11 world titles awarded in Louisville on final day

Racing concluded today at the 2012 UCI Masters World Championships today with six more Americans claiming the top step of the podium with Great Britain claiming two gold medals out of eight.

With conditions changing throughout the day, the women's 50-54 racers took to the course while it was still covered in a coating of snow and frozen ruts. Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law) claimed victory, followed by Kris Walker (Contender Bicycles) and Ruth Sherman (Corning/ No-Tubes) rounded out the podium.

As the temperatures rose, the 55-59 women took to the course in a hard-fought race that ultimately saw Kathy Sarvary (Blue Steel Cyclery) claim the rainbow jersey ahead of Elizabeth Heller (Dressell's Pub) and Diane Ostenso (Planet Bike).

Karen Wells-Hamilton (BioWheels/ Reece Campbell Racing) won gold in the women's 60-64 division while multi-time national champion Julie Lockhart claimed her rainbow jersey in the women's 65+ race.

As the day progressed the frozen ruts gave way to perfect muddy conditions under sunny skies. Glen Norton (Team Redline) claimed the first gold for the men today in the 60-64 division ahead of Fred Wittwer (Alan North America Cycling Team) and Greg Pautsch (Planet Bike).

The Americans' lock on the top step of the podium was broken when Great Britain's Victor Barnett (Welland Valley CC) stormed to victory in the 65-69 group ahead of John Elgart (Webcor/ Alto Velo) and James Wagner (Cycle Therapy).

John Ginley (Condor Road Team) kept Great Britain's streak alive in the 70-74 division ahead of countryman Michael Ives (Jewson/ M.I. Racing).

Ronald Riley (Bike Station - Aptos) seized gold medal in the men's 75+ division.

Superstar and cycling legend Ned Overend (Specialized) dominated his race in the 55-59 division - adding another rainbow jersey to his storied palmares - ahead of California Giant Berry racers Norman Kreiss and Henry Kramer who raced to hard-fought second and third places respectively, knocking Planet Bike's Bob Downs to 4th place.

The women had the marquis spot on the day's schedule racing the final two contests of the day in perfect 'cross conditions. Katrina Dowidchuk (Team Tbb/Deep Blue) stormed to victory ahead of Kimberly Flynn (US Stove) and Margel Abel (Tough Girls Cycling) in the 40-44 division.

The final race of the 2012 Masters Worlds was a battle for dominance for the 45-49 women's division. Shannon Gibson (Stan's No Tubes) won ahead of Lori Cooke (Cycle Lodge) and Jennifer Maxwell (Van Dessel Factory Team) made up huge ground to go from 6th to claim the third step of the podium.

The UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships return to Louisville, Kentucky in 2013 when Masters racing takes place January 29-30 and the UCI Elite Cyclo-cross World Championships race February 2-3 in more history-making cyclo-cross racing.

