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Sauser wins marathon world championship

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Elite men's marathon Worlds podium: Alban Lakata (Austria), Christoph Sauser (Switzerland), Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia)

Elite men's marathon Worlds podium: Alban Lakata (Austria), Christoph Sauser (Switzerland), Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia) (Image credit: Michele Mondini)
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Elite men's marathon Worlds podium: Alban Lakata, Christoph Sauser, Leonardo Paez

Elite men's marathon Worlds podium: Alban Lakata, Christoph Sauser, Leonardo Paez (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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Alban Lakata (Austria) finishes up in second

Alban Lakata (Austria) finishes up in second (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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2013 Marathon World Champions Christoph Sauser and Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa

2013 Marathon World Champions Christoph Sauser and Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Image credit: CPSC)
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Alban Lakata (Austria)

Alban Lakata (Austria) (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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Robert Mennen (Germany)

Robert Mennen (Germany) (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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Tony Longo (Italy)

Tony Longo (Italy) (Image credit: Michele Mondini)
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Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia)

Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia) (Image credit: Michele Mondini)
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Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia) finishes in third.

Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia) finishes in third. (Image credit: Michele Mondini)

Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) won the third marathon world championship title of his career on Saturday afternoon in Kirchberg, Austria. He previously was the marathon world champion in 2007 and 2011. Sauser crossed the line in 4:30:13, just five seconds ahead of main rival Alban Lakata (Austria), who is another former marathon world champion. Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia) earned the bronze medal.

"Leading up to a race like this, it's hard training, and there is a lot of pressure. You always think too much and you're in your head," said Sauser to "I think I found a nice balance for this race. I wasn't too nervous going into it, and I let the other guys make the pace while I stayed out of trouble. You have to relax early on - in a 4.5-hour race, you can't be too tense too early. Then I put myself into high adrenaline mode in the last half hour, which helps me win these marathon races."

"It was hard mentally. For me, I always knew that the last climb and the last downhill would be the main goal."

Shortly after the start, all of the favorites were near the front. The 95km course featured four major climbs.

The first two climbs whittled down the field. The penultimate climb further worked over the lead group, then consisting of six men, and left only Sauser, Lakata and Paez together at the front.

"After that, the three of us rode quite steadily until the showdown on the on the last climb which went from 800m to 1800m," said Sauser. "Paez attacked right away going into the climb after the last feed zone. Alban and I kept it steady and caught him. Alban knew he had to push the pace because a few weeks ago at the Bike Four Peaks [which Sauser won - Ed.], when we finished with this same downhill, I put lots of time into him there."

"I started hurting, and I was hoping Alban would not have another gear to go faster, but I quickly realized that was it, and I went to the front and tried to gain some time - maybe five seconds, but I had to recover a little bit and he was on my wheel again."

Sauser again opened another gap of five seconds, which Lakata diligently closed.

"The last 10 minutes before the downhill, I gave it all. I knew I had to go into the downhill first," said Sauser, who was riding Specialized S-Works Renegade 1.95 tires. "I made up a good 10 seconds and went into it first. Then the big pressure was on - not to make any mistakes on all the slippery, wet roots and deep, sticky mud. There were some dry parts - it was always changing, and it was impossible to pass."

"I could see him behind me the whole time, and whenever I'd ride more safely, he'd come closer. Then I let go of my brakes. It was such a relief to come out of the downhill into the four cross track and ride the four berms to the finish. It was like all the pressure was off."

