Gran Prix of Gloucester: Curtis White wins men's opener

Summerhill second and Durrin third

Curtis White (Cannondale) went off the front early and then held off a strong chase group containing Danny Summerhill (Maxxis-Shimano), Adam Craig (Giant), and Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo).

Summerhill won an uphill sprint finish for second place while Durrin had to settle for the last step on the podium. USA Champion Jeremy Powers (Aspire Racing) was never in contention and spent most of the race in a third chase group.

After the race, White said, "I was feeling good. I think a lot of guys were looking back for Powers to see when he was coming up. I hit it one section, and then punched it again. I don't like racing looking behind was a risk to go that early but it really paid off."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Curtis White (USA) Cannondale pb Cyclocrossworld.com1:01:02 
2Daniel Summerhill (USA) Maxxis-Shimano0:00:32 
3Jeremy Durrin (USA) Neon Velo Cycling Team  
4Cooper Willsey (USA) Cannondale pb Cyclocrossworld0:00:33 
5Michael Van Den Ham (Can) Garneau - Easton Cycling  
6Adam Craig (USA) Giant Factory off-Road Team0:00:36 
7Jack Kisseberth (USA) JAM NCC0:01:16 
8Antonin Marecaille (Fra) AVC Aix en Provence0:01:21 
9Travis Livermon (USA) Maxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross0:01:27 
10Carl Decker (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team0:01:28 
11Peter Goguen (USA) Race C.F.0:01:44 
12Brendan McCormack (USA) CCB Racing0:01:57 
13Jeremy Powers (USA) Aspire Racing0:02:09 
14Scott Smith (USA) JAM NCC0:02:34 
17Derrick St John (Can) Van Dessel pb Hyperthreads0:03:29 
18Jesse Anthony (USA) RALLY CYCLING0:03:56 
19Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart0:03:59 
20Andy Scott (USA) Riverside Racing0:04:00 
21Marc-Andre Daigle (Can) Garneau Easton Cycling0:04:17 
22Michael Owens (USA) Hands on Cycling0:04:24 
23Evan Murphy (USA) HudsonLudwig & Larsen Racing0:04:25 
24Jules Goguely (USA) Unemployed0:04:44 
25Trent Blackburn (USA) NCC JAM Fund0:04:47 
26Eneas Freyre (USA) TTEndurance0:04:53 
27Nicholas Lando (USA) UVM Cycling0:05:02 
28Adam St. Germain (USA) Apex NBX Trek0:05:30 
29Nathaniel Morse (USA) BikeReg.com0:05:37 
30Andrew Borden (USA) Squadra Flying Tigers0:05:41 
31Charles Berhtram (USA) B2C2 Boloco0:05:51 
32Evan Huff (USA) BikeReg0:06:03 
33Benjamin Grenier (USA) Rancourt & Co. Cycling0:06:06 
34Gerald Adasavage (USA) HudsonLudwig & Larsen Racing0:06:09 
35Sylvain Jean (Can) Mad Alchemy0:06:12 
36Bradford Smith (USA) the drifters0:06:17 
37Kyle Murphy (USA) HudsonLudwig & Larsen Racing0:06:19 
38Chris Field (USA) Essex County Velo0:06:22 
39Preston Buehrer (USA) B2C2 pb Boloco0:06:23 
40Matt Perreault (USA) Colonial Bicycle Company0:06:26 
41Michael Wissell (USA) B2C2Boloco0:06:48 
42David Maltais (Can) Garneau-Quebec0:06:57 
43Colin Reuter (USA) B2C2 pb Boloco0:07:10 
44Zachary Curtis (USA) NEXT-BMB0:07:34 
45Matthew Tyler (USA) KUDU Collective CX0:07:55 
46Daniel Fitzgibbons (USA) GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca  
47John Eckert (USA)  
48Matthew Sousa (USA) B2C2Boloco  
49Tim Willis (USA) KING KOG  
50Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) Trek Cyclocross Collective  
51Matthew Owens (USA) UVM Cycling  
52William Johnson (USA) No. 22  
53Matthew Mollo (USA) SelectioNaturel pb Jamis  
54Andrew Lints (USA) Bicycle Express Racing  
55Matthew Erchull (USA) KUDU Collective CX  
56Noah Barrow (Aus) Hands-On Racing pb Giant  
57Ian Schon (USA) B2C2Boloco  
58Doug Thorp (USA) Colonial Bicycle Company #ShowU  
59Samuel Dries (USA) No. 22 CX TEAM  
60Peter Bradshaw (USA)  
61Gregg Griffo (USA) Park Ave Bike Shop  
62Andrew Loaiza (USA) Cyclepath PDX  
63Keith Garrison (USA) KING KOG  
64Dylan McNicholas (USA) POLARTEC  
65Eric Carlson (USA) Team Edge  
66Andrew Reimann (USA) Jalapeno Cycling  
DNFCase Butler (USA) JAMNCCVittoria  
DNFPatrick Collins (USA) Minuteman Road Club  
DNSColin Tanner (USA)  
DNSMichael Landry (USA)  
DNSNicolas Catlin (USA)  
DNSIan Clarke (USA)  
DNSCory Small (USA)  


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