Tour of Tasmania: Cavanagh solos to stage 3 victory

Whelan moves into race lead


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Cavanagh (NSWIS)2:48:39 
2Nicholas White (Oliver's Real Food Racing)0:00:16 
3Dylan Sunderland (NSWIS)  
4James Whelan0:00:24 
5Dylan Newbery (Mobius Future Racing)0:00:26 
6Angus Lyons (Mobius Future Racing)  
7Lionel Mawditt (Inform Tineli)  
8Cameron Ivory (GPM Stulz)0:00:38 
9Peter Livingstone (Mobius Future Racing)0:00:42 
10Ian Talbot (Tinelli Powerstream / Team Ultra Racing)0:00:44 
General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Whelan8:24:46 
2Lionel Mawditt (Inform Tineli)0:00:17 
3Angus Lyons (Mobius Future Racing)0:00:29 
4Ian Talbot (Tinelli Powerstream / Team Ultra Racing)0:00:30 
5Alexander Evans (AMR Renault Racing)0:00:48 
6Dylan Sunderland (NSWIS)0:00:57 
7Michael Potter (Tinelli Powerstream / Team Ultra Racing)0:01:35 
8Brendon Davids (Oliver Real Food Racing)0:02:20 
9Jesse Coyle (Mobius Future Racing)0:02:23 
10Sean Trainor (AMR Renault Racing)0:02:35 
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