Durán wins La Ruta de los Conquistadores

Federico "Lico" Ramírez (Grupo Orosi-Trek) and Pua Mata (Sho-Air/Cannondale) won the third and final stage of La Ruta de los Conquistadores on Saturday. The 121km stage went from Turrialba to Limón. Marconi Durán (Coopenae-Movistat-Eonomy), who was fifth in the final stage, won the men's overall title while Mata defended her 2012 victory in the women's category.

Costa Rican Ramírez crossed the line in 4:05:24, winning the sprint among a final lead group of eight men. First time La Ruta racer Durán won the race with an overall time of 12:19:09.

Second overall went to Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale), who took second for the fourth time in five years. He was 11:31 behind Durán. Costa Rican Paolo Montoya, who was last year's winner, finished third at 17:40.

The key to winning La Ruta for Durán was a strong first stage, during which he gained more than 11 minutes over his top rivals.

"I think I did a good job from beginning to end," said Durán. "I was very well prepared, and I wasn't one of the favorites, so maybe that helped me surprise everyone. All my team is happy, they had wanted to win the race several times, but it had not happened. La Ruta de los Conquistadores is a great race, I am very thankful."

Grant joked about his second place win. "I hava won second place four times, so next year I'm not coming to win, I'm coming for my fifth second place win, which will set a record. I have no regrets, I'm just going to keep on training for next year."

Last year's champ and stage 2 winner Montoya said, "The first day was key. I got overconfident, and it was a huge lesson learned for me. Yesterday and today, I gave it my all, but I was followed very closely by a lot of competitors, so I understood what was going to happen early on."

"At the end of the day I'm happy I placed third, although I know it was because Todd Wells got a flat tire, if he hadn't, I wouldn't have made the pódium. All three stages were won by Costa Ricans and everyone gave a really tough fight."

Stage 3 winner Ramirez was happy with the day's victory even though he did not make pódium. "I came to this race to fight, but I had some very tough rivals, I knew there were at least 20 competitors that were in great shape to win. The first day Marconi surprised us by getting a huge advantage time-wise. I had said from the beginning that both Marconi and [Jonathan] Carballo were very dangerous."

Mata won all three stages in the women's race and the overall.

"It is hard to believe that it is already over, but I am leaving Costa Rica as a Conquistador and the 2013 La Ruta Champion!" said Mata on Facebook. "This week had been filled with lots of riding, physical and mental challenges, amazing people, great company, phenomenal support and a beautiful country."

More than 450 racers from 32 countries competed in La Ruta de los Conquistadores.

Full results

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Elite men stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Federico Ramirez (CRc) Grupo Orosi-Trek4:05:24
2Todd Wells (USA) CannondaleRow 1 - Cell 2