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Men - 55-59
1Edmund (Ned) Overend (USA) Specialized0:40:32
2Norman Kreiss (USA) Cal Giant Berry0:01:22
3Henry Kramer (USA) Cal Giant Strawberry0:01:24
4Robert Downs (USA) Planet Bike0:01:25
5Benny Andersson (Swe) Trek Sweden Racing0:03:00
6Randall Root (USA) Evolution Cycling Club P/B Long & Foster0:04:10
7Jim Gentes (USA) Giro0:05:13
8George Smith (USA) Webcor/Alto Velo0:05:51
9Randy Shields (USA) Carolina Masters0:05:56
10Robin Kinney (USA) Pure Energy Pro Air Hfa0:06:01
11Jeffrey Craft (USA) Lake Effect Racing0:06:14
12Rudy Sroka (USA) Lake Effect Racing0:06:39
13Glen Jones (USA) Brazen Dropouts0:07:24
14Barry Doubleday (USA) Cycle Lodge0:07:40
15Arthur White (USA) Team Campmor0:08:24
16Geoffrey Chandler (USA) Mission Berry Farms Cycling0:09:14
17Peter Crowley (USA) Ncc/Northampton Cycle Club0:09:43
18Jeff Townsend (USA) Plus 3 Network0:09:53
19Robert Willcox (USA) Uc Cyclery/Jw Flooring0:10:06
20Steven Kane (USA) East End Cycling Team/Kreb Cycle0:10:10
21David Goodwin (USA) Northampton Cycling Club0:10:11
22Joel Roth (USA) Team Tati0:11:18
23Anthony (Tony) Bilotta (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team0:11:43
24Steve Noble (USA) Infinity Bike Of Melbourne, Fl0:12:04
25Kevin Breckenmaker (USA) Era Cycling0:12:12
26Steven Vorderman (USA) Drt Racing0:12:25
27Mark Wolowiec (USA) Flying Rhino Cycling Club0:12:55
28Brad Demott (USA) Gray Goat Sports0:15:01
29Jeff Tripp (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery-1lap
30John Reimbold (USA) HeckaweeRow 29 - Cell 2
31Chris Black (USA) Morgan Stanley/SpecializedRow 30 - Cell 2
32Joseph King (USA) Brazen DropoutsRow 31 - Cell 2
33Andrew Ammon (USA) Carolina Masters CyclingRow 32 - Cell 2
34James White (USA) I.C.E./Idaho Kidney InstituteRow 33 - Cell 2
35Jerry White (USA) Blue Steel CycleryRow 34 - Cell 2
36Richard Mauney (USA) Toyota Forklifts - Ffcc MastersRow 35 - Cell 2
37Thomas Wilson (USA)Row 36 - Cell 2
38Ron Swenson (USA) Unattached-2laps
39Doug Hamilton (USA) Biowheels/Reece-Campbell RacingRow 38 - Cell 2
40Colin Kernan (USA) Cycle LodgeRow 39 - Cell 2
41David Conrad (USA) Localcycling.ComRow 40 - Cell 2
42Chris Canfield (USA) Blue Sky Velo-3laps
DNFBill Ratcliff (USA) UnattachedRow 42 - Cell 2
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Men - 60-64
1Glen Norton (USA) Team Redline0:40:14
2Fred Wittwer (USA) Alan North America Cycling Team0:00:36
3Gregory Pautsch (USA) Planet Bike0:01:34
4Harold Parker (USA) 360Racing0:03:36
5Timothy Leonard (USA) Nycross.Com0:03:58
6Landon Beachy (USA) Twisted Spokes Racing Team0:04:57
7Larry Yancey (USA) Meech Custom Bicycles0:05:26
8Steve Abbott (USA) Team Audi Northeast/Colorado Ski&Bike0:06:05
9Richard Pearson (USA) Team Kaos/Alegent Health0:06:26
10David Beals (USA) Nycross.Com0:06:47
11Lee Waldman (USA) Green Mountain Sports Velo0:07:46
12Timothy Tarte (USA) Cyclocrossracing.Com/Pscc0:08:04
13Charles South (USA) Men Of Steel Racing0:08:12
14Kevin Tuttle (USA) Main Line Cycling-Bikyle/Mazur Coaching0:08:17
15Albert Weigel (USA) Verdigris-Village Cx0:09:07
16Nunzio Dibiasi (USA) Yellow Breeches Racing0:09:42
17Thomas Gee (USA) St. Louis Cycling Club0:11:50
18Kerry Shields (USA) Smartstop/Mock Orange Bikes P/B Ridley0:12:09
19Julian Coupland (USA) Verdigris - Village Cx0:14:09
20James Carlson (USA) Potomac Velo Club-1lap
21Timothy Omer (USA) Papa Johns' Racing TeamRow 20 - Cell 2
DNFJoseph Brown (USA) Flying Rhino Cycling ClubRow 21 - Cell 2
DNSGordon Paulson (USA) Planet BikeRow 22 - Cell 2
DNSRit Booth (USA) Hampshire Cycle ClubRow 23 - Cell 2
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Men - 65-69
1Victor Barnett (GBr) Welland Valley Cc0:42:58
2John Elgart (USA) Webcor/Alto Velo0:00:54
3James Wagner (USA) Cycle Therapy/4-Corners Racing0:01:23
4Lewis Rollins (USA) Contender Bicycle0:01:34
5Rick Abbott (USA) Excelsports.Com0:04:06
6David Stevens (USA) Raleigh All Stars0:04:28
7Bob Ludecke (USA) Laurel Bike Club0:07:38
8Robin Willard (Can)0:08:00
9Ozment E Michael (USA) Team Mack0:10:20
10David Fuller (USA) Cycles De Oro/ Greensboro Velo-1lap
11John Collins (USA) Violet CrownRow 10 - Cell 2
DNSRichard Wall (USA) Bike DoktorRow 11 - Cell 2
DNSBen Williams (USA) A 1 Cycling/ Shop Ratz RacingRow 12 - Cell 2
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Men - 70-74
1John Ginley (GBr) Condor Road Club0:48:57
2Michael Ives (GBr) Jewson / M.I Racing0:01:29
3Erik Nordenson (USA) Poison Spider Bicycles0:01:52
4Robert Llamas (USA) Team Montrose Bike Shop0:02:09
5Loren Hettinger (USA) Schwab Cycles RtRow 4 - Cell 2
