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Sauser claims Trans Germany overall win

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Christoph Sauser (Specialized) topped the elite men's podium at the Trans Germany.

Christoph Sauser (Specialized) topped the elite men's podium at the Trans Germany. (Image credit: Peter Musch / Trans Germany)
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Christoph Sauser (Specialized) riders in yellow as race leader on the final stage of the Trans Germany.

Christoph Sauser (Specialized) riders in yellow as race leader on the final stage of the Trans Germany. (Image credit: Peter Musch / Trans Germany)

Christoph Sauser (Specialized Factory Racing) clinched the overall Trans Germany victory on the final day. The former Marathon World Champion crossed the finish line in third on the final stage, right behind of Robert Mennen and Alban Lakata, who both celebrated a one-two punch for Topeak Ergon Racing. But in the end, the lead of 1:50, which the Swiss rider had gained on Lakata over the last four days, was enough to hold back his strongest contender for the 2010 title. Lakata thus had to settle for second overall. Christian Schneidawind (Texpa Simplon), came in as eighth and defended his third place in the overall standings.

The final stage was 74.5km and covered 1,365 metres of climbing. It had an edgy and fidgety character, with more downhill than uphill, despite the 15-kilometre climb to Riedbergpass in the last third of the route.

On the last part of the climb, Sauser, Lakata and Mennen broke away. The attack paid off.

"I'm so stoked," said Robert Mennen after his first Trans Germany stage win. He had recovered from a stomach bug durin gthe second stage - it cost him any chance at the overall. "That's the reason why I definitely wanted to win a stage."

Sauser a worthy champion

"I had to watch out the whole day as there also was the duel for the third overall rank between Christian (Schneidawind) and Thomas (Dietsch)," said Sauser after his win. "And as (my main rival) Alban (Lakata) always held the pace, I also had to do so."

"Susi" was all smiles. "On the one hand, it was my first stage race win for a long time. And on the other hand it was the first big triumph on a 29er bike. It was a lot of fun," said the 34-year-old from Sigriswil, who covered the full distance in 10:23:38 over four days of racing and 286.13 kilometres.

Brandau successful in women's contest

The fastest woman in the field, Elisabeth Brandau (Team Haibike), sat about one and a half hour longer in the saddle (compared to the winning men) in order to secure her 2010 Trans Germany title. The Schönaich resident, who celebrated her third stage win today in 2:38:49.7 hours, pedalled all the way from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Bregenz in 11:54:03, earning the Red Jersey for being the number one lady.

Today, the 24-year-old relegated Birgit Söllner from Firebike-Drössiger and Switzerland's Milena Landtwing from Rothaus-Cube MTB to second and third respectively. The order was the same for the women's overall.

According to her again strong performance, Brandau said in the finish area right at the famous lake stage of Bregenz, "I'm more than pleased with the result. I never expected this. I'm happy that I was a strong competition for Pia (Sundstedt), who unfortunately had to quit the race due to injury."

Grasegger keeps hold on masters' title

Finishing third today, the bearer of the Blue Jersey for the fastest master rider Johann Grasegger was able to close the deal of successfully defending the 2009 Trans Germany title. The Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen pilot mastered the 75 kilometres from Sonthofen to Bregenz in 2:29:34.

Due to this, he only had to give in to Christian Pösl (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena), who lost all chances of bringing home the title on the second day when a flat tyre cost him more than 30 minutes and to overall master runner-up Heinz Zörweg. Erik Evers (MTB Rudi) was the third rider to complete the overall ranking of the master category.

"I never thought of being able to repeat my last year's win," said Grasegger. "But the first day brought the decision when a lot of people over paced facing rough weather conditions. I fought it out and was rewarded."