3Paolo Montoya (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos-FocusRow 2 - Cell 2
4Alex Grant (USA) ShoAir-CannondaleRow 3 - Cell 2
5Marconi Duran (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-EconomyRow 4 - Cell 2
6Alexander Sanchez (CRc) Specialized0:00:03
7Moises Hernandez (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly0:00:17
8Jose Montoya (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly0:05:57
9Andrey Fonseca (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut0:13:35
10Jonathan Carballo (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy0:13:55
11Gustavo Orellana (Per) Ciclismo El Valle0:25:06
12Dennis Porras (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy0:25:27
13Jeffrey Herrera (CRc) Puro MTB-Niner Bikes0:25:28
14Dax Jaikel (CRc) Seven Capital0:29:05
15Miguel Gutierrez (Mex) Farmacia Paris0:33:33
16Esteban Rodriguez (CRc)0:37:13
17Trevor Deruis (USA) Bloody Rose MTB Hillclimb0:44:57
18Yanan Briceno (CRc) Santa Cruz Bike0:46:29
19Maikol Artavia (CRc)0:55:49
20Kenneth Sanabria (CRc) Navarro y Aviles0:58:07
21Jean Moraga (CRc) Mi Empleo-Adobe Rent a Car- Dr Frank1:09:48
22Ibrahin Iturriaga (CRc) Banco Lafise-Toyota Rent A Car-Oakley-Optica Ver +1:12:40
23Luis Marin (CRc) Arpo-Bikenology-Araya1:13:09
24Douglas Dijeres (CRc)1:15:08
25Cristian Barquero (CRc) Palmares1:31:47
26Leonardo Rutt (CRc) Coreco1:34:59
27Gabriel Cespedes (CRc) Pollo Racing Team1:45:16
28Roy Campos (CRc) Chito Cars1:52:26
29Alvaro Maya (Col) Sportlab1:53:23
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Elite women stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pua Mata (USA)4:42:40
2Adriana Rojas (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly0:20:46
3Cheryl Sornson (USA) Team CF0:20:47
4Milagro Mena (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly0:20:49
5Cristine De-Mezerville (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly0:43:09
6Nancy Amores (CRc) Ciclo Corea Bike Santa Cruz0:43:22
7Natalia Navarro (CRc) Liote-Bicicletas Focus0:44:58
8Sof?A Howell (CRc) Laboratorio Prostodent0:51:43
9Ariadna Gutierrez (Mex) Farmacia Paris1:10:59
10Ivannia Fonseca (CRc) Aerodiva1:14:02
11Silvia Cespedes (CRc)1:16:33
12Rocio Monge (CRc)1:17:53
13Cinthya Coto (CRc) Fox CR1:20:15
14Sigrid Miller (CRc) Avimil1:24:10
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Men 30-39 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Santos Corea (CRc) Ciclo Corea Bike Santa Cruz4:30:29
2Manuel Prado (CRc) ShoAir-Cannondale-IGeniusCR.com0:00:01
3Luis Chaverri (CRc) AMPM-CredomaticRow 2 - Cell 2
4Galo Tamayo (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-Laeuropea0:00:03
5Randall Aguilar (CRc) Taller RJ Paraiso0:03:50
6Pablo Sanchez (CRc) Seven Capital0:04:05
7Mario Araya (CRc) Grupo Orosi-Trek0:08:29
8Marcos Azofeifa (CRc) Liote-Bicicletas Focus0:11:00
9Christopher Case (USA) VeloNews0:12:26
10Lucas Yacovino (Spa) Yaco Bikes/Bicicosta0:13:42
11Erick Barboza (CRc) Enertel0:14:08
12Victor Araya (CRc) Xerox-Roes-Fluid0:21:17
13Esteban Pacheco (CRc) ITG0:24:08
14Jose Blandon (CRc)0:27:43
