Finsterwald wins stage 3 and overall title at Moab Rocks

The third and final stage of the inaugural Moab Rocks mountain bike stage race featured a crowd-pleasing 30-mile route in the "Magnificent 7" trail network north of Moab. The Mag 7 network has been recently developed around the Gemini Bridges jeep road and includes plenty of fun and flowy singletrack.

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Russell Finsterwald(Trek Factory Racing)2:06:09
2Kerry Werner Jr.(U23 BMC Development Team USA)0:02:04
3Travis Brown(Trek)0:06:30
4Josh Tostado(Santa Cruz, Maxxis, Shimano)0:06:40
5Nick Gould(Ska/Zia/Trek)0:09:07
6Jonathon Firth(Honey Stinger/Planet Foods)0:09:19
7Drew Edsall(Kenda / Felt)0:11:08
8Aroussen Laflamme(Xprezo-Borsao)0:16:14
9Evan Ross(Griggs Orthopedics)0:16:19
10Shannon Boffeli(Mtb Race News)0:18:24
11Chris Benson(Woodcock Cycleworks)0:19:04
12Matt Duggan(Cafe)0:19:13
13Greg Gibson(Www.Truckerco.Com)0:19:46
14Christian Gauvin(Rocky Mountain / Les Yables)0:21:10
15Jonathan Nutbrown(Ridley's Cycle)0:22:52
16TJ Cowern(Poison Spider/Pivot Cycles/Sramrock)0:23:32
17Scott Eberhardt0:33:33
18Eddie Cremonese(Bike Tech)0:34:58
19Diogo Malagon(Oskalunga Never Dies!)0:36:25
20Brandon Turley0:39:22
21Christopher Latura0:45:57
22Evan Wishloff(Pedalhead Racing Club)0:46:52
23Matthew Wilkie0:47:53
24Clay Wyatt(Explore Fitness)0:54:45
25Robert Spies0:54:48
26Jason Hawkins(Salt Cycles)0:59:22
27Nathan Lawrence(Explore Fitness)0:59:39
28Duane Clemens(6:8 Photography)1:09:53
29Kevan Wilkie(6:8 Photography)1:24:52
30Tim Graversen1:55:01
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kate Aardal(Ridley's Cycle)2:30:27
2Heidi Rentz(Ibis-Poison Spider Bicycles)0:04:42
3Trish Grajczyk(Deadgoat Racing)0:10:50
4Jennifer Moos(Rose Bandits)0:12:06
5Wendy Lyall(Yetibeti)0:14:05
6Tiffany Ballew(Peachtree Bikes)0:38:34
7Timari Pruis(Pivot Cycles/Kenda)0:41:02
8Madeleine Lemyre(Lessard Bicycles)0:42:23
9Melanie Burgon1:30:44
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Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Sevenoff(Western Spirit)2:22:57
2Erik Keniston(Single Track Bikes)0:02:24
3Pat Doyle(Deadgoat Racing)0:05:45
4Mark Logan(Cadence Brand Marketing)0:07:12
5Kip Moyer(Absolute Bikes)0:07:49
6Tiziano Gortan(L'hostaria Restaurant)0:09:20
7Arnold Roest0:12:02
8Jeff Beaumont(Mri Endurance Elite Masters)0:13:56
9Dave Yung(Fast Friday)0:20:13
10Steve Walsh(Deadgoat Racing)0:21:38
11Bill Lenhart(Team Las Vegas Cyclery)0:23:46
12Lee Roufa(Moots)0:28:09
13Stuart Rose0:31:33
14Joseph Hoskins(C'ville Hash House Mashers)0:32:59
15Reid Bailey(Cville Hash House Mashers)0:34:45
16Tim House(C'ville Hash House Mashers)0:58:14
17Zara Wishloff(Devon Bicycle Association)1:34:17
18Darren Dyck2:17:32
19Nathan phelps(Central District Cyclery)3:28:56
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Women 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Margie Smith(Wilson Moutain Sports)2:43:03
2Jennifer Horn(Peachtree Bikes)0:25:57
3Trish Mayer0:33:48
4Laurie Woodbury2:09:41
5Marleah Bevelacqua(Central District Cyclery)3:08:50
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Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alec Petro(Corner Cycle)2:26:43
2Mike Armstrong(Xccentials/Basalt Bike & Ski)0:08:42
3Tom Arnold(Fast Friday)0:08:43
4Mark Wallace(Pedal Pushers Cyclery - Golden)0:11:58
5Jim Gibson(Absolute Bikes)0:26:51
6Tod Turley(Fast Friday)0:33:36
7Rafael Palacios(Pura Vida)0:34:16
8Dave Rathnow0:38:10
9Stan Mayer0:50:28
10David Arguello(Pura Vida)1:03:11
11Tony Southwell1:16:29
12Dan Matthews(Fine Whine)1:16:42