Senior Master Spolc repeats title, too

Milan Spolc had some technical troubles and finished second in the stage, but held onto his overall lead of about 28 minutes to give him his second consecutive Trans Germany title.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand Ganser celebrated his first stage win. The Craft-Rocky-Mountain rider crossed the finish line after 2:37:50, thus also jumping into the runner-up spot in the final senior master ranking. Urs Güntensperger (Büli Bike Tigers) followed and Ad van De Sande (Team Ventoux Tilburg) was third overall.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Mennen (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)2:23:35
2Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:00:01
3Christoph Sauser (Specialized Factory Racing)0:00:02
4Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)0:01:23
5Jochen Käß (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:01:23
6Matthias Bettinger (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:01:24
7Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:01:27
8Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:01:27
9Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:01:28
10Rupert Palmberger (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:03:55
11Daniel Geismayer (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:03:55
11Markus Kaufmann (Team Vaude-Simplon)
13Andreas Kleiber (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)0:03:55
14Uwe Hardter (Texpa-Simplon)0:03:56
15Carsten Bresser (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:03:56
15Volker Ordowski (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)
17David George (Safindit.Co.Za)0:03:56
18Thomas Nicke (Fiat Rotwild)0:03:57
19Silvio Wieltschnig (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:03:57
20Frank Lehmann (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:03:58
21Alexander Speisekorn (Team MTB-Teck)0:06:30
22Lukas Kubis (Team Haibike)0:06:58
23Stefan Wagener (Cannondale Team Wein)0:08:28
24Markus Werner (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)0:09:38
25Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:09:38
25Sebastian Stark (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)
27Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:09:38
28Christopher Goergen (Team Bulls)0:09:38
29Ludwig Döhl (Bike Junior Team)0:09:39
30Daniel Gathof (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:09:53
31Gerhard Kaufmann (Kraftstoff Mp-Team)0:09:53
32Max Friedrich (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)0:09:53
33Robert Gorgos (Redheads Team)0:09:53
34Alexander Geelhaar (Redheads Team / Rc Schnaittachtal)0:10:16
35Alexander Pscheidl (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:10:18
36Thomas Schweiger (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)0:10:18
37Michael Giegerich (Radhaus Bonnet Schaafheim)0:10:26
38Daniel Elsässer (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:10:27
39Sam Baeten (B-Malle)0:10:33
40Frank Demuth (Team Radsport Breitner / Cube)0:12:00
41Michael Führmann (Redheads Team)0:12:01
42Andreas Deutschendorf (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)0:12:02
43Peter Presslauer (S'radhaus Lechaschau)0:12:20
44Norman Carl (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)0:12:24
45Björn Rondelez (Lingier Versluys Team)0:12:49
46Franz Grabo (Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen)0:12:50
47Sönke Wegner (Freiburg)0:12:51
48Jochen Coconcelli (Radwerk-Racing-Team)0:12:51
49Alexander Huber (Team Haibike)0:12:52
50Bastian Wauschkuhn (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)0:12:52
51Sascha Heinke (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:12:53
52Marcel Reiser (Meßstetten)0:12:54
53Benjamin Rudiger (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:12:58
54Joao Marinho (Douro Bike Race/Rocky Muain Portugal)0:13:08
55Philipp Pangerl (Moooove Racing Team)0:13:22
56Wolfgang Fink (Moooove Racing Team)0:13:27
57Richard Wolf (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:13:27
58Enric Ramoneda (Tot Vici En Bici)0:13:41
59Roland Danner (Team Easton Rockets)0:13:42
60Falk Putzke (Cannondale Team Wein)0:13:44
61Wim Peers (MTB Rudi)0:13:45
62Franz-Josef Kisch (Vc Lechhausen)0:13:50
63Josef Steurer (MTBc Langenegg)0:14:00
64Silvio Claes (MTB Rudi)0:14:04
64Christian Engstler (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)
66Patrick Titus (Bike Junior Team)0:14:14
67Norbert Schimpfle (Team Giant)0:14:22
68Jan Schmidt (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:14:25
68Rudy Vos (Nl-Grijpskerke)
70Johannes Thumm (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:14:27
71Sebastian Düweling (Radsport Greiner Westallgäu)0:14:33
72Ralph Hoss (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)0:14:42
73Stefan Guggenmos (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)0:15:12
74Raf De Bakker (Connections)0:15:33
75Kris Willemsens (B-Booischot)0:15:50
76Markus Möller (Proformance-Nonplusultra)0:15:57
77Anderl Seufferth (Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen)0:15:57
78Daniel Becher (Team D'radgarage/ Cube)0:15:59
79Mirko Volk (Bad König)0:16:00
80Stefan Kast (Moooove Racing Team)0:16:04
81Guido De Jong (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)0:17:10
82Mattias Kunz (Gb-London)0:17:18
83Martin Neumeyer (Die Schammelsreiter)0:17:23
84Artola Saiz (E)0:24:23
85Philipp Daum (Team Haibike)0:33:20
86Eberhard Schulte (Intersport-Craft-Team)0:34:54
87Uli Schmittlutz (Intersport-Craft-Team)0:36:02
88Clemens Klug (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:36:14
89Andreas Oess (Team Radhaus Winterlingen)0:36:40
90Heiko Portner (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracer)0:36:45
91Swen van Thiel (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)0:37:06
92Torsten Khun (Lightbikes Racing Team)0:37:44
93Christoph Cords (Team Xc Riders Hegau)0:37:49
94Gillis Hommen (All Terrain)0:37:59
95Hannes Filser (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)0:38:20
96Christopher Simon (Herrischried)0:38:38
96Tobias Simon (Freiburg)
98Markus Rüttgers (Bsv Profil)0:39:00
99Matthias Ehler (Rogibike Baumann Inside)0:39:09
100Jakob Breitwieser (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)0:39:28
101Jürgen Nußbaumer (MTBc-Langenegg)0:39:31
102Patrick Rösch (Team Schlappeseppel)0:39:42
103Javier Barrionuevo (Team Pepito)0:40:12
104Wolfgang Mair (Gschwend Allianz Team)0:40:29
105Nick De Groot (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)0:40:31
106Roland Leuthold (Montagsbiker Figö)0:40:45
107Holger Schneider (MTBc Wehrheim I)0:40:47
108Tim Wouters (B-Sint-Amands)0:40:48
109Jürgen Kurzemann (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)0:40:57
110Marc Wiedenhöfer (Leverkusen)0:40:58
111Harry Grimm (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)0:41:02
112Gijs Botterblom (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)0:41:13
113Heiko Gerhart (Sg Stern Stuttgart)0:41:28
114Fabian Wolf (Fahrrad-Xxl-Craft Team)0:41:40
115Thorsten Rietze (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)0:42:02
116Marcel Hägele (Team Modi-Craft)0:42:04
117Marcus Werf (Bike-Werf.De)0:42:06
118Nicolas Vogt (Best-Bike-Parts/Haibike)0:42:17
119Jens Schuhmann (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:42:21
120Jan Toussein (B-Brugge)0:42:22
121Jorge Janeiro (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)0:42:23
122Morten Wad (Dk-Frederiksberg)0:42:30
123Christian Pauger (Team Bregenz Procycle)0:42:38
124Robert Wöhler (Rsg Meckenbeuren)0:42:41
125Markus Allgaier (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)0:42:49
126Markus Amann (Leonberg)0:43:19
127David Aumüller (Frankfurt)0:43:20
128Jochen Hauschel (Team Injoy-Mabitz)0:43:28
129Tom Woeckener (München)0:43:48
130Ralf Baumann (Rogibike Baumann Inside)0:43:51
131Rafael Ruppel (Team Syncros)0:44:07
132Björn Heigel (Team 14:30)0:44:29
133Brendan Kay (Team British Army)0:44:46
134Alex Ramos (E-Mataro)0:44:58
135Mario Keller (Ch-Elgg)0:45:13
136Heinz Posch (Gasthof Seefeld)0:45:14
137Wolfi Steinhauser (Capic-Bikes Allgäu)0:45:40
138Markus Rollwagen (MTBc Wehrheim I)0:45:50
139Stefan Holl (Rad-Haus.At)0:45:58
140Daniel Eisenmann (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)0:46:11
141Kai Kugler (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:46:37
142Mario Mannes (Bikerbahnhof Mittenwald)0:46:40
143Günther Fischer (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracers)0:46:40
144Heiko Böck (Rsg Zollernalb / Team Gonso-Rawoflex)0:46:48
145Paul Schumacher (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)0:46:59
146Christian Burger (Gschwend Allianz Team)0:47:00
147Michael Kongsgaard (HMTBk Sram)0:47:09
148Harald Krause (Team 2Race)0:47:13
149Michael Pfeifer (Radhaus Ansbach)0:47:21
150Andi Bachmeier (Craft And Friends)0:47:26
150Rico Leistner (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)
152Alexander Hoferer (Fitness Turm Haslach)0:47:27
153Marcel Geiger (Bike Team Calor)0:47:28
154Karsten Seeger (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)0:47:29
155Thomas Rückel (Sg Stern Stuttgart)0:47:29
156Pere Sanchez (Transalpblues)0:47:30
157Marco Weisbecker (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracers)0:47:33
158Dieter Roman (B-Aalter)0:47:54
159Christian Sacher (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)0:47:55
160Patrick Raith (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)0:48:00
161Leander Hamelink (Nl-Terneuzen)0:48:05
162Alexander Paardekooper (Nl-Oostkapelle)0:48:05
163Roman Posch (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:48:22
164Morten Munch-Andersen (Dk-Copenhagen)0:48:26
165Christian Eckert (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:48:30
166René König (Radsport König)0:48:36
167Stephan Schulz (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)0:48:36
168Benedikt Schneider (Nairobi)0:48:50
169Jonas Ruf (Team Gonso Rawoflex/Rsg-Zollernalb 82Ev)0:49:00
170Marc Alexander (Team Stöckli)0:49:03
171Maximilian Maier (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)0:49:04
172Roel Wouters (Connections)0:49:12
173Jimmy Grade (Connections)0:49:14
174Denis Flury (MTBc Wehrheim I)0:49:20
175Stefan Hackl (Kollar Team/ Racerholix.At.Tf)0:49:32
176Matthias Schmidt (Bsv Profil)0:49:36
177Markus Pioro (Die Schammelsreiter)0:49:36
178Volker Stegner (Team Bad Steben)0:49:40
179Davor Kisker (Hemer)0:49:41
180Julian Martin (Rogibike Baumann Inside)0:49:42
181Itai Birinboim (Forgalileecycles)0:49:55
182André Ohndorf (Team Haibike)0:49:56
183Stefan Koller (Craft And Friends)0:50:17
184Juan Tugores (Club Ciclista Sa Indioteria)0:50:19
185Thor Munch-Andersen (Dk-Copenhagen)0:50:22
186Sebastian Porada (Team Bike World Brand)0:50:54
187Arne Frank (Bad Salzdetfurth Racing)0:51:10
188Lars Elsäßer (MTBc Wehrheim I)0:51:17
189Klaas Almoes (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)0:51:45
190Thorsten Struch (Paul Lange & Co.)0:51:58
191Thomas Peschke (Reudnitz)0:51:59
192Philipp Beuers (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracers)0:52:04
193Claus Mortensen (HMTBk Sram)0:52:08
194Nikolaus Hecht (Toxoholic`S)0:52:08
195Peter Vas (H-Kiskunlachaza)0:52:34
196Alexander Lange (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)0:52:41
197Stefan Kienle (Craft And Friends)0:52:53
198Manuel Stein (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)0:53:02
199Thomas Heinze (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)0:53:05
200Mirko Itzenhäuser (Schwarzenborn)0:53:18
201Tobias Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)0:53:22
202Christian Canstein (Craft And Friends)0:53:26
203Horst Elting (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)0:53:27
204Ralf Markert (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:53:29
205Carsten Baurigk (MTBc Wehrheim I)0:53:31
206Matthias Etzel (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)0:54:04
207Michael Schuster (Die Schammelsreiter)0:54:11
208Markus Enzler (Team Stöckli)0:54:12
209Marcel Ender (Fl-Ruggell)0:54:16
210Matthias Flury (Team Stöckli)0:54:21
211Jürgen Henninger (Medi Zen)0:54:22
212Magnus Schuster (Reichertshofen)0:54:22
213Michael Schürlein (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:54:28
214Marco Mengel (Fitness Turm Haslach)0:54:49
215Jasper van de Luytgaarden (Magura Q-Race Team)0:54:57
216Timo Bantle (Bike-Team Herrenzimmern)0:55:30
217José Silva (Douro Bike Race/Rocky Mountain Portugal)0:55:46
218Nehemia Paardekooper (Nl-Oostkapelle)0:56:01
219Michael Veith (München)0:56:07
220Thomas Behlinger (Team Hoppe Bikes)0:56:31
221Simon Schmölz (Bike Team E.H.P.)0:56:39
222Stefan Vogt (Team Radsport Breitner)0:56:42
223Stefan Allgaier (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)0:57:07
224Jacob Haaber (Dk-Svendborg)0:57:14
225Mark Cosijn (Nl-Vlissingen)0:57:16
226Cornelius Hipp (Team Sport Manhard)0:57:19
227Marcus Hennauer (Scott Team Holzer)0:57:19
228Florian Presslauer (S'radhaus/Lechaschau)0:57:21
229Dirk Henke (Nidi Featuring Vater & Sohn)0:57:27
230Lars Grabolle (Fredies Radshop Markdorf)0:57:29
231Werner Dreger (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:57:30
232Matthias Hildebrandt (Radhaus Hochstadt)0:57:37
233Alexander Voos (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)0:57:37
234Lars Vollmer (Proformance-Nonplusultra)0:57:37
235Torsten Lamprecht (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)0:57:38
236Axel Horner (München)0:57:42
237Artola Saiz (E)0:57:43
238Thomas Georg (Sc Karlsbad)0:57:46
239Gamh-Drid Slim (Craft And Friends)0:57:55
240Erkan Sakallioglu (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)0:57:57
241Martijn Spijkers (Team Ventoux Tilburg)0:58:00
242Michael Brauns (Cecil Cycle Wiels Brillen Az)0:58:07
243Ludwig Gegenbauer (Team Mls)0:58:12
244Stefan Keppler (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:58:36
244Andreas Schatz (Gschwend Allianz Team)
246Harold Van Gerven (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)0:58:39
247Ard Kessels (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)0:58:47
248Johan Peeters (B-Bornem)0:58:48
249Dominik Gansler (Tsv Partenkirchen/ Bikebaron Racing Team)0:58:50
250Ronny Bruynseels (Mountainfighters)0:58:56
251Frank Hüttner (Reichenberg)0:59:00
252Peter Friedl (Friedberg)0:59:04
253Jens Neuweiler (Light-Bikes-Racingteam)0:59:10
254Markus Schäfer (Light-Bikes-Racingteam)0:59:11
255Kristian Steckler (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)0:59:17
256Kai Bodmer (Ghost Racing Team)0:59:17
257Alexander Philipp (Ch-Zürich)0:59:18
258Oliver Börner (Gomaringen)0:59:30
259Stefan Reich (Team Mls)0:59:47
260Dirk Röser (Paul Lange & Co.)0:59:53
261Dirk Petscheleit (Proformance-Nonplusultra)1:00:05
262Sven Gaidies (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)1:00:26
263Alexander Weith (Team Bad Steben)1:00:28
264Paul De Jonge (Brabikers)1:00:32
265Matthias Glaser (D)1:00:43
266Florian Graschberger (Moooove Racing Team)1:00:45
267Sven Hennauer (Scott Team Holzer)1:00:47
268Rik Leyssens (Connections)1:00:53
269Joery Vanderhulst (Connections)1:00:54
270James Eddison (Natürli Züri Oberland)1:00:58
271Mario Beckert (Bad Neustadt)1:00:58
272Jean-Paul Ballard (Natürli Züri Oberland)1:01:03
273Christian Kleiner (Natürli Züri Oberland)1:01:04
274Christian Weiner (Moooove Racing Team)1:01:05
275Jason Marriott (Team British Army)1:01:07
276Michael Donat (Essen)1:01:25
276René Kierdorff (Essen)
278Matthias Röser (Paul Lange & Co.)1:01:33
279Markus Gesell (Rsg Meckenbeuren)1:01:36
280Erik Steene (Tromsö Ck)1:01:38
281Michael Egner (Paul Lange & Co.)1:01:39
282Bastian Mueller (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)1:02:34
283Stephan Grütter (Team Stöckli)1:02:45
284Vincent Günther (Vc Lechhausen)1:03:10
285Jozsef Kis (Merida Maraton Team Cst)1:03:13
286Markus Annasenz (Team2Race)1:03:23
287Jan-Helge Lorenz (Bad Salzdetfurth Racing)1:03:25
288Andreas Jack (Bulls / Specialiced)1:03:44
289Tobias Gamböck (München)1:03:53
290Felix Reidelbach (Team Bike World Brand)1:04:10
291René Wahl (Team Modi-Craft)1:04:14
292Christian Baldauf (Bike Team Sonthofen)1:04:41
293Sven Platschorre (All Terrain)1:04:51
294Carsten Hallay (Gladbeck)1:04:59
295Stefan Gesell (Rsg Meckenbeuren)1:05:39
296Marc Lesch (Ingolstadt)1:05:51
297Frank Rapp (Taem Alb-Füxe)1:05:53
298Alexander Hoffmann (Team Xc Riders Hegau)1:05:59
299Bernd Zupak (A-Neusiedl Am See)1:06:13
300Morten Hyllegaard (Dk-Copenhagen N)1:07:04
301Jakob Schmidt (Dk-Vanloese)1:07:07
302Patrick Gehrig (Team Mls)1:07:18
303Achim Scholz (Cannondale Team Wein)1:07:55
304Lars Naundorf (Köln)1:08:13
305Thomas Esser (Bsv Profil)1:09:48
306Steven Pauwels (Www.Reevax.Be)1:09:53
307Gunter Peleman (Klein-Brabant MTB Racingteam)1:10:04
308Martin Fischer (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)1:10:06
309Martin Anzenhofer (Bergziege Easyliving)1:10:20
310Kai Dosdall (Weserbergland Warriors)1:10:37
311Frederik Westen (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)1:11:28
312Philipp Anlauf (Bad Bikers Wernigerode)1:11:31
313Hans Brantner (Toms Radhaus)1:11:39
314Patrick Schärer (Patrickschaerer.Ch)1:12:11
315Martin Voigt (Team Bike World Brand)1:12:13
316Michael Schwarz (Mb Team Hopfen)1:12:28
317Matthias Grün (Team Syncros)1:12:34
318Ingo Aramburu (E-Gipuzkoa)1:12:43
319Toni Villasante (E-Hendaia)1:12:45
320Andreas Burst (Ulm)1:12:46
321Jan Debruyne (Granville-Trustteam)1:12:54
322Johannes Zauner (Muskeln Für Muskeln)1:12:59
323Christian Braun (Radhaus Ansbach)1:13:09
323Mateo Iglesias (E-Gipuzkoas)
325Axel Kienberger (Team Wsb)1:13:19
326Mathias Gjendal (4Vikings)1:13:26
327Stephan Ostergaard (4Vikings)1:13:28
328John De Baets (Veloterters (Dirk Stock - John De Baets))1:13:29
329Ulf Gjendal (4Vikings)1:13:38
330Daniel Spiess (Tssc 07)1:13:40
331Edu Mas (Bicisport Barcelona)1:14:33
332Reiner Buck (Stöber In Motion)1:14:33
333Lars van der Eerden (Nl-Nieuwstadt)1:14:35
334Xavier Vermeeren (Granville-Trustteam)1:15:04
335Gerrit Simons (Lörrach)1:15:06
336Robert Roßmann (Sirius Team Frankenwald)1:15:36
337Aimon Pellicer (Gent D Oliva MTB)1:16:00
338Jochen Elsesser (Olympic Spirit Revival)1:16:11
339Marco Janssen (Nl-Haelen)1:16:14
340Patrick Hübner (Neunkirchen)1:16:26
341Marcus Haines (Hösbach)1:16:33
342Alexander Schmidt (Boxberg)1:16:45
343Jacob Dall (Team 3D)1:16:53
344Anders Eibye (Hansens Ice Cream)1:17:02
345Angel Cantero (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)1:17:07
346Björn Langmack (Dirty Deeds)1:17:11
347Sascha Klee (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)1:17:28
348Michael Aben (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)1:17:46
349Christophe Saenen (Mountainbikers Aarschot)1:18:24
350Benedikt Schepers (Datteln)1:18:38
351Jens Schanz (Ulm)1:18:40
352Anton Steinhart (Vc Lechhausen)1:19:08
353Thomas Bleibaum (Weserbergland Warriors)1:19:21
354Stefan Menia (Team Bregenz Procycle)1:19:29
355Tom Suetens (B-Kessel-Lo)1:19:31
356Patrick Kötschau (Moooove Racing Team)1:19:46
357Klaus Dukek (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)1:19:48
358Christoph Prokop (Zens&Friends Racing Team)1:20:20
359Werner Hilven (Fuji MTB Masters Team)1:20:21
360David Gonzalez (Bicisport Barcelona)1:20:24
361Janus Lindqvist (Dk-Frederiksberg)1:20:43
362Lutz Barkey (Teutobiker)1:21:02
363Richard Maricchio (Rota Magna Team)1:21:28
364Claus Ruprechter (A-Mattersburg)1:21:35
365Stephane Wiand (F-Gex)1:21:52
366Tobias Zähringer (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:22:18
367Peter Rüdrich (Rc Diana Leipzig)1:22:24
368Mark Hoffmann (Rc Diana Leipzig)1:22:25
369Thorsten Müller (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)1:22:35
370Andre Forster (Radhaus Ansbach)1:22:38
371Franz Wassermann (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)1:23:58
372Oliver Burtchen (Team Heikos Radschuppen)1:24:50
373Markus Bengl (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)1:24:55
374Christian Steigerwald (Olympic Spirit Revival)1:24:57
375Michael Grun (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)1:25:22
376Stefan Lerzer (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)1:25:35
377Peter Minarik (Hilljumpers Racing Team)1:26:39
378David Ram (A-Graz)1:26:47
379Johannes Knafl (A-Graz)1:26:52
380Robin Fröhner (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)1:26:54
381Ralf Martin (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)1:27:00
382Reto Rickenbach (Ch-Zufikon)1:27:07
383Julius Pichl (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)1:27:20
384Thomas Back (Die Hard)1:27:33
385Markus Schwab (Ch-Belp)1:28:33
386Felix Meermann (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:28:33
387Sven Lattermann (Tssc 07)1:29:01
388Mario Herpich (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:29:55
389Ronny Hierlmeier (Herrenzimmern)1:30:13
390Marco Ciachera (Metapeople)1:30:20
391Stijn van Boxstael (Connections)1:30:26
392Rasmus Pedersen (Nightmare)1:30:33
393René Elster (Nightmare)1:31:10
394Christian Beine (Aurich)1:31:11
395Alexander Ernst (Salzabiker)1:31:13
396Tonny Bruin (Hup Holland)1:31:46
397Kyrill Poelmans (Hup Holland)1:31:47
398Martin Knaus (Die Schammelsreiter)1:32:02
399David Frehner (E-Esplugas De Llobregat)1:32:04
400Dag Kilen (N-Oslo)1:33:38
401Michael Dodl (Team Sport Manhard)1:33:41
402Michael Horn (Team Sport Manhard)1:33:45
403Tom van de pas (Joybike)1:33:50
404Helmut Mittermaier (Rechtmehring)1:34:21
405Peter Schlichting (Gschwend Allianz Team)1:34:55
406Matthias Hemberger (Lokomotive Verbier)1:35:07
407Torsten Kille (Team Xc Riders Hegau)1:36:51
408Jan Ludwig (I-München)1:36:52
409Tino Busch (Waltenhofen)1:36:54
410Klaus Schönleben (Heppenheim)1:37:13
411Bernhard Grubmueller (Multicycle Penzberg)1:37:38
412Matt Wood (West Drayton Mbc)1:38:05
413Christian Cummins (A-Wien)1:38:13
414Jose Gomez (E-Barcelona)1:38:27
415Thomas Hebbel (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)1:39:45
416Ronny Ziemann (Team Sportpark Zwickau)1:39:51
417Marko Ansorge (Team Sportpark Zwickau)1:39:52
417Roland Walser (Mister Bike Pforzheim)
419Alexander Gollwitzer (München)1:40:31
420Mateos Ruiz (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)1:41:27
421Oliver Zepf (Weingarten)1:41:37
422Michael Neumeier (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)1:41:51
423Carl Lenz (Lorsch)1:41:57
424Thomas Meyer (Kill-Tec-Omnia)1:42:07
425Niels Mayer (Eschwege)1:42:23
426Gerhard Wasnick (Ch-Chene Bougies)1:42:38
427Jimmy Taylor (Raleigh Uk Limited/Corratec)1:42:43
428Benito Pekel (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)1:42:51
429Freddy van der Werff (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)1:42:52
430Andreas Bichler (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)1:43:22
431Bernardo Oliver (Club Ciclista Sa Indioteria)1:43:54
432Ben Timmermans (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)1:43:54
433Peter Degn (Dk-Svendborg)1:44:25
434Marc Sülzle (Muskeln Für Muskeln)1:45:07
435Peter Sejr (Dk-Lystrup)1:45:46
436Herman Verschuren (All Terrain)1:47:28
437Markus Castellani (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:47:44
438Jürgen Kunkel (Rogibike Baumann Inside)1:49:45
439Steffen Anderlohr (Team Frammersbach)1:50:39
440Bernhard Wieser (Hilljumpers Racing Team)1:50:47
441Simon Hawken (Team British Army)1:51:07
442Sander Lendemeijer (Nl-Heerlen)1:51:19
443Jens Balzer (Team Xc Riders Hegau)1:51:36
444Hans-Joerg Sewald (Albaching)1:54:10
445Bernhard Feckl (Marquartstein)1:54:19
446Armin Graebsch (Heroldstatt Sontheim)1:54:33
447Mike Bandke (Borkum)1:55:53
448Jonathan Roelandt (B-Molenstede)1:56:06
449Herbert van Leemputten (Connections)1:57:27
450Lander Torfs (Connections)1:57:29
451Bart Houben (Connections)1:57:29
452Erik Michiels (B-Affligem)1:57:29
453Sascha Meiers (Süßen)1:57:45
454Markus Seipel (Team Schlappeseppel)1:57:57
455Stephan Neu (Team Schlappeseppel)1:57:58
456Peter Gramling (Team Schlappeseppel)1:58:28
457Marco Keller (Team Schlappeseppel)1:58:32
458Daniel Ebeling (Hamburg)1:59:03
459Patrick Ebeling (Ch-Zofingen)1:59:03
460Tom Häckel (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)1:59:19
461Kendy Melchior (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)1:59:19
462Paul Lazenby (Ch-Mellingen)1:59:23
463Igor Garcia (E-Gipuzkoa)1:59:24
464Eric Mellegers (Toxoholic`S)1:59:27
465Jose Antonio Domingez (E-Gipuzkoa)1:59:30
466Javier Gil (E-Gapizkoa)1:59:38
467Ivica Perakovic (Stuttgart)2:00:59
468Christian Schädtler (Team Wsb)2:01:03
469Stefan Kravanja (Multicycle Penzberg)2:03:06
470Eoin Fitzgerald (Irl-Limerick)2:03:06
471Niall Enright (Irl-Limerick)2:03:07
472Markus Stahl (Multicycle Penzberg)2:03:08
473Francisco Pastor (E-El Vendrell)2:03:22
474Pawel Markowski (Www.MTB4Fun.Ovh.Org)2:04:30
475Gerco Vredeveld (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)2:05:15
476Heiko Gossmann (Frammersbach)2:05:27
477Felix Hötzinger (Vaterstetten)2:05:37
478Florian Herrmann (München)2:05:40
479Alvaro Gil (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)2:07:41
480Angelo Hämmerle (Gsi-Berger)2:07:48
481Jose Robles (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)2:08:19
482Nico Leppmeier (Garching)2:11:56
483Tim Kowiß (Metapeople)2:14:25
484Tobias Seidl (Tsv Nittenau Radsport)2:15:44
485Russell Mawson (The Namibians)2:18:44
486Pierre Guerrin (Team British Army)2:35:59
487Thomas Hartmann (Fast Langsamste Alpen-Xer Der Welt)2:39:19
488Martial Nähring (Gkk Berlin)2:43:26

