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Best cycling jerseys: Ride in comfort no matter the weather

Best cycling jerseys
(Image credit: Peter Haworth)

Gone are the days when the best cycling jerseys were little more than a shirt with a quarter-zip, collar and some handy pockets sewn into the back to keep your tools and snacks.

Cycle clothing companies have since invested a lot of research and design into perfecting fit and sourcing technically advanced materials so that your jersey will help you perform at your best. From fabric that stretches to provide the optimal fit and aerodynamics, moisture-managing materials that wick sweat from the body to keep you cool and dry when it's hot and as part of a layering system to protect against the coldest conditions.

As the northern hemisphere moves through summer and heads towards autumn / fall, the days are fast beginning to shorten. As a result, short sleeves are already being joined by arm warmers, and it won't be long until it's time to break out the long sleeve jerseys instead. 

While the best short sleeve cycling jerseys are typically focussed on temperature management or aerodynamics, versatility is the order of the day when it comes to the best long sleeve cycling jerseys. This versatility makes them suitable for all conditions and various types of ride, on road and off. 

Of course, when winter does eventually arrive, many of us will turn to the best winter cycling jackets to keep the chill off our backs, and most of us will also plump for one of the best waterproof cycling jackets to stay dry, but for those of us fortunate to live in warmer climates, a long sleeve jersey can see a lot of cyclists through the colder months without issue, especially when paired with the best cycling base layers for the respective seasons. 

Meanwhile, for our friends in the southern hemisphere, summer is just about to get started and the aforementioned sleeve length transition is going in the opposite direction. 

Luckily, no matter your locality, preference, or need, we've got you covered with our collection of the best cycling jerseys, so keep reading for our top picks - use the links above to skip to your chosen type of jersey - or jump to the bottom for our guide on how to choose the best cycling jersey for you.

Best summer cycling jerseys

A no-doubt self-explanatory category, the best summer cycling jerseys are designed for warm weather above everything else. As a result, they come with short sleeves, lightweight materials and an ability to wick away sweat with ease. The trade-off is a somewhat limited window of use, especially if you live in more temperate climates, but pair them with the best arm warmers and a decent base layer and these summer jerseys will continue to shine. 

(Image credit: Sportful)

Sportful Bodyfit Pro Evo

The best summer cycling jersey for long rides

Fit: Race | Colours: 5 | Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

Versatile fit
Raw-cut sleeves at good length
No secure zipper pocket
Material could be softer against the skin

With the Bodyfit Pro Evo jersey, Sportful hasn’t gone for an all-out aero fit - for that, it has the Bomber jersey - the relatively low 15-per cent elastane means the material doesn't hug the body as tightly as an aero jersey might, but it still offers a race-ready fit sitting close against the skin, thanks to the positioning of the seams. 

The material across the shoulders and chest could be a little softer, however, this was only an issue on the hottest of days when the base layer was left at home. 

It features a low collar with minimal stitching to add to the all-day comfort, and raw-cut sleeves sit perfectly above the elbow without riding up or twisting, no matter the length of the ride. 

Silicone detailing and elastic around the waist holds the jersey in place, and even with full, unevenly loaded pockets, the bottom of the jersey stays perfectly aligned. 

(Image credit: Endura )

Endura Pro SL

Understated looks but high on performance

Fit: Race | Colours: 6 | Material: Nylon 56% / Polyester 28% / Elastane 16% | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: No

Sorted fit
Simple styling
On the long side for riders with short bodies

While Endura is no longer participating in the WorldTour circuit its Pro SL range continues, offering high performance at a great price. The Pro SL jersey has a race cut that uses close-fitting lycra and with raw edge hem to keep airflow moving smoothly over the body. The design around the collar is particularly well-shaped and comfortable. The fabric has wicking qualities to manage sweat as well as UPF50 for protection from the sun.

The three rear pockets are deep and provide ample space for securely storing everything needed on a ride. To keep your valuables accounted for there is a zippy pocket as well.

Endura's Pro SL is available in six simple colours and is available in a Lite version for when it's really hot or a long sleeve for when there's a bit of a chill.

