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Alison Jackson wins women's Canadian time trial title

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The women's podium: Gillian Ellsay, Alison Jackson and Marie Soleil Blais

The women's podium: Gillian Ellsay, Alison Jackson and Marie Soleil Blais (Image credit: Rob Jones)
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Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson (Image credit: Rob Jones)

Alison Jackson (Liv Racing) was the clear favourite for the women’s time trial title after her stage-winning performance at the Simac Ladies Tour and she did not disappoint, finishing the 28 kilometre race with a time of 39:58, 43.8 seconds in front of Marie Soleil Blais, with Gillian Ellsay third at 1:21.

Defending champions of the past few years - Karol-Ann Canuel (SD Worx) and Leah Kirchmann (Team DSM) did not return to Canada for the championships, leaving the title open to a new winner and Jackson made sure she took the title.  

"I felt very strong," said Jackson, who won the first national title of her career. 

"I had a specific plan for pacing and I felt really good right to the turnaround and back. I just wanted to hold it to the finish line. 

“I was actually pretty nervous; Marie Soleil has been riding really well locally, and it's hard to judge who would be better on a longer course. My strength year after year has been getting better and better, and being able to focus on the time trial will mean good things for the next Olympic cycle. 

“It will be cool to wear the maple leaf jersey for the next year; I'll get to wear it at the Women's Tour of Britain in October."

Elite Women
Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Jackson (Can) Liv Racing Wt 0:39:58
2Marie Soleil Blais (Can) Indépendant 0:00:44
3Gillian Ellsay (Can) Instafund Racing 0:01:22
4Emily Marcolini (Can) 3T/Q+M 0:01:45
5Caileigh Filmer (Can) Cyclery Racing 0:01:52
6Olivia Baril (Can) Massi Tactic Women Team 0:01:59
7Laurie Jussaume (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur 0:02:19
8Clara Emond (Can) Indépendant 0:02:27
9Ruby West (Can) Indépendant 0:02:54
10Isabella Bertold (Can) Instafund Racing 0:03:14
11Yael Klein (Can) Dundas Valley Velo 0:03:18
12Dana Gilligan (Can) Indépendant 0:03:32
13Holly Henry (Can) Instafund Racing 0:03:33
14Helena Coney (Can) Team Illuminate 0:03:33
15Adele Desgagnes (Can) Équipe Du Québec 0:03:46
16Camille Primeau (Can) Desjardins-Ford 0:03:46
17Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally Cycling 0:03:46
18Luce Bourbeau (Can) Macogep Tornatech 0:03:51
19Laury Milette (Can) Macogep Tornatech 0:04:09
20Annabel Irwin (Can) Tag Cycling Race Team 0:04:14
21Adele Normand (Can) Équipe Du Québec 0:04:15
22Holly Simonson (Can) Red Truck Racing 0:04:45
23Jackie Peters (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur 0:05:01
24Kathryn Ayroud (Can) Team Alberta 0:05:15
25Britany Powell (Can) Agowatt Experience Eq 0:05:22
26Fiona Majendie (Can) Red Truck Racing 0:05:22
27Brenna Pauly (Can) Red Truck Racing 0:05:39
28Elizabeth Gin (Can) Instafund Racing 0:05:50
29Isabelle Mayrand (Can) Ecf 3Sphères 0:05:53
30Florence Normand (Can) Macogep Tornatech 0:05:54
31Caroline Lamarche McClure (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur 0:05:56
32Danae Waterbury (Can) Équipe Du Québec 0:06:03
33Hayley Basterash (Can) Cyclery Racing 0:06:20
34Noemie Fortin (Can) Desjardins-Ford 0:06:24
35Sonia Taylor (Can) Cyclery Racing 0:06:39
36Camille Lamothe (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur 0:06:50
37Noémie Gaudreault (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur 0:06:59
38Emma Delisle (Can) Desjardins-Ford 0:07:24
39Whitney Surgenor (Can) 0:07:31
40Christiane Bilodeau (Can) 0:07:45
DNFJosephine Peloquin (Can)
DNSIris Gabelier (Can)

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