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Energiewacht Tour: Brennauer wins overall title

Lisa Brennauer (Velocio-SRAM) won the overall title at the Energiewacht Tour following the stage 4 finale on Sunday. She ended up taking the overall win by nine seconds ahead of her teammate Trixi Worrack and Christine Majerus (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team) in third.

Anna van der Breggen (Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team) won the finale after a solo move in Borkum. She crossed the finish line with over a minute ahead of runner-up Jolien D'hoore (Wiggle Honda) and Kirsten Wild (Hitec Products).

The final stage of the 2015 Energiewacht Tour, the first-ever women’s stage race to be broadcast live, broke new ground again by taking the peloton out of the Netherlands and across the water to the German island of Borkum.

The island may only be 33 square kilometres, and flat, but with the wind howling off the North Sea, the course was incredibly tough. The 13.5km circuit not only took in-sea-front roads, but also travelled through a nature reserve with no shelter at all for the peloton during the seven laps.

While the race had left the Netherlands behind, the Dutch-style tactics were in full force, with Rabo-Liv making the first move in the first five kilometre and splitting the peloton to pieces. Twenty riders made it to the front, but the number soon settled to ten, with Rabo represented by Roxanne Knetemann and two stage winners – Anna van der Breggen, who won the Prologue, and Stage 2B victor Lucinda Brand; for Velocio-SRAM, the Race leader Lisa Brennauer, Trixi Worrack, second in GC at one second behind her and Barbara Guarischi; Third placed GC rider Christine Majerus and Romy Kasper for Boels-Dolmans; and two of the top sprinters, Belgian Champion Jolien D’hoore (Wiggle Honda) and Stage 3 winner Kirsten Wild (Hitec Products).

By the time they entered lap 2, Guarischi had been dropped, while Majerus, only 10 seconds behind Brennauer on GC fought for the sprint bonifications but lost out to Brand. Starting lap 5 a minute ahead of the next chasing group of eight riders, the pace picked up, and Majerus was dropped, and then, after a number of attacks on the open field section, Van der Breggen attacked and got a gap.

With Van der Breggen sitting 2:46 behind Brennauer on GC, the two Velocio-SRAM riders didn’t need to chase, and while D’hoore pushed to try to catch her, the Rabo-Liv rider was away, riding the last 30km solo, winning by 1’07”. Attacks behind her, the remaining six riders came to the finish together, D’hoore winning the sprint for second ahead of Wild.

Lisa Brennauer’s fourth place meant the jersey was hers to keep, and with her team-mate Trixi Worrack’s second place on General Classification and the Team Time Trial win, it was a successful week for Velocio-SRAM, taking their first UCI-level win of 2015.

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team2:39:42
2Jolien D'hoore (Bel) Wiggle Honda0:01:07
3Kirsten Wild (Ned) Hitec Products
4Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Velocio - SRAM
5Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
6Trixi Worrack (Ger) Velocio - SRAM0:01:10
7Lucinda Brand (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:01:12
8Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:01:14
9Chantal Blaak (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:01:40
10Janneke Ensing (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team
11Natalie van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team
12Ellen van Dijk (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
13Floortje Mackaij (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur
14Anouska Koster (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team
15Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Velocio - SRAM
16Romy Kasper (Ger) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
17Julia Soek (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur0:01:44
18Annie Last (GBr) Team Great Britain0:09:34
19Anna Knauer (Ger) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team
20Emily Kay (GBr) Team Great Britain
21Emily Nelson (GBr) Team Great Britain
22Iris van der Stelt (Ned) Meteoor Assen-Roden / Breda
23Ilona Hoeksma (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team
24Winanda Spoor (Ned) Jan van Arckel
25Ivana Tiessens (Ned) WV de Kannibaal - Ronald McDonald
26Marjolein van t' Geloof (Ned) Jan van Arckel
27Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Jan van Arckel
28Lotte van Hoek (Ned) Feminine Cycling Team
29Chanella Stougje (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:10:06
30Corine van der Zijden (Ned) Feminine Cycling Team
31Megan Guarnier (USA) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:10:09
32Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica - Ais
33Annelies Dom (Bel) Team Belgium
34Gudrun Stock (Ger) Team Germany
35Nike Beckeringh (Ned) Jan van Arckel
36Alexandra Manly (Aus) Orica - Ais
37Lotte Kopecky (Bel) Team Belgium
38Marijn de Vries (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team
39Emilie Moberg (Nor) Hitec Products
40Mirjam Gysling (Swi) Team Switzerland
41Nicole Hanselmann (Swi) Team Switzerland
42Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Velocio - SRAM
43Kaat Hannes (Bel) Team Belgium
44Stéphanie Borchers (Ger) Feminine Cycling Team
45Carmen Small (USA) United States of America
46Andrea Dvorak (USA) United States of America
47Alena Amialiusik (Blr) Velocio - SRAM
48Alice Barnes (GBr) Team Great Britain
49Eileen Roe (GBr) Wiggle Honda
50Kyara Stijns (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur
51Gracie Elvin (Aus) Orica - Ais
52Sara Mustonen (Swe) Team Liv-Plantur0:11:31
53Daiva Tuslaite (Ltu) National Team Lithuania
54Celine Van Severen (Bel) Team Belgium0:11:39
55Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Hitec Products0:12:38
56Julie Leth (Den) Hitec Products
57Moniek Tenniglo (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:09:34
58Leonie Lubbinge (Ned) WV de Kannibaal - Ronald McDonald0:15:27
DNFAmy Roberts (GBr) Wiggle Honda
DNFChloe Hosking (Aus) Wiggle Honda
DNFMelissa Hoskins (Aus) Orica - Ais
DNFLucy Garner (GBr) Team Liv-Plantur
DNFWilleke Knol (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur
DNFDesiree Ehrler (Swi) Feminine Cycling Team
DNFEma Manikaite (Ltu) National Team Lithuania
DNFJutta Stienen (Swi) Team Switzerland
DNFLauren Hall (USA) United States of America
DNFHeather Fischer (USA) United States of America
DNFCorinna Lechner (Ger) Maxx-Solar Women Cycling Team
DNFMascha Pijnenborg (Ned) NWVG - Bathoorn Autoschade
DNFGeerike Schreurs (Ned) Meteoor Assen-Roden / Breda
DNFDanique Braam (Ned) Meteoor Assen-Roden / Breda
DNFTrieneke Fokkens (Ned) WV de Kannibaal - Ronald McDonald
DNFJudith Bloem (Ned) Jan van Arckel
DNSLizzie Armitstead (GBr) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
DNSLoes Gunnewijk (Ned) Orica - Ais