(Image credit: Le Col)

Le Col Pro Air

Best summer cycling jersey for the hottest of summer days thanks to its extreme levels of breathability

Fit: Race | Colours: 2 (men's), 3 (women's) | Material: 100% Polyester | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: No

Extremely breathable and lightweight
Not hard wearing
No UV protection

Le Col has designed the Pro Air for those who ride in temperatures around 20-40 degrees Celsius (68-104 Fahrenheit). Maximum airflow is achieved using an open weave mesh which channels air and wicks moisture away quickly to help maintain a comfortable body temperature, this also results in an extremely lightweight garment.

The Pro Air features the same aggressive aero focussed fit as Le Col’s thicker Pro version as well as three rear pockets with a fourth water-resistant valuables pocket and silicone grippers.

rapha brevet lightweight jersey

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Brevet Lightweight Jersey

Best summer cycling jersey for versatility and storage

Fit: Regular | Colours: 7 | Material: 100% polyester | Pockets: 6 | Reflective details: Yes

Endurance orientated hot weather jersey
Loads of pockets
Plenty of colour options
Material lacks stretch so the fit is more casual than some would prefer

While most lightweight summer jerseys focus on cooling at the sacrifice of durability, for endurance riders who ride in hot weather a jersey must be cool and comfortable whilst still tough enough to handle day after day of riding. Rapha has taken its Brevet endurance jersey and increased the ventilation and cooling to cater for riders who spend all day under the roasting sun.

The jersey is made from 100gsm fabric on the front and back and lightweight mesh side panels are used to further enhance cooling. Due to the lightweight material, Rapha says that the jersey can be wash and dried quickly so it's fresh for the next day. The fit is also a lot more relaxed than most other lightweight jerseys, so if race fit isn't your style this is the jersey to get.

The Brevet Lightweight has all the features you would expect from an endurance-related jersey too. There is plenty of reflective detailing to help visibility and the jersey features six pockets to help organise and transport everything you might need on a ride.

Assos MILLE GT Summer Jersey c2

(Image credit: Assos )

Assos MILLE GT Summer Jersey c2

Relaxed fit jersey for warm weather weekend and training rides

Fit: Regular | Colours: 3 | Material: 91% Polyester, 6% Elastane, 3% Polyamide | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

UPF 30 protection
Relaxed fit with racey aesthetic
Keenly priced for Assos
No zipped valuables pocket 

Assos bring racey features like raw cut sleeves and high tech fabrics with a relaxed fit that's great for a do-it-all summer weekend and training jersey. Assos has used its Type.112 Dual Tex fabric for the front and back panels to wick moisture from the body and provide UPF30 protection as well. The arms are made from bi-stretch Push Pull fabric and increases sun protection for the top of the arms to UPF50. This is the same material that Assos use on its race jersey and the stitching and tailoring is all influenced by the performance jerseys.

There are three colour options which all have Assos' trademark super clean aesthetic. Assos also does some special colourways from the Shifter and Voganski ranges. 

Best cycling jerseys for 'shoulder season'

The period between seasons, usually referred to as shoulder season, can be the most difficult time to dress appropriately for a ride. The weather forecast often feels like a bit of a shot in the dark, and it could just as easily rain all day as it could be sunny and warm. During these rides, the best cycling jerseys offer versatility, warmth and weather resistance without being bulky and too hot. 

(Image credit: Castelli)

Castelli Gabba RoS

Almost synonymous with poor-weather jerseys, the Gabba will keep you comfortable when the heavens open

Fit: Slim | Colours: 5 | Material: GoreTex Infinium Windstopper | Pockets: 2 | Reflective details: Yes

Weather resistant
Pump sleeve in pocket
High retail price

The weather isn’t always sunshine so it’s important to have a jersey that will keep performing well even when the clouds roll in. This is where the Castelli Gabba RoS comes in.

Made from Gore Infinium Windstopper 205 fabric up front, the Gabba RoS offers superb wind protection and a water-resistant finish to protect against showers, however, this doesn't come at the expense of fit or heat management, thanks to the Infinium Windstopper 203 at the rear, which is stretchier and more breathable. 

The tail of the Gabba RoS is extended to provide a storm flap to protect from wheel-spray. Even the pockets feature drain holes in case the weather gets very unpleasant.

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Brevet

Warmer materials and extra storage for long days in the saddle

Fit: Casual | Colours: 3 | Material: 61% Polyester, 39% Merino wool | Pockets: 5 | Reflective details: Yes

Rapha customer support
Not as breathable as racier jerseys

The Brevet jersey is designed with versatility in mind. Whether you're riding gravel or road, for an hour or 10, the Brevet jersey is a comfortable, high-performance option that has more pocket space than you'll likely need. There are, in fact, five pockets. The three traditional pockets are larger than average, there's a fourth 'ballast' pocket across the lumbar of the back for larger items like spare clothing, and a fifth chest pocket keeps your valuables safe and sound. 

