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Bokeloh wins with a late sprint

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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) celebrates his sprint victory

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) celebrates his sprint victory (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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A view of the climb on the Ponferrada circuit

A view of the climb on the Ponferrada circuit (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The dam wall is proving to be a key point of the circuit

The dam wall is proving to be a key point of the circuit (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Here comes the peloton

Here comes the peloton (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The Junior men pass the team pits area

The Junior men pass the team pits area (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The riders lined up on the start line

The riders lined up on the start line (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The riders taste their gold, silver and bronze medals

The riders taste their gold, silver and bronze medals (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) celebrates with his arms in air

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) celebrates with his arms in air (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) produced a perfect sprint

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) produced a perfect sprint (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) timed his sprint perfectly

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) timed his sprint perfectly (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The peloton is all together.

The peloton is all together. (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Alexandr Kulikovskiy (Russia), Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) and Peter Lenderink (Netherlands) on the podium

Alexandr Kulikovskiy (Russia), Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) and Peter Lenderink (Netherlands) on the podium (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany)

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) gets a taste of gold

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) gets a taste of gold (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) sprints to the line

Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) sprints to the line (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

After a breathless morning of racing, Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) emerged victorious in the junior men’s road race at the world championships in Ponferrada, unleashing a fine finish to claim the group sprint ahead of Alexandr Kulikovskiy (Russia) and Peter Lenderink (Netherlands).

There were plot twists aplenty as the race ebbed and flowed through the final three laps. The only constant was the complete lack of respite in the peloton, which seemed stretched in single file for much of the final hour. Indeed, Bokeloh’s reading of the race had prompted him to anticipate a very different outcome. Over the top of Confederacion, the penultimate climb, he managed to bridge across to breakaways Pavel Sivakov (Russia) and Tamirlan Tassymov (Kazakhstan). When they were swept up at the base of the final climb to Mirador, he feared his chance had passed him by.

“I thought it would be a sprint from a breakaway, that’s why I followed them,” Bokeloh said. “I was a little bit sad when the break was caught by the peloton. On the last climb it was quite hard to follow. I really didn’t think I’d be able to sprint like I did after that. I was more focused on maybe a top ten place, I didn’t expect to be world champion. It’s amazing.”

Over 40 riders came together again at the foot of the Mirador, where the Swedish pair of Lucas Eriksson and Hampus Anderberg’s forcing whittled down the leading group still further, but nobody could quite snap the elastic and go clear.

On the way down, however, Switzerland’s Gino Maeder took over the reins, and his daring descent looked as though it would be enough to carry him to the rainbow jersey. As the road flattened out at the red kite, he had a small but sustainable advantage over the disorganised chasing group. Maeder was joined in the final kilometre by Stepan Kurianov (Russia), but they were swept up within sight of the line.

In the closing 200 metres, Bokeloh produced a sprint worthy of fellow German sprinters Degenkolb, Greipel et al to beat Kulikovskiy, while Lenderink held off Edoardo Affini (Italy) for the bronze medal.

“It’s a bit of a surprise because I thought a break would stay away on the final lap,” Lenderink said. “I was a bit on the back on the last climb, but I used the descent to get back on.”

The early entertainment was provided by Adrien Costa (USA), who launched a determined solo effort that saw him gain 45 seconds, but he was eventually reeled in as the peloton approached the beginning of the penultimate lap.

Over 100 riders were still in contention at that point, but a dangerous move sparked by Ricardo Verza (Italy) and Leo Danes (France) blew the race apart. The break swelled to six riders by the bell, where Wilmar Paredes (Colombia) set a fierce tempo all the way up the Confederacion, but there was a fresh regrouping shortly after the summit.

Nicola Conci (Italy) was the next to try his luck, in the company of Sivakov, but his Worlds dream ended when his wheels slid from beneath him while forcing the pace on the same fast corner that saw his Italian Under 23 teammate crash on Friday. The final climb and descent of Mirador were frenetic affairs, but when the dust settled in Ponferrada, a group of 32 riders formed to contest the medals.

“Right from the start I felt good, but I didn’t expect to become world champion,” said Bokeloh after he received the rainbow jersey. “I think it will make a lot of things much easier for me. I’m still looking for a team for next year and now I think I can get a better team.”