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elisabeth Brandau (Team Haibike)2:38:50
2Birgit Söllner (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:05:05
3Milena Landtwing (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:23:02
4Nicoletta De Jager (Nl-Vinkeveen)0:25:15
5Natascha Binder (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic Team)0:26:43
6Casana Torres (Tot Vici En Bici)0:26:48
7Kristine Norgaard (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:27:42
8Anna-Sofie Norgaard (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:27:43
9Steffi Hadraschek (Mountain Heroes)0:29:54
10Eva Hupfauer (Vc Lechhausen)0:30:17
11Verena Krenslehner (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:32:11
12Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:32:40
13Heidi Scharnreitner (Team Haibike)0:32:42
14Gisela Makowski (Moooove Racing Team)0:33:34
15Nina Gässler (Hard Rocx)0:33:38
16Manuela Hartl (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)0:33:48
17Gwenda Rüsing (Moooove Racing Team)0:34:02
18Martina Stoiber (Ihrlerstein)0:34:20
19Vanessa Mosch (Team Haibike)0:35:28
20Martina Miessgang (Rv Dj's Bikeshop)0:39:14
21Stefanie Mollnhauer (Proformance-Nonplusultra)0:40:09
22Bettina Dietzen (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)0:42:00
23Kerstin Brachtendorf (Fiat Rotwild)0:42:23
24Katja Holzer (Moooove Racing Team)0:42:38
25Regina Marunde (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)0:43:28
26Danièle Troesch (Fiat Rotwild)0:48:00
27Stefanie Hartmaier (Bitz)0:50:22
28Silvia Klee-Bretting (Bebra)0:51:51
29Britta Bieker (Fahrrad-Xxl-Craft-Team)0:52:27
30Eva Carrer-Enz (Kraftwerk - Rocky Mountain)0:52:30
31Andrea Scharrer (Pielenhofen)0:53:47
32Ilka Scholz (Rc Diana Leipzig)0:55:52
33Claudia Langer (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:57:00
34Maud Golsteyn (Nl-Nieuwstadt)0:59:18
35Brigitte Nocker (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)0:59:26
36Telse Faust (Proformance-Nonplusultra)0:59:36
37Conny Marquardt (Steppenwolf-Bikers)1:01:03
38Ellen Blome (Craft And Friends)1:02:00
39Inga Krause (Germany's Next Top Biker)1:02:03
40Cornelia Mainka (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)1:03:07
41Kerstin Garrels (Proformance-Nonplusultra)1:04:08
42Martina Flury (Proformance-Nonplusultra)1:04:57
43Claudia Potratz (Proformance-Nonplusultra)1:05:00
44Kathrin Hitzer (Craft And Friends)1:05:09
45Martina Ahne (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)1:06:10
46Bettina Bubeck (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:06:26
47Manuela Werkle (Team Syncros)1:06:41
48Susanne Rathgeb (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:07:04
49Kerstin Kindler (Craft And Friends)1:08:19
50Jaqueline Männel (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)1:09:47
51Gunda Häußler (Team Garmin)1:10:36
52Ulli Ziegler (Amstetten)1:13:03
53Janet Weller (Team Modi-Craft)1:13:07
54Kirsten Maas (Merzig)1:13:26
55Katja Schmidt (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)1:14:03
56Sybille Rödig (Team Syncros)1:14:11
57Jana Zieschank (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:14:31
58Gabriele Tippmann (Rescue)1:15:19
59Christine Braun (Braunis)1:15:31
60Petra Romberg (Aurich)1:17:23
61Elvira Zeussel (Eckersdorf)1:17:29
62Karin Haegler (Bike Team Immoprogramm Consulca)1:18:40
63Sibylle Rundel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)1:19:05
64Anja Knaub (Moooove Racing Team)1:22:10
65Sissi Pärsch (Craft And Friends)1:23:39
66Simone Schubert (Veloteam Landshut)1:24:38
67Julia Auer (Taufkirchen)1:24:45
68Eva Danner (Esslingen)1:25:45
69Hedwig Weilenmann (Solingen)1:27:41
70Gaby Eulitz (Rc Dresden)1:27:57
71Christine Fuchs (Sirius Team Frankenwald)1:28:46
72Nicole Riha (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)1:29:12
73Sigrid Poullie (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)1:29:41
74Michaela Stricker (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)1:30:31
75Kathy Rapelius (Hachenburg)1:31:05
76Natascha Elsässer (Team Bikemax)1:31:17
77Heike Warmuth (Moooove Racing Team)1:33:35
78Barbara Löffler (Freiburg)1:37:53
79Sandra Köhler (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)1:38:10
80Kim-Julia Gerlach (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)1:38:19
81Jeannette Jungmann (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)1:39:03
82Sylvia Auer (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)1:39:06
83Luciana Cox (Br)1:39:08
84Petra Schweikardt (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)1:39:23
85Cindy Vanderschrieck (B-Affligem)1:42:43
86Susanne Füßinger (Team Wsb)1:42:48
87Cornelia Saalfrank (Ammergauer Alpen)1:43:06
88Sabrina Stanczak (Team Modi-Craft)1:44:02
89Johanna Dietzsch (Team Modi-Craft)1:44:02
90Berit Strobl (Team High5)1:44:04
91Konny Utta (Germany's Next Top Biker)1:44:46
92Susan Beale (Moooove Racing Team)1:45:27
93Michaela Salzgeber (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:45:38
94Maria Rosa (Tot Vici En Bici)1:49:13
95Friederike Cloppenburg (Roth)1:50:13
96Iris Krämer (Bi(A)King-Connection)1:50:44
97Jana Pilz (Tsv Flöha 1848 E.V.)1:51:03
98Mithra Schübel (Gräfelfing)1:52:28
99Sara-Diane Gorges (Schriesheim)1:54:18
100Anke Diehl (Göttingen)1:56:39
101Caroline Klawitter (Hamburg)1:57:39
102Sabine Zöberer (Nürtingen)2:00:03
103Nadia Baron (Siegen)2:00:08
104Christina Seidl (Tsv Nittenau Radsport)2:00:31
105Isolde Schoenfeldt (Velo Team Sonsbecker Schweiz)2:00:57
106Janine Ryan (Gb-West Horsley)2:03:24
107Tanja Oswald (Landsberg)2:03:52
108Truus Swaans (Joybike!)2:04:20
109Ruth Rusche (Bad Neustadt)2:09:10
110Pascal van Eerden (Axpas)2:22:47
111Claudia Scholz (Fast Langsamste Alpen Xer Der Welt)2:24:23
112Daniela Martin (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)2:24:55
113Sibylle Ullmann (Team Oberland)2:26:03
114Anna Weyer (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)2:27:25
115Sandra Petzold (Gkk Berlin)2:28:12

