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McConville wins Tour of the Goldfields

Germany's Katrin Garfoot has claimed the crown of 2013 Subaru National Road Series (NRS) Champion after winning the final stage at the Tour of the Goldfields on Sunday.

"I am definitely a very happy person that I have won the NRS and with the final stage win, but I don't think it has sunk in yet," said Garfoot, who won the Mersey Valley Tour, Tour of the King Valley and the Tour of the Murray River.

"It has been a very difficult year, with the team change, although I think that it definitely benefited me. Also with my citizenship, it was very emotional for me in 2013, so I am very happy the season and the year is over and I can't wait for what the future holds.

"And now [with my citizenship] I can aim for the Australian title and Oceania titles now and then look towards Europe hopefully next year," she added.

Jayco/Apollo/VIS's Chloe McConville was the benefactor of a stoush between Garfoot and Ruth Corset (Pensar/SPM) in the third stage of the race with the Victorian capitalising and seizing the leader's Jersey. McConville sealed her maiden NRS tour with a comfortable eighth place finish in the fourth and final stage.

Sarah Roy (Bike Bug) lit up proceedings early on in the race around Dunnstown near Ballarat, Victoria, by launching a daring solo attack within the first few kilometres.

In what turned out to be a longer solo move that she originally intended, Roy established a lead of almost two minutes at the halfway mark over the Jayco/Apollo/VIS led peloton.

The final climb proved too much for Roy as she succumbed to fatigue and the GC favourites were left to fight it out with Garfoot taking one final charge for the season as she flew up the final two kilometre climb to the finish at Mt Warrenheip

For those who've followed the women's NRS with even a cursory glance this season it was a case of ground hog day as Garfoot edged out Corset for the win. The breakthrough story for the day was the outstanding podium finish in the final stage by Victorian newcomer Tessa Fabry (Team Breeze)

32-year-old Garfoot finished the NRS season on 114 points, eleven ahead of Corset. Victoria's Felicity Wardlaw (Bicycle Superstore) finished third in the standings with 63 points.

With her overall victory on Sunday, McConville joined recent Lotto Belisol recruit Amy Cure -Tour of Adelaide victor- and Nicole Whitburn -Shipwreck Coast Classic victor- as the only three riders to have knocked the pair off the top step of the podium in 2013.

"This win is for the whole team for sure, I had some great help all weekend, but in particular today," said McConville. "Jess [Allen] controlled the break for 65-70 odd kilometres on her own today and I have to give it to Jessica Mundy who stayed there with me to the finish when she didn't need to.

"I am really stoked with the win, for the whole team, it is awesome."