15Bryan Obando (CRc) Farmacia La Economica0:30:41
16William Valverde (CRc) Navarro y Aviles First Endurance0:31:31
17Roy Rojas (CRc) AM-PM Credomatic0:33:01
18Rodrigo Herrera (CRc) Seven Capital0:33:02
19Allan Padilla (CRc) 7C-Gallo0:33:13
20Luis Garcia (CRc) Costas y Monta?as0:34:59
21Paulo Arce (CRc) Ciclo Brenes0:37:54
22Adrian Solis (CRc) Clinica Dr. Solis0:45:50
23Andres Gamboa (CRc)0:46:02
24Marco Moreno (CRc) Ciclo Moreno-Bikenology0:47:04
25Mauricio Salas (CRc) Autos Salas0:49:35
26Eduardo Saenz (CRc) Grupo Oncologico Hope0:50:06
27Edgar Zumbado (CRc) Coreco0:51:29
28Bruno Negri (Ita)0:54:39
29Johann Ramberg (Per)0:54:44
30Minor Castro (CRc)0:55:07
31Juan Piedra (CRc) Pozuelo DCR SA0:55:12
32Juan Contreras (CRc) Independiente0:57:13
33Pablo Castrillo (CRc) Xerox-Roes0:58:44
34Wagner Salazar (CRc)0:59:37
35Carlos Azofeifa (CRc) Farmacia La Economica1:10:14
36Christian Palomo (CRc) BMG-Too Late1:11:54
37Asdrubal Salazar (CRc) Alografico y Salazar1:11:55
38Alejandro Lopez (CRc) Alografico Cycling Team1:11:59
39Erick Ballestero (CRc) BMG-Alografico Salazar-2Late1:12:03
40Irving Matthews (CRc)1:15:18
41Miguel Hernandez (CRc)1:16:45
42Jose Lopez (CRc) Cane Creek - Fluid1:19:01
43Alfonso Quesada (CRc) Fluid-Cane CreekRow 42 - Cell 2
44Omar Roman (CRc) Sin Derecho a Rendirse1:20:10
45Daniel Casta?O (CRc)1:20:58
46Javier Vega (CRc) Universal de Alimentos/Piratas MTB1:21:25
47Jonathan Sanchez (CRc)1:23:47
48Andres Bruna (CRc) Hypoxic1:24:06
49Juan Isaza (Col) Sportlab1:28:01
50Mauricio Odio (CRc) SmartLiving-Garnier1:34:01
51Carlos Ledezma (CRc) Ciclismo Piratas MTB1:34:37
52Ariel Amaral (Bra)1:37:07
53Geovanni Bernini (CRc) Ciclo Aro Nicoya1:37:23
54Alejandro Lopez (CRc) Mi Empleo-Adobe Rent a Car- Dr Frank1:38:56
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Men 40-49 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gerald Pflug (USA) Team CF4:43:02
2Alfredo Peralta (CRc) AMPM0:02:14
3Fernando Salazar (CRc) AM-PM0:02:18
4Luis Hidalgo (CRc) Scotiabank-Ciclo Guilly0:04:17
5Joel Mischke (USA) Basalt Bike & Ski0:15:14
6Harold Alfaro (CRc) Cosecha Dorada0:21:37
7Willy Quiros (CRc) Casa de Empe?o Puriscal0:26:59
8Marco Sol?S (CRc)0:33:57
9Federico Gonzalez (CRc)0:34:04
10Alvaro Lang (CRc) CRN20:35:05
11Federico Amador (CRc) AMPM0:35:13
12Ronald Obando (CRc)0:37:30
13Roy Soto (CRc)0:42:17
14Erick Mu?Oz (CRc) PZ0:47:05
15Carlos Calvo (CRc) Sin Derecho a Rendirse0:47:56
16Carlos Cespedes (CRc) Gordos en Cleta0:49:02
17Diego Bernini (CRc)0:51:31
18Juan Mondragon (Col) Sportlab0:54:07
19Arnaldo Brenes (CRc) Grupo Orosi0:59:23
20Carlos Cabezas (CRc)0:59:28
21Juan Villegas (Col) Sportlab1:01:02
22Modesto Jimenez (CRc) Carbuncos-Guapiles1:02:33
23Ronald Calvo (CRc) Costas y Monta?as1:06:37
24Francisco Aljure (Col) Sportlab1:12:58
25Roy Padilla (CRc) AM-PM/Nitidos/Credomatic1:15:03
26Juan Velasco (Col) Sportlab1:15:44
27Jimmy Gomez (Col) Sportlab1:15:45
28Federico Escalante (CRc)1:19:40
29Mateo Martinez (Mex) Tequila Bike Jalisco1:21:34
30Elemer Hidalgo (CRc) Enertel-CIE1:22:51
31Gonzalo Cascante (CRc)1:26:15
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Men 50+ stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Luhn (USA) Gopher Gulch Cyclery5:17:24
