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Baez wins time trial, takes over race lead

Full Results
1Giovanny Baez (Col) Epm-Une0:26:54
2Fracisco Colorado (Col) Epm-Une0:00:03
3Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) Epm-Une0:00:07
4Carlos Galviz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:00:33
5Rafael Anibal Montiel (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:00:37
6Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo0:01:06
7Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:01:10
8Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:01:11
9Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:01:12
10Janier Alexis Acevedo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:01:23
11Javier Gonzalez (Col) Epm-Une0:01:25
12Fredy Piamonte (Col) Epm-Une0:01:45
13Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:01:46
14Hernan Dario Muñoz (Col) Epm-Une0:01:51
15Robert Victor Squire (USA) US National Team0:02:16
16Carson Miller (USA) US National Team0:02:17
17Ronald Gonzalez (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:02:18
18Londy Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada0:02:19
19Mario Santizo (Gua) Coca Cola0:02:32
20Victor M. Garcia (Spa) Canels Turbo0:02:36
21Taylor Shelden (USA) US National Team0:02:44
22Carlos G. Hernandez (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:02:45
23Luis Danilo Marroquin (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:02:46
24Carlos Magzul (Gua) Mario Estrada0:02:47
25Edgar Miguel Hoch (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:02:50
26Jose Contreras (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:02:57
27Mario Rolando Pichiya (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:03:10
28Mario Archila (Gua) Coca Cola0:03:13
29Manuel Oseas Rodas (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:03:16
30Yeisson Delegado (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:03:20
31Mario Rolando Santizo (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:03:23
32Lizando Ajcu (Gua) Coca Cola0:03:28
33Asbel Urias Rodas (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños
34John Fredy Parra (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:03:29
35Danny Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada0:03:38
36Fredi Eduardo Colop (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:03:44
37Nathan James Wilson (USA) US National Team0:03:55
38Jose Ramon Aguirre (Mex) Canels Turbo0:04:20
39Luis Fenando Macias (Mex) Canels Turbo0:04:21
40Erick Renardo Perez (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:04:24
41Tracker Evan Reeves (USA) US National Team0:04:27
42Raul Alcala (Mex) Canels Turbo0:04:35
43Robert David Busch (USA) US National Team0:04:41
44Guillermo Huinac (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:04:46
45Alder Torres (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:04:50
46Walter Escobar (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:04:56
47Juan Fed. Alvarado (Gua) Mario Estrada0:05:21
48Abelardo Julajuj (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:05:34
49Alberto Macz (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:05:39
50Santos Crisp Ajpacaja (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:06:09
51Rolando Solman (Gua) Mario Estrada0:06:16
52Rene Gonzalez (Gua) Coca Cola0:06:28
53Reginaldo Choch (Gua) Coca Cola0:08:08
54Artur Garcia (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:08:34
55Miguel Muñoz (Gua) Coca Cola0:09:34
56Julio Antonio Cirici (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:10:20
57Picolo Gularte (Gua) Mario Estrada0:12:37

1Giovanny Baez (Col) Epm-Une15pts
2Fracisco Colorado (Col) Epm-Une14
3Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) Epm-Une13
4Carlos Galviz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira12
5Rafael Anibal Montiel (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo11
6Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo10
7Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo9
8Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira8
9Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo7
10Janier Alexis Acevedo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo6
11Javier Gonzalez (Col) Epm-Une5
12Fredy Piamonte (Col) Epm-Une4
13Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo3
14Hernan Dario Muñoz (Col) Epm-Une2
15Robert Victor Squire (USA) US National Team1

2Orgullo Paisa-Indeportes0:02:49
3Loteria Del Tachira0:03:52
4US National Team0:07:07
5Canels Turbo0:07:52
6Mario Estrada0:08:34
7Coca Cola0:09:03
8Cafe Quetzal-C.Por Siempr0:09:09
9Cable Dx Decorabaños0:09:24
10Esquipulas Ccf0:12:59

