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Cantwell lands Fly V an Australian win

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Genesys Wealth Advisers celebrates its teams classification victory with overall winner Ben Grenda in the white jersey.

Genesys Wealth Advisers celebrates its teams classification victory with overall winner Ben Grenda in the white jersey. (Image credit:
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Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia) continued his form from his season in the US back on home soil.

Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia) continued his form from his season in the US back on home soil. (Image credit:

Tasmania’s Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers Cycling) has become the 2010 champion of the Goulburn-Citi Cycle Classic, which finished in the main street of Camden as part of Cycling Australia’s National Road Series. While the overall honours went to Grenda it was Fly V Australia’s Jonathan Cantwell who claimed the 170 kilometre road race from Goulburn to Camden on Sunday.

The victory was both Cantwell’s and Fly V Australia’s biggest on home soil this year, after both team and rider spent the year focused on the USA Cycling National Racing Calendar.

Australia’s top cyclists left Goulburn this morning under perfect racing conditions for the 170km journey up the Hume Hwy finishing in Camden’s CBD as part of the events expansion into a two day race.

After an early but unsuccessful attack 11 riders escaped from the 150-strong field after 14km, with the time gap steadily growing to what seemed an irretrievable 5:40 minutes. Eventual team’s classification winners Genesys Wealth Advisers were fortunate to have two members of its team in the breakaway group, which was caught following the first Razorback climb after Picton, allowing the race to come back together before the final Old Razorback Road ascent.

“The race looked like it was over very early when 11 riders got away just out of Goulburn, we had no choice other than chase the leaders down,” said Cantwell. “We couldn’t afford to just let them get away.”

Old Razorback Road split the remaining lead group of 50 riders, which reformed on Macarthur Bridge with three kilometres remaining. A fast descent into Camden allowed the stage winner Cantwell to launch a final sprint to the finish line.

Grenda was declared the overall winner of the Goulburn to Citi Cycle Classic, which expanded to a two stage race for the first time this year. Second place went to Scott Law (Fly V Australia) and third to Rhys Pollock (Drapac Porsche).

“Everything went to plan with our two nominated riders in the early breakaway, we knew that Ben Grenda has been in good form and could do well over the two days,” said Genesys team manager Andrew Christie-Johnston.

The King of the Mountain category was won by Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans) with Alexander Malone (Bike Bug) winning the sprinters jersey.


Division 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)3:54:35
2Richard Lang (JAYCO SKINS)
3Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
4Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
5Blair Windsor (Team Budget Forklifts)
6Mitchell Pearson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
7Scott Law (Fly V Australia)
8Rhys Pollock (Drapac Porsche)
9Aaron Donnelly (JAYCO SKINS)
10Anthony Giacoppo (Plan B Racing Team)
11Reuben Donati (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)
12Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)
13James Mowatt (Fly V Australia)
14Philip Grenfell (Team Bike Bug)
15Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
16Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
17Chris Jory ( Cycling Team)
18Adam Phelan (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)
19Caleb Jones (Northern Sydney CC)
20Matthew Marshall ( Cycling Team)
21Joshua Taylor (Kooragang Open CC)
22Nathan Haas (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
23Daniel Alcock (Coffs Harbour CC)
24Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
25Andrew Roe (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
26Andrew Arundel (Canberra CC)
27Brendan Brooks ( Cycling Team)
28Ben Dyball (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
29Darren Rolfe (Fly V Australia)
30Lachlan Morton (Port Macquarie CC)
31Michael Fitzgerald (Plan B Racing Team)
32Alex Carver (JAYCO SKINS)
33Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)
34Alastair Loutit (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)
35Elliott Wells (Plan B Racing Team)
36Alexander Malone (Team Bike Bug)
37René Kolbach (Macarthur Collegians CC)
38Andrew Crawley (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)
39Angus Gale (Team Bike Bug)
40James Mcdulling (Lidcombe Auburn CC)
41Craig Hutton (Team Bike Bug)
42Sam Rutherford (Team Bike Bug)
43Luis Trueba (Macarthur Collegians CC)
44James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
45Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
46Scott Cronly-Dillon (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)
47Darcy Rosenlund (Team Budget Forklifts)
48Brodie Talbot (Search2Retain - My Team 2)
49Chris Beeck (Plan B Racing Team)
50John Cornish (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
51Geoff Straub (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)
52Luke Cridland ( Cycling Team)
53Brock Roberts (Northern Sydney CC)
54Matthew Werrell ( Cycling Team)
55Matthew Wood (Team Budget Forklifts)
56Charles Howlett (Search2Retain - My Team 2)
57Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)
58Benjamin Harvey (Bankstown Sports CC)
59Thomas Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
60Chris Pryor (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)
61Alexander Smyth (Search2Retain - My Team 2)
62Joel Strachan (Hawthorn Citizens YC)
63Brendan J Cole (Parramatta Racing Team)
64Chris Steffanoni (Search2Retain - My Team 2)
65Stephen Tree (Northern Sydney CC)
66David Treacy (Team Bike Bug)
67Antony Dimitrovski (Team Bike Bug)
68Mathew Augutis (Kooragang Open CC)
69Jackson Law (Fly V Australia)
70Kevin Hawes (Port Macquarie CC)
71Joshua Prete (Team Budget Forklifts)
72Rob Doyle (Plan B Racing Team)