The merino blend construction means that it will regulate temperature effectively, and fight off bad smells, should your riding be a multi-day affair, and high-vis detailing helps with those early starts or late finishes. 

(Image credit: Le Col)

Le Col Pro Rain

The best cycling jersey for warm showery days

Fit: Race | Colours: 2 | Material: 80% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 10% Polyurethane Fibre | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: Yes

Additional waterproof pocket
Cam-lock zipper
Aerodynamic fit
Sizes up small
Limited material stretch

For those days where the weather isn't exactly cold, but there's a high chance of rain, then Le Col's Pro Rain jersey is the answer. It's designed purely with racing in mind, featuring an aerodynamic cut and sizes up relatively small, so if you're between sizes or prefer a looser fit, we recommend sizing up. 

Upfront, a waterproof zipper keeps the water at bay, and reflective detailing helps to increase visibility, and four pockets will store your belongings, but at its core, this jersey is for racing. 

Best aero cycling jerseys

Since the majority of bike racing occurs during the summer months, the best aero cycling jerseys are typically a derivative of summer jerseys, but with an unwavering focus on going fast. These jerseys incorporate technologies found in skinsuits, but with the comfort and convenience of keeping jersey and shorts separate. 

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Castelli Aero Race 6.0 jersey

The Castelli Aero Race 6.0 is a flashy, race-focused design that balances aero optimisation with endurance needs (Image credit: Castelli )
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Castelli Aero Race 6.0 Jersey

While the Aero Race 6.0 jersey is race-ready it also has the features you need for fast rides of any sort and any length (Image credit: Josh Ross)
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Castelli Aero Race 6.0 Jersey

The pockets go right to the bottom of the jersey and the rear gripper is higher up. You can pack the pockets full and the jersey stays put. (Image credit: Josh Ross)
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Castelli Aero Race 6.0 Jersey

A large plastic zipper is easy to operate, won't corrode, and there's a fabric flap backer at the top for easier one handed operation. (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Castelli Aero Race 6.0

The best race-ready aero jersey that will remain comfortable all day long

Fit: Race | Colours: 3 | Material: 100% Polyester | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

Well fitted
No zippered pocket
Limited colour options

With the Aero Race 6.0 jersey, Castelli has developed a jersey that promises real-world aero gains. While this is hard to prove without access to a wind tunnel, there is no doubt that Castelli has put a lot of thought into its design and material choice.

Castelli has focussed on creating a jersey that fits close to the body while remaining comfortable for the duration of a ride. Using its stretchy Velocity Rev2 material for the front and elbow-length sleeves. The back of the jersey uses a 3D mesh that is extremely breathable.

A dropped tail features a silicone gripper around the hem, keeping the jersey in place while riding and allowing for optimal pocket placement.

Read how the Castelli Aero Race 6.0 Jersey earned four and a half stars in our recent review.

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Rapha pro team aero jersey

Rapha's Pro Team Aero jersey, complete in EF Education-Nippo design (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
Image 2 of 6

Rapha pro team aero jersey

At the rear, the bottom is dropped to keep the jersey comfortable when riding in an aggressive position (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
Image 3 of 6

Rapha pro team aero jersey

A dimpled material is used on across the shoulders (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
Image 4 of 6

Rapha pro team aero jersey

These textured surfaces are designed with aerodynamics in mind (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
Image 5 of 6

Rapha pro team aero jersey

It is also used on the backs of the arms (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
Image 6 of 6

Rapha pro team aero jersey

A large zip garage works well to protect the neck (Image credit: Josh Croxton)

Rapha Pro Team Aero

Skinsuit tech in a fast, comfortable and stylish jersey

Fit: Race | Colours: 2 | Material: 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: Yes

Classy designs
Rapha customer support
Sleeves are slightly too long

The Rapha Pro Team Aero is a race jersey that owes much of its design to Rapha’s WorldTour winning skinsuit development.

To enhance aerodynamics Rapha has used multiple materials. The front of the jersey has a smooth texture to aid airflow over the body, this is bonded to the rear which has a napped texture to minimise drag. Unsurprisingly, the Pro Team Aero is aggressively cut and Rapha has lengthened the sleeves which may divide opinions.

