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Gateway Cup: Owen wins women's Tour de Francis Park

The women line up for the final Gateway Cup race

The women line up for the final Gateway Cup race (Image credit: Matt James)

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harriet Owen0:51:54
2Samantha Schneider (Iscorp Pro Cycling)
3Tina Pic (Colavita Racing)
4Rebecca Wiasak (Fearless Femme)
5Emma Bast (Levine Law Group Elite Cycling)
6Yussely Soto (Iscorp Cycling)
7Jennifer Caicedo (Sc Competitive Cyclist)
8Christina Gokey-Smith (Colavita|Bialetti Racing)
9Skylar Schneider (Boels Dolmans Cycling)
10Leigh Ann Ganzar (Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads)
11Shelby Reynolds (Fearless Femme)
12Rachel Canning (Levine Law Group P/B Huseby.Com)
13Rachel Langdon (Gray Goat - Bullseye Total Medi)
14Starla Teddergreen (Hagens Berman | Superm)
15Annika Teschke
16Tabitha Sherwood (Fearless Femme)
17Daphne Karagianis (The Meteor // Intelligentsia)
18Marta Morris (Stages Cycling)
19Jennifer Sharp (Stages Cycling)
20Briana Clark (Gray Goat - Bullseye Total Medi)
21Amy Mcclintock (Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea)
22Melanie Wong (Point S Nokian)
23Carolyn Defoore (Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads)
24Esther Meisels (Point S Nokian)
25Hannah Shell
26Anne Donley (Fearless Femme)
27Andrea Cyr (Team Velocause)
28Debbie Milne (Papa Johns Racing P/B Trek)
29Leigh Dukeman (Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea)
30Carrie Cash
31Leila Kasprzyk
32Madison Kelly (Papa Johns Racing P/B Trek)
33Jeannie Kuhajek (Psimet Whisper)
34Emily Spence (Gray Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total)
35Sommers Creed (L5Flyers Cycling Team)
36Maria Larkin (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)
37Samantha Goldenstein (Bicycle Heaven / Pva)
38Grace Chappell (Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads)
39Ashley Weaver
40Julie Kuliecza (Hagens Berman | Superm)
41Nina Wollaston
42Jennifer Wagner (Shama Cycles)
43Meredith Moran (Green Line Velo Driven By Zipca)
44Leigh Ann Fields (Pandemonium Cycling P/B Hodges)
45Vanessa Curtis (University Of Iowa Heart And Va)
46Britta Siegel
47Stacy Bragg (Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea)
48Jolene Holland (Colavita Bialetti)
49Jennifer Hale (Orion Racing P/B Borah Teamwear)
50Mia Cheeseman (Team Wheel & Sprocket)
51Kimberly Lucie
52Krystal Burnham (Orthocarolina Winston Women?S C)
53Katrine Waterman (Team Eps/M3 P/B Brielle Cyclery)
54Jennifer Schook (Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea)
55Victoria Kanizer (Cth Performance Project)
56Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
57Amanda Eid (Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads)
58Kimberly Pettit (Papa Johns Racing P/B Trek)
59Allison Schroeder (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)
60Kristen Arnold (The Meteor // Intelligentsia)
61Christin Grace (Orion Racing P/B Borah Teamwear)
62Nicole Pressprich (Point S Nokian)
63Nicole Mertz (The Meteor // Intelligentsia)
64Kathryn Goffin (Iowa City Cycling Club)
65Lauren Dodge
66Rachel Plessing (Alp Cycles Racing)
67Lindsay Goldman (Hagens Berman | Superm)
68Caroline Baur (Is Corp Pro Cycling)
69Emily Ehrlich (Papa Johns Racing P/B Trek)
70Brooke Hannon (Gary Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total)
71Elizabeth Harden (Papa Johns Racing P/B Trek)
72Jenette Williams (First Internet Bank Cycling Tea)
73Kyrstin Bluhm (Flamingo Racing Llc)
74Lauren Leclaire (Levine Law Group Elite Cycling)
75Francine Haas (Pact- Dish Network Cycling)
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