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christian Pösl (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)2:27:34
2Heinz Zörweg (A-Mitterberg)0:01:58
3Hans Grasegger (Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen)0:01:59
4Erik Evers (MTB Rudi)0:06:27
5Hans Planckaert (Smart Cycling Marathon Team)0:10:26
6Rudolf Trummer (Toms Radhaus)0:12:28
7Günter Guglberger (A-Telfes Im Stubai)0:12:28
7Markus Hager (Sig Labor Koblenz / Hs Bau Schulz / Bioracer)
9Andreas Pircher (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:14:49
10Hannes Seeber (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:15:31
11Danny Flies (Klein Brabant MTB)0:15:38
12Günter Reitz (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:16:20
13Hans Niemczyk (Sig-Labor Koblenz)0:16:43
14Marco Carrer (Kraftwerk Lapierre Swiss)0:31:51
15Joan Pallas (Bicisport Barcelona)0:34:40
16Thomas Dewald (Weiskirchen)0:35:26
17Michael Brinkmann (Bremer-Radkurier.De)0:35:39
18Marcus Faber (Team Modi-Craft)0:37:15
19Octavi Garriga (Fontime-Indicom)0:37:27
20Sven Friedrich (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)0:37:30
21Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Mister Bike Pforzheim)0:37:31
22Rainer Stadler (Vc Lechhausen)0:37:40
23Davide Tosi (Bikbike Arco)0:37:41
24Daniel Leuthard (Montagsbiker Figö)0:37:56
25Armin Dietz (Team Bike World Brand)0:37:58
26Joachim Oberföll (Bike-Werf.De/Augenoptik-Kreuzpeintner.De)0:38:26
27Thomas Pavel (Fun Sports Team)0:38:29
28Marcus Richter (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)0:38:36
29Christoph Heinz (Merzig)0:38:37
30Thomas Dusel (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)0:39:45
31Andreas Schumacher (Filderstadt)0:40:35
32Michael Lella (Craft And Friends)0:41:04
33Björn Glüsing (Team 14:30)0:41:18
34Albrecht Dietze (Kurort Seiffen)0:41:57
35Clemens Huber (Bruckmühl)0:42:07
36Shane Thomson (Safindit.Co.Za)0:42:08
37Jose Rodriguez (E-Irun)0:42:14
38Frank Heifort (Soest)0:42:16
39Michael Vogt (Team Hoppe Bikes)0:42:40
40Andreas Klein (Sc Karlsbad)0:42:52
41Karl Jeßberger (Ab-Biker.De)0:43:12
42Matthias Wolf (Rslc Holzkirchen)0:43:17
43Andreas Köhler (Not & Elend)0:43:19
44Geert Keuppens (Mountainfighters)0:43:43
45Geert Louwes (Team Hekman)0:43:50
46Manuel Mehlhorn (Team Storm-Biker,Zweirad Lorenz)0:43:53
47Gert-Luuk Wiersma (Team Hekman)0:43:53
48Franz Neuhauser (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:43:54
49Georg Wechselberger (Ktm-Mountainbiker.At)0:43:59
50Martin Hofacker (Craft And Friends)0:44:04
51Daniel Sandoz (Ch-Silvaflana)0:44:06
52Andreas Matt (Fitness Turm Haslach)0:44:16
53Patrik Döringer (Team Neustadt An Der Weinstraße)0:44:18
54Jürgen Kohler (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)0:44:26
55Steffen Barth (Kressbronn)0:44:29
56Thorsten Schweikardt (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)0:44:36
57Martin Staiger (Markt Rettenbach)0:44:42
58Nikolaus Münch (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)0:44:55
59Heiko Wein (Cannondale Team Wein)0:45:13
60Andreas Klein (Bsv Profil)0:45:21
61Reinhard Schäffer (Mister Bike Pforzheim)0:45:23
62Wolfgang Mertel (Geretsried)0:45:25
63Daniel Probst (Team Kuhschweizer)0:45:25
64Steffen Domay (Ilsfeld)0:45:32
65Michael Briechle (Ottobeuren)0:45:33
66Horst Laslop (Cannondale Team Wein)0:46:01
67Jochen Adler (Sg Stern Stuttgart)0:46:01
68Walter Schmitz (Fun Sports Team)0:46:15
69Michael Schmidt (Team Gonso Rawoflex - Rsg Zollernalb)0:46:33
70Karl-Heinz Roller (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:46:42
71Günter Amend (Axa - Team Frammersbach)0:46:50
72Michael Schmitt (Team Bike World Brand)0:47:51
73Martin Altermatt (Ch-Kloten)0:48:11
74Hans-Jürgen Hoven (Team Jj-Zweiradsport/Vicht - Bsv Profil Hürtgenwal)0:48:19
75Timo Berner (Team High5)0:48:23
76Bert Hergenhahn (MTBc Wehrheim I)0:48:32
77Peter Zacherl (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)0:48:36
78Jörg Schrod (Team U3 Hohemark/Rv Sossenheim)0:48:48
79Walter Stohl (A-Stronsdorf)0:48:53
80Jörg Fiedler (Stockach)0:49:16
81Gerhard Hüther (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)0:49:29
82Nikolai Holzach (München)0:49:35
83Markus Dahmen (Team Heart Attack)0:49:36
84Sascha Jaumann (Frickenhausen)0:49:46
85Klaus Häger (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:49:58
86Robert Kennerknecht (Immenstadt)0:50:05
87Hubert Niessl (Ihrlerstein)0:50:22
88Norbert Geisler (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)0:50:26
89Robert Weisbecker (Die Hard)0:50:51
90Jörg Höfler (Radsport König)0:51:09
91Sven Schlosser (Cannondale Team Wein)0:51:51
92Peter Ohlsson (Craft And Friends)0:52:02
93Alex Ackermann (Team Kuhschweizer)0:52:22
94Ueli Zimmerli (Team Kuhschweizer)0:52:25
95Harald Hörmann (Team Radsport Breitner)0:52:38
96Gerald Vogel (Salzabiker)0:52:38
97Detlef Buser (Die Pulloverschweine)0:52:59
98Jochen Graubner (Gelnhausen)0:53:02
99Jürgen Braun (Radhaus Ansbach)0:53:09
100Georg Leppert (Fitness Turm Haslach)0:53:09
101Thomas Heuler (Radhaus Ansbach)0:53:11
102Soren Christensen (HMTBk Sram By Fætter)0:53:18
103Jürgen Egger (Eggisbikeplanet.De)0:53:20
104Joachim Ruoff (Eggisbikeplanet.De)0:53:23
105Pieter van Rooyen (Usa-San Diego)0:53:41
106Bernd Demmeler (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:53:45
107Bernhard Becker (Sc Karlsbad)0:53:45
108Jürgen Tieker (Sc Karlsbad)0:53:48
109Martin Hecht (Extreme Moonrider)0:54:05
110Sören Grimmer (Chemnitz)0:54:09
111Hans-Jürgen Stauber (Team Extreme Moonrider)0:54:15
112Frank Seidel (Mister Bike Pforzheim)0:54:18
113Bert van Ittersum (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)0:54:20
114Henry Krätke (Ch-Adetswil)0:54:31
115Jose Perez (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)0:54:41
116Werner Baur (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)0:55:17
117Marco Gottesmann (Team Bad Steben)0:55:29
118Johannes Zacherl (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)0:55:32
119Jörg Kurbel (Team Der Ringe)0:56:05
120Roland Kammerer (Floragard Oldenburg)0:56:06
121Dirk Hilgenhof (Radkappen Maintal)0:56:53
122Johan Frooninckx (Connections)0:56:55
123Günter Sandmann (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)0:56:57
124Wolfgang Strobel (Germany's Next Top Biker)0:57:08
125Wolfgang Ruopp (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)0:57:49
126Jan van der Velde (Team Hekman)0:58:34
127Ralph Schlenker (Fangidifigidi)0:59:05
128Joachim Buhleier (Groß-Umstadt)0:59:14
129Vila Balsalobre (Ch-La Rippe)0:59:35
130Hans Wuethrich (Ch-Oberwangen B. Bern)0:59:35
131Calvin Lopez (E-Soria)0:59:36
132Udo Laber (Feldberg)0:59:43
133Stefan Trippler (Hünstetten)0:59:45
134Andreas Raabe (Die Hard)1:00:13
135Jochen Preuß (Ammergauer Alpen)1:00:22
136Andreas Stark (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)1:00:30
137Robert Frießnegg (Lauffen)1:00:31
138Markus Witschenbach (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)1:01:03
139Michael Schaudeck (Team Kufgem)1:01:14
140Jörg Riedl (Nauheim)1:01:24
141Franz-Josef Grunwald (Team Garmin)1:01:27
142Reiner Künzel (Bitz)1:01:36
143Walter Jonas (Murnau)1:01:36
144Volker Leipner (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:01:37
145Reinhold Stemmer (Team Alb-Füxe)1:01:52
146Toni Zangerle (A-Pettneu Am Arlberg)1:02:09
147Stefan Stenger (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)1:02:09
148Ralf Rehberger (Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei)1:02:19
149Martin Kammerer (Fitness Turm Haslach)1:02:44
150Markus Kolb (Buchloe)1:02:47
151Ralf Kühnapfel (Germany's Next Top Biker)1:02:56
152Thomas Bretting (Bebra)1:03:06
153Jens Noack (Proformance-Nonplusultra)1:03:24
154Roman Tempcke (Seligenporten)1:03:27
155Anton Seiler (Mister Bike Pforzheim)1:03:46
156Maurizio Lugnan (Rota Magna Team)1:03:51
157Oliver Merz (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:04:26
158Stefan Böhm (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:05:00
159Tobias Böhm (Lokomotive Verbier)1:05:23
160Guido Rörig (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)1:05:32
161Frank Höhner (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)1:05:41
162Werner Schick (Team Medi Zen)1:06:22
163Michael Schulz (Bonn)1:07:08
164Peter Paelinck (Www.Reevax.Be)1:07:17
165Jörg Buggenhagen (Spinning Wheelz)1:07:20
166Georg Miller (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)1:07:21
167Chris Kemmer (Konstanz)1:07:27
168Joachim Steinhübel (Aichtal)1:08:04
169Christoph Veit (Mittenwald)1:08:07
170Wolf De Wilde (Nl-Zandvoort)1:08:27
171Andreas Wacker (Delmenhorst)1:08:39
172Gerhard Kraus (Foxlrailers)1:08:49
173Frank Schuckardt (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)1:09:20
174Dirk Stock (B-Deurle)1:09:34
175Stefan Ortjohann (Ratingen)1:09:35
176Helmuth Rieder (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:09:37
177Andreas Hanke (Redheads Team)1:09:46
178Stefan Bangert (Tempur Space Rider`S)1:09:57
179Markus Seifert (Bellenberg)1:10:05
180Rudi Schulz (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:10:14
181Reiner Ploem (Ü-90 Cycling Team)1:10:21
182Harald Bröker (Fitness Turm Haslach)1:10:23
183Stephan Scholze (Stöber In Motion)1:10:33
184Claus-Dieter Lang (Stöber In Motion)1:10:35
185Rainer Gerster (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)1:10:42
186Thomas Jäger (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)1:11:01
187Jörg Steenbock (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)1:11:06
188Holger Kratz (Team Neustadt An Der Weinstraße)1:11:07
189Morten Kreilgaard (Team 3D)1:11:33
190Domingo Rus (Gent D Oliva MTB)1:11:51
191Walter Keiser (Team Kuhschweizer)1:11:56
192Jörn Herber (Tempur-Space-Rider`S)1:12:08
193Thilo Rzymann (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)1:12:08
194Rainer Leiprecht (Rsg Meckenbeuren)1:12:33
195Hans Swaans (Joybike!)1:12:37
196Andreas Wahl (Rsv Reichenbach)1:12:41
197Rasmus Eibye (Hansens Ice Cream)1:12:57
198Noel Magermans (Dirty Deeds)1:13:11
199Bernd Stratmann (Hattingen)1:13:21
200Bernhard Kaiser (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)1:13:29
201Gerrit Damen (Peerkes Bike Shop)1:13:44
202Uwe Siebert (Unterwachingen)1:13:49
203Hermann Wagensail (Extreme Moonrider)1:14:07
204Armin Neubauer (Essen)1:14:30
205Wim Rhebergen (Nl-Lochem)1:14:40
206Ditmar Steinhauser (Team Bregenz Procycle)1:14:51
207Eckhardt Münch (München)1:14:58
208Jörg Zimmermann (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)1:15:00
209Alfred Leugers (Emsdetten)1:15:12
210Peter Wortmann (Team Zens & Friends)1:15:27
211Thomas Prodinger (Team Bregenz Procycle)1:15:33
212Jörg Rummeni (Essen)1:15:58
213Steffen Blattert (Lauffen)1:16:10
214Detlev Riemer (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)1:16:18
215Oliver Langer (Roßdorf)1:16:20
215Bernd Laukenmann (Uhingen)
217Klaus Rübensaal (Team Cube)1:16:24
218Thomas Nachtigall (Greven)1:16:43
219Jürgen Bubeck (Sg Stern Stuttgart)1:17:37
220Jens Lillesoe (Team 3D)1:17:42
221Michael Kettner (Neuried)1:17:51
222Peter Schmidt (Sc Karlsbad)1:18:18
223Steffen Cramer (Rc Diana Leipzig)1:18:18
224Cord Teller (Seeheim-Jugenheim)1:19:09
225Jürgen Blank (Team Mls)1:19:34
226Christian Hessing (Team Garmin)1:19:51
227Stefan Telian (Rsg Meckenbeuren)1:19:59
228Jaume Caixas (Transalpblues)1:20:21
229Tobias Brandstätter (A-Pettneu Am Arlberg)1:20:24
230Thomas Grimm (Wolfratshausen)1:20:25
231Peter Zauner (München)1:20:53
232Wolfgang Wetzel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)1:21:08
233Peter Bartl (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)1:21:20
234Nico Barbano (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)1:21:49
235Marc Schweizer (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)1:21:52
236Michael Renner (Marktoberdorf)1:22:06
237Jeroen Bonenkamp (Nl-Montfoort)1:22:11
238Tom Hesters (B-Gent)1:23:25
239Richard Lachner (Walpertskirchen)1:24:10
240Reiner Ziegler (Amstetten)1:24:17
241Gerd Hummel (Fredis Radshop Markdorf)1:24:49
242Rainer Bucholzer (Rutesheim)1:24:59
243Rainer Mayer (Lörrach)1:25:02
244Jürgen Ploem (Ü-90 Cycling Team)1:25:07
245Javier Nieto (E-Argentona)1:25:13
246Frank Rautenberg (München)1:25:13
247Christian Günsche (Peine)1:25:36
248Alberto Gascón (E-Sant Vicenc De Montalt)1:25:45
249Eric Spahn (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:26:20
250Olaf Trenner (Ch-Thalwil)1:26:38
251Frank Braun (Die Braunis)1:26:43
252Ralf Kolbe (Teamwork Berlin)1:27:03
253Frank Kunold (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)1:27:22
254Hansjürgen Horn (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:27:29
255Jose Alemany (Gent D Oliva MTB)1:27:32
256Uwe Koch (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)1:28:21
257Wolfgang Bourges (Fit & Fun Lorch)1:29:36
258Klaus Wiedmann (Team Sport Manhard)1:29:42
259Axel Bertle (Team Sport Manhard)1:29:42
260Egbert Ramge (Bi(A)King-Connection)1:30:03
261Roger Baumgarner (Team Bregenz Procycle)1:30:11
262Albert Rundel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)1:30:17
263Andreas Wittmann (Team Cube)1:30:52
264Christian Reinike (Zweirad Taberski Berlin)1:30:56
265Peter Zott (Craft And Friends)1:31:06
266Thomas Majer (Balingen)1:31:21
267Joost Franken (Team Ventoux Tilburg)1:31:25
268Marcel Smolders (Team Ventoux Tilburg)1:31:26
269Peter Wouters (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)1:33:14
270Thomas Meck (Rslc Holzkirchen)1:33:31
271Karl-Jörg Hachenberg (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)1:33:37
272Thomas Zöberer (Nürtingen)1:33:38
273Ulrich Schmidt (Gomaringen)1:33:40
274Horst Wolf (Fit & Fun Lorch)1:33:49
275Stefan Riesinger (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)1:34:13
276Thomas Diezel (Bayerische Staatsforsten)1:34:18
277Rainer Mümmler (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)1:34:50
278Christoph Baumann (Stockach)1:35:44
279Pedro Parreno (Gent D Oliva MTB)1:35:46
280Jan-Peter Rudolf (München)1:35:48
281Ralf Ludwig (Ch-Bottighofen)1:36:08
282Claudio Carillo (E-Argentona)1:36:47
283Thomas Böckling (Ch-Bottighofen)1:37:07
284Tom Schwieger (Aachen)1:37:40
285Volker Zaborowski (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)1:37:48
286Arne Frärks (Die Weicheier)1:37:48
287Mark Hayden (Kill-Tec - Omnia)1:38:06
288Zeev Abu (Isr-Soham)1:38:11
289Joachim Gauss (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)1:38:20
290Wilfried Hoffmann (Moooove Racing Team)1:38:47
291Frank Maguhn (Eichhörnchen Berlin)1:38:50
292Rick Riemersma (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)1:38:51
293Gert Laursen (Team 3D)1:39:06
294Arend Dubbelboer (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)1:39:54
295Anne Alkema (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)1:39:56
296Werner Schulte-Lünzum (Haltern Am See)1:40:00
297Martin Jakof (Germany's Next Top Biker)1:40:16
298John Jensen (Dk-Svendborg)1:40:23
299Steen Foged (Svendborg Mountainbike Klub)1:40:31
300Bela Waldhauser (Dreieich)1:41:37
301Freddy Bau (Ch-Thundorf)1:41:42
302Anton Sieber (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)1:41:53
303Matthias Reckersdrees (Verl)1:42:00
304Joerg Herkenhoff (Adendorf)1:42:34
305Ole Hansen (Dk-Lystrup)1:42:56
306Stephan Angerer (Aufkirchen)1:43:07
307Michael Mainusch (Allgäuxpress)1:43:36
308Joerg Schmidt (Bembelprinzen)1:43:40
309Dieter Lauffer (Lochau)1:45:17
310Franz Heigl (Petzenhausen)1:45:36
311Stephan Schwarte (Emsdetten)1:46:05
312Rainer Oesterreicher (Www.Drachenfels-Bonn.Com)1:46:05
313Oliver Liedtke (Fit & Fun Lorch)1:46:06
314George Xagaras (Gr-Thessaloniki)1:46:23
315Daniel Borklund (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)1:46:25
316Roger Molleman (Ch-Horgen)1:47:09
317Erik Schwulera (Nidi Featuring Vater&Sohn)1:47:31
318Dirk Richter (Rogibike Baumann Inside)1:47:33
319Jürgen Hoffmann (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)1:47:39
320Paul Prechtl (Sc Karlsbad)1:47:57
321Thomas Hertel (Team 3D)1:47:58
322Pedro Catalá (Gent D Oliva MTB)1:48:42
323Cliff Verdaasdonk (Appeltje2)1:48:52
324Patrick Faust (Berlin)1:48:57
325Klaus Hoffmann (Sindelsdorf)1:48:58
326Harald Steidl (Freiburg)1:49:10
327Richard Schröder (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)1:49:27
328Edwin Weiß (Ravensburg)1:50:55
329Markus Schwarzkopf (Team Frammersbach)1:51:38
330Jörg Grimm (Herxheim)1:51:46
331Bernd Vogel (Radkappen Maintal)1:51:50
332Peter Huhn (Radkappen Maintal)1:51:50
333Oliver Brosius (Berlin)1:52:12
334Holger Schöneich (Unstrut-Racer)1:52:18
335Morten Knudsen (Team 3D)1:52:21
336Rainer Buschmeier (Menden)1:52:22
337Oscar Abad (Bicisport Barcelona)1:52:28
338Robert Gaiswinkler (Berlin)1:52:54
339Emile Zonneveld (Nl-Limbricht)1:53:42
340Thomas Frohmuth (Groß-Zimmern)1:54:09
341Luigi Leotta (Gomaringen)1:54:10
342Günther Resch (A-Neusiedl Am See)1:55:00
343Frank Blichmann (Hemer)1:55:34
344Ingo Guhl (Adendorf)1:55:40
345Randy Mcinnes (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:56:09
346Vladimir Berezovski (Isr-Bet-Shemesh)1:56:55
347Michael Hengst (Team Frammersbach)1:57:09
348Jörg Waclawski (Hemer)1:57:34
349Oliver Haesler (Halle)1:57:47
350Peter Kirsch (Fulda)1:57:56
351Martin Kösters (Emsdetten)1:58:17
352Francesc Castan (E-Argentona)1:58:47
353Hezi Sayar (Isr-Resho-Lziyon)1:58:48
354Francesc Vázquez (E-Argentona)1:58:49
355Peter Male (Syr-Damascus)1:59:31
356Maciej Florczak (Www.MTB4Fun.Ovh.Org)2:00:31
357Krzysztof Pniewski (Www.MTB4Fun.Ovh.Org)2:00:32
358Frank Meng (Salzabiker)2:00:33
359Timo Heim (Team Kuhnchen)2:00:49
360Thomas Kempf (Rüsselsheim)2:01:42
361Georg Schellhaas (Bi(A)King-Connection)2:01:59
362Andre Cappelle (Ü-90 Cycling Team)2:02:10
363Jens Pilz (Tsv Flöha 1848 E.V.)2:02:17
364Jörg Hinrichs (Teutocraft)2:02:29
365Marek Jagos (Team Bike World Brand)2:02:42
366Pascal Bleys (Connections)2:03:11
367Andreas Kölbach (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)2:03:25
368Ralf Bernhard (Herxheim)2:03:43
369Frank Schübel (Gräfelfing)2:03:44
370Kurt Bernhardt (Radkappen Maintal)2:03:46
371Peter Hübner (Bad Vilbel)2:06:12
372Rainer Gärtner (Eichhörnchen Berlin)2:06:26
373Joachim Becker (Ü-90 Cycling Team)2:07:30
374Hannes Steidinger (Problembären)2:08:20
375Rainer Kopp (Problembären)2:08:21
376Stefan Domke (Rösrath)2:08:48
377James Straube (Nl-Sittard)2:09:03
378Hubertus Marx (Linsengericht)2:09:42
379Stefan Bopp (Team Bode Optik)2:09:56
380Oliver Wegert (Craft And Friends)2:10:07
381Joe Hasenkamp (Mister Bike Pforzheim)2:11:17
382Thomas Baron (Siegen)2:11:25
383Thomas Kovacs (2Tk)2:11:37
384Andreas Lukas (Velo Team Sonsbecker Schweiz)2:13:32
385Heiko Eckstein (Team Skoda Pabst)2:13:46
386Reinhold Müller (Menta Software Technology)2:15:23
387Rainer Hammerl (Wolfratshausen)2:19:22
388Axel Sman (Axpas)2:34:02
389José Garcia (E-Barcelona)2:39:08