Full Results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team2:24:00
2Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:00:10
3Tessa Fabry (Vic) Team Breeze0:00:11
4Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:00:23
5Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:00:27
6Ellen Skerritt (Qld) Team Bikebug0:00:29
7Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team
8Chloe McConville (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team
9Miranda Griffiths (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team
10Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore
11Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore0:00:32
12Penny Brown (Vic) Total Rush Hyster0:00:34
13Judith Betts (Qld) Team Bikebug0:00:35
14Nicole Moerig (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:00:37
15Ruby Livingstone (NZl) Building Champions Squad0:00:40
16Joanne Tralaggan (NSW) Target Trek Racing Team0:00:41
17Lucy Coldwell (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:00:44
18Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:00:45
19Laura Meadley (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:00:55
20Rebecca Mackey (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism0:00:58
21Simone Peirce (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club0:01:01
22Elizabeth Doueal (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club0:01:06
23Samantha De Riter (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:01:12
24Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team
25Cassandra Dodd (Qld) Specialized Securitor0:01:19
26Emily Roper (Qld) Suzuki Bontrager0:01:21
27Sophie Mackay (NSW) BOSS Racing Team
28Gina Ricardo (NSW) Seight
29Betsy Anderson-Smith (ACT) Seight0:01:28
30Jessica Huston (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism0:01:30
31Lisa Hanley (Vic) Ballarat Subaru0:01:32
32Justyna Lubkowski (Vic) Liv / giant
33Kate Finegan (Vic) Building Champions Squad
34Verita Stewart (Vic) Team Breeze0:01:33
35Brittany Lindores (ACT) Team Bikebug0:01:40
36Shannon Malseed (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:01:44
37Cassia Higgs (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism0:01:47
38Georgina Beech (Vic) Team Breeze0:01:52
39Prudence Rothwell (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club0:02:00
40Rachel Ward (Vic) BOSS Racing Team0:02:13
41Deciana Speckmann (ACT) Seight
42Carley McKay (Vic) Bicycle Superstore0:02:23
43Jessica Allen (WA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team0:02:27
44Leigh Dynon (Vic) Ballarat Subaru0:02:37
45Naomi Williams (Vic) Liv / giant0:02:44
46Chloe McIntosh (Vic) Suzuki Bontrager0:02:46
47Lauretta Hanson (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:02:59
48Alice Wallett (ACT) Target Trek Racing Team0:03:01
49Veronica Micich (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club0:03:21
50Nicole Whitburn (Vic) Pensar SPM Racing0:03:50
51Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug0:04:12
52Tess Spencer-Gill (Vic) Ballarat Subaru0:04:16
53Megan Bagworth (ACT) BOSS Racing Team0:04:32
54Claire Trembath (Qld) Specialized Securitor0:04:42
55Tegan Elferkh (ACT) BOSS Racing Team0:04:56
56Tayla Evans (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:05:05
57Nicole McNamara (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:07:15
58Davina Summers (WA) BOSS Racing Team0:11:11
DNFCrystal Wemyss (Vic) Team Breeze
DNFJosie Simpson (Vic) Total Rush Hyster
DNSRebecca Locke (Vic) Liv / giant
DNSSarah Kent (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism

Intermediate sprints - sprint 1 - McGuigans Rd #1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug3pts
2Nicole Whitburn (Vic) Pensar SPM Racing2
3Kate Finegan (Vic) Building Champions Squad1

Sprint 2 - McGuigans Rd #2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug3pts
2Nicole Whitburn (Vic) Pensar SPM Racing2
3Kate Finegan (Vic) Building Champions Squad1

Queen of the mountains - QOM 1 - Mt Warrenheip (Cat3)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team5pts
2Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing3
3Tessa Fabry (Vic) Team Breeze2

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team7:12:58
2Pensar SPM Racing0:00:02
3Holden Women Cycling Team0:01:27
4Team Bikebug0:01:46
5Suzuki Bontrager0:02:03
6Bicycle Superstore0:02:26
7Team Breeze0:02:38
8St Kilda Cycling Club0:03:09
9Ballarat Regional Tourism0:03:17
11Building Champions Squad0:04:13
12BOSS Racing Team0:07:08
13Ballarat Subaru0:07:27

Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe McConville (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team5:35:13
2Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team0:00:05
3Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:00:47
4Miranda Griffiths (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:00:59
5Lucy Coldwell (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:01:14
6Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team0:01:21
7Samantha De Riter (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:01:40
8Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:02:30
9Shannon Malseed (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:02:47
10Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore0:03:00
11Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore0:03:04
12Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:03:08
13Rebecca Mackey (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism0:03:10
14Ellen Skerritt (Qld) Team Bikebug0:03:16
15Judith Betts (Qld) Team Bikebug0:03:23
16Jessica Huston (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism0:03:42
17Emily Roper (Qld) Suzuki Bontrager0:03:46
18Sophie Mackay (NSW) BOSS Racing Team
19Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:03:53
20Laura Meadley (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager
21Tessa Fabry (Vic) Team Breeze0:04:06
22Cassia Higgs (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism0:04:09
23Kate Finegan (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:04:38
24Nicole Whitburn (Vic) Pensar SPM Racing0:04:47
25Joanne Tralaggan (NSW) Target Trek Racing Team0:04:50
26Simone Peirce (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club
27Carley McKay (Vic) Bicycle Superstore0:04:51
28Elizabeth Doueal (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club0:04:55
29Penny Brown (Vic) Total Rush Hyster0:04:56
30Chloe McIntosh (Vic) Suzuki Bontrager0:05:11
31Justyna Lubkowski (Vic) Liv / giant0:05:24
32Lisa Hanley (Vic) Ballarat Subaru0:05:33
33Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team0:06:11
34Lauretta Hanson (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:06:14
35Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug0:06:46
36Nicole Moerig (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:08:03
37Naomi Williams (Vic) Liv / giant0:08:53
38Brittany Lindores (ACT) Team Bikebug0:09:45
39Megan Bagworth (ACT) BOSS Racing Team0:09:48
40Ruby Livingstone (NZl) Building Champions Squad0:09:55
41Gina Ricardo (NSW) Seight0:09:58
42Jessica Allen (WA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team0:10:15
43Verita Stewart (Vic) Team Breeze0:10:49
44Cassandra Dodd (Qld) Specialized Securitor0:12:31
45Rachel Ward (Vic) BOSS Racing Team0:12:41
46Deciana Speckmann (ACT) Seight0:13:45
47Georgina Beech (Vic) Team Breeze0:14:04
48Prudence Rothwell (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club0:15:08
49Alice Wallett (ACT) Target Trek Racing Team0:15:27
50Leigh Dynon (Vic) Ballarat Subaru0:17:51
51Veronica Micich (Vic) St Kilda Cycling Club
52Claire Trembath (Qld) Specialized Securitor0:18:09
53Betsy Anderson-Smith (ACT) Seight0:19:38
54Davina Summers (WA) BOSS Racing Team0:21:37
55Nicole McNamara (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:23:18
56Tayla Evans (Vic) Building Champions Squad0:24:17
57Tegan Elferkh (ACT) BOSS Racing Team0:25:45
58Tess Spencer-Gill (Vic) Ballarat Subaru0:35:32

Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicole Whitburn (Vic) Pensar SPM Racing11pts
2Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug9
3Kate Finegan (Vic) Building Champions Squad9
4Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing3
5Chloe McConville (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team1
6Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team1
7Tessa Fabry (Vic) Team Breeze1
8Cassia Higgs (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism1

Queen of the Mountains
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team5pts
2Cassandra Dodd (Qld) Specialized Securitor3
3Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing3
4Tessa Fabry (Vic) Team Breeze2
5Cassia Higgs (WA) Ballarat Regional Tourism1

Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team16:47:44
2Pensar SPM Racing0:00:19
3Holden Women Cycling Team0:01:50
4Suzuki Bontrager0:08:11
5Bicycle Superstore0:08:50
6Ballarat Regional Tourism0:08:58
7Team Bikebug0:09:03
8Building Champions Squad0:18:51
9Team Breeze0:18:55
10St Kilda Cycling Club0:21:36
11BOSS Racing Team0:22:40
13Ballarat Subaru0:43:22

Final 2013 NRS Team Aggregate
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing175pts
2Suzuki Bontrager92
3Holden Women Cycling Team87
4Bicycle Superstore77
5Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team65
6Team Bikebug59
7Team Polygon Australia34
8BOSS Racing Team25
9Specialized Securitor24
10Building Champions Squad21
11Team Breeze19
12Liv / giant10
13Target Trek Racing Team7
14Total Rush Hyster3

Final 2013 NRS Individual Aggregate
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team114pts
2Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing103
3Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore40
4Rebecca Wiasak (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager37
5Miranda Griffiths (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team33
6Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team28
7Chloe McConville (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team27
8Grace Sulzberger (Tas) Team Polygon Australia25
9Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing25
10Amy Cure (Tas) Team Polygon Australia19
11Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore18
12Samantha De Riter (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team17
13Taryn Heather (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team16
14Lucy Coldwell (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team15
15Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing14


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