Stage 8 wraps up Trans-Sylvania Epic

Stan's NoTubes Ladies host unofficial final stage

The Trans-Sylvania Epic is officially a seven-day, seven-stage mountain bike race in central Pennsylvania, but racers typically also enjoy an unofficial, optional final stage 8, run on the last evening of the race after the official racing is done.

The format varies from year to year, but this year, the Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite Team hosted stage 8.  Sue Haywood, race winner Amanda Carey, Sarah Kaufmann and Vicki Barclay were the masterminds behind the antics, which included a sort of team relay-style short track that went under the official name of something like the "General Potter World Cup enduro eliminator".

In each heat, racers had to run to the pond, submerge their hooded race sweatshirts before putting them on, then run back to their bikes, do a lap around the pond, including dodging a few obstacles while firecrackers went off.  Finally, they had to rack their bike, then spin around a broom three times before chugging an age-appropriate beverage of their choice and handing off the wet sweatshirt to the next teammate.

Heats included three teams of three, progressing through toward the finals.

The following gallery highlights the action.

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