Senior master
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ferdinand Ganser (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)2:37:50
2Milan Spolc (Cz-Praha)0:02:18
3Urs Güntensperger (Büli Bike Tigers)0:25:48
4Walter Hinderdael (B-Welle)0:26:53
5Herbert Weiss (Allgäuxpress)0:27:03
6Harald Behr (Merzig)0:27:28
7Ferdi Koller (Büli Bike Tigers)0:27:57
8Luc Smits (B-Heist-Op-Den-Berg)0:29:41
9Karlheinz Volkmann (Bad Kreuznach)0:30:06
10Pino Ferrari (Büli Bike Tigers)0:30:25
11Cor Linstra (Team Hekman)0:30:33
12Willi Burger (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:31:29
13Ferdl Thiel (Redheads Team)0:31:51
14Hermann Trindler (Team Offenburg)0:32:12
15Harald Höhn (Team Bad Steben)0:34:37
16Gerald Tretter (Ammergauer Alpen)0:34:48
17Ad van de Sande (Team Ventoux Tilburg)0:35:10
18Karl Seeger (Tv Immenstadt)0:35:18
19Reinhold Kotz (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:36:36
20Josef Löffler (Vo Dr Alb Ra)0:38:29
21Rudi Steger (Team Barbarahof)0:39:35
22Arnold Handle (A-See, Paznaun)0:45:44
23Gerhard Burghardt (Team Haibike)0:46:20
24Franz Lehmann (Fitness Turm Haslach)0:47:59
25Matthäus Lorenz (Team Radhaus Winterlingen)0:48:11
26Helmut Hupfauer (Vc Lechhausen)0:49:31
27Ueli Schürmann (Büli Bike Tigers)0:49:41
28Thomas Rüegg (Ch-Saland)0:50:59
29Max Bertschinger (Ch-Fischenthal)0:51:07
30Johann Orsolits (A-Wien)0:52:11
31Franz-Josef Schneider (Bornheim)0:52:40
32Rolf Schnizler (Team Modi-Craft)0:55:20
33Hans-Jürgen Ammann (Vo Dr Alb Ra)0:57:41
34Karl-Heinz Hoffmann (Saffig)0:58:49
35Helmut Maier (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:59:20
36Roland Rombach (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)1:00:09
37Bernhard Spieler (Race Worx)1:00:39
38Rudi Geentjens (MTB Rudi)1:00:39
39Wolfgang Hackl (Kollar Team/ Racerholix.At.Tf)1:04:23
40Thomas Fiedler (Rsg Würzburg)1:04:45
41Beat Eberhard (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)1:05:27
42Klaus Siedentopf (Schladen)1:07:52
43Heinz Moser (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)1:09:04
44Soren Rasmussen (Dk-Randers Nv)1:11:03
45Poul Jensen (Dk-Rodkærsbro)1:11:06
46Kurt Poullie (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)1:12:04
47Wolfgang Eigner (MTB Club Karlsruhe)1:13:51
48Holger Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)1:14:17
49Alfons Rieder (Obing)1:14:20
50Reinhard Bichler (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)1:14:28
51Öyvind Rörslett (Sk Rye/Jernbaneverket)1:19:22
52Sven Manhard (Team Sport Manhard)1:19:31
53Ekkehard Tremmel (Stadtbergen)1:20:10
54Helmut Seidel (Mplus)1:20:31
55Panagiotis Dagopoulos (Gr-Thessaloniki)1:21:18
56Ruedi Mueller (Ch-Arth)1:21:27
57Leo Zirkelbach (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)1:22:17
58Helmut Hubacek (A-Unterstinkenbrunn)1:22:49
59Manfred Ertl (Rosenheim)1:23:19
60Jürgen Dahlke (Paul Lange & Co.)1:24:59
61Werner Kienle (Rsg Meckenbeuren)1:25:13
62Horst Wolff (Grebenstein)1:25:25
63Arthur Rijk (Nl-Leusden)1:25:28
64Sepp Riedenauer (Greifenberg)1:26:35
65Horst Schwarz (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)1:26:58
66Ulrich Homeyer (Die Weicheier)1:27:27
67Martin Grafmueller (Eichhörnchen Berlin)1:28:25
68Leo Bischoff (Trier)1:30:00
69Michael Achenbach (Kreuztal)1:32:18
70Alex Mühlbauer (Hannover)1:32:22
71Michael Wuelfing (Remscheid)1:36:39
72Sef Queis (Nl-Hulsberg)1:37:20
73Gerd Hoehna (Berlin)1:38:07
74Tomas Meyer-Eppler (Sankt Augustin)1:38:10
75Ulrich Hammer (Rsv Hallertau)1:38:46
76Hans-Dieter Baier (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)1:39:15
77Hans Hackert (Da Simmer Dabei)1:40:47
78Heinz Gaidzik (Bike Team Sonthofen)1:40:55
79Hans-Joachim Helfricht (Unstrut-Racer)1:42:01
80Reinhold Schwulera (Nidi Featuring Vater&Sohn)1:42:12
81Armin Kuhl (Friedberg)1:42:34
82Lau Rosborg (Team 3D)1:43:00
83Jörg Witzelhofer (Vc Lechhausen)1:44:16
84Heiner Diethelm (Braunschweig)1:44:37
85Andreas Pabst (Team Skoda Pabst)1:45:02
86Dale Greenhalgh (Toxoholic`S)1:45:10
87Eberhard Steiner (Ammergauer Alpen)1:45:42
88Ulrich Hager (Trierweiler)1:50:51
89Josef Ernst (Konz)1:50:52
90Klaus-Bernd Kaltegärtner (Mittenwalde)1:51:02
91Andreas Wolff (Rsv Reichenbach)1:51:44
92Peter Seibert (München)1:52:02
93Thomas Kolbe (Proformance-Nonplusultra)1:52:32
94Bernd Hämmerle (Gsi-Berger)1:53:33
95Franz Friedel (Axa Team Frammersbach)1:56:01
96Richard Kastner (Rsv Hallertau)1:56:23
97Fritz Falch (A-Pettneu Am Arlberg)1:57:13
98Oliver Bopp (Team Bode Optik)1:59:42
99Wil Schalley (Nl-Herten)2:02:14
100Eberhard Wolter (Neuwied)2:03:15
101Michael Moehle (Vechelde)2:15:09

