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Kaitlin Keough wins KMC Cross Fest C1

Kaitlin Keough (Cylance Pro Cycling) in the lead position

Kaitlin Keough (Cylance Pro Cycling) in the lead position (Image credit: Tim de Waele/

The women began the Pro CX C1 race in a large group of 11 riders, with Canadian Maghalie Rochette (Clif Pro Team) driving the pace. The group would eventually splinter down to a group of five comprised of Keough, Emma White (Cannondale/, Christel Ferrier Bruneau (SAS Macogep Aquisio), Crystal Anthony (Maxxis Shimano Pro Cyclocross), and Rebecca Fahringer (Stan's Notubes p/b Maxxis/GoFahr).

Rochette would attack Keough and White until the final turns taking it into a track sprint but Keough would overtake her in the final meters.

"It's a hard course," said Keough, making the win her second C1 victory this year, the first coming at Jingle Cross in Iowa City, Iowa. There was nothing that was really splitting it up. That last lap Maghalie and I were pretty much sprinting the entire lap. I think I went the first half and she went the last half. She's really strong over the technical sections."

Rochette pushed the pace for most of the six-lap race. "It was pretty painful. On the last lap Katie went in front of me. I knew it wasn't windy, so I thought I would lead out the sprint. And in the final corner, I said 'I gotta go now'. I just sprinted and she nipped me at the end. That's OK. It was a really good race," the Canadian National Champion added.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaitlin Keough (USA)0:44:43
2Maghalie Rochette (Can)0:00:01
3Emma White (USA)0:00:06
4Christel Ferrier Bruneau (Can)0:00:07
5Crystal Anthony (USA)0:00:08
6Rebecca Fahringer (USA)0:00:12
7Ellen Noble (USA)0:00:39
8Katie Clouse (USA)0:01:10
9Arley Kemmerer (USA)0:01:11
10Laurel Rathbun (USA)0:01:15
11Allison Arensman (USA)0:01:24
12Regina Legge (USA)0:01:52
13Ruby West (Can)0:01:56
14Jennifer Malik (USA)0:01:58
15Natalie Tapias (USA)0:02:30
16Rachel Rubino (USA)0:02:31
17Christa Ghent (USA)0:02:57
18Taylor Kuyk-White (USA)
19Erin Faccone (USA)0:03:32
20Brittlee Bowman (USA)0:03:39
21Rebecca Gross (USA)
22Julie Wright (USA)0:04:31
23Leslie Lupien (USA)0:04:41
24Erica Leonard (Can)0:04:57
25Sophie Russenberger (USA)0:04:58
26Dana Gilligan (Can)0:04:59
27Katie Carlson (USA)0:06:20
28Philicia Marion (USA)0:06:22
29Alex Carlson (USA)0:07:16
30Turner Ramsay (USA)
31Paige Williams (USA)
DNFCaroline Mani (Fra)
DNFFiona Morris (Aus)
DNSKatherine Compton (USA)
DNSMeghan Owens (USA)
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