2Manuel Avila (CRc) Avimil0:03:36
3Enrico Moreno (CRc) Asociacion de Sobrevivientes del Cancer Int0:04:32
4Wilberth Quesada (CRc) Ciclo Keka-Carniceria EL Sur0:20:37
5Anthony D'amico (USA)0:35:25
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Unlicensed stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Diane Johnson (USA)4:34:34
2Andrew Mock (Aus) Enduro Magazine Australia0:02:25
3Juan Calderon (CRc) Scott-Shimano0:03:57
4Elias Van-Hoeydonk (Bel) Coreco0:04:19
5Luis Sojo (CRc) Aerodiva0:04:25
6Travis Donn (USA)0:06:50
7Pablo Leiva (CRc) Aerodiva0:10:08
8Alec Petro (USA)0:17:12
9Carl Reilly (USA)0:20:47
10Ilya Cantor (USA)0:20:48
11James Meyer (USA)0:26:30
12Jason Molina (CRc) Ciclo Corea Bike Santa Cruz0:27:28
13Keylor Quiros (CRc) Atun Bikes0:28:55
14Renato Uma?A (CRc)0:31:28
15Tom Smets (Bel) O2 Bikers-Green Force0:32:30
16Wayne Morris (USA)0:35:04
17Mark Stephany (USA)0:37:29
18Harry Johnson (USA) Team Rockford/Clif0:40:03
19Mauricio Martinez (CRc)0:40:47
20Jose Martinez (CRc) ITG Group-MTB Puntarenas0:41:17
21Nat Grew (CRc)0:42:08
22Hugo Gonzalez (Mex) Farmacia Paris0:43:07
23Victor Rodriguez (CRc)0:43:40
24Daniel Grew (CRc) Coreco0:47:28
25Robert Campbell (USA)0:48:01
26Brad Marshall (USA) B&L Bike and Sport0:49:27
27Cesar Arias (CRc) Aerodiva0:50:27
28Juan Casalvolone (CRc) Scott-Shimano0:50:29
29Tab Tollett (USA) Moots0:50:30
30Julian Buelvas (Col)0:50:34
31Andres Bonelli (Uru)Row 30 - Cell 2
32Andrew Bennett (USA)0:50:43
33Jostein Alvestad (USA) Lucky Brake0:51:16
34Alexander Arias (CRc) Aerodiva0:51:34
35Juan Vargas (CRc) Team Vargas Racing0:53:01
36Juan Almeida (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-Laeuropea0:54:02
37Fernando Barros (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-LaeuropeaRow 36 - Cell 2
38Henry Jimenez (CRc)0:54:47
39Michael Borrero (CRc) At?n Bikes0:54:57
40Charles Madison (CRc) Coreco0:57:50
41Gabriel Baeza (Uru) Ethos0:58:06
42Luis Pena (Mex)1:01:12
43Chris Carmichael (USA)1:01:44
44Ricardo Piedra (CRc) Ciclo Villalobos1:03:29
45Rick Schopp (USA)1:06:39
46Fred Winney (USA)1:06:40
47Mario Zaghloul (CRc) Lubnan1:06:45
48Luis Conejo (CRc)1:07:04
49Alejandro Arias (CRc)1:08:55
50Victor Arguello (CRc)1:09:13
51Fredrik Strang (Swe) Crescent1:11:21
52Luis Nu?Ez (CRc)1:12:36
53Marianela Quesada (CRc)1:12:39
54Roberto Quesada (CRc)1:14:55
55Pablo Mora (CRc)1:16:45
56Sergio Aldegheri (Arg)1:17:02
57Henry Ag?Ero (CRc) Coreco1:17:06
58Mauricio Monge (CRc) Coreco-Acoci1:17:07
59Juan Sanchez (CRc) At?n Bikes1:17:10
60Anthony Fonseca (CRc) Constructora Navarro y Aviles-Lunaca S.A.1:17:20
61Dana Lamastra (CRc)1:17:22
62Jim Zimmerman (USA) JLvelo Ambassadors1:17:40
63Geiner Garita (CRc)1:20:47
64Pablo Pessoa (CRc) Jeep Team1:21:09
65Federico Hazera (CRc) Duros como Roca1:21:22
66Marco Chacon (CRc) Herramientas Medicas1:21:23
67Federico Delgado (CRc) Coca Cola1:21:27
68Marco Mendez (CRc)1:22:09
69Pablo Gonzalez (CRc)1:22:30
70Michiel Dronkers (CRc) CRN21:22:36
71William Muecke (USA)1:22:40
72Marco Amador (CRc)1:22:41
73Guy Jennings (RSA) CoreCoRow 72 - Cell 2
