Roberts wins British national road championships

Rowe and Dickinson complete podium

Jess Roberts (Team Breeze) claimed the British national road race title ahead of Dani Rowe (WaowDeals Pro Cycling) and Ellie Dickinson (Team Breeze).

Roberts attacked with Mel Lowther (Storey Racing) with just under 15km to go and the 19-year-old dropped her companion with the flamme rouge in sight. Despite a frantic chase from the main field Roberts was able to hold off the late charge from the bunch to take her first national elite title.

"I'm just so happy – I can't believe it, I think it will take a while to sink in. I started crying as I crossed the finish line because I was just completely overwhelmed."

The race saw a stream of attacks from the front of the main field, however Elinor Barker saw her chances dented when she was involved in a crash near the start of the race.

Dani Christmas lead the race into the second lap Melissa Lowther and Anna Christian (Trek Drops) leading the chase. Nikki Juniper, Natalie Grinczer, Hannah Payton and Christian then created the next break.

The move failed to establish itself with a number of teams leading the chase but when Roberts and Lowther opened up a 35 second gap inside the final kilometres the race looked over for the bunch. Lowther made a late attack with 3km to but despite opening up an 11-second gap Roberts fought back to take the win on the line.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Roberts (GBr)2:43:23 
2Danielle Rowe (GBr) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:00:01 
3Eleanor Dickinson (GBr)0:00:02 
4Anna Kay (GBr) Storey Racing  
5Megan Barker (GBr)  
6Elizabeth Banks (GBr) UnitedHealthcare Women  
7Emily Wadsworth (GBr)0:00:03 
8Henrietta Colborne (GBr) Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias  
9Alice Cobb (GBr) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank  
10Laura Massey (GBr)  
11Hannah Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
12Elinor Barker (GBr) Wiggle High5  
13Danielle Christmas (GBr) Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias0:00:04 
14Rachel Langdon (GBr)  
15Abigail Van Twisk (GBr) Trek-Drops0:00:06 
16Jennifer Powell (GBr)  
17Jennifer George (GBr)0:00:08 
18Anna Henderson (GBr)0:00:09 
19Alicia Speake (GBr)0:00:11 
20Melissa Lowther (GBr) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:00:15 
21Emma Grant (GBr) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:00:21 
22Sophie Wright (GBr)  
23Hannah Payton (GBr) Trek-Drops0:00:22 
24Abigail Dentus (GBr)0:00:23 
25Anna Christian (GBr) Trek-Drops  
26Illi Gardner (GBr)  
27Hannah Larbalestier (GBr)  
28Georgina Panchaud (GBr)  
29Chanel Mason (GBr) Storey Racing  
30Annabel Fisher (GBr)0:00:24 
31Rebecca Durrell (GBr) Storey Racing0:00:26 
32Natalie Grinczer (GBr) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:00:39 
33Mary Wilkinson (GBr)0:00:41 
34Ffion James (GBr) Storey Racing0:00:47 
35Claire Steels (GBr)0:01:08 
36Emma Lewis (GBr)0:01:09 
37Nicola Juniper (GBr)0:01:21 
38Sophie Enever (GBr)  
39Emma Cockcroft (GBr)  
40Christina Wiejak (GBr)0:01:22 
41Leah Dixon (GBr)0:01:31 
42Jessica Finney (GBr)0:01:32 
43Bethan Stubbs (GBr)0:01:35 
44Abby-Mae Parkinson (GBr) Trek-Drops0:01:36 
45Elizabeth Holden (GBr) Trek-Drops  
46Lauren Murphy (GBr)0:01:38 
47Lucy Shaw (GBr) Trek-Drops0:02:16 
48Chloe Fraser (GBr)0:02:35 
49Rhona Callander (GBr)0:02:58 
50Jo Tindley (GBr)  
51Rebecca Johnson (GBr)0:02:59 
52Rebecca Goodson (GBr)  
53Alice Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:03:51 
54Annabel Simpson (GBr) Trek-Drops  
55Lucy Garner (GBr) Wiggle High5  
56Bethany Crumpton (GBr) Storey Racing0:04:45 
57Monica Dew (GBr) Storey Racing  
58Molly Patch (GBr)0:07:02 
59Helen Ralston (GBr)0:07:49 
60Jennifer Batey (GBr)0:07:56 
61Natasha Reddy (GBr)0:07:58 
62Elizabeth-Jane Harris (GBr) Storey Racing  
63Amy Gornall (GBr)  
64Ruth Summerford (GBr)0:10:49 
65Jenny Holl (GBr)0:11:57 
66Rebecca Raybould (GBr)  
67Sarah Storey (GBr) Storey Racing  
68Holly Macmahon (GBr)0:17:20 
69Amy Hill (GBr)0:18:56 
70Elizabeth Hughes (GBr)0:18:57 
71Bethany Taylor (GBr)0:22:18 
DNFJessica Duffy (GBr)  
DNFSarah King (GBr)  
DNFRosie Walsh (GBr)  
DNFCharmaine Porter (GBr)  
DNFGemma Sargent (GBr)  
DNFFiona Hunter Johnston (GBr)  
DNFHannah Bayes (GBr)  
DNFCharlotte Broughton (GBr)  
DNFMadeleine Gammons (GBr)  
DNFAnnie Stanford (GBr)  
DNFElizabeth Bennett (GBr)  
DNFClaire Hammond (GBr)  
DNFGrace Garner (GBr) Wiggle High5  
DNFSavannah Morgan (GBr)  
DNSRachel Jary (GBr)  
DNSMelissa Brand (GBr)  
DNSJennifer Holden (GBr)  
DNSJennifer Hudson (GBr)  
DNSEmily Meakin (GBr)  
DNSFiona Redding (GBr)  
DNSCrystal Lane-Wright (GBr)  
DNSHetty Niblett (GBr)  
DNSClover Murray (GBr)  
DNSGabriella Shaw (GBr)  
DNSSteph Clayton (GBr)  
DNSNeah Evans (GBr) Storey Racing  
DNSHolly Flannery (GBr)  
DNSManon Lloyd (GBr) Trek-Drops  
DNSKatie Archibald (GBr) Wiggle High5  
DNSHayley Simmonds (GBr) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team  
DNSVictoria Lovett (GBr)  
DNSHannah Righini-Brand (GBr)  
DNSPoppy Thompson (GBr)  


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