Division 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christopher Williams (Northern Sydney CC)3:59:34
2Daniel Brickell (Sutherland Shire CC)
3Jared Triggs (Southern Cross CC)0:00:05
4David Mainwaring (Illawarra CC)0:00:19
5Ryan Robert Bailie (Illawarra CC)0:00:45
6Alex Wong (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:03:27
7Peter Mclean (Macarthur Collegians CC)0:03:45
8William Lind (Canberra CC)0:03:31
9Damian Mason (Nowra Velo Club)0:03:38
10Jack Beckinsale (Southern Cross CC)0:03:32
11Erin Rogers (Coffs Harbour CC)0:03:43
12Jamie Van Netten (Kooragang Open CC)0:03:55
13Nicholas D'ambrosio (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:03:54
14Bradley Robson (Plan B Racing Team)0:05:51
15Jake Magee (Parramatta Racing Team)0:05:46
16Chris Perini (Northern Sydney CC)0:06:03
17Barry Kenyon (Northern Sydney CC)0:06:56
18Robby Dalitz (Penrith CC)0:06:52
19Anthony Green (Parramatta Racing Team)0:07:05
20Jeremy Gilchrist (Goulburn CC)0:07:16
21Timothy Morris (Illawarra CC)0:07:04
22Jared Mills (Sutherland Shire CC)0:08:01
23Wade Carberry (Illawarra CC)0:09:11
24Lewis Garland (Hunter District CC)0:09:16
25Craig Paull (Illawarra CC)0:09:03
26Scott Harrison (Illawarra CC)0:09:22
27Joel Finucane (Canberra CC)0:09:05
28Geoffrey Wilson (Peloton Sports)0:09:10
29Timothy Cameron (Vikings CC ACT)0:09:17
30Gerard Donaldson (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:09:13
31Reece Edwards (Coffs Harbour CC)0:09:10
32Scott Hamilton (Illawarra CC)0:12:30
33Matthew Lucas (Randwick Botany CC)0:12:03
34Elliot Stevens (Central Coast CC)0:12:08
35Etienne Blumstein-Jones (Vikings CC ACT)0:12:31
36Geoff Goh (Northern Sydney CC)0:12:34
37James Quinton (Vikings CC ACT)0:13:48
38Owen Cooke (Northern Sydney CC)0:24:08
39Patrick Hayburn (Lifecycle CC)0:26:54
40Ethan Kimmince (Drapac Porsche)0:28:10
41Joshua Slattery (St Kilda CC)0:30:30
42Christopher Ludlam (Sutherland Shire CC)0:30:44
43Todd Greenland (Parramatta Racing Team)0:30:36
44Simon Hammond (Parramatta Racing Team)0:30:32
45David Hampton (Macarthur Collegians CC)0:31:06