74Ken Krebs (USA) Intent1:23:31
75Alexander Hernandez (CRc) At?n Bikes1:23:34
76Ben Swenka (USA) Sho-Air Minnesota1:23:41
77Alexander Villegas (CRc)1:24:17
78Michael Talbert (USA)1:24:28
79Christopher Esquivel (CRc) Soling-Canicas Ciclismo1:25:33
80Eunice Rojas (CRc)1:26:35
81Sergio Paez (Col) Synergy Colombia1:28:20
82Javier Conejo (CRc) Automercado1:30:09
83Inti Segura (CRc)1:30:16
84Wilberth Martinez (CRc) Ciclo Aro Nicoya1:33:08
85Ligia Madrigal (CRc) Bosi1:33:44
86Ricardo Rovillon (CRc)1:34:51
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Elite men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marconi Duran (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy12:19:04
2Alex Grant (USA) ShoAir-Cannondale0:11:31
3Paolo Montoya (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos-Focus0:17:40
4Todd Wells (USA) Cannondale0:42:53
5Federico Ramirez (CRc) Grupo Orosi-Trek0:51:28
6Jonathan Carballo (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy0:53:32
7Erick Soto (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut0:55:34
8Moises Hernandez (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly1:01:58
9Jose Montoya (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly1:04:49
10Andrey Fonseca (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut1:25:49
11Alexander Sanchez (CRc) Specialized1:38:00
12Jeffrey Herrera (CRc) Puro MTB-Niner Bikes1:45:17
13Dennis Porras (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy1:55:23
14Miguel Gutierrez (Mex) Farmacia Paris2:07:42
15Hector Riveros (Col) Constructora ARPO2:13:14
16Dax Jaikel (CRc) Seven Capital2:15:17
17Ronald Araya (CRc) Positivos2:37:14
18Esteban Rodriguez (CRc)3:27:00
19Trevor Deruis (USA) Bloody Rose MTB Hillclimb3:34:14
20Yanan Briceno (CRc) Santa Cruz Bike3:47:52
21Maikol Artavia (CRc)4:28:47
22Jean Moraga (CRc) Mi Empleo-Adobe Rent a Car- Dr Frank5:08:23
23Kenneth Sanabria (CRc) Navarro y Aviles5:28:14
24Gustavo Orellana (Per) Ciclismo El Valle6:25:08
25Cristian Barquero (CRc) Palmares6:34:58
26Douglas Dijeres (CRc)6:48:59
27Luis Marin (CRc) Arpo-Bikenology-Araya7:26:55
28Alvaro Maya (Col) Sportlab8:17:04
29Leonardo Rutt (CRc) Coreco8:30:51
30Daniel Camacho (CRc)8:52:11
31Gaston Michaud (CRc)8:58:51
32Ibrahin Iturriaga (CRc) Banco Lafise-Toyota Rent A Car-Oakley-Optica Ver +9:02:25
33Roy Campos (CRc) Chito Cars9:39:43
34Gabriel Cespedes (CRc) Pollo Racing Team9:43:25
35Juan Hernandez (CRc)10:46:13
36Jose Iturriaga (CRc) LAFISE - TOYOTA RENT A CAR - OAKLEY10:56:29
37Antonio Bruna (CRc)13:00:56
38Marco Amador (CRc)14:25:49
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Elite women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pua Mata (USA)14:48:53
2Adriana Rojas (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly1:22:39
3Cheryl Sornson (USA) Team CF1:47:04
4Milagro Mena (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly2:20:09
5Jane Rynbrandt (USA) CTS Team2:46:10
6Cristine De-Mezerville (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos-Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly3:27:12
7Natalia Navarro (CRc) Liote-Bicicletas Focus3:28:02