Elite men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Sauser (Specialized Factory Racing)10:23:38
2Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:01:50
3Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:10:20
4Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:11:21
5Matthias Bettinger (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:13:44
6Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)0:13:54
7Jochen Käß (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:15:02
8David George (Safindit.Co.Za)0:21:41
9Markus Kaufmann (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:24:25
10Daniel Geismayer (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:24:39
11Robert Mennen (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:26:20
12Carsten Bresser (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:32:14
13Uwe Hardter (Texpa-Simplon)0:34:42
14Rupert Palmberger (Team Vaude-Simplon)0:35:12
15Andreas Kleiber (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)0:40:02
16Silvio Wieltschnig (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:40:07
17Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:41:08
18Thomas Nicke (Fiat Rotwild)0:41:29
19Lukas Kubis (Team Haibike)0:42:29
20Frank Lehmann (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:46:28
21Daniel Gathof (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:47:54
22Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:49:39
23Thomas Schweiger (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)0:53:18
24Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:54:08
25Christopher Goergen (Team Bulls)0:58:16
26Alexander Speisekorn (Team MTB-Teck)0:59:04
27Stefan Wagener (Cannondale Team Wein)1:00:48
28Benjamin Rudiger (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)1:01:14
29Björn Rondelez (Lingier Versluys Team)1:01:39
30Sascha Heinke (Team Firebike-Drössiger)1:02:48
31Alexander Geelhaar (Redheads Team / Rc Schnaittachtal)1:03:38
32Franz Grabo (Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen)1:05:00
33Markus Werner (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)1:05:46
34Gerhard Kaufmann (Kraftstoff Mp-Team)1:06:46
35Daniel Elsässer (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:08:36
36Ludwig Döhl (Bike Junior Team)1:09:29
37Sebastian Stark (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)1:09:32
38Sam Baeten1:11:15
39Bastian Wauschkuhn (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)1:13:04
40Alexander Huber (Team Haibike)1:13:27
41Johannes Thumm (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:13:34
42Alexander Pscheidl (Team Texpa-Simplon)1:15:32
43Sönke Wegner1:17:31
44Rudy Vos1:17:44
45Stefan Guggenmos (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)1:18:45
46Jochen Coconcelli (Radwerk-Racing-Team)1:19:42
47Marcel Reiser1:20:08
48Michael Giegerich (Radhaus Bonnet Schaafheim)1:21:09
49Norman Carl (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)1:23:09
50Patrick Titus (Bike Junior Team)1:24:07
51Andreas Deutschendorf (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)1:26:48
52Frank Demuth (Team Radsport Breitner / Cube)1:29:09
53Peter Presslauer (S'radhaus Lechaschau)1:29:34
54Anderl Seufferth (Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen)1:30:15
55Philipp Pangerl (Moooove Racing Team)1:30:21
56Sebastian Düweling (Radsport Greiner Westallgäu)1:30:27
57Enric Ramoneda (Tot Vici En Bici)1:33:03
58Norbert Schimpfle (Team Giant)1:34:01
59Robert Gorgos (Redheads Team)1:34:43
60Roland Danner (Team Easton Rockets)1:35:23
61Max Friedrich (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)1:36:55
62Wim Peers (MTB Rudi)1:36:57
63Mirko Volk1:38:29
64Falk Putzke (Cannondale Team Wein)1:41:14
65Richard Wolf (Bike Team Sonthofen)1:41:41
66Joao Marinho (Douro Bike Race/Rocky Muain Portugal)1:45:51
67Franz-Josef Kisch (Vc Lechhausen)1:46:51
68Silvio Claes (MTB Rudi)1:46:53
69Ralph Hoss (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)1:52:00
70Raf De Bakker (Connections)1:53:09
71Michael Führmann (Redheads Team)1:53:13
72Guido De Jong (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)1:54:22
73Philipp Daum (Team Haibike)1:54:45
74Stefan Kast (Moooove Racing Team)1:55:20
75Daniel Becher (Team D'radgarage/ Cube)1:56:56
76Jens Schuhmann (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)1:59:33
77Martin Neumeyer (Die Schammelsreiter)2:00:48
78Christian Engstler (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)2:03:37
79Kris Willemsens2:03:49
80Markus Möller (Proformance-Nonplusultra)2:04:03
81Mattias Kunz2:06:28
82Nicolas Vogt (Best-Bike-Parts/Haibike)2:07:25
83Kai Kugler (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)2:08:48
84Alexander Hoferer (Fitness Turm Haslach)2:09:58
85Josef Steurer (MTBc Langenegg)2:10:20
86André Ohndorf (Team Haibike)2:13:39
87Christian Burger (Gschwend Allianz Team)2:14:41
88Eberhard Schulte (Intersport-Craft-Team)2:15:46
89Leander Hamelink2:17:30
90Alexander Lange (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)2:18:40
91Igor Saiz2:21:50
92Christian Pauger (Team Bregenz Procycle)2:35:45
93Michael Pfeifer (Radhaus Ansbach)2:37:13
94Vincent Günther (Vc Lechhausen)2:38:02
95Markus Allgaier (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)2:38:28
96Volker Stegner (Team Bad Steben)2:38:30
97Christoph Cords (Team Xc Riders Hegau)2:38:36
98Andreas Oess (Team Radhaus Winterlingen)2:38:37
99Uli Schmittlutz (Intersport-Craft-Team)2:39:00
100Swen van Thiel (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)2:39:01
101Pere Sanchez (Transalpblues)2:39:07
102Günther Fischer (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracers)2:39:49
103Andreas Schatz (Gschwend Allianz Team)2:41:56
104Nikolaus Hecht (Toxoholic`S)2:42:47
105Stefan Reich (Team Mls)2:44:22
106Gamh-Drid Slim (Craft And Friends)2:44:54
107Thomas Peschke2:46:00
108Marcel Hägele (Team Modi-Craft)2:46:16
109Erkan Sakallioglu (Rsc Logwin Kempten/Nakita/Buhler)2:47:15
110Morten Wad2:47:31
111Stijn van Boxstael (Connections)2:47:34
112Clemens Klug (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)2:47:56
113Harold van Gerven (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)2:48:21
114Thor Munch-Andersen2:48:49
115René Wahl (Team Modi-Craft)2:49:11
116Ralf Baumann (Rogibike Baumann Inside)2:49:12
117Lars Elsäßer (MTBc Wehrheim I)2:49:53
118Christian Sacher (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)2:50:57
119Itai Birinboim (Forgalileecycles)2:51:10
120Roman Posch (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)2:51:32
121Jakob Breitwieser (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)2:52:42
122Jimmy Grade (Connections)2:52:54
123Wolfgang Fink (Moooove Racing Team)2:56:47
124Andi Bachmeier (Craft And Friends)2:56:53
125Rico Leistner (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)2:57:03
126Dirk Petscheleit (Proformance-Nonplusultra)2:57:16
127Marcel Ender2:57:29
128Matthias Etzel (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)2:57:41
129Carsten Baurigk (MTBc Wehrheim I)2:57:42
130Jozsef Kis (Merida Maraton Team Cst)2:58:11
131Johan Peeters2:58:14
132Kai Bodmer (Ghost Racing Team)2:58:49
133Ard Kessels (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)2:59:32
134Florian Presslauer (S'radhaus/Lechaschau)3:00:11
135Alexander Voos (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)3:00:25
136Xavier Vermeeren (Granville-Trustteam)3:01:11
137Stefan Hackl (Kollar Team/ Racerholix.At.Tf)3:01:14
138Marco Weisbecker (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracers)3:01:23
139Jürgen Nußbaumer (MTBc-Langenegg)3:03:31
140Marcus Werf (Bike-Werf.De)3:04:00
141Felix Reidelbach (Team Bike World Brand)3:04:57
142Fabian Wolf (Fahrrad-Xxl-Craft Team)3:05:37
143Dirk Röser (Paul Lange & Co.)3:07:14
144Christian Baldauf (Bike Team Sonthofen)3:07:24
145Thomas Heinze (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)3:07:29
146Peter Vas3:08:40
147Claus Mortensen (HMTBk Sram)3:10:00
148Juan Tugores (Club Ciclista Sa Indioteria)3:10:24
149Michael Egner (Paul Lange & Co.)3:11:23
150Marc Alexander (Team Stöckli)3:11:28
151Matthias Glaser3:12:42
152Jorge Janeiro (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)3:12:58
153Christian Weiner (Moooove Racing Team)3:14:01
154Achim Scholz (Cannondale Team Wein)3:14:05
155Nick De Groot (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)3:14:21
156Erik Steene (Tromsö Ck)3:14:36
157Rafael Ruppel (Team Syncros)3:15:02
158Marcus Hennauer (Scott Team Holzer)3:15:56
159Stefan Allgaier (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)3:16:13
160Jasper van de Luytgaarden (Magura Q-Race Team)3:16:53
161Markus Rüttgers (Bsv Profil)3:17:14
162Stefan Koller (Craft And Friends)3:18:22
163Maximilian Maier (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)3:19:12
164René König (Radsport König)3:19:40
165Stefan Holl (Rad-Haus.At)3:20:25
166Manuel Stein (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)3:20:40
167Arne Frank (Bad Salzdetfurth Racing)3:21:29
168Roland Leuthold (Montagsbiker Figö)3:24:15
169Michael Schuster (Die Schammelsreiter)3:26:00
170Christian Eckert (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)3:26:03
171Roel Wouters (Connections)3:26:23
172Matthias Röser (Paul Lange & Co.)3:26:38
173Matthias Hildebrandt (Radhaus Hochstadt)3:27:17
174Kristian Steckler (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)3:27:23
175Harald Krause (Team 2Race)3:27:33
176Philipp Beuers (Cycle Point Stock/Ghostracers)3:27:41
177Mark Cosijn3:28:19
178Stefan Keppler (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)3:28:57
179Horst Elting (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)3:30:03
180Ralf Markert (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)3:30:05
181Magnus Schuster3:30:17
182José Silva (Douro Bike Race/Rocky Mountain Portugal)3:30:18
183Thomas Georg (Sc Karlsbad)3:32:01
184Stephan Schulz (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)3:32:07
185Matthias Flury (Team Stöckli)3:32:37
186Jan Toussein3:34:08
187Denis Flury (MTBc Wehrheim I)3:34:40
188Alexander Philipp3:35:03
189Matthias Schmidt (Bsv Profil)3:36:01
190Markus Gesell (Rsg Meckenbeuren)3:36:45
191Michael Brauns (Cecil Cycle Wiels Brillen Az)3:36:51
192Ronny Bruynseels (Mountainfighters)3:37:22
193Markus Pioro (Die Schammelsreiter)3:37:45
194Michael Schürlein (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)3:38:12
195Mario Mannes (Bikerbahnhof Mittenwald)3:38:15
196Gijs Botterblom (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)3:38:22
197Michael Veith3:38:34
198Markus Enzler (Team Stöckli)3:40:19
199Julian Martin (Rogibike Baumann Inside)3:40:36
200Martijn Spijkers (Team Ventoux Tilburg)3:40:43
201Dieter Roman3:40:56
202Davor Kisker3:41:14
203Franz Wassermann (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)3:42:16
204Christian Kleiner (Natürli Züri Oberland)3:43:04
205Christoph Prokop (Zens&Friends Racing Team)3:43:42
206Jürgen Henninger (Medi Zen)3:44:21
207Alex Ramos3:44:39
208Gillis Hommen (All Terrain)3:45:11
209Jürgen Kurzemann (2 Rad Schubert Allgäu Power)3:45:14
210Tom Woeckener3:45:48
211Martin Voigt (Team Bike World Brand)3:47:10
212Matthias Ehler (Rogibike Baumann Inside)3:47:51
213Markus Rollwagen (MTBc Wehrheim I)3:50:43
214Christopher Simon3:51:00
215Tobias Simon3:51:01
216Patrick Gehrig (Team Mls)3:51:14
217Harry Grimm (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)3:51:23
218Joery Vanderhulst (Connections)3:51:33
219Klaus Dukek (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)3:52:09
220Wolfgang Mair (Gschwend Allianz Team)3:52:40
221Torsten Lamprecht (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)3:52:47
222Simon Schmölz (Bike Team E.H.P.)3:53:20
223Michael Donat3:53:39
224René Kierdorff3:53:51
225Mario Beckert3:53:54
226Michael Kongsgaard (HMTBk Sram)3:54:05
227Rik Leyssens (Connections)3:54:37
228Heiko Gerhart (Sg Stern Stuttgart)3:55:43
229Sebastian Porada (Team Bike World Brand)3:55:44
230Peter Friedl3:55:58
231Roland Walser (Mister Bike Pforzheim)3:57:44
232Wolfi Steinhauser (Capic-Bikes Allgäu)3:57:55
233Dominik Gansler (Tsv Partenkirchen/ Bikebaron Racing Team)3:58:12
234Cornelius Hipp (Team Sport Manhard)3:58:22
235Florian Graschberger (Moooove Racing Team)3:58:45
236Jacob Haaber3:59:29
237Werner Dreger (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)4:01:27
238Patrick Rösch (Team Schlappeseppel)4:01:44
239Karsten Seeger (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)4:04:29
240Morten Munch-Andersen4:04:46
241Björn Heigel (Team 14:30)4:05:28
242Jan-Helge Lorenz (Bad Salzdetfurth Racing)4:05:52
243Marcel Geiger (Bike Team Calor)4:05:55
244David Aumüller4:06:44
245Javier Barrionuevo (Team Pepito)4:06:46
246Thomas Rückel (Sg Stern Stuttgart)4:07:09
247Artola Saiz4:07:18
248Patrick Raith (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)4:08:05
249Philipp Anlauf (Bad Bikers Wernigerode)4:09:00
250Robert Wöhler (Rsg Meckenbeuren)4:12:53
251Mirko Itzenhäuser4:13:35
252Benedikt Schneider4:13:46
253Tim Wouters4:14:06
254Alexander Paardekooper4:14:40
255Marco Mengel (Fitness Turm Haslach)4:16:14
256Sven Hennauer (Scott Team Holzer)4:17:05
257Tobias Gamböck4:18:20
258Lars Naundorf4:24:14
259Thorsten Rietze (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)4:29:42
260Nehemia Paardekooper4:29:45
261Jochen Hauschel (Team Injoy-Mabitz)4:29:47
262Frederik Westen (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)4:30:43
263Marc Wiedenhöfer4:30:50
264Morten Hyllegaard4:32:08
265Jason Marriott (Team British Army)4:32:50
266Carsten Hallay4:33:42
267Markus Amann4:35:21
268Tobias Zähringer (Sg Stern Stuttgart)4:38:54
269Stefan Gesell (Rsg Meckenbeuren)4:40:44
270Holger Schneider (MTBc Wehrheim I)4:41:42
271Alexander Weith (Team Bad Steben)4:43:54
272Lars Vollmer (Proformance-Nonplusultra)4:46:37
273Stephan Grütter (Team Stöckli)4:46:40
274Christian Braun (Radhaus Ansbach)4:47:00
275Klaas Almoes (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)4:48:11
276Thorsten Struch (Paul Lange & Co.)4:50:04
277Jimmy Taylor (Raleigh Uk Limited/Corratec)4:50:27
278Bastian Mueller (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)4:52:53
279Jens Neuweiler (Light-Bikes-Racingteam)4:55:12
280Stefan Menia (Team Bregenz Procycle)4:55:31
281Axel Horner4:56:29
282Heinz Posch (Gasthof Seefeld)4:57:22
283Stefan Lerzer (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)4:58:01
284Anders Eibye (Hansens Ice Cream)4:58:10
285Angel Cantero (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)4:59:13
286Martin Fischer (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)5:00:31
287Paul De Jonge (Brabikers)5:00:52
288Tobias Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)5:02:50
289Christian Canstein (Craft And Friends)5:02:53
290Andreas Burst5:04:29
291Frank Hüttner5:04:44
292Gunter Peleman (Klein-Brabant MTB Racingteam)5:04:59
293Markus Schäfer (Light-Bikes-Racingteam)5:05:12
294Thomas Behlinger (Team Hoppe Bikes)5:05:50
295Hannes Filser (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)5:06:49
296Gerrit Simons5:07:56
297Jean-Paul Ballard (Natürli Züri Oberland)5:08:10
298James Eddison (Natürli Züri Oberland)5:08:29
299Ludwig Gegenbauer (Team Mls)5:09:29
300Jan Debruyne (Granville-Trustteam)5:11:03
301Stefan Kienle (Craft And Friends)5:12:25
302Andreas Jack (Bulls / Specialiced)5:12:47
303Torsten Khun (Lightbikes Racing Team)5:13:24
304Markus Annasenz (Team2Race)5:13:31
305Lars Grabolle (Fredies Radshop Markdorf)5:14:55
306Michael Dodl (Team Sport Manhard)5:15:05
307Freddy van der Werff (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)5:15:14
308Michael Schwarz (Mb Team Hopfen)5:15:34
309Marcus Haines5:15:41
310Patrick Schärer (Patrickschaerer.Ch)5:15:47
311Alexander Schmidt5:15:57
312Mario Keller5:17:10
313Steven Pauwels (Www.Reevax.Be)5:18:16
314Sven Platschorre (All Terrain)5:19:07
315Dirk Henke (Nidi Featuring Vater & Sohn)5:19:40
316Thomas Esser (Bsv Profil)5:20:51
317Daniel Eisenmann (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)5:23:15
318Herbert van Lemputten (Connections)5:23:21
319Heiko Böck (Rsg Zollernalb / Team Gonso-Rawoflex)5:26:12
320Marco Keller (Team Schlappeseppel)5:26:31
321Oliver Börner5:28:19
322Alexander Hoffmann (Team Xc Riders Hegau)5:29:48
323David Gonzalez (Bicisport Barcelona)5:33:41
324Robert Roßmann (Sirius Team Frankenwald)5:34:46
325Martial Nähring (Gkk Berlin)5:38:02
326Jakob Schmidt5:38:27
327Kai Dosdall (Weserbergland Warriors)5:40:48
328Benedikt Schepers5:42:23
329Ingo Aramburu5:44:32
330Jonas Ruf (Team Gonso Rawoflex/Rsg-Zollernalb 82Ev)5:44:51
331Mathias Gjendal (4Vikings)5:46:44
332Jacob Dall (Team 3D)5:46:51
333Reto Rickenbach5:47:00
334Jens Schanz5:47:12
335Frank Rapp (Taem Alb-Füxe)5:49:18
336Edu Mas (Bicisport Barcelona)5:49:55
337Marco Janssen5:52:09
338Felix Meermann (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)5:52:28
339Toni Villasante5:53:05
340Markus Castellani (Sg Stern Stuttgart)5:53:52
341Reiner Buck (Stöber In Motion)5:54:05
342Axel Kienberger (Team Wsb)5:54:28
343Andre Forster (Radhaus Ansbach)5:55:54
344Jochen Elsesser (Olympic Spirit Revival)5:56:20
345Dag Kilen5:57:50
346Bernd Zupak5:58:06
347Sven Gaidies (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)5:58:46
348Martin Anzenhofer (Bergziege Easyliving)5:59:03
349Benito Pekel (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)5:59:27
350Daniel Spiess (Tssc 07)6:00:09
351Marc Lesch6:01:27
352Sascha Klee (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)6:04:34
353Michael Aben (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)6:04:55
354Patrick Kötschau (Moooove Racing Team)6:05:00
355Anton Steinhart (Vc Lechhausen)6:05:56
356Thomas Bleibaum (Weserbergland Warriors)6:08:07
357Michael Horn (Team Sport Manhard)6:08:08
358Markus Schwab6:08:37
359Richard Maricchio (Rota Magna Team)6:11:14
360Bernardo Oliver (Club Ciclista Sa Indioteria)6:11:42
361Janus Lindqvist6:13:01
362Jose Gomez6:16:07
363Claus Ruprechter6:17:42
364Ronny Hierlmeier6:19:30
365Mark Hoffmann (Rc Diana Leipzig)6:21:32
366John De Baets (Veloterters (Dirk Stock - John De Baets))6:23:02
367Ulf Gjendal (4Vikings)6:23:55
368Martin Knaus (Die Schammelsreiter)6:24:33
369Thorsten Müller (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)6:27:56
370Simon Hawken (Team British Army)6:28:07
371Johannes Zauner (Muskeln Für Muskeln)6:29:02
372Patrick Hübner6:29:13
373Mike Bandke6:29:32
374Tom Suetens6:33:37
375Stephan Ostergaard (4Vikings)6:33:48
376Mateo Iglesias6:34:08
377Markus Seipel (Team Schlappeseppel)6:36:13
378Gerco Vredeveld (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)6:38:38
379Marc Sülzle (Muskeln Für Muskeln)6:42:00
380David Frehner6:42:42
381Lander Torfs (Connections)6:43:02
382Oliver Burtchen (Team Heikos Radschuppen)6:45:00
383Lutz Barkey (Teutobiker)6:50:23
384Peter Minarik (Hilljumpers Racing Team)6:50:32
385Alexander Ernst (Salzabiker)6:52:02
386Stephan Neu (Team Schlappeseppel)6:54:27
387Bernhard Grubmueller (Multicycle Penzberg)6:55:13
388Ralf Martin (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)6:55:36
389Jonathan Roelandt6:56:00
390Bart Houben (Connections)6:56:45
391Robin Fröhner (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)6:56:52
392Peter Rüdrich (Rc Diana Leipzig)6:58:16
393Christian Steigerwald (Olympic Spirit Revival)7:00:07
394Matthias Grün (Team Syncros)7:01:25
395Werner Hilven (Fuji MTB Masters Team)7:02:18
396Markus Bengl (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)7:07:02
397Rasmus Pedersen (Nightmare)7:07:06
398Peter Degn7:08:08
399Matt Wood (West Drayton Mbc)7:08:33
400René Elster (Nightmare)7:09:10
401Lars van der Eerden7:10:42
402Herman Verschuren (All Terrain)7:12:44
403Klaus Schönleben7:13:59
404Tom van de Pas (Joybike)7:15:18
405Tino Busch7:18:58
406Björn Langmack (Dirty Deeds)7:20:09
407Sven Lattermann (Tssc 07)7:20:11
408Julius Pichl (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)7:24:27
409Johannes Knafl7:25:14
410Christophe Saenen (Mountainbikers Aarschot)7:27:29
411Igor Garcia7:28:02
412Michael Grun (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)7:32:53
413Christian Cummins7:33:21
414Oliver Zepf7:33:48
415Francisco Pastor7:34:49
416Mario Herpich (Bayerische Staatsforsten)7:35:32
417Torsten Kille (Team Xc Riders Hegau)7:35:56
418Thomas Back (Die Hard)7:36:18
419Tonny Bruin (Hup Holland)7:38:10
420Kyrill Poelmans (Hup Holland)7:38:12
421Javier Gil7:38:19
422Mateos Ruiz (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)7:40:07
423Peter Schlichting (Gschwend Allianz Team)7:42:18
424Christian Beine7:43:00
425Thomas Meyer (Kill-Tec-Omnia)7:50:05
426Andreas Bichler (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)7:54:49
427Gerhard Wasnick7:58:00
428Jürgen Kunkel (Rogibike Baumann Inside)7:59:46
429Jan Ludwig8:04:14
430Thomas Hebbel (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)8:04:32
431Niels Mayer8:15:29
432Marco Ciachera (Metapeople)8:20:23
433Marko Ansorge (Team Sportpark Zwickau)8:21:45
434Ronny Ziemann (Team Sportpark Zwickau)8:24:03
435Alexander Gollwitzer8:29:30
436Steffen Anderlohr (Team Frammersbach)8:30:26
437Bernhard Wieser (Hilljumpers Racing Team)8:32:15
438Jens Balzer (Team Xc Riders Hegau)8:36:38
439Michael Neumeier (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)8:40:03
440Helmut Mittermaier8:45:58
441Sander Lendemeijer8:46:19
442Matthias Hemberger (Lokomotive Verbier)8:47:46
443Erik Michiels8:54:36
444Jose Antonio Domingez8:58:16
445Peter Sejr9:06:52
446Pawel Markowski (Www.MTB4Fun.Ovh.Org)9:15:31
447Kendy Melchior (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)9:16:07
448Tom Häckel (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)9:16:12
449Armin Graebsch9:16:22
450Paul Lazenby9:27:09
451Eoin Fitzgerald9:27:19
452Niall Enright9:30:44
453Heiko Gossmann9:40:58
454Christian Schädtler (Team Wsb)9:42:01
455Tim Kowiß (Metapeople)9:42:26
456Carl Lenz9:52:00
457Patrick Ebeling10:01:03
458Sascha Meiers10:06:25
459Daniel Ebeling10:07:23
460Nico Leppmeier10:11:43
461Bernhard Feckl10:19:06
462Hans-Joerg Sewald10:23:57
463Jose Robles (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)10:33:35
464Ivica Perakovic10:38:54
465Markus Stahl (Multicycle Penzberg)10:41:13
466Felix Hötzinger10:44:11
467Tobias Seidl (Tsv Nittenau Radsport)11:15:05
468Stefan Kravanja (Multicycle Penzberg)11:29:45
469Angelo Hämmerle (Gsi-Berger)11:36:30
470Russell Mawson (The Namibians)11:48:17
471Thomas Hartmann (Fast Langsamste Alpen-Xer Der Welt)14:10:30
472Pierre Guerrin (Team British Army)14:57:36