Division 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisors)3:59:20
2Scott Law (Fly V Australia)0:00:01
3Rhys Pollock (Drapac Porsche)0:00:03
4Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisors)0:00:06
5Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:07
6Anthony Giacoppo (Plan B Racing Team)0:00:08
7Aaron Donnelly (JAYCO SKINS)0:00:10
8Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)
9Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)
10Nathan Haas (Genesys Wealth Advisors)
11Adam Phelan (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:12
12Mitchell Pearson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:13
13Lachlan Morton (Port Macquarie CC)
14Blair Windsor (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:15
15Joshua Taylor (Kooragang Open CC)0:00:16
16Richard Lang (JAYCO SKINS)
17Darren Rolfe (Fly V Australia)0:00:18
18Chris Jory ( Cycling Team)0:00:20
19Brendan Brooks ( Cycling Team)
20Philip Grenfell (Team Bike Bug)
21Andrew Roe (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:21
22Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:23
23Andrew Arundel (Canberra CC)
24Reuben Donati (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:24
25Daniel Alcock (Coffs Harbour CC)0:00:25
26Caleb Jones (Northern Sydney CC)0:00:29
27Matthew Marshall ( Cycling Team)0:00:30
28Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)0:00:31
29Ben Dyball (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:32
30Michael Fitzgerald (Plan B Racing Team)0:00:33
31Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisors)0:00:35
32Alastair Loutit (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:37
33James Mowatt (Fly V Australia)0:00:39
34Elliott Wells (Plan B Racing Team)0:00:46
35Alex Carver (JAYCO SKINS)0:00:51
36Alexander Malone (Team Bike Bug)0:03:30
37Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisors)0:03:34
38Brodie Talbot (Search2Retain - My Team 2)0:03:38
39John Cornish (Genesys Wealth Advisors)0:03:41
40Craig Hutton (Team Bike Bug)0:03:43
41René Kolbach (Macarthur Collegians CC)0:03:44
42Chris Beeck (Plan B Racing Team)
43Geoff Straub (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:46
44Luis Trueba (Macarthur Collegians CC)0:03:48
45James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:03:49
46Angus Gale (Team Bike Bug)0:03:50
47Darcy Rosenlund (Team Budget Forklifts)0:03:53
48Sam Rutherford (Team Bike Bug)
49Scott Cronly-Dillon (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:54
50Luke Cridland ( Cycling Team)0:04:01
51James Mcdulling (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:04:10
52Brock Roberts (Northern Sydney CC)0:04:19
53Andrew Crawley (Mcdonagh Blake-Witness)0:05:35
54Matthew Werrell ( Cycling Team)0:05:47
55Charles Howlett (Search2Retain - My Team 2)0:06:03
56Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)
57Benjamin Harvey (Bankstown Sports CC)
58Matthew Wood (Team Budget Forklifts)0:06:15
59Thomas Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisors)0:06:18
60Chris Pryor (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:07:00
61Alexander Smyth (Search2Retain - My Team 2)0:07:09
62Jackson Law (Fly V Australia)0:08:52
63Joel Strachan (Hawthorn Citizens YC)0:08:55
64Joshua Prete (Team Budget Forklifts)0:09:08
65Chris Steffanoni (Search2Retain - My Team 2)0:09:13
66Brendan J Cole (Parramatta Racing Team)
67Kevin Hawes (Port Macquarie CC)0:09:14
68David Treacy (Team Bike Bug)0:09:17
69Stephen Tree (Northern Sydney CC)0:09:18
70Mathew Augutis (Kooragang Open CC)
71Antony Dimitrovski (Team Bike Bug)0:09:26
72Rob Doyle (Plan B Racing Team)0:12:24

Division 2 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Brickell (Sutherland Shire CC)3:59:30
2Christopher Williams (Northern Sydney CC)0:00:04
3Jared Triggs (Southern Cross CC)0:00:09
4David Mainwaring (Illawarra CC)0:00:23
5Ryan Robert Bailie (Illawarra CC)0:00:49
6Alex Wong (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:03:31
7William Lind (Canberra CC)0:03:35
8Jack Beckinsale (Southern Cross CC)0:03:36
9Damian Mason (Nowra Velo Club)0:03:42
10Erin Rogers (Coffs Harbour CC)0:03:47
11Peter Mclean (Macarthur Collegians CC)0:03:49
12Nicholas D'ambrosio (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:03:58
13Jamie Van Netten (Kooragang Open CC)0:03:59
14Jake Magee (Parramatta Racing Team)0:05:50
15Bradley Robson (Plan B Racing Team)0:05:55
16Chris Perini (Northern Sydney CC)0:06:07
17Robby Dalitz (Penrith CC)0:06:56
18Barry Kenyon (Northern Sydney CC)0:07:00
19Timothy Morris (Illawarra CC)0:07:08
20Anthony Green (Parramatta Racing Team)0:07:09
21Jeremy Gilchrist (Goulburn CC)0:07:20
22Jared Mills (Sutherland Shire CC)0:08:05
23Craig Paull (Illawarra CC)0:09:07
24Joel Finucane (Canberra CC)0:09:09
25Geoffrey Wilson (Peloton Sports)0:09:14
26Reece Edwards (Coffs Harbour CC)
27Wade Carberry (Illawarra CC)0:09:15
28Gerard Donaldson (Lidcombe Auburn CC)0:09:17
29Lewis Garland (Hunter District CC)0:09:20
30Timothy Cameron (Vikings CC ACT)0:09:21
31Scott Harrison (Illawarra CC)0:09:26
32Matthew Lucas (Randwick Botany CC)0:12:07
33Elliot Stevens (Central Coast CC)0:12:12
34Scott Hamilton (Illawarra CC)0:12:34
35Etienne Blumstein-Jones (Vikings CC ACT)0:12:35
36Geoff Goh (Northern Sydney CC)0:12:38
37James Quinton (Vikings CC ACT)0:13:52
38Owen Cooke (Northern Sydney CC)0:24:12
39Patrick Hayburn (Lifecycle CC)0:26:58
40Ethan Kimmince (Drapac Porsche)0:28:14
41Joshua Slattery (St Kilda CC)0:30:34
42Simon Hammond (Parramatta Racing Team)0:30:36
43Todd Greenland (Parramatta Racing Team)0:30:40
44Christopher Ludlam (Sutherland Shire CC)0:30:48
45David Hampton (Macarthur Collegians CC)0:31:10


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