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonas Bokeloh (Germany)3:07:00
2Alexandr Kulikovskiy (Russian Federation)
3Peter Lenderink (Netherlands)
4Edoardo Affini (Italy)
5Magnus Klaris (Denmark)
6Izidor Penko (Slovenia)
7Lucas Eriksson (Sweden)
8Lorenzo Fortunato (Italy)
9Léo Danes (France)
10Sjoerd Bax (Netherlands)
11Jordi Warlop (Belgium)
12Wilmar Paredes (Colombia)
13Emiel Planckaert (Belgium)
14Gino Mäder (Switzerland)
15Moritz Fußnegger (Germany)
16James Shaw (Great Britain)
17Masahiro Ishigami (Japan)
18Mitchell Cornelisse (Netherlands)
19Christian Koch (Germany)
20Martin Schäppi (Switzerland)
21Aurélien Paret-Peintre (France)
22Pascal Eenkhoorn (Netherlands)
23Jonas Gregaard (Denmark)
24Jai Hindley (Australia)
25Senne Leysen (Belgium)
26Benjamin Brkic (Austria)
27Michael Storer (Australia)
28Mark Padun (Ukraine)
29Ward Jaspers (Belgium)
30Stepan Kurianov (Russian Federation)
31Andrej Petrovski (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
32Vincenzo Albanese (Italy)
33Hampus Anderberg (Sweden)0:00:08
34James Thompson (Australia)0:00:12
35Tamirlan Tassymov (Kazakhstan)0:00:16
36Zeno Caminada (Switzerland)0:00:20
37Kevin Geniets (Luxembourg)0:00:37
38Øyvind Skog (Norway)0:00:38
39Pavel Sivakov (Russian Federation)
40Jaime Restrepo (Colombia)0:01:10
41Filippo Ganna (Italy)
42Maxim Satlikov (Kazakhstan)0:01:33
43Rayane Bouhanni (France)0:01:44
44Michael O'loughlin (Ireland)
45Alexander Fåglum Karlsson (Sweden)
46Aleksander Vlasov (Russian Federation)
47Patrick Haller (Germany)
48Yuriy Chsherbinin (Kazakhstan)
49Mario Spengler (Switzerland)
50Philip O'donnell (United States Of America)
51Jan Maas (Netherlands)
52Zeke Mostov (United States Of America)
53Sasu Halme (Finland)
54Miguel Angel Ballesteros (Spain)
55Pierre Idjouadienne (France)
56Riccardo Verza (Italy)0:01:48
57Gotzon Martín (Spain)0:03:36
58Juraj Bellan (Slovakia)
59Rocco Fuggiano (Italy)0:03:38
60Eddie Dunbar (Ireland)0:03:51
61Nicola Conci (Italy)0:03:57
62Žan Jerkic (Slovenia)0:04:23
63Ivan Venter (South Africa)
64Erlend Blikra (Norway)0:04:44
65Rodrigo Dos Santos Quirino (Brazil)0:04:46
66Hartthijs De Vries (Netherlands)0:04:55
67Matthew Gibson (Great Britain)0:05:04
68Jose Gerardo Ulloa (Mexico)0:05:41
69Diego Pablo Sevilla (Spain)0:05:44
70Jesper Schultz (Denmark)0:06:19
71Pavlo Bondarenko (Ukraine)0:06:33
72Anders Hardahl (Denmark)0:06:36
73Gustaf Andersson (Sweden)0:07:05
74Gustav Basson (South Africa)
75Marcel Neuhauser (Austria)
76Javier Montoya (Colombia)
77Niklas Larsen (Denmark)
78Tom Wirtgen (Luxembourg)
79Keigo Kusaba (Japan)0:08:22
80David Gaudu (France)0:08:27
81Casper Pedersen (Denmark)0:08:40
82Jean-Simon D'anjou (Canada)0:09:44
83Patrick Gamper (Austria)0:09:48
84Grigoriy Shtein (Kazakhstan)
85Peeter Pung (Estonia)
86Abderrahim Zahiri (Morocco)
87Petr Rikunov (Russian Federation)
88Gorazd Per (Slovenia)
89Matic Veber (Slovenia)
90Martin Palm (Belgium)
91Adrien Costa (United States Of America)0:09:56