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team8:01:32
2Velocio - SRAM0:01:31
3Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:02:01
4Parkhotel Valkenburg CT0:10:28
5Team Liv-Plantur0:11:07
6Hitec Products0:21:28
7National Team Great Britain0:26:16
8Jan van Arckel
9Feminine Cycling Team0:27:23
10National Team Belgium0:28:01
11Orica - AIS

Final general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Velocio - SRAM11:30:29
2Trixi Worrack (Ger) Velocio - SRAM0:00:09
3Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
4Lucinda Brand (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:00:29
5Kirsten Wild (Ned) Hitec Products0:00:53
6Ellen van Dijk (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:01:02
7Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:01:31
8Jolien D'hoore (Bel) Wiggle Honda0:01:37
9Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:03:04
10Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Velocio - SRAM0:03:08
11Chantal Blaak (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:03:19
12Romy Kasper (Ger) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:03:31
13Anouska Koster (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:03:37
14Floortje Mackaij (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur0:04:21
15Julia Soek (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur0:04:23
16Janneke Ensing (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:04:26
17Natalie van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:04:32
18Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Velocio - SRAM0:11:24
19Alena Amialiusik (Blr) Velocio - SRAM0:11:33
20Megan Guarnier (USA) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team0:11:55
21Gracie Elvin (Aus) Orica - Ais0:12:15
22Carmen Small (USA) United States of America0:13:01
23Andrea Dvorak (USA) United States of America0:13:14
24Sara Mustonen (Swe) Team Liv-Plantur0:14:07
25Moniek Tenniglo (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:14:40
26Julie Leth (Den) Hitec Products0:15:12
27Ilona Hoeksma (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:17:24
28Emilie Moberg (Nor) Hitec Products0:17:30
29Lotte van Hoek (Ned) Feminine Cycling Team0:17:56
30Winanda Spoor (Ned) Jan van Arckel0:18:05
31Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Jan van Arckel0:18:06
32Marjolein van t' Geloof (Ned) Jan van Arckel0:18:12
33Iris van der Stelt (Ned) Meteoor Assen-Roden / Breda0:18:17
34Corine van der Zijden (Ned) Feminine Cycling Team0:18:27
35Ivana Tiessens (Ned) WV de Kannibaal - Ronald McDonald0:18:28
36Lotte Kopecky (Bel) Team Belgium0:18:41
37Anna Knauer (Ger) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:18:46
38Kaat Hannes (Bel) Team Belgium0:18:50
39Nike Beckeringh (Ned) Jan van Arckel0:18:54
40Gudrun Stock (Ger) Team Germany0:19:02
41Annie Last (GBr) Team Great Britain0:19:07
42Eileen Roe (GBr) Wiggle Honda
43Lizzie Williams (Aus) Orica - Ais0:19:21
44Emily Nelson (GBr) Team Great Britain0:19:42
45Daiva Tuslaite (Ltu) National Team Lithuania0:20:02
46Chanella Stougje (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:20:17
47Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Hitec Products0:20:26
48Kyara Stijns (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur0:20:38
49Marijn de Vries (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:21:08
50Mirjam Gysling (Swi) Team Switzerland0:21:10
51Annelies Dom (Bel) Team Belgium0:21:11
52Alice Barnes (GBr) Team Great Britain0:22:04
53Emily Kay (GBr) Team Great Britain0:22:27
54Alexandra Manly (Aus) Orica - Ais0:22:43
55Celine Van Severen (Bel) Team Belgium0:23:32
56Leonie Lubbinge (Ned) WV de Kannibaal - Ronald McDonald0:23:54
57Stéphanie Borchers (Ger) Feminine Cycling Team0:23:55
58Nicole Hanselmann (Swi) Team Switzerland0:24:14

Point classification
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Kirsten Wild (Ned) Hitec Products

Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Julia Soek (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur

Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Anouska Koster (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team

Best club rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Winanda Spoor (Ned) Jan van Arckel

Most aggressive rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team

Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Boels Dolmans Cycling Team34:33:56
2Velocio - SRAM0:00:56
3Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team0:03:06
4Team Liv-Plantur0:18:58
5Parkhotel Valkenburg CT0:23:49
6Hitec Products0:31:22
7Orica - AIS0:34:04
8Jan van Arckel0:51:56
9Feminine Cycling Team0:52:27
10National Team Great Britain0:54:37
11National Team Belgium0:54:38


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