General classification after stage 7
1Giovanny Baez (Col) Epm-Une21:35:39
2Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) Epm-Une0:00:02
3Fracisco Colorado (Col) Epm-Une0:00:03
4Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:01:47
5Ronald Gonzalez (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:02:15
6Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:02:52
7Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo
8Carlos Galviz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:03:01
9Victor M. Garcia (Spa) Canels Turbo0:03:22
10Luis Danilo Marroquin (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:03:32
11Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:03:55
12Hernan Dario Muñoz (Col) Epm-Une0:06:50
13Rafael Anibal Montiel (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:08:06
14Danny Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada0:08:52
15Fredy Piamonte (Col) Epm-Une0:09:02
16Carlos G. Hernandez (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:09:19
17Lizando Ajcu (Gua) Coca Cola0:10:38
18Jose Contreras (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:11:23
19Janier Alexis Acevedo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:14:24
20Mario Archila (Gua) Coca Cola0:14:30
21Robert Victor Squire (USA) US National Team0:15:17
22Mario Rolando Santizo (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S0:18:53
23Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo0:21:47
24John Fredy Parra (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo0:26:27
25Taylor Shelden (USA) US National Team0:26:45
26Londy Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada0:31:07
27Mario Santizo (Gua) Coca Cola0:33:59
28Rolando Solman (Gua) Mario Estrada0:36:48
29Javier Gonzalez (Col) Epm-Une0:37:19
30Alder Torres (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf0:41:20
31Edgar Miguel Hoch (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:41:59
32Luis Fenando Macias (Mex) Canels Turbo0:45:35
33Walter Escobar (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:46:40
34Yeisson Delegado (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira0:49:28
35Jose Ramon Aguirre (Mex) Canels Turbo0:51:22
36Nathan James Wilson (USA) US National Team0:58:53
37Carson Miller (USA) US National Team0:59:24
38Asbel Urias Rodas (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños0:59:36
39Carlos Magzul (Gua) Mario Estrada1:01:05
40Artur Garcia (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira1:02:14
41Erick Renardo Perez (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S1:04:11
42Juan Fed. Alvarado (Gua) Mario Estrada1:07:06
43Mario Rolando Pichiya (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S1:08:27
44Manuel Oseas Rodas (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños1:08:47
45Raul Alcala (Mex) Canels Turbo1:15:38
46Robert David Busch (USA) US National Team1:16:30
47Alberto Macz (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S1:16:39
48Guillermo Huinac (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños1:17:09
49Fredi Eduardo Colop (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños1:22:56
50Tracker Evan Reeves (USA) US National Team1:26:14
51Santos Crisp Ajpacaja (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf1:37:50
52Abelardo Julajuj (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf1:40:23
53Rene Gonzalez (Gua) Coca Cola1:43:59
54Reginaldo Choch (Gua) Coca Cola1:47:50
55Miguel Muñoz (Gua) Coca Cola2:13:34
56Julio Antonio Cirici (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf2:23:31
57Picolo Gularte (Gua) Mario Estrada2:40:18

Points classification
1Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) Epm-Une87pts
2Victor M. Garcia (Spa) Canels Turbo51
3Fracisco Colorado (Col) Epm-Une50
4Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo49
5Rafael Anibal Montiel (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo47
6Ronald Gonzalez (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira44
7Carlos Galviz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira39
8Giovanny Baez (Col) Epm-Une38
9Robert David Busch (USA) US National Team38
10Artur Garcia (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira37
11Janier Alexis Acevedo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo36
12Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo33
13Danny Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada31
14Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira29
15Carlos G. Hernandez (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf29
16Luis Danilo Marroquin (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S28
17Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo26
18Hernan Dario Muñoz (Col) Epm-Une21
19Javier Gonzalez (Col) Epm-Une21
20Robert Victor Squire (USA) US National Team18
21Luis Fenando Macias (Mex) Canels Turbo17
22Lizando Ajcu (Gua) Coca Cola12
23Fredy Piamonte (Col) Epm-Une11
24Edgar Miguel Hoch (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños11
25Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo10

Mountains classification
1Janier Alexis Acevedo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo37pts
2Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo31
3Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) Epm-Une17
4Hernan Dario Muñoz (Col) Epm-Une14
5Ronald Gonzalez (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira12
6Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo12
7Giovanny Baez (Col) Epm-Une11
8Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canels Turbo11
9John Fredy Parra (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo11
10Fredy Piamonte (Col) Epm-Une7
11Carlos Magzul (Gua) Mario Estrada4

Sprints classification
1Artur Garcia (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira40pts
2Asbel Urias Rodas (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños15
3Robert David Busch (USA) US National Team12
4John Fredy Parra (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo11
5Taylor Shelden (USA) US National Team10
6Carlos G. Hernandez (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf10
7Rafael Anibal Montiel (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo8
8Mario Santizo (Gua) Coca Cola8
9Rolando Solman (Gua) Mario Estrada8
10Luis Fenando Macias (Mex) Canels Turbo7
11Fredi Eduardo Colop (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños6

U23 classification
1Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Orgullo Paisa-Indepo
2Carlos Galviz (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira
3Robert Victor Squire (USA) US National Team
4Londy Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada
5Mario Santizo (Gua) Coca Cola
6Rolando Solman (Gua) Mario Estrada
7Alder Torres (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf
8Walter Escobar (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños
9Jose Ramon Aguirre (Mex) Canels Turbo
10Nathan James Wilson (USA) US National Team
11Carson Miller (USA) US National Team

Regional rider classification
1Luis Danilo Marroquin (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S
2Danny Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada
3Carlos G. Hernandez (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf
4Lizando Ajcu (Gua) Coca Cola
5Mario Archila (Gua) Coca Cola
6Mario Rolando Santizo (Gua) Cafe Quetzal-C.Por S
7Londy Morales (Gua) Mario Estrada
8Mario Santizo (Gua) Coca Cola
9Rolando Solman (Gua) Mario Estrada
10Alder Torres (Gua) Esquipulas Ccf
11Edgar Miguel Hoch (Gua) Cable Dx Decorabaños

Teams classification
2Orgullo Paisa-Indeportes0:05:25
3Loteria Del Tachira0:08:46
4Coca Cola0:56:04
5Canels Turbo0:59:10
6Mario Estrada1:10:54
7Cafe Quetzal-C.Por Siempre1:17:14
8US National Team1:36:36
9Cable Dx Decorabaños2:26:51
10Esquipulas Ccf2:28:13

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