Wells wins final La Ruta stage, Pinto claims overall

Para wins women's race


Eilte Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells (USA) Specialized4:19:05 
2Paolo Montoya (CRc) Specialized0:08:13 
3Luis Mejía (Col) Coopenae Movistar0:08:14 
4Héctor Riveros (Col) Constructora Arpo  
5Josep Betalu (Spa) Constructora Arpo  
6Luis Leao Pinto (Por) Scotiabank0:08:25 
7José Alfredo Montoya (CRc) Scotiabank-Dos Pinos- Deloitte-Ciclo Guilly0:22:10 
8Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Where is the Limit ProBike0:25:26 
9David Tinker Juárez (USA) Sho-Air Cannondale0:25:27 
10Eddy Pérez (CRc) Seven Capital0:25:28 
Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angela Parra (Col) Coopenae Movistar5:09:57 
2Xiomara Guerrero (Col) Specialized0:18:18 
3Mary Dannelly (USA) CTS0:25:47 
Final general classification men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luis Leao Pinto (Por) Scotiabank Total:11:50:25 
2Luis Mejía (Col) Coopenae Movistar0:06:49 
3Josep Betalu (Spa) Constructora Arpo0:20:34 
4Todd Wells (USA) Specialized0:23:22 
5Paolo Montoya (CRc) Specialized0:26:27 
6Héctor Riveros (Col) Constructora Arpo0:29:58 
7Diyer Rincón (Col) Constructora Arpo Specialized0:43:06 
8Eddy Pérez (CRc) Seven Capital0:48:44 
9Deiber Esquivel (CRc) Scotiabank0:57:12 
10Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Where is the Limit ProBike0:59:53 
Final general classification women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angela Parra (Col) Coopenae Movistar Total14:45:21 
2Xiomara Guerrero (Col) Specialized0:52:41 
3Cristine De Mezerville (CRc) Individual3:23:43 
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