8Nancy Amores (CRc) Ciclo Corea Bike Santa Cruz3:59:08
9Sof?A Howell (CRc) Laboratorio Prostodent4:47:35
10Cinthya Coto (CRc) Fox CR4:49:01
11Eunice Rojas (CRc)5:02:44
12Silvia Cespedes (CRc)6:01:55
13Sigrid Miller (CRc) Avimil6:03:38
14Claribett Vega (CRc) Land Rover6:22:05
15Ariadna Gutierrez (Mex) Farmacia Paris6:22:07
16Ivannia Fonseca (CRc) Aerodiva7:25:06
17Cristina Camacho (CRc) At?n Bikes8:18:42
18Rocio Monge (CRc)8:24:55
19Silvia Sabor?O (CRc) Bikenology8:30:18
20Angelica Ordo?Ez (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-Laeuropea8:36:26
21Katherine Jaramillo (Col)13:03:21
22Milcka Lopez (CRc)13:08:04
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Men 30-39 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Manuel Prado (CRc) ShoAir-Cannondale-IGeniusCR.com13:54:05
2Galo Tamayo (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-Laeuropea0:27:00
3Santos Corea (CRc) Ciclo Corea Bike Santa Cruz0:30:55
4Pablo Sanchez (CRc) Seven Capital0:40:23
5Marcos Azofeifa (CRc) Liote-Bicicletas Focus0:47:13
6Randall Aguilar (CRc) Taller RJ Paraiso0:48:15
7Luis Chaverri (CRc) AMPM-Credomatic0:50:48
8Mario Araya (CRc) Grupo Orosi-Trek1:15:02
9William Valverde (CRc) Navarro y Aviles First Endurance1:29:36
10Victor Araya (CRc) Xerox-Roes-Fluid2:09:08
11Christopher Case (USA) VeloNews2:23:32
12Rodrigo Herrera (CRc) Seven Capital2:49:19
13Lucas Yacovino (Spa) Yaco Bikes/Bicicosta2:52:35
14Erick Barboza (CRc) Enertel3:02:57
15Edgar Zumbado (CRc) Coreco3:05:23
16Allan Padilla (CRc) 7C-Gallo3:09:39
17Bryan Obando (CRc) Farmacia La Economica3:13:22
18Esteban Pacheco (CRc) ITG3:14:31
19Roy Rojas (CRc) AM-PM Credomatic3:33:46
20Adrian Solis (CRc) Clinica Dr. Solis3:36:13
21Andres Gamboa (CRc)3:39:11
22Marco Moreno (CRc) Ciclo Moreno-Bikenology3:47:58
23Luis Garcia (CRc) Costas y Monta?as3:55:39
24Paulo Arce (CRc) Ciclo Brenes4:01:30
25Mauricio Salas (CRc) Autos Salas4:06:23
26Pablo Castrillo (CRc) Xerox-Roes4:06:57
27Jose Blandon (CRc)4:16:58
28Juan Piedra (CRc) Pozuelo DCR SA4:30:52
29Minor Castro (CRc)4:34:12
30Asdrubal Salazar (CRc) Alografico y Salazar4:38:07
31Eduardo Saenz (CRc) Grupo Oncologico Hope4:38:30
32Juan Contreras (CRc) Independiente4:39:59
33Erick Ballestero (CRc) BMG-Alografico Salazar-2Late4:42:25
34Wagner Salazar (CRc)4:44:16
35Christian Palomo (CRc) BMG-Too Late4:50:16
36Jose Lopez (CRc) Cane Creek - Fluid4:56:59
37Javier Vega (CRc) Universal de Alimentos/Piratas MTB5:00:15
38Andres Bruna (CRc) Hypoxic5:25:28
39Irving Matthews (CRc)5:27:23
40Johann Ramberg (Per)5:44:56
41Alejandro Lopez (CRc) Alografico Cycling Team5:46:22
42Pablo Mora (CRc)6:05:06
43Philippe Garnier (CRc) Sram-Asics-Garnier6:05:37
44Daniel Casta?O (CRc)6:29:14
45Alfonso Quesada (CRc) Fluid-Cane Creek6:37:40
46Carlos Azofeifa (CRc) Farmacia La Economica6:42:44
47Mauricio Odio (CRc) SmartLiving-Garnier7:04:41
48Bruno Negri (Ita)7:09:20
49Jonathan Sanchez (CRc)7:14:07
50Miguel Hernandez (CRc)7:16:59
51Jurgen Chinchilla (CRc)7:22:55
52Carlos Ascencio (CRc)7:25:24
53Omar Roman (CRc) Sin Derecho a Rendirse7:33:36
54Juan Soto (CRc) Tropics Adventure Wear-Sagel7:52:14