It’s not all-out race orientated, three slim gusseted rear pockets offer storage for essentials, a fourth zippered pocket provides security and Rapha has added some reflective detailing to help with visibility.

Read our review to learn what makes the Rapha Pro Team Aero one of our favourite jerseys.

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dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Short Sleeve Jersey 3.0

The dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Short Sleeve Jersey 3.0 uses an unusual fabric for its construction (Image credit: Josh Ross)
Image 2 of 6


Put it on and you can immediately feel the benefit (Image credit: Josh Ross)
Image 3 of 6

dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Short Sleeve Jersey 3.0

The low stretch makes for a fabric that naturally wants to remain smooth. (Image credit: Josh Ross)
Image 4 of 6

dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Short Sleeve Jersey 3.0

Silicone grip material on the inside of the sleeves helps keep them in place (Image credit: Josh Ross)
Image 5 of 6

dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Short Sleeve Jersey 3.0

The edge is a wide glued hem with a small amount of silicone grip material (Image credit: Josh Ross)
Image 6 of 6

dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Short Sleeve Jersey 3.0

The pockets are thin and low-stretch (Image credit: Josh Ross)

dhb Aeron Lab

Affordable aero at all costs

Fit: Race | Colours: 2 | Material: Main: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane; Panels: 76% Nylon, 24% Elastane | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

Pockets have plenty of reinforcement at the seams
The large plastic zipper is easy to use and won't corrode
Pockets are narrow and lack stretch

The dhb Aeron Lab Raceline aero jersey is a pure raceday option with little consideration for anything else. Its main body is constructed from just eight per cent elastane, which means there's very little stretch to it, which contributes to the smooth and aero profile. 

The downside to this is that the pockets don't have much space for anything more than a couple of gels, and their ability to stretch leaves a lot to be desired. However, if you're looking for a jersey that will save watts on your next criterium, chain gang or drop ride, then dhb's offering is a great value option that's all about going fast. 

(Image credit: Assos)

Assos Equipe RS Aero

One of the best cycling jerseys for racers and speed chasers

Fit: Race | Colours: 4 | Material: 19% Polyamide (Nylon), 66% Polyester, 15% Elastane | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

Superb fit
Aero performance
No zippered pocket
Expensive at RRP

When constructing this jersey, Assos has used three different materials based on specific characteristics. Assos’ Sens Classic Tex offers lightweight stretchy properties for the side panels and its Stabilizator S7 Knit forms a cooling panel and UPF30 protection on the back. The rest of the jersey uses Mini Check Tex, a 3D knit fabric that offers high levels of breathability.

The materials are bonded together to add comfort and improve aerodynamics around the waist, full-length zip and v-neck collar.

Best long sleeve cycling jerseys

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La Passione PSN Rain jersey

The jersey's race cut gives a close fit (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
Image 2 of 4

La Passione PSN Rain jersey

The collar is high to keep the cold out (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
Image 3 of 4

La Passione PSN Rain jersey

Subtle and well placed logos finish the jersey (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
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La Passione PSN Rain jersey

The logos are reflective as well for extra visibility (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)

La Passione PSN Rain

Extremely versatile jersey for unpredictable spring conditions

Fit: Race | Colours: 3 | Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

Excellent fit
Huge temperature comfort range
Well thought-out design details
No zipped valuables pocket
No women's version

The PSN LS Rain jersey is constructed using a three-layer windproof and waterproof fabric, which La Passione claims has a waterproof rating of 20,000mm: quite impressive for a softshell layer. Under the arms, there are two panels of thermo-fleece fabric to enhance ventilation in this key area. The material itself is soft to the touch and has a decent level of stretch to help with fit. The deep laser-cut thermo-fleece cuffs and significantly dropped storm flap at the back stops rain and drafts sneaking through the holes

What’s most impressive about the PSN Rain jersey is the wide range of temperatures that the jersey is comfortable in. Spring conditions can change dramatically even on a short ride and I found the jersey perfect for temperatures between eight to 12 degrees (with a merino vest base layer) and the low end could be pushed further down to around six degrees with a long sleeve base layer for nippy spring mornings or chilly evening rides. The race fit means it could be worn under an outer shell as well and ridden even further into the single digits. The storm laser-cut cuffs have a close fit and play very well with gloves, creating a great seal from the cold around the wrist.