Elite women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elisabeth Brandau (Team Haibike)11:54:02
2Birgit Söllner (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:26:33
3Milena Landtwing (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)0:49:13
4Anna-Sofie Norgaard (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)1:02:42
5Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)1:05:22
6Kristine Norgaard (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)1:17:00
7Natascha Binder (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic Team)1:33:00
8Heidi Scharnreitner (Team Haibike)1:33:11
9Kerstin Brachtendorf (Fiat Rotwild)1:35:24
10Nina Gässler (Hard Rocx)1:37:24
11Nicoletta De Jager1:49:51
12Danièle Troesch (Fiat Rotwild)1:52:27
13Martina Miessgang (Rv Dj's Bikeshop)1:57:47
14Steffi Hadraschek (Mountain Heroes)2:05:02
15Verena Krenslehner (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)2:07:38
16Stefanie Mollnhauer (Proformance-Nonplusultra)2:10:17
17Casana Torres (Tot Vici En Bici)2:26:53
18Andrea Scharrer2:33:11
19Martina Stoiber2:36:47
20Eva Hupfauer (Vc Lechhausen)2:41:00
21Regina Marunde (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)2:48:06
22Bettina Dietzen (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)2:49:44
23Manuela Hartl2:54:59
24Katja Holzer (Moooove Racing Team)3:05:41
25Silvia Klee-Bretting3:09:44
26Kathrin Hitzer (Craft And Friends)3:15:21
27Vanessa Mosch (Team Haibike)3:20:10
28Gisela Makowski (Moooove Racing Team)3:25:53
29Conny Marquardt (Steppenwolf-Bikers)3:32:32
30Stefanie Hartmaier3:38:40
31Eva Carrer-Enz (Kraftwerk - Rocky Mountain)3:39:43
32Claudia Langer (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)3:41:15
33Britta Bieker (Fahrrad-Xxl-Craft-Team)3:43:19
34Kerstin Garrels (Proformance-Nonplusultra)3:53:34
35Gwenda Rüsing (Moooove Racing Team)4:03:10
36Brigitte Nocker (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)4:12:55
37Telse Faust (Proformance-Nonplusultra)4:17:26
38Kerstin Kindler (Craft And Friends)4:30:52
39Berit Strobl (Team High5)4:34:48
40Ellen Blome (Craft And Friends)4:36:16
41Katja Schmidt (Team Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Das Outdoor Land)4:37:33
42Jaqueline Männel (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)4:43:16
43Cornelia Mainka (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)4:44:53
44Jana Zieschank (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)4:47:36
45Inga Krause (Germany's Next Top Biker)4:47:56
46Martina Flury (Proformance-Nonplusultra)4:50:34
47Elvira Zeussel4:51:59
48Kirsten Maas5:02:23
49Gaby Eulitz (Rc Dresden)5:17:15
50Ulli Ziegler5:22:56
51Janet Weller (Team Modi-Craft)5:31:13
52Gunda Häußler (Team Garmin)5:34:35
53Maud Golsteyn5:40:17
54Susanne Rathgeb (Sg Stern Stuttgart)5:40:38
55Martina Ahne (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)5:40:46
56Manuela Werkle (Team Syncros)5:46:34
57Christine Braun (Braunis)5:50:15
58Ilka Scholz (Rc Diana Leipzig)5:50:36
59Sibylle Rundel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)5:51:37
60Maria Rosa (Tot Vici En Bici)5:56:53
61Anja Knaub (Moooove Racing Team)6:01:15
62Sybille Rödig (Team Syncros)6:05:14
63Sissi Pärsch (Craft And Friends)6:05:36
64Karin Haegler (Bike Team Immoprogramm Consulca)6:07:58
65Petra Romberg6:14:40
66Simone Schubert (Veloteam Landshut)6:19:46
67Michaela Stricker (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)6:20:14
68Susanne Füßinger (Team Wsb)6:21:19
69Nicole Riha (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)6:26:34
70Hedwig Weilenmann6:36:43
71Julia Auer6:37:01
72Kathy Rapelius6:39:01
73Konny Utta (Germany's Next Top Biker)6:39:59
74Christine Fuchs (Sirius Team Frankenwald)6:40:11
75Barbara Löffler6:40:58
76Natascha Elsässer (Team Bikemax)6:41:47
77Petra Schweikardt (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)6:53:19
78Heike Warmuth (Moooove Racing Team)6:54:17
79Sigrid Poullie (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)7:06:39
80Kim-Julia Gerlach (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)7:07:26
81Michaela Salzgeber (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)7:07:31
82Luciana Cox7:09:21
83Eva Danner7:10:30
84Susan Beale (Moooove Racing Team)7:11:56
85Cindy Vanderschrieck7:15:50
86Jeannette Jungmann (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)7:19:24
87Sylvia Auer (Holzapfel Rennsemmeln)7:19:49
88Sandra Köhler (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)7:40:39
89Sabrina Stanczak (Team Modi-Craft)7:49:53
90Johanna Dietzsch (Team Modi-Craft)7:49:54
91Cornelia Saalfrank (Ammergauer Alpen)8:01:35
92Jana Pilz (Tsv Flöha 1848 E.V.)8:09:17
93Friederike Cloppenburg8:10:41
94Truus Swaans (Joybike!)8:15:41
95Iris Krämer (Bi(A)King-Connection)8:46:34
96Isolde Schoenfeldt (Velo Team Sonsbecker Schweiz)8:57:52
97Mithra Schübel9:04:53
98Sara-Diane Gorges9:10:48
99Caroline Klawitter9:15:22
100Anke Diehl9:16:36
101Christina Seidl (Tsv Nittenau Radsport)9:44:39
102Daniela Martin (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)9:45:15
103Tanja Oswald9:48:57
104Pascal van Eerden (Axpas)9:53:01
105Ruth Rusche9:53:50
106Janine Ryan10:17:33
107Sibylle Ullmann (Team Oberland)10:49:43
108Sandra Petzold (Gkk Berlin)12:20:28
109Anna Weyer (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)12:24:43
110Claudia Scholz (Fast Langsamste Alpen Xer Der Welt)12:40:24

Master men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hans Grasegger (Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen)11:11:22
2Heinz Zörweg0:03:43
3Erik Evers (MTB Rudi)0:14:39
4Hans Planckaert (Smart Cycling Marathon Team)0:46:42
5Andreas Pircher (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:52:58
6Günter Guglberger0:56:08
7Rudolf Trummer (Toms Radhaus)0:56:13
8Hans Niemczyk (Sig-Labor Koblenz)0:57:14
9Markus Hager (Sig Labor Koblenz / Hs Bau Schulz / Bioracer)1:00:53
10Hannes Seeber (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)1:07:17
11Danny Flies (Klein Brabant MTB)1:09:36
12Günter Reitz (Team Firebike-Drössiger)1:21:22
13Bernd Demmeler (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)1:39:31
14Marco Carrer (Kraftwerk Lapierre Swiss)1:52:33
15Johannes Zacherl (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)2:00:18
16Martin Altermatt2:02:10
17Michael Vogt (Team Hoppe Bikes)2:04:02
18Günter Sandmann (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)2:04:31
19Marco Gottesmann (Team Bad Steben)2:04:57
20Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Mister Bike Pforzheim)2:05:33
21Jürgen Braun (Radhaus Ansbach)2:06:01
22Thomas Heuler (Radhaus Ansbach)2:08:21
23Heiko Wein (Cannondale Team Wein)2:10:57
24Hans-Jürgen Stauber (Team Extreme Moonrider)2:12:51
25Daniel Sandoz2:18:00
26Peter Paelinck (Www.Reevax.Be)2:19:00
27Jürgen Tieker (Sc Karlsbad)2:20:03
28Norbert Geisler (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)2:21:00
29Andreas Matt (Fitness Turm Haslach)2:21:30
30Jörg Schrod (Team U3 Hohemark/Rv Sossenheim)2:21:48
31Horst Laslop (Cannondale Team Wein)2:22:51
32Soren Christensen (HMTBk Sram By Fætter)2:23:17
33Peter Zacherl (Radsport Zacherl U. Müller)2:24:33
34Timo Berner (Team High5)2:29:45
35Werner Baur (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)2:30:43
36Thomas Pavel (Fun Sports Team)2:31:01
37Hans-Jürgen Hoven (Team Jj-Zweiradsport/Vicht - Bsv Profil Hürtgenwal)2:32:28
38Sascha Jaumann2:33:57
39Manuel Mehlhorn (Team Storm-Biker,Zweirad Lorenz)2:34:23
40Ueli Zimmerli (Team Kuhschweizer)2:35:10
41Thorsten Schweikardt (Radl Rasti / Nutridual)2:35:51
42Harald Bröker (Fitness Turm Haslach)2:36:56
43Walter Schmitz (Fun Sports Team)2:36:57
44Andreas Klein (Bsv Profil)2:37:08
45Clemens Huber2:39:02
46Robert Kennerknecht2:40:30
47Frank Heifort2:41:49
48Nikolaus Münch (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)2:42:03
49Gerhard Hüther (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)2:42:21
50Reinhard Schäffer (Mister Bike Pforzheim)2:43:00
51Gerald Vogel (Salzabiker)2:44:17
52Marcus Richter (Team Wirbelsäulenzentrum Wiesbaden)2:45:35
53Joachim Oberföll (Bike-Werf.De/Augenoptik-Kreuzpeintner.De)2:46:02
54Jörg Fiedler2:47:06
55Harald Hörmann (Team Radsport Breitner)2:49:44
56Klaus Häger (Bike Team Sonthofen)2:50:16
57Davide Tosi (Bikbike Arco)2:51:41
58Karl-Heinz Roller (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)2:53:20
59Bert Hergenhahn (MTBc Wehrheim I)2:53:51
60Joan Pallas (Bicisport Barcelona)2:54:37
61Michael Brinkmann (Bremer-Radkurier.De)2:55:08
62Franz Neuhauser (Bike Team Sonthofen)2:57:11
63Armin Dietz (Team Bike World Brand)2:57:46
64Andreas Köhler (Not & Elend)2:58:03
65Martin Hecht (Extreme Moonrider)3:01:21
66Anton Seiler (Mister Bike Pforzheim)3:01:35
67Martin Staiger3:02:05
68Bernhard Becker (Sc Karlsbad)3:03:28
69Michael Lella (Craft And Friends)3:04:59
70Roland Kammerer (Floragard Oldenburg)3:05:14
71Octavi Garriga (Fontime-Indicom)3:05:15
72Christoph Heinz3:06:22
73Björn Glüsing (Team 14:30)3:06:37
74Sven Friedrich (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)3:06:40
75Karl Jeßberger (Ab-Biker.De)3:08:36
76Matthias Wolf (Rslc Holzkirchen)3:08:51
77Georg Leppert (Fitness Turm Haslach)3:09:08
78Stefan Böhm (Bayerische Staatsforsten)3:12:11
79Detlef Buser (Die Pulloverschweine)3:12:41
80Pieter van Rooyen3:14:30
81Jürgen Kohler (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)3:16:14
82Rainer Stadler (Vc Lechhausen)3:16:25
83Steffen Domay3:17:05
84Georg Wechselberger (Ktm-Mountainbiker.At)3:17:29
85Andreas Wacker3:19:51
86Thomas Dusel (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)3:19:59
87Wolfgang Strobel (Germany's Next Top Biker)3:20:23
88Andreas Raabe (Die Hard)3:22:46
89Marcus Faber (Team Modi-Craft)3:23:01
90Michael Schmidt (Team Gonso Rawoflex - Rsg Zollernalb)3:24:08
91Daniel Leuthard (Montagsbiker Figö)3:25:29
92Peter Wortmann (Team Zens & Friends)3:26:18
93Thomas Dewald3:26:54
94Uwe Siebert3:27:32
95Sven Schlosser (Cannondale Team Wein)3:28:55
96Michael Briechle3:29:08
97Udo Laber3:29:20
98Patrik Döringer (Team Neustadt An Der Weinstraße)3:29:56
99Albrecht Dietze3:31:41
100Jose Rodriguez3:33:34
101Henry Krätke3:34:56
102Geert Keuppens (Mountainfighters)3:34:57
103Robert Frießnegg3:36:54
104Walter Stohl3:37:22
105Michael Schmitt (Team Bike World Brand)3:38:41
106Dirk Hilgenhof (Radkappen Maintal)3:38:52
107Wolfgang Mertel3:39:14
108Wolfgang Ruopp (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)3:41:21
109Frank Seidel (Mister Bike Pforzheim)3:42:56
110Volker Leipner (Sg Stern Stuttgart)3:43:39
111Alex Ackermann (Team Kuhschweizer)3:45:40
112Daniel Probst (Team Kuhschweizer)3:46:14
113Hubert Niessl3:46:51
114Thomas Jäger (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)3:46:54
115Jörg Riedl3:47:21
116Bert van Ittersum (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)3:47:50
117Walter Jonas3:48:16
118Robert Weisbecker (Die Hard)3:48:39
119Johan Frooninckx (Connections)3:48:39
120Martin Hofacker (Craft And Friends)3:48:58
121Andreas Klein (Sc Karlsbad)3:49:41
122Steffen Barth3:51:06
123Thomas Bretting3:52:22
124Stefan Bangert (Tempur Space Rider`S)3:52:26
125Jochen Graubner3:53:51
126Sören Grimmer3:55:13
127Jaume Caixas (Transalpblues)3:56:24
128Jose Perez (Bici Club Koala & Sherrypol)3:56:58
129Werner Schulte-Lünzum4:00:52
130Reiner Künzel4:04:11
131Klaus Rübensaal (Team Cube)4:04:11
132Andreas Stark (Jugendherbergen/Tbr Bikes)4:05:46
133Jörg Höfler (Radsport König)4:05:46
134Jörg Buggenhagen (Spinning Wheelz)4:06:01
135Andreas Schumacher4:07:14
136Peter Wouters (Rocky Mountain-Peerkes Bike Team)4:07:23
137Bernd Stratmann4:08:18
138Michael Schaudeck (Team Kufgem)4:09:03
139Rasmus Eibye (Hansens Ice Cream)4:10:47
140Roman Tempcke4:10:58
141Rudi Schulz (Sg Stern Stuttgart)4:11:49
142Ralf Kühnapfel (Germany's Next Top Biker)4:12:06
143Jens Noack (Proformance-Nonplusultra)4:13:33
144Jörg Kurbel (Team Der Ringe)4:14:05
145Christoph Veit4:14:57
146Georg Miller (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)4:17:46
147Peter Ohlsson (Craft And Friends)4:18:59
148Maurizio Lugnan (Rota Magna Team)4:19:01
149Martin Kammerer (Fitness Turm Haslach)4:19:17
150Detlev Riemer (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)4:20:45
151Hans Wuethrich4:23:14
152Joachim Buhleier4:23:29
153Stefan Telian (Rsg Meckenbeuren)4:25:59
154Oliver Merz (Sg Stern Stuttgart)4:26:18
155Klaus Wiedmann (Team Sport Manhard)4:27:45
156Helmuth Rieder (Biketeam Sonthofen)4:28:11
157Steffen Blattert4:28:15
158Jochen Preuß (Ammergauer Alpen)4:29:14
159Frank Schuckardt (MTBc Wehrheim Ii)4:29:23
160Hansjürgen Horn (Bayerische Staatsforsten)4:30:51
161Günter Amend (Axa - Team Frammersbach)4:31:18
162Franz-Josef Grunwald (Team Garmin)4:31:28
163Jan van der Velde (Team Hekman)4:31:38
164Werner Schick (Team Medi Zen)4:33:52
165Jochen Adler (Sg Stern Stuttgart)4:34:34
166Nikolai Holzach4:35:23
167Michael Mainusch (Allgäuxpress)4:35:36
168Markus Kolb4:36:03
169Bernhard Kaiser (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)4:36:18
170Ralf Rehberger (Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei)4:37:21
171Tobias Böhm (Lokomotive Verbier)4:37:55
172Thomas Meck (Rslc Holzkirchen)4:38:27
173Rainer Gerster (Fi`Zi:K Ti:M)4:38:45
174Joachim Steinhübel4:39:09
175Hans Swaans (Joybike!)4:45:51
176Jeroen Bonenkamp4:45:56
177Thomas Prodinger (Team Bregenz Procycle)4:46:22
178Wolf De Wilde4:46:35
179Ralph Schlenker (Fangidifigidi)4:49:23
180Oliver Langer4:49:38
181Chris Kemmer4:51:12
182Richard Schröder (Radfreunde Hilpoltstein)4:52:54
183Ditmar Steinhauser (Team Bregenz Procycle)4:53:13
184Reinhold Stemmer (Team Alb-Füxe)4:53:45
185Stefan Trippler4:55:24
186Holger Kratz (Team Neustadt An Der Weinstraße)4:57:34
187Tom Hesters4:57:40
188Tobias Brandstätter4:58:25
189Armin Neubauer5:00:30
190Jürgen Egger (Eggisbikeplanet.De)5:01:07
191Joachim Ruoff (Eggisbikeplanet.De)5:01:14
192Andreas Wahl (Rsv Reichenbach)5:01:34
193Markus Witschenbach (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)5:01:55
194Reiner Ploem (Ü-90 Cycling Team)5:02:56
195Gerrit Damen (Peerkes Bike Shop)5:03:08
196Stefan Stenger (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)5:05:00
197Rainer Leiprecht (Rsg Meckenbeuren)5:05:04
198Morten Kreilgaard (Team 3D)5:06:16
199Stephan Scholze (Stöber In Motion)5:07:00
200Marcel Smolders (Team Ventoux Tilburg)5:10:40
201Javier Nieto5:13:53
202Jörg Steenbock (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)5:14:38
203Wim Rhebergen5:15:34
204Joost Franken (Team Ventoux Tilburg)5:15:38
205Markus Dahmen (Team Heart Attack)5:15:54
206Joe Hasenkamp (Mister Bike Pforzheim)5:16:13
207Markus Seifert5:17:36
208Roger Baumgarner (Team Bregenz Procycle)5:18:21
209Stefan Ortjohann5:19:29
210Jörn Herber (Tempur-Space-Rider`S)5:23:46
211Heiko Eckstein (Team Skoda Pabst)5:25:51
212Hermann Wagensail (Extreme Moonrider)5:26:18
213Frank Höhner (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)5:28:06
214Rainer Mayer5:29:42
215Jens Pilz (Tsv Flöha 1848 E.V.)5:30:10
216Michael Schulz5:30:33
217Stephan Angerer5:32:23
218Toni Zangerle5:32:41
219Claus-Dieter Lang (Stöber In Motion)5:33:35
220Guido Rörig (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)5:33:45
221Christoph Baumann5:34:41
222Dirk Stock5:35:01
223Klaus Hoffmann5:35:29
224Andreas Wittmann (Team Cube)5:36:26
225Peter Schmidt (Sc Karlsbad)5:36:38
226Eckhardt Münch5:40:06
227Gerhard Kraus (Foxlrailers)5:41:23
228Paul Prechtl (Sc Karlsbad)5:41:59
229Thomas Grimm5:45:07
230Karl-Jörg Hachenberg (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)5:45:14
231Rainer Bucholzer5:47:51
232Thomas Nachtigall5:49:30
233Michael Renner5:49:43
234Bernd Laukenmann5:53:40
235Domingo Rus (Gent D Oliva MTB)5:55:09
236Jörg Zimmermann (Cannondalestore.De/Jaeger-Motorsport.De/Pro-Forman)5:56:26
237Thilo Rzymann (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)5:56:55
238Jörg Rummeni6:00:37
239Erik Schwulera (Nidi Featuring Vater&Sohn)6:00:40
240Peter Zott (Craft And Friends)6:01:36
241Markus Schwarzkopf (Team Frammersbach)6:05:05
242Egbert Ramge (Bi(A)King-Connection)6:07:02
243Cord Teller6:07:35
244Pedro Catalá (Gent D Oliva MTB)6:09:20
245Jürgen Blank (Team Mls)6:12:02
246Richard Lachner6:13:09
247John Jensen6:14:59
248Alfred Leugers6:15:12
249Steen Foged (Svendborg Mountainbike Klub)6:15:54
250Freddy Bau6:19:44
251Jürgen Ploem (Ü-90 Cycling Team)6:19:54
252Christian Reinike (Zweirad Taberski Berlin)6:20:45
253Ralf Ludwig6:22:38
254Olaf Trenner6:23:27
255Mark Hayden (Kill-Tec - Omnia)6:24:22
256Frank Kunold (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)6:24:39
257Jens Lillesoe (Team 3D)6:27:42
258Reiner Ziegler6:27:57
259Ralf Bernhard6:28:23
260Michael Kettner6:29:51
261Kurt Bernhardt (Radkappen Maintal)6:31:18
262Uwe Koch (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)6:32:04
263Frank Braun (Die Braunis)6:32:47
264Thomas Böckling6:33:21
265Noel Magermans (Dirty Deeds)6:33:40
266Christian Günsche6:35:51
267Albert Rundel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)6:36:27
268Thomas Zöberer6:37:13
269Thomas Majer6:38:01
270Gert Laursen (Team 3D)6:38:19
271Horst Wolf (Fit & Fun Lorch)6:40:39
272Jörg Grimm6:41:13
273Frank Rautenberg6:44:05
274Martin Kösters6:44:58
275Steffen Cramer (Rc Diana Leipzig)6:46:38
276Rick Riemersma (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 2)6:47:06
277Wolfgang Wetzel (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)6:47:18
278Nico Barbano (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)6:50:54
279Anne Alkema (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)6:52:38
280Arend Dubbelboer (Team Egberts/Trainingshulp.Nl 1)6:52:41
281Thomas Diezel (Bayerische Staatsforsten)6:53:02
282Wolfgang Bourges (Fit & Fun Lorch)6:53:25
283Marc Schweizer (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)6:53:41
284Stefan Bopp (Team Bode Optik)6:54:45
285Gerd Hummel (Fredis Radshop Markdorf)6:58:16
286Wilfried Hoffmann (Moooove Racing Team)7:00:23
287Joerg Herkenhoff7:00:56
288Peter Zauner7:01:50
289Ralf Kolbe (Teamwork Berlin)7:03:22
290Jan-Peter Rudolf7:03:55
291Axel Bertle (Team Sport Manhard)7:06:28
292Volker Zaborowski (Amc Rodheim - Bieber)7:06:36
293Stefan Riesinger (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)7:12:41
294Dirk Richter (Rogibike Baumann Inside)7:14:59
295Pedro Parreno (Gent D Oliva MTB)7:18:36
296Frank Maguhn (Eichhörnchen Berlin)7:18:46
297Bernd Vogel (Radkappen Maintal)7:18:51
298Peter Huhn (Radkappen Maintal)7:19:12
299Rainer Mümmler (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)7:19:51
300Martin Jakof (Germany's Next Top Biker)7:20:32
301Harald Steidl7:24:02
302Cliff Verdaasdonk (Appeltje2)7:24:13
303Jose Manuel Alemany (Gent D Oliva MTB)7:24:36
304Frank Meng (Salzabiker)7:24:51
305Anton Sieber (Msc-Wiesenbach Biketeam)7:24:53
306Arne Frärks (Die Weicheier)7:25:50
307Zeev Abu7:26:48
308Joachim Gauss (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)7:28:34
309Jürgen Hoffmann (Albrad Featuring Killertal Rider)7:32:19
310Luigi Leotta7:34:52
311Marek Jagos (Team Bike World Brand)7:39:33
312Ulrich Schmidt7:39:48
313Peter Male7:42:50
314Oliver Liedtke (Fit & Fun Lorch)7:42:50
315Hezi Sayar7:42:50
316Patrick Faust7:46:01
317Matthias Reckersdrees7:46:15
318Thomas Frohmuth7:48:28
319Joerg Schmidt (Bembelprinzen)7:50:20
320Rainer Buschmeier7:51:07
321Vladimir Berezovski7:54:13
322Thomas Hertel (Team 3D)7:58:51
323Edwin Weiß8:04:30
324Daniel Borklund (Fanfiluca Bikestyle)8:06:03
325Michael Hengst (Team Frammersbach)8:06:14
326Dieter Lauffer8:08:11
327Frank Blichmann8:10:36
328Stephan Schwarte8:11:21
329Oscar Abad (Bicisport Barcelona)8:12:59
330Peter Bartl (Abfahrt Viertel Elf)8:15:43
331Thomas Kempf8:16:45
332Ole Hansen8:20:17
333Pascal Bleys (Connections)8:21:06
334George Xagaras8:22:52
335Tom Schwieger8:23:10
336Morten Knudsen (Team 3D)8:23:55
337Alberto Gascón8:27:07
338Claudio Carillo8:29:55
339Rainer Gärtner (Eichhörnchen Berlin)8:34:03
340Bela Waldhauser8:36:48
341Peter Hübner8:37:32
342Jörg Waclawski8:38:09
343Emile Zonneveld8:42:37
344Andreas Kölbach (Team Radsport-Mertens / Zwölfender)8:44:32
345Francesc Vázquez8:48:01
346Maciej Florczak (Www.MTB4Fun.Ovh.Org)8:49:31
347Ingo Guhl8:54:34
348Peter Kirsch8:56:02
349Francesc Castan8:59:21
350Roger Molleman9:00:12
351Oliver Brosius9:04:55
352Thomas Kovacs (2Tk)9:09:19
353Rainer Oesterreicher (Www.Drachenfels-Bonn.Com)9:12:04
354Rainer Hammerl9:19:24
355Timo Heim (Team Kuhnchen)9:20:45
356Georg Schellhaas (Bi(A)King-Connection)9:29:16
357Hubertus Marx9:33:45
358Günther Resch9:35:32
359Krzysztof Pniewski (Www.MTB4Fun.Ovh.Org)9:36:40
360Andreas Lukas (Velo Team Sonsbecker Schweiz)9:42:17
361Holger Schöneich (Unstrut-Racer)9:43:14
362Frank Schübel9:47:36
363Jörg Hinrichs (Teutocraft)9:48:14
364James Straube10:00:28
365Reinhold Müller (Menta Software Technology)10:09:57
366Oliver Wegert (Craft And Friends)10:12:33
367Andre Cappelle (Ü-90 Cycling Team)10:18:01
368Hannes Steidinger (Problembären)10:24:18
369Rainer Kopp (Problembären)10:24:20
370Joachim Becker (Ü-90 Cycling Team)10:27:20
371Oliver Haesler10:28:24
372Robert Gaiswinkler10:31:56
374José Garcia