55Cristian Lara (CRc)7:56:34
56Alejandro Lopez (CRc) Mi Empleo-Adobe Rent a Car- Dr Frank8:01:14
57Carlos Ledezma (CRc) Ciclismo Piratas MTB8:09:25
58Ariel Amaral (Bra)8:15:09
59Luis Chavarria (CRc)8:20:55
60Juan Isaza (Col) Sportlab8:30:58
61Geovanni Bernini (CRc) Ciclo Aro Nicoya8:37:25
62Mauricio Barrientos (Sal)8:41:54
63Mario Merino (CRc) Coreco8:57:28
64Ruud Van HOL Go Fast !9:06:14
65Jose Azofeifa (CRc) Lafise-Toyota Rent a Car-Oakley9:15:29
66Alejandro Cruz (CRc)9:23:13
67Jose Jimenez (CRc) Demasa9:31:06
68Jonathan Vega (CRc)9:36:08
69Esteban Herrero (CRc)9:46:26
70Juan Valerin (CRc)10:01:02
71Simon Oramas (CRc)10:21:12
72Gerardo Cambronero (CRc)10:41:39
73Carlos Chacon (CRc)11:05:55
74Gerardo Campos (CRc)11:50:18
75Yunier Campos (CRc)11:50:20
76Vincent Climent (Col)13:58:09
77Adolfo Fuentes (CRc)15:32:32
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Men 40-49 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alfredo Peralta (CRc) AMPM15:01:59
2Luis Hidalgo (CRc) Scotiabank-Ciclo Guilly0:29:14
3Gerald Pflug (USA) Team CF0:30:08
4Fernando Salazar (CRc) AM-PM1:05:38
5Joel Mischke (USA) Basalt Bike & Ski1:09:33
6Willy Quiros (CRc) Casa de Empe?o Puriscal2:06:29
7Harold Alfaro (CRc) Cosecha Dorada2:20:01
8Carlos Elizondo (CRc) Colegio de Topografos Tarraz?2:27:59
9Alvaro Lang (CRc) CRN22:49:48
10Federico Gonzalez (CRc)2:54:01
11Federico Amador (CRc) AMPM3:04:42
12Marco Sol?S (CRc)3:17:29
13Ronald Obando (CRc)3:29:45
14Carlos Cabezas (CRc)3:52:44
15Luis Jimenez (CRc) AMPM-Credomatic-Nitidos4:03:39
16Juan Mondragon (Col) Sportlab4:08:08
17Diego Bernini (CRc)4:26:31
18Bethold Schwarz (Ger)4:36:31
19Erick Mu?Oz (CRc) PZ4:49:58
20Roy Soto (CRc)4:54:31
21Arnaldo Brenes (CRc) Grupo Orosi5:05:27
22Juan Esquivel (CRc)5:31:53
23Juan Velasco (Col) Sportlab5:33:36
24Juan Villegas (Col) Sportlab5:38:21
25Francisco Aljure (Col) Sportlab5:38:22
26Roy Padilla (CRc) AM-PM/Nitidos/Credomatic6:03:09
27Ronald Calvo (CRc) Costas y Monta?as6:16:25
28Scott Rake (CRc)6:18:23
29Jimmy Gomez (Col) Sportlab6:18:24
30Carlos Cespedes (CRc) Gordos en Cleta6:21:43
31Carlos Calvo (CRc) Sin Derecho a Rendirse6:26:29
32Mateo Martinez (Mex) Tequila Bike Jalisco6:43:05
33Carlos Quiros (CRc) CDU Maquinaria6:44:26
34Modesto Jimenez (CRc) Carbuncos-Guapiles6:48:21
35Marco Cerdas (CRc)8:06:10
36Gonzalo Cascante (CRc)8:09:56
37Carlos Chaves (CRc)8:25:09
38Christian Jimenez (CRc) Team Coreco8:28:57
39Erick Richmond (CRc)8:54:03
40Federico Escalante (CRc)8:57:13
41Claudio Ortiz (Per)8:57:36
42Luis Mora (CRc)9:24:59
43Luis Villegas (CRc)11:00:19
44Robert Reed (USA)11:15:04
45Reyner Alpizar (CRc)11:41:25
46Diego Cabal (Col)11:56:39
47Jorge Bernal (Col)12:25:41
48Eduardo Barth (CRc)13:35:00
49Juan Mejia (Col)15:27:32
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Men 50+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Manuel Avila (CRc) Avimil18:18:48
2Matt Luhn (USA) Gopher Gulch Cyclery0:21:58
3Enrico Moreno (CRc) Asociacion de Sobrevivientes del Cancer Int0:44:09
4Wilberth Quesada (CRc) Ciclo Keka-Carniceria EL Sur1:23:07
5Anthony D'amico (USA)2:28:58
6Jorge Espinoza (CRc)3:29:43