Velocio Signature Long sleeve cycling jersey

(Image credit: Velocio)

Velocio Signature Long-Sleeve

Lightweight, breathable and insulated cool-weather jersey

Fit: Slim | Colours: 3 | Material: 61% Polyamide / 25% Polyester / 14% Elastane | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: Yes

Additional zippered pocket
Fleece-lined collar and cuff
No water-resistance

Velocio's Signature long sleeve jersey is suitable for those chillier spring mornings where the sun is shining but the frost still lives on the grass. The mid-weight material is highly stretchy, meaning the fit will be racy and aerodynamic. It is soft to the touch, and the fleece-lined collar and cuffs help keep the wind out on breezier days, but there's no wind or waterproofing, so it's best paired with a gilet on bad-weather days. 

With its high-wicking design, it makes for a versatile addition to your wardrobe, in that it can be worn as a standalone long sleeve jersey or as a mid-layer on colder days. Four pockets will keep your belongings safe, one of which can be zipped up for extra security. 

Best cycling jerseys

(Image credit: Gore)

Gore C5 Thermo Long Sleeve Jersey

Functional autumn/winter jersey with a focus on core insulation

Fit: Slim | Colours: 4 | Material: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: Yes

Mesh insert to prevent sagging pockets
Zippered pocket for valuables
Core insulation
Reflective details
High retail price

This cold-weather jersey from Gore features extra thermal insulation around the torso in order to keep your core warm, while the thermal-lining is soft to the touch, providing next-to-skin comfort. The fit is fairly relaxed to accommodate a base layer, while remaining aero cut with long sleeves and a dropped tail. A partially elastic gripper on the hem keeps everything in place as you pedal.

At the rear, there’s a mesh insert which stops the back pocket from sagging when it’s packed full, which is a really thoughtful detail. Three compartment pockets, plus a fourth zippered pocket provide ample space for storing snacks, while a close fit collar helps keep the chill locked out. Reflective details help with low-light visibility, making this a functional autumn and winter jersey for commuters and roadies alike.

Best cycling jerseys

(Image credit: dhb)

dhb Merino Long Sleeve Jersey

Blends natural performance of Merino with modern fabric technology

Fit: Slim | Colours: 5 | Material: 40% Nylon, 35% Merino Wool, 25% Polypropylene | Pockets: 3 | Reflective details: Yes

Excellent thermoregulation 
Antibacterial and odour resistant
No secure zipper pocket

This 3-season jersey from dhb is designed for autumn, winter and spring cycling. It combines a mid-weight Merino wool blend with Polyamide for stretch and a comfortable fit, while an additional Polypropylene lining feels soft to the touch and provides incredible hydrophobic qualities to quickly wick moisture away from the skin.

Thanks to the merino blend, this long-sleeved jersey is lightweight, soft and durable, offers superior temperature regulation and is naturally antibacterial and resistant to odours. In order to provide the sweat-wicking performance it offers, it sits close to the body for a snug fit, but isn’t at all restrictive. Finally, at the rear there’s a mesh ventilation strip designed to release any excess heat, while silicone grippers on the sleeves and hem stop everything from moving out of place.

Best cycling jerseys

(Image credit: Endura)

Endura Pro SL L/S Jersey II

Eco-friendly race-fit thermal jersey

Fit: Race | Colours: 3 | Material: 80% Recycled Nylon, 20% Elastane | Pockets: 4 | Reflective details: Yes

Eco-friendly recycled materials
Race cut
Secure zipper pocket
Sleeves may be too long for some
Tight wrist cuffs

This form-fitting performance-cut thermal jersey from Endura is constructed from 100 per cent recycled thermal stretch fabric, delivering winter warmth in an environmentally-friendly package.

It’s an ideal outer layer in cool weather, thanks to its insulation properties, moisture-wicking fabric and subtle reflective details for low-light visibility. As the temperature drops and rain starts looming, it’s also a great mid-layer jersey to be worn with a base layer and waterproof jacket: a combination that locks in the heat while remaining breathable.

With three compartment pockets and a fourth zippered pocket at the rear, three colours to choose from and a lightweight internal elastic hem paired with a silicone gripper, this performance focused cold weather jersey should see you through the best of autumn and the worst of winter.

