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Lauren Hall wins Grand Prix Cycliste de Gatineau

UnitedHealthcare's Lauren Hall leads the bunch during stage 2 at Tour of the Gila.

UnitedHealthcare's Lauren Hall leads the bunch during stage 2 at Tour of the Gila. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich/


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Hall (USA) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team2:43:04
2Alison Jackson (Can) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank
3Sara Bergen (Can) Rally Cycling
4Ingrid Drexel Clouthier (Mex) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00:02
5Kelly Catlin (USA) Rally Cycling
6Marie Soleil Blais (Can) Canada
7Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Canada0:00:04
8Lauretta Hanson (Aus) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team
9Annie Foreman-Mackey (Can)
10Rushlee Buchanan (NZl) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team0:00:11
11Frederique Larose Gingras (Can)
12Leah Thomas (USA) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team0:00:19
13Elizabeth Banks (GBr) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team
14Kendall Ryan (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:01:15
15Janelle Cole (USA)
16Katherine Maine (Can) Rally Cycling
17Callie Swan (Can)
18Kaitlyn Rauwerda (Can) Canada
19Catherine Ouellette (Can)
20Miriam Brouwer (Can)0:01:18
21Kinley Gibson (Can)
22Jennifer George (GBr)
23Alice Cobb (GBr) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank
24Emily Newsom (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank
25Gillian Ellsay (Can) Rally Cycling0:01:28
26Holly Simonson (Can)
27Haley Gill (Can)
28Luce Bourbeau (Can)
29Olivia Baril (Can)
30Stefanie Sydlik (USA)0:01:32
31Veronique Bilodeau (Can)
32Michele Schaeffer (USA)0:01:35
33Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally Cycling
34Ariane Bonhomme (Can)0:01:41
35Emily Marcolini (Can) Canada0:02:52
36Elizabeth Stannard (NZl)
37Shannon Malseed (Aus) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:08:17
38Helena Coney (Can)0:11:06
39Masha Schneider (USA)
40Andreanne Murdaca (Can)
41Josephine Peloquin (Can)
42Kristen Kit (Can)
43Florence Cox (GBr)
44Emily Flynn (Can)
45Philippa Sutton (NZl)
46Kate Smith (NZl)
47Valina Sintal (Can)
48Béatrice Le Sauteur (Can)
49Anna Talmann (Can)
50Isabella Bertold (Can)
51Charlotte Tousignant (Can)
52Nicole Lentini (Can)
53Ellie Park (GBr)
54Irena Ossola (USA)
55Elise Piedalue (Can)
56Andrea Elliott (Can)
57Elisabeth Albert (Can)
58Dafne Theroux Izquierdo (Can)
59Jill Messier (Can)
60Sara Youmans (USA)
61Sophie Bernard (Can)
62Emma Edwards (USA)
63Dana Gilligan (Can)0:11:15
64Catherine Culkin (USA)0:11:17
65Beth Ann Orton (USA)0:11:26
OTLErin J Attwell (Can)
OTLJoyce Spruyt (Can)
OTLAbbey Mcgill (Can)
OTLMarie France Tessier (Can)
OTLAnna Gabrielle Traxler (Can) Canada
OTLAllyson Gillard (Can)
OTLErica Leonard (Can)
OTLAli Van Yzendoorn (Can)
OTLLindsay Sferrazza (Can)
DNFKate Heckman (Can)
DNFMolly Mccracken (Can)
DNFAdriane Provost (Can)
DNFAnn Pascale Ouellet (Can)

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