern California)
-6lapsJennifer Higgins (Colorado State University)
-6lapsMegan Baab (Lees-McRae College)
-6lapsyesica mendoza (Lindsey Wilson College)
-6lapsEllie Atkins (University of Colorado-Boulder)
-6lapsBrooke Crum (Lindsey Wilson College)
-7lapsAllie Dragoo (Marian University)
-7lapsKristy Peck (University of Nevada-Reno)
-7lapsKathryn Chinn (University of New Mexico)
DNSShannon Howell (University of Southern California)

Division II men short track
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Lyons (University of Denver)0:28:42
2Matt Schiff (Humboldt State University)0:00:28
3Adam Miller (Colorado College)0:00:58
4Drake Lindsey (Union College-KY)0:01:17
5Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College)0:01:27
6Brae Patten (Western State College of Colorado)0:01:46
7Michael Keith (Mars Hill College)0:01:55
8Lewis Gaffney (Brevard College)0:02:06
9Steven Pearl (Humboldt State University)
10Eric Smith (Ripon College)0:02:20
11Joe Schneider (Colorado School of Mines)0:02:26
-1lapPatric Rostel (Colorado Mesa University)
-2lapsTaylor Schmidt (Colorado School of Mines)
-2lapsChristoph Hurley (Colorado School of Mines)
-2lapsWesley Lamberson (Union College-KY)
-3lapsBenjamin Senkerik (Ripon College)
-3lapsKarl Schroeder (US Air Force Academy)
-3lapsLogan Luker (Cumberland University)
-3lapsSam Chovan (University of Denver)
-3lapsRichard Geng (Colorado Mesa University)
-4lapsBen Jackson (Western State College of Colorado)
-4lapszach winn (Union College-KY)
-4lapsBrad Nelson (Union College-KY)
-4lapsKeith Marek (Brevard College)
-4lapsCorey Davis (Mars Hill College)
-4lapsNicolas Jimenez (Colorado School of Mines)
-5lapsDylan WRIGHT (Humboldt State University)
-5lapsGeoffrey Bee (Colorado School of Mines)
-5lapsBennett Winn (Union College-KY)
-5lapsTanner Hurst (Cumberland University)
-5lapsMichael Flynn (Warren Wilson College)
-6lapsizzy cohan (Warren Wilson College)
-6lapsZebulon Hanley (US Air Force Academy)
-6lapsRyan Sullivan (Cumberland University)
-6lapsOwen Tulip (Western State College of Colorado)
-6lapsKody Adams (Brevard College)
-6lapsAndy Fehrenbach (Ripon College)
-6lapsmike baird (Union College-KY)
-6lapsR Maitland Jones (Mars Hill College)
-6lapsNathan Abel (Humboldt State University)

Division II women short track
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Gross (University of Denver)0:26:41
2Alexis Skarda (Colorado Mesa University)0:00:28
3Eva Wilson (Warren Wilson College)0:01:32
4Essence Barton (California Lutheran University)0:03:35
5Elisa Otter (Union College-KY)0:03:46
-1lapRenee DeBruin (Ripon College)
-1lapSyd Schulz (Middlebury College)
-2lapsMaria Esswein (Union College-KY)
-2lapsKlara Rossouw (Mars Hill College)
-2lapsAlexis Kelley (Western State College of Colorado)
-3lapsAngela Vitulli (Western State College of Colorado)
-3lapsKara Uhl (Union College-KY)
-3lapsMorganne Endicott (Cumberland University)
-3lapsKaydee Raths (Humboldt State University)
-3lapsMolly Friedland (Warren Wilson College)
-3lapsHannah Madden (Colorado School of Mines)
-3lapsMorgan Sykes (Brevard College)
-3lapsRosette Reynolds (Ripon College)
-3lapsMadison Samblanet (Western State College of Colorado)
-3lapsLaura Rice (Mars Hill College)
-4lapsChristina Torquato (Warren Wilson College)
-4lapsCatherine Harnden (Union College-KY)
-4lapsJenna Emerick (Saint Edward's University)
-5lapsPetra Davis (Montana State University-Bozeman)
-5lapsChristen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)

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