13Willem Van Niekerk1:28:03
14Richard Woodbury2:26:01
15Martin Parnell(Right To Play)3:45:20
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Men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Russell Finsterwald(Trek Factory Racing)6:28:56
2Kerry Werner Jr.(U23 Bmc Development Team Usa)0:11:15
3Josh Tostado(Santa Cruz, Maxxis, Shimano)0:13:37
4Travis Brown(Trek)0:15:28
5Nick Gould(Ska/Zia/Trek)0:26:34
6Jonathon Firth(Honey Stinger/Planet Foods)0:32:30
7Drew Edsall(Kenda / Felt)0:39:58
8Evan Ross(Griggs Orthopedics)0:43:54
9Aroussen Laflamme(Xprezo-Borsao)0:54:05
10Shannon Boffeli(Mtb Race News)0:59:51
11Chris Benson(Woodcock Cycleworks)1:00:52
12Christian Gauvin(Rocky Mountain / Les Yables)1:05:08
13Matt Duggan(Cafe)1:09:15
14Greg Gibson(
15Jonathan Nutbrown(Ridley's Cycle)1:11:16
16TJ Cowern(Poison Spider/Pivot Cycles/Sramrock)1:21:43
17Diogo Malagon(Oskalunga Never Dies!)1:28:02
18Scott Eberhardt1:42:05
19Brandon Turley1:47:26
20Evan Wishloff(Pedalhead Racing Club)2:15:22
21Eddie Cremonese(Bike Tech)2:15:51
22Christopher Latura2:24:54
23Robert Spies2:59:35
24Matthew Wilkie3:15:27
25Clay Wyatt(Explore Fitness)3:21:30
26Jason Hawkins(Salt Cycles)3:29:16
27Nathan Lawrence(Explore Fitness)3:32:09
28Kevan Wilkie(6:8 Photography)4:18:28
29Duane Clemens(6:8 Photography)4:42:11
30Tim Graversen6:30:55
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Women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kate Aardal(Ridley's Cycle)7:42:03
2Heidi Rentz(Ibis-Poison Spider Bicycles)0:12:08
3Trish Grajczyk(Deadgoat Racing)0:38:18
4Jennifer Moos(Rose Bandits)0:39:50
5Wendy Lyall(Yetibeti)0:46:26
6Madeleine Lemyre(Lessard Bicycles)2:31:55
7Timari Pruis(Pivot Cycles/Kenda)2:41:23
8Tiffany Ballew(Peachtree Bikes)3:29:35
9Melanie Burgon5:56:27
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Men 40+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Sevenoff(Western Spirit)7:18:22
2Erik Keniston(Single Track Bikes)0:14:15
3Mark Logan(Cadence Brand Marketing)0:25:23
4Pat Doyle(Deadgoat Racing)0:26:42
5Kip Moyer(Absolute Bikes)0:31:32
6Jeff Beaumont(Mri Endurance Elite Masters)0:34:09
7Tiziano Gortan(L'hostaria Restaurant)0:43:21
8Arnold Roest0:59:01
9Steve Walsh(Deadgoat Racing)1:03:25
10Bill Lenhart(Team Las Vegas Cyclery)1:23:42
11Dave Yung(Fast Friday)1:29:52
12Lee Roufa(Moots)1:34:51
13Stuart Rose1:47:52
14Reid Bailey(Cville Hash House Mashers)1:52:10
15Joseph Hoskins(C'ville Hash House Mashers)1:59:32
16Tim House(C'ville Hash House Mashers)2:59:04
17Darren Dyck5:11:48
18Nathan phelps(Central District Cyclery)7:30:08
19Zara Wishloff(Devon Bicycle Association)7:47:29
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Women 40+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Margie Smith(Wilson Moutain Sports)8:30:09
2Trish Mayer2:58:29
3Jennifer Horn(Peachtree Bikes)3:00:02
4Laurie Woodbury7:33:50
5Marleah Bevelacqua(Central District Cyclery)8:48:13
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Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alec Petro(Corner Cycle)7:38:47
2Mark Wallace(Pedal Pushers Cyclery - Golden)0:06:45
3Tom Arnold(Fast Friday)0:25:17
4Mike Armstrong(Xccentials/Basalt Bike & Ski)0:28:13
5Jim Gibson(Absolute Bikes)1:09:11
6Tod Turley(Fast Friday)1:33:51
7Dave Rathnow2:34:36
8Rafael Palacios(Pura Vida)2:35:03
9Stan Mayer2:46:59
10Tony Southwell3:23:24
11David Arguello(Pura Vida)3:40:44
12Willem Van Niekerk4:33:07
13Dan Matthews(Fine Whine)4:52:26
14Richard Woodbury8:25:07
15Martin Parnell(Right To Play)10:13:07

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