Third place finisher Paez said, "I'm happy with this result. I did my best trying to outdistance Sauser and Lakata on the final climb, but I couldn't manage to do it, finding two great rivals on my way. I enjoy this bronze medal, and I wish to dedicate it to my mother and all the persons staying close to me in the last years, above all the whole TX Active-Bianchi team."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)4:30:13
2Alban Lakata (Austria)0:00:05
3Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia)0:03:12
4Kristian Hynek (Czech Republic)0:09:30
5Urs Huber (Switzerland)0:09:48
6Jorge Oliveira Ferreira Tiago (Portugal)0:10:25
7Lukas Buchli (Switzerland)0:11:07
8Karl Platt (Germany)0:11:37
9Thomas Stoll (Switzerland)0:14:58
10Adrian Brzozka (Poland)0:15:58
11Periklis Ilias (Greece)0:16:44
12Sören Nissen (Denmark)0:17:07
13Mirko Celestino (Italy)0:17:38
14Jukka Vastaranta (Finland)0:18:18
15Michal Lami (Slovakia)0:18:57
16Tony Longo (Italy)0:19:06
17Robert Mennen (Germany)0:22:01
18Jérémy Huguenin (Switzerland)0:22:26
19Roel Paulissen (Belgium)0:22:34
20Frans Claes (Belgium)0:24:14
21Samuele Porro (Italy)0:25:30
22Bartlomiej Wawak (Poland)0:25:38
23Daniel Geismayr (Austria)0:25:40
24Marcus Kaufmann (Germany)0:25:40
25Kohei Yamamoto (Japan)0:26:20
26Jan Jobanek (Czech Republic)0:26:42
27Diego Arias (Colombia)0:26:49
28Matous Ulman (Czech Republic)0:28:07
29Steffen Thum (Germany)0:29:43
30Oscar Pujol Munoz (Spain)0:30:05
31Max Knox (South Africa)0:30:09
32Piotr Brzozka (Poland)0:30:29
33Hannes Genze (Germany)0:30:35
34Matthias Leisling (Germany)0:30:49
35Pavel Boudny (Czech Republic)0:30:59
36Hansueli Stauffer (Switzerland)0:31:16
37Jason English (Australia)0:33:06
38Yesid Chia Amaya Jaime (Colombia)0:33:14
39Erik Kleinhans (South Africa)0:33:30
40Alexey Medvedev (Russian Federation)0:33:36
41Thomas Dietsch (France)0:33:44
42Luca Ronchi (Italy)0:34:30
43Anton Sintsov (Russian Federation)0:35:12
44Michal Bubilek (Czech Republic)0:35:13
45Konny Looser (Switzerland)0:37:19
46Johnny Cattaneo (Italy)0:37:21
47Hermann Pernsteiner (Austria)0:38:15
48Andreas Kleiber (Germany)0:39:17
49Christian Schneidawind (Germany)0:39:42
50Philipp Gerber (Switzerland)0:40:49
51Ben Thomas (Great Britain)0:41:04
52Jairo Colombia Botero Salazar Jhon (Colombia)0:41:22
53Darren Lill (South Africa)0:41:24
54Jochen Kass (Germany)0:41:26
55Enrico Franzoi (Italy)0:41:30
56Sebastien Carabin (Belgium)0:41:49
57Georg Koch (Austria)0:42:06
58Marton Blazso (Hungary)0:43:01
59Paul Remy (France)0:43:03
60Lenart Noc (Slovenia)0:43:03
61Lourens Luus (South Africa)0:43:15
62Nico Bell (South Africa)0:43:21
63Allan Bachmann (Denmark)0:43:48
64Aleksander Dorozala (Poland)0:46:28
65Uwe Hardter (Germany)0:46:36
66Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet (France)0:48:07
67Xavier Dafflon (Switzerland)0:48:35
68Christophe Bassons (France)0:49:28
69Christian Helmig (Luxembourg)0:49:55
70Michael Broderick (United States Of America)0:50:03
71Remi Laffont (France)0:50:08
72Norbert Wyss (Switzerland)0:50:57
73Tom Ettlich (Germany)0:52:30
74Charles Keey (South Africa)0:52:47
75Mikael Salomonsson (Sweden)0:53:31
76Daniel Gathof (Germany)0:54:17
77David Schöggl (Austria)0:54:21
78Mariusz Marszalek (Poland)0:56:06
79Frantisek Lami (Slovakia)0:57:21
80Miguel Angel Gutierrez Garcia (Mexico)0:57:45
81Lars Granberg (Norway)0:57:55
82Michael Wiessner (Germany)0:57:55
83Patricio Andres Campbell Vilches (Chile)0:59:26
84Yannick Lincoln (Mauritius)1:00:24
85Patryk Piasecki (Poland)1:01:23
86Simon Gegenheimer (Germany)1:02:42
87Yuki Ikeda (Japan)1:03:28
88Miguel Angel Hidalgo (Argentina)1:04:48
89Alejandro Diaz De La Pena Lopez (Spain)1:06:37
90Valtteri Repo (Finland)1:08:26
91Adrian Jusinski (Poland)1:09:21
92Arnaud Rapillard (Switzerland)1:09:32
93Szilard Buruczki (Hungary)1:10:41
94Vincent Arnaud (France)1:11:45
95Christian Kreuchler (Germany)1:12:52
96Hamza Kansiz (Turkey)1:13:22
97Juan Busso (Argentina)1:15:13
98Tomasz Drozdz (Poland)1:16:38
99Oliver Vonhausen (Germany)1:17:12
100Morgan Pilley (Australia)1:20:47
101Pawel Baranek (Poland)1:21:05
102Pavao Roset (Croatia)1:21:16
103Timothy Carleton (Canada)1:24:28
104Juan Simon Ocana Ortiz (Mexico)1:24:43
105Zsolt Bur (Hungary)1:28:29
106Motoshi Kadota (Japan)1:28:30
107Michal Kowalczyk (Poland)1:37:32
108Vincent Pages (France)1:46:17
109Omer Faruk Kansiz (Turkey)1:55:54
110Justin Price (New Zealand)2:22:35
111Ismail Demirkan (Turkey)2:31:11
112Juan Antonio Diaz Cuervo (Mexico)2:53:03
113Alican Elkatmis (Turkey)3:04:12
114Fatih Kocak (Turkey)3:09:36
115Bora Tirki (Turkey)3:12:13
DNFChristoph Soukup (Austria)
DNFJuan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez (Spain)
DNFWolfgang Mayer (Germany)
DNFBartosz Banach (Poland)
DNFThibault Sabatier (France)
DNFCalle Friberg (Sweden)
DNFTorsten Marx (Germany)
DNFBorut Ramsak (Slovenia)
DNFJuri Ragnoli (Italy)
DNFJaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)
DNFJiri Novak (Czech Republic)
DNFJesus Del Nero Montes (Spain)
DNFDaniel Federspiel (Austria)
DNFFlorian Willbold (Germany)
DNFDimitrios Antoniadis (Greece)
DNFTim Bohme (Germany)
DNFCristian Cominelli (Italy)
DNFPedro Romero Ocampo (Spain)
DNFFrederic Gombert (France)
DNFGoran Kuzmanovski (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
DNFStefan Sahm (Germany)
DNSManuel Pliem (Austria)


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