7Miguel Bruna (CRc) LAFISE - TOYOTA RENT A CAR - OAKLEY4:03:08
8Oscar Camacho (CRc) Demasa5:23:17
9Gerardo Trujillo (CRc)5:55:55
10Octavio Real (USA)6:01:39
11Norman Hullinger (USA)6:26:09
12Gabriel Montoya (CRc)6:33:20
13William Mora (CRc)7:51:10
14Karl Ullloa (CRc)9:08:58
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Unlicensed men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luis Sojo (CRc) Aerodiva15:05:39
2Andrew Mock (Aus) Enduro Magazine Australia0:12:43
3Elias Van-Hoeydonk (Bel) Coreco0:40:05
4Pablo Leiva (CRc) Aerodiva1:00:28
5James Meyer (USA)1:02:26
6Carl Reilly (USA)1:10:07
7Keylor Quiros (CRc) Atun Bikes1:18:29
8Travis Donn (USA)1:49:09
9Jason Molina (CRc) Ciclo Corea Bike Santa Cruz2:17:11
10Juan Almeida (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-Laeuropea2:19:51
11Renato Uma?A (CRc)2:27:17
12Ilya Cantor (USA)2:38:54
13Harry Johnson (USA) Team Rockford/Clif2:41:58
14Wayne Morris (USA)2:47:06
15Mark Stephany (USA)2:53:06
16Andrew Bennett (USA)2:58:37
17Tom Smets (Bel) O2 Bikers-Green Force3:00:06
18Brad Marshall (USA) B&L Bike and Sport3:02:09
19Jose Martinez (CRc) ITG Group-MTB Puntarenas3:31:51
20Jim Zimmerman (USA) JLvelo Ambassadors3:32:39
21Victor Rodriguez (CRc)3:34:22
22Bruce Guftanson (USA) Ride 2 Recovery3:35:22
23Jostein Alvestad (USA) Lucky Brake3:37:39
24Alexander Hernandez (CRc) At?n Bikes3:41:40
25Henry Jimenez (CRc)3:46:23
26Fernando Barros (Ecu) Continental-Cikla-Laeuropea3:47:59
27Anthony Fonseca (CRc) Constructora Navarro y Aviles-Lunaca S.A.3:48:15
28Marco Amador (CRc)3:48:25
29Juan Sanchez (CRc) At?n Bikes3:49:22
30Mauricio Martinez (CRc)3:50:34
31Juan Calderon (CRc) Scott-Shimano4:00:29
32William Muecke (USA)4:04:32
33Robert Campbell (USA)4:06:51
34Juan Vargas (CRc) Team Vargas Racing4:07:31
35Hugo Gonzalez (Mex) Farmacia Paris4:07:43
36Juan Casalvolone (CRc) Scott-Shimano4:10:59
37Alejandro Arias (CRc)4:22:59
38Fredrik Strang (Swe) Crescent4:33:58
39Michael Borrero (CRc) At?n Bikes4:38:29
40Luis Conejo (CRc)4:39:12
41Geiner Garita (CRc)4:41:23
42Julian Buelvas (Col)4:41:28
43Alexander Arias (CRc) Aerodiva4:43:48
44Ken Krebs (USA) Intent4:45:50
45Sergio Paez (Col) Synergy Colombia4:49:24
46Cesar Arias (CRc) Aerodiva4:52:44
47Ricardo Piedra (CRc) Ciclo Villalobos4:56:12
48Andres Bonelli (Uru)4:59:03
49Nat Grew (CRc)5:01:08
50Jose Garcia (Mex) Farmacia Paris5:09:16
51Mario Zaghloul (CRc) Lubnan5:10:24
52Luis Pena (Mex)5:14:03
53Pablo Gonzalez (CRc)5:15:31
54Tab Tollett (USA) Moots5:18:46
55Cesar Oconotrillo (CRc) Dreamscape CR Real State services5:19:58
56Federico Hazera (CRc) Duros como Roca5:21:49
57Ricardo Rovillon (CRc)5:31:19
58Dirk Shaw (USA)5:32:18
59Gabriel Baeza (Uru) Ethos5:35:08
60Francisco Saborio (CRc) Bomberos5:37:37
61Dauber Sibaja (CRc) Kidesis5:40:00
62Henry Ag?Ero (CRc) Coreco5:52:31
63Mike Tobin (USA) Ride 2 Recovery5:53:22
64Pablo Pessoa (CRc) Jeep Team5:54:07
65Javier Mendez (CRc)5:56:53
66Daniel Grew (CRc) Coreco5:58:37
67Michiel Dronkers (CRc) CRN26:00:18
68Johnny Nu?Ez (CRc)6:02:02
69Rick Schopp (USA)6:02:12
70Michael Talbert (USA)6:07:22
71Chris Carmichael (USA)6:08:56
72Douglas Sanchez (CRc) Chilillo Rancing6:09:36