DNFRobert Lea (USA) T.E.A.M FujiRow 5 - Cell 2
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Men - 75+
1Ronald Riley (USA) Bike Station Aptos0:47:15
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women - 40-44
1Katrina Dowidchuk (USA) Team Tbb/Deep Blue0:36:57
2Kimberly Flynn (USA) Us Stove-Trek P/B Vantaggio0:00:42
3Margell Abel (USA) Tough Girls Cycling0:01:53
4Catherine Moore (USA) Bicycles Outback0:02:40
5Sally Price (USA) Cleveland Clinic Sports0:03:17
6Amélie Vantomme (Fra) Je Porte 1 Casque0:04:15
7Dana Shinn (USA) Stan'S Notubes Race Team0:04:31
8Samantha Brode (USA) Cleveland Clinic Sports0:07:15
9Pamela Tate (USA) Marx-Bensdorf Cycling Team0:07:50
10Erin Mascelli (USA) Elite Endurance Training Systems0:10:03
11Traci Rodosta (USA) Breakaway Velo0:12:47
12Aly Armstrong (Can) Team Cf0:13:30
13Suzanne Johnson (USA) Michelob Ultra Big Shark Racing-1lap
14Catherine Hinton (USA) Cynergy Cycles-Untouched WorldRow 13 - Cell 2
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Women - 45-49
1Shannon Gibson (USA) Stan'S Notubes Elite Cyclocross Team0:40:17
2Lori Cooke (USA) Cycle Lodge0:01:43
3Jennifer Maxwell (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team P/B Sterke Meid0:01:55
4Antonia Leal (USA) Planet Bike0:02:41
5Kirsten Begg-Swider (USA) Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team0:03:05
6Katina Walker (USA) Crankskins.Com0:03:19
7Michele Bliss (USA) Justin'S-Titus0:04:12
8Geraldine Schulze (USA) Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing0:04:34
9Katy Curran (USA) Evolution Cycling Club P/B Long And Fost0:05:42
10Elizabeth Harlow (USA) C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes0:06:40
11Julie Lewis-Sroka (USA) Lake Effect Racing0:06:57
12Wanda Simchuk (USA) Women'S Free State Racing0:11:43
13Michele Harrison (USA) Essex County Velo Driven By Mazda0:12:08
14Beverly Chaney (USA) Team Roaring Mouse0:13:39
15Sharon Gregg (USA) Blue Rooster Racing/The Sports Medicine0:15:18
16Sherri Curcuru (USA) Essex County Velo-1lap
17Kim Bishop (USA) Barberitos/Everedy EnduranceRow 16 - Cell 2
18Star Affolter (USA) Us Stove/TrekRow 17 - Cell 2
DNFKatrina Baumsteiger (USA) TriTeam Rambuski LawRow 18 - Cell 2
DNFJulia Casals (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team Pb Sterke MeideRow 19 - Cell 2
DNSRobyn Angeles (Can) IndependentRow 20 - Cell 2
DNSSusan Shaw (USA) Fusion ItRow 21 - Cell 2
DNSKelly Paterson (USA) Wolverine/Acfstores.ComRow 22 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women - 50-54
1Karen Brems (USA) Team Rambuski Law0:38:37
2Kris Walker (USA) Contender Bicycles0:01:44
3Ruth Sherman (USA) Corning/Notubes Race Team/Swan CyclesUSA0:02:00
4Christine Schryver (USA) Full Moon Vista0:02:17
5Karen Tripp (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery0:02:20
6Lucia Pizzolotto (Ita) S.C.D. Dopla Treviso0:02:57
7Amanda Bedard (USA) Cycling Concepts0:03:10
8Lillian Pfluke (USA) Us Metro Transports0:03:59
9Catherine Walberg (USA) Team Kenda P/B Geargrinder0:04:37
10Diane Castor-Grim (USA) C-3 Athletes Serving Athletes0:05:13
11Nancy Heymann (USA) Higher Gear0:05:29
12Ellen White (USA) Team Campmor0:05:30
13Deirdre Garvey (USA) Louisville Cyclery0:05:37
14Marni Harker (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team Pb Sterke MeideUSA0:08:00
15Karen Wilkinson (USA) Team Group Health0:08:04
16Susan Prieto (USA) Blue Sky Velo0:08:43
17Kathryn Judson (USA) Innovative Office/Ic30:08:58
18Kari Myrland (USA) Brazen Dropouts0:10:30
19Tammy Ebersole (USA) Evolution Racing0:11:12
20Sherri Thompson (USA) Rogue Racing Project-1lap
21Grace Ragland (USA) Team Copaxone-2laps
DNSKathleen Porter (USA) Twisted SpokesRow 21 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women - 55-59
1Kathy Sarvary (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery0:42:46
2Elizabeth Heller (USA) Dressell'S Pub0:00:52
3Diane Ostenso (USA) Planet Bike0:02:21
4Lucia Colbert (USA) Los Locos0:04:56
5Linda Elgart (USA) Webcor/Alto Velo0:06:08
6Lilynn Graves (USA) Corning/Notubes Race Team/Swan CyclesUSA0:06:27
7Beverly Enslow (USA) Proctor Cycling Team/Peoria Bicycle Club USA0:08:19
8Tracy Lea (USA) T.E.A.M. Fuji-1lap
9Bridget Zolman (USA) Potomac Velo ClubRow 8 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women - 60-64
1Karen Wells-Hamilton (USA) Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing0:48:22
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women - 65+
1Julie Lockhart (USA) Nebc P/B Cycle Loft / Nemca0:45:22

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