Super master final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Milan Spolc12:06:31
2Ferdinand Ganser (Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team)0:28:18
3Ad van de Sande (Team Ventoux Tilburg)1:03:28
4Max Bertschinger1:25:57
5Reinhold Kotz (Bike Team Sonthofen)1:29:09
6Rudi Geentjens (MTB Rudi)1:30:20
7Thomas Rüegg1:30:45
8Matthäus Lorenz (Team Radhaus Winterlingen)1:32:40
9Harald Höhn (Team Bad Steben)1:40:56
10Gerald Tretter (Ammergauer Alpen)1:41:19
11Bernhard Spieler (Race Worx)1:41:55
12Walter Hinderdael1:56:34
13Ferdl Thiel (Redheads Team)2:05:15
14Karlheinz Volkmann2:05:45
15Josef Löffler (Vo Dr Alb Ra)2:08:35
16Arnold Handle2:17:54
17Ferdi Koller (Büli Bike Tigers)2:19:04
18Herbert Weiss (Allgäuxpress)2:21:14
19Ueli Schürmann (Büli Bike Tigers)2:27:45
20Pino Ferrari (Büli Bike Tigers)2:38:44
21Luc Smits2:39:03
22Hermann Trindler (Team Offenburg)2:40:47
23Hans-Jürgen Ammann (Vo Dr Alb Ra)2:41:03
24Urs Güntensperger (Büli Bike Tigers)2:41:30
25Willi Burger (Bike Team Sonthofen)2:54:56
26Franz Lehmann (Fitness Turm Haslach)3:04:42
27Gerhard Burghardt (Team Haibike)3:05:05
28Wolfgang Hackl (Kollar Team/ Racerholix.At.Tf)3:10:28
29Franz-Josef Schneider3:13:01
30Helmut Hupfauer (Vc Lechhausen)3:15:46
31Roland Rombach (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)3:23:08
32Johann Orsolits3:24:54
33Harald Behr3:26:22
34Alfons Rieder3:27:14
35Rudi Steger (Team Barbarahof)3:27:16
36Helmut Maier (Bike Team Sonthofen)3:27:48
37Sepp Riedenauer3:30:17
38Thomas Kolbe (Proformance-Nonplusultra)3:38:25
39Heinz Moser (Wsv Mehrstetten Bike-Team)3:46:36
40Horst Wolff3:48:35
41Karl Seeger (Tv Immenstadt)3:48:51
42Karl-Heinz Hoffmann4:01:35
43Klaus Siedentopf4:04:43
44Thomas Fiedler (Rsg Würzburg)4:09:11
45Beat Eberhard (Sport&Bike Hostel Kirchzarten)4:09:40
46Rolf Schnizler (Team Modi-Craft)4:12:19
47Werner Kienle (Rsg Meckenbeuren)4:15:29
48Manfred Ertl4:20:22
49Poul Jensen4:28:51
50Soren Rasmussen4:28:56
51Panagiotis Dagopoulos4:29:36
52Leo Zirkelbach (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)4:34:36
53Ekkehard Tremmel4:36:39
54Holger Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)4:58:02
55Helmut Seidel (Mplus)5:14:49
56Reinhard Bichler (Imst-Gurgltal Meets Saublöde Idee)5:17:53
57Sven Manhard (Team Sport Manhard)5:22:20
58Kurt Poullie (Velofreunde Grosswelzheim 05)5:25:17
59Eberhard Steiner (Ammergauer Alpen)5:30:40
60Wolfgang Eigner (MTB Club Karlsruhe)5:34:16
61Jürgen Dahlke (Paul Lange & Co.)5:45:08
62Horst Schwarz (MTB-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)5:47:47
63Arthur Rijk5:52:40
64Oliver Bopp (Team Bode Optik)5:59:40
65Öyvind Rörslett (Sk Rye/Jernbaneverket)6:02:36
66Reinhold Schwulera (Nidi Featuring Vater&Sohn)6:03:14
67Martin Grafmueller (Eichhörnchen Berlin)6:17:29
68Alex Mühlbauer6:20:07
69Leo Bischoff6:23:13
70Gerd Hoehna6:26:37
71Hans-Dieter Baier (Sv Lauertal Burglauer)6:26:46
72Ruedi Mueller6:30:03
73Ulrich Homeyer (Die Weicheier)6:30:29
74Helmut Hubacek6:30:37
75Michael Achenbach6:41:49
76Heinz Gaidzik (Bike Team Sonthofen)6:56:06
77Ulrich Hammer (Rsv Hallertau)7:00:30
78Lau Rosborg (Team 3D)7:02:20
79Andreas Pabst (Team Skoda Pabst)7:08:09
80Heiner Diethelm7:09:33
81Michael Wuelfing7:12:37
82Hans Hackert (Da Simmer Dabei)7:16:49
83Tomas Meyer-Eppler7:23:01
84Sef Queis7:26:01
85Dale Greenhalgh (Toxoholic`S)7:46:58
86Fritz Falch7:54:56
87Andreas Wolff (Rsv Reichenbach)8:03:21
88Peter Seibert8:06:30
89Jörg Witzelhofer (Vc Lechhausen)8:11:38
90Armin Kuhl8:19:09
91Franz Friedel (Axa Team Frammersbach)8:39:59
92Michael Moehle8:42:29
93Ulrich Hager8:42:37
94Hans-Joachim Helfricht (Unstrut-Racer)8:48:01
95Klaus-Bernd Kaltegärtner8:49:37
96Josef Ernst8:49:42
97Richard Kastner (Rsv Hallertau)9:11:30
98Eberhard Wolter9:31:29
99Bernd Hämmerle (Gsi-Berger)9:53:38
100Wil Schalley10:00:35

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