Best cycling jerseys

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Men’s Brevet Long Sleeve Windblock Jersey

The ultimate versatile cold-weather jersey, protecting against a huge range of conditions

Fit: Slim | Colours: 4 | Material: 89% Merino, 11% Nylon | Pockets: 5 | Reflective details: Yes

5 pockets, 2 zippered
High merino content
Incredibly versatile

Inspired by the Rapha Brevet credo of ‘pack light, travel far’, the long sleeve Windblock jersey is designed to combine the performance qualities of a merino jersey with the wind protection of a good gilet, making it a hugely versatile garment in your winter cycling wardrobe. 

The quick-drying and lightweight merino fabric provides comfort when your body temperature rises, while the wind-resistant polyester panels that cover the front of the torso and arms provide much-needed protection on chilly descents. 

It comes in a Rapha Classic fit, which is close, but relaxed, making it easy to wear a base layer underneath. Meanwhile five pockets - three compartments and two zipper pockets - provide plenty of storage space for snacks, tools and valuables.

Finally, providing that beautiful Rapha aesthetic are reflective and hi-vis Brevet stripes on the front and back, which double up as an excellent way to stay visible in low-light conditions.

How to choose the best cycling jersey

Which materials should my cycling jersey be?

Most performance jerseys will be constructed from a synthetic material such as nylon or polyester. These materials offer superb wicking and breathability to move sweat away from the body so it quickly evaporates leaving you dry and comfortable when you are working hard. Thin mesh style materials are incorporated to maximise breathability where it is needed the most, such as under the arms, which further helps with cooling. High levels of stretch both two-way and four-way can be engineered into synthetics for a perfect close fit to reduce bunching and maximise aerodynamic properties.

That's not to say natural materials such as merino don’t have their advantages and companies like Rapha have been developing high-performance merino-based materials that are still extremely breathable and well-fitting. Both soft and hardwearing, merino will keep you warm even when soaked and the natural material resists odour build-up. Thanks to these properties, natural fibres lend themselves well for long days in the saddle where comfort trumps super aggressive aero designs.

How should a cycling jersey fit?

Fit is key so it is important to choose a jersey that suits your intended style of riding. An aggressive race fit is designed to be ridden in the drops and to cut through the air with maximum efficiency. They feature shorter torsos and longer arms to optimise fit while in a more aggressive position. Slim-fit and relaxed-fit jerseys are a little looser and longer to improve comfort for longer or more relaxed rides. 

How your jersey should fit is very much dependent on your riding preferences. If you're planning on racing or riding hard for an hour or two, then an aero cut will probably be the preference, but if you're riding all day long and average speed doesn't matter, then a more relaxed fit will likely be more comfortable. 

Do all cycling jerseys have a zipper?

While cycling jerseys of old would have a quarter- or half-length zipper, today's best cycling jerseys use a full-length zip so when it’s very warm the front can be unzipped to help regulate temperature, and quickly removed at the end of the ride. To reduce irritation, a flap on the collar - commonly known as a zip garage - houses the zip so it doesn’t rub while riding.

Some jerseys feature a metal zipper, while others are made using plastic. Metal is invariably going to be tougher, but if you're riding in hot conditions, then a plastic zipper might be a better choice since it won't corrode with sweat. 

Some also integrate a cam-lock in the zipper itself, which means when the tab is down, it locks in place, and then when the tab is folded up, you can pull the jersey open with one hand. 

How many pockets should my cycling jersey have?

It's incredibly common for the best cycling jerseys to come with three rear pockets across the lower back for storing the basis such as multi-tools, snacks and any other mid-ride essentials. There are variations on this with some companies adding a loop inside one of the pockets to secure a pump or a handy fourth secure zipped pocket to keep valuables secure.

However, if you're planning on riding for more than a few hours, then you might need to carry more on your ride. You can achieve this in various ways, including a saddlebag, a handlebar bag, or by wearing the best cargo bib shorts, but some endurance-focussed jerseys offer extra pockets at the front for even more storage.

What extra features should I look for?

As with most things, this depends on your likely riding habits and preferences, but there are a few common added features that separate the best cycling jerseys from the rest. 

For example, reflective details improve visibility when riding in poor light. This might not be a consideration when choosing race orientated wear, but for riders who are going on all-day epics and training rides, this is an important aspect to consider to help keep you safe on the road.

Of course, having a well-fitting jersey is key, but looking good is also important to most of us. Jerseys are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit all riders' styles whether you want a subtle classy look or want to stand out from the crowd.