92Stephen Shanahan (Ireland)
93William Barta (United States Of America)0:10:14
94Syver Waersted (Norway)0:11:35
95Tobias Foss (Norway)
96Derek Gee (Canada)0:12:09
97Patryk Solinski (Poland)
98El Mehdi Chokri (Morocco)0:12:54
99Graeme Ockhuis (South Africa)0:15:01
100Xavier Cañellas (Spain)0:15:22
101Konstyantyn Ashurov (Ukraine)
102Torjus Sleen (Norway)
103Alisher Zhumakan (Kazakhstan)
104Juan Francisco Villalobos (Mexico)0:15:24
105Sven Reutter (Germany)
106Arturs Belevics (Latvia)0:16:56
107Emil Dima (Romania)0:18:10
108Jack Maddux (United States Of America)0:18:23
109Onur Balkan (Turkey)0:19:33
110Stephen Williams (Great Britain)0:23:45
DNFJonathan Brown (United States Of America)
DNFBen Ganon (Israel)
DNFPier-André Côté (Canada)
DNFAleksandrs Rublevskis (Latvia)
DNFValters Cakšs (Latvia)
DNFIslam Mansouri (Algeria)
DNFZoheir Benyoub (Algeria)
DNFDaniel Martínez (Colombia)
DNFJaume Suredia (Spain)
DNFLennard Kämna (Germany)
DNFKeisuke Nakamura (Japan)
DNFDavid Zverko (Slovakia)
DNFOrluis Aular (Venezuela)
DNFDilmurdjon Siddikov (Uzbekistan)
DNFNathan Draper (Great Britain)
DNFRui Filipe Alves (Portugal)
DNFRidion Kopshti (Albania)
DNFFacundo Crisafulli (Argentina)
DNFGabriel Cullaigh (Great Britain)
DNFDzmitry Zhyhunou (Belarus)
DNFRoman Lehky (Czech Republic)
DNFLadislav Kniha (Slovakia)
DNFHuynh Thanh Tung (Vietnam)
DNFAdrián Jaramillo (Ecuador)
DNFDawid Adamczyk (Poland)
DNFLucian Buga (Romania)
DNFMarco-Tapio Niemi (Finland)
DNFDamien Touzé (France)
DNFAndré Carvalho (Portugal)
DNFDusan Rajovic (Serbia)
DNFDylan O'brien (Ireland)
DNFIsmael Cárdenas (Venezuela)
DNFDamian Slawek (Poland)
DNFSalvador Martínez (El Salvador)
DNFKristian Zimany (Slovakia)
DNFAmine Ahmed Galdoune (Morocco)
DNFNico Selenati (Switzerland)
DNFYam Poliak (Israel)
DNFEdward Walsh (Canada)
DNFBrian Carro (Uruguay)
DNFElgun Alizada (Azerbaijan)
DNFLuka Cotar (Slovenia)
DNFAlexei Piashkun (Belarus)
DNFItmar Einhorn (Israel)
DNFDániel Móricz (Hungary)
DNFTiago Antunes (Portugal)
DNFBruno Kristic (Croatia)
DNFDaiki Magosaki (Japan)
DNFMohamed Imam (Egypt)
DNFAkramjon Sunnatov (Uzbekistan)
DNFAndre Eduardo Gohr (Brazil)
DNFEkke-Kaur Vosman (Estonia)
DNFNorman Vahtra (Estonia)
DNFKanan Gahramanli (Azerbaijan)
DNFJose Yustiz (Venezuela)
DNFIsmail Bouricha (Algeria)
DNFJon Bozic (Slovenia)
DNFGergö Gönczi (Hungary)
DNFMarius Skjolden (Norway)
DNFNikolay Ilichev (Russian Federation)
DNFIlyass Rabihi (Morocco)
DNFDaire Feeley (Ireland)
DNFNiklas Henttala (Finland)
DNFAlihan Demirbag (Turkey)
DNFFrancisco Lara (Mexico)
DNFYoussef Helal (Egypt)
DNFEnzo Lujan (Argentina)
DNFLarry Valvasori (Luxembourg)
DNFGordian Banzer (Liechtenstein)
DNFAlexis Alarcon (Chile)
DNFMustafa Erikçi (Turkey)
DNFDmitriy Ponkratov (Uzbekistan)
DNFAnton Ivashkin (Belarus)
DNFLucas Hamilton (Australia)
DNFRealdo Ramaliu (Albania)
DNFSteff Crass (Belgium)
DNFDušan Kalaba (Serbia)

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