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White claims men's race on day two at Bay Crits

Nick White wins stage 2 of the 2020 Bay Crits
Nick White wins stage 2 of the 2020 Bay Crits (Image credit: Con Chronis Photography)

Nick White (BridgeLane) took the overall lead at the Bay Crits after he sprinted to victory on stage 2. The Australian under-23 champion claimed the bunch sprint after he produced a fine acceleration to beat Brenton Jones (Novotel-Mitchelton) and Jensen Plowright (BridgeLane).

The race was delayed by an hour following a crash in the women’s race, and when proceedings got underway, it was decreed that the race would be reduced in length from one hour to 45 minutes.

“It was tough, there was a lot of hanging around before the race due to the ambulances on course, give them the respect they deserve but there was definitely a bit of hanging around so the anticipation was building up and the nerves were building up,” White said. “Being a shorter race it was raced a lot more aggressively so it was raced pretty hard.”

The evening was marked by a flurry of breakaway attempts, but no group managed to gain any real traction in a high-speed event, although Luke Durbridge briefly split the field with a searing effort with three laps remaining. Lexus of Blackburn helped to bring the race back for a bunch sprint, where White’s fierce acceleration carried him to victory, while stage 1 winner Sam Welsford (Lexus of Blackburn) had to settle for 4th.

White carries the yellow jersey into Sunday’s final stage, though Welsford is level on points with him, while Jones is just a point behind in third place.

“It will definitely be a challenge tomorrow, by no respect am I going to think it’s going to be easy to hold onto this jersey but we’ll give it everything we’ve got and go down swinging,” White said. “We’ve still got a pretty strong team here in Jensen [Plowright], he’s a classy sprinter in his own rights and to have him in front of me tomorrow will be a huge confidence booster.”

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicholas White (Bridgelane) 0:46:20
2Brenton Jones (Novotel - Mitchelton)
3Jensen Plowright (Bridgelane)
4Sam Welsford (Lexus Of Blackburn)
5Cameron Ivory (Gpm Stulz)
6Benjamin Hill (Bridgelane)
7Taj Jones (Sunshine Coast Aca)
8Thomas Bolton (Oliver's Real Food Racing) 0:00:03
9Rudy Porter (Inform Tm Insight Make)
10Mathew Ross (Cyclehouse)
11Ben Perry (Cyclehouse) 0:00:07
12Tasman Nankervis (Gpm Stulz) 0:00:10
13Sean Whitfield (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
14Aiden Buttigieg (Cyclehouse)
15Matthew Rice (Sunshine Coast Aca)
16Alex Lack (Gpm Stulz)
17Thomas Benton (Inform Tm Insight Make)
18Liam White (Novotel - Mitchelton) 0:00:15
19Tom Leaper (Cyclehouse) 0:00:19
20Stevo Michalicka (Novotel - Mitchelton)
21Kaden Groves (Novotel - Mitchelton)
22Luke Durbridge (Novotel - Mitchelton)
23Harrison Bailey (Gpm Stulz)
24Tom Chapman (Bridgelane)
25Michael Freiberg (Sunshine Coast Aca)
26Nicholas Spratt (Gpm Stulz) 0:00:31
27Chris Ball (Team Japan) 0:00:43
28Leigh Howard (Lexus Of Blackburn) 0:00:51
29Patrick Eddy (Inform Tm Insight Make) 0:00:54
30Callan Douglas (Cyclehouse)
31Benjamin Spenceley (Gpm Stulz)
32Kelland O'Brien (Lexus Of Blackburn) 0:01:02
33Zack Gilmore (Sunshine Coast Aca)
34Cameron Scott (Lexus Of Blackburn) 0:01:31
35William Hodges (Oliver's Real Food Racing) 0:02:05
36Samual Eddy (Inform Tm Insight Make)
DNFMatthew Sherwin (Novotel - Mitchelton)
DNFAlexander Porter (Lexus Of Blackburn)
DNFAngus Lyons (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
DNFTatsuyoshi Nakamura (Team Japan)
DNFTomoki Saito (Team Japan)
DNFTetsuo Yamamoto (Team Japan)
DNFPatrick Drapac (Cyclehouse)
DNSLucas Plapp (Lexus Of Blackburn)
DNSBenjamin Andrews (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
DNSKarl Michelin-Beard (Oliver's Real Food Racing)

General classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicholas White (Bridgelane) 19
2Sam Welsford (Lexus Of Blackburn) 19
3Brenton Jones (Novotel - Mitchelton) 18
4Cameron Ivory (Gpm Stulz) 16
5Jensen Plowright (Bridgelane) 14
6Benjamin Hill (Bridgelane) 7
7Taj Jones (Sunshine Coast Aca) 7
8Kelland O'Brien (Lexus Of Blackburn) 5
9Michael Freiberg (Sunshine Coast Aca) 4
10Thomas Bolton (Oliver's Real Food Racing) 3
11Rudy Porter (Inform Tm Insight Make) 2
12Mathew Ross (Cyclehouse) 1
13Nicholas Spratt